Star Wars Brainstorm potential?

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  1. Alright. Pretty simple is that I have had a massive urge spike to play something related to Star Wars mostly when binge watching various star wars related videos and trailers along with seeing a long awaited character making an appearance in one of the tv shows. This search I made is somewhat spontaneous so I don't have a concrete idea as of yet. I generally want to do the star wars setting in 1x1 due to past history of not so good group plays that ended up going everywhere due to the size of the setting so 1x1 can keep the play grounded, consicive and focused.

    I am going to freely admit that I am overly versed in the lore of the legends (in other words the now non-canon section of star wars) as I have gone through massive amounts of audiobooks and various comics (not many comics) though my knowledge is mostly around the new republic and the clone wars and a good portion of the old republic. First Order is rather "Meh" in my opinion though that is mostly because I don't know all that much about it other than what we see in Episode 7.

    At the top of my head I can think of various pairings and potential plots.

    Old Republic Era

    During the height of the war between the Sith Empire and the Republic, a Sith and a hired merc are dispatched on a mission to expore an ancient Sith/Jedi temple to find some knowledge or even weapon to further the ambition of the Sith's master (Though the OC Sith may have other plans for it). The mission takes them to various worlds undercover as to locate this temple through legitimate establishments and seedy criminal hideouts.

    The old republic era and the Empire/Rebellion era are my absolute favorite settings (WOOH STORMTROOPERS!) though I have no qualms discussing other setting.

    On another note, I am definitely not one that takes the lore seriously. I want free creativity in just about everything I take part in and just have some fun.

    I am a guy and I prefer playing men. I generally strive for good grammar and spelling though keep in mind I am not a native english speaker so I may fuck up here and there. Though generally I'm fairly consistant and if I do seriously bad grammar that is usually in form of intentional dialog. I thoroughly like to just chat too about various stuff as I like to make friends on this sites.​

    One thing very crucial. I don't do canon characters! This is a big no no for me. I don't like playing as canon characters and i don't particularily like interacting with canon characters. I do like creativity but if a canon character is gonna behave differently than it normaly does, much better to just have the character just be something different entirely.

    I am absolutely fine with smut though I do like some sprinkling of plot.

    So please, if you are in any way interested in playing around with the star wars setting either as a serious play or more along the lines of smut, please pm and we may brainstorm.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.