Star Wars: Birth of a New Galaxy

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  1. Birth of a New Galaxy - Chapter 1

    The usual blue-green glow from Neomisia’s rings lit up the kingdom underneath the dark early morning sky. Several human-like figures, silhouetted by the dimness, walked the streets and the markings on their hare shaped heads glowed in the dark. The Neom people always liked to get an early start on things and as a race they didn’t require much sleep. Just as the Neoms, the Jedi too were early risers, and this morning would be the start of much more than a new day, but also a new beginning. Today was the day for the Recruitment trials, and four new, young force-users will soon start their very own journey towards becoming a Jedi Master.

    On the west side of the kingdom, the recently built Jedi Temple stood beside many other temples and pyramid shaped structures. Inside, the potential Padawans were awoken and told to gather in one of the corridors outside the council room to begin their first trial. A cloaked Jedi apprentice led them there and removed her hood when they reached the corridor. Her face was snow white with a red mark down her bottom lip and the rest of her round head and neck appeared to be made of dark metal. She was an attractive girl with her overall appearance seeming quite edgy, and it was evident she had a feisty side. “Keep up newbs, the masters await you.” She told the potential Padawans with a teasing smirk as they followed her through the temple. They arrived in a line outside the council room and the girl that gathered them leaned against the door frame casually with her lightsaber swaying on her hip. She crossed her arms and looked to the line, “Go on, shuffle in." She said motioning her head to the entrance.

    Inside the council room, all four Jedi masters awaited the young aspiring Jedi. They each sat on tall thrown-like chairs and there presence felt quite intimidating with their combined skill and knowledge of the force all in one room. Grand Master Valeruc sat in the first chair and he waited patiently, folding his large greyish blue hands together in his lap. Master Valeda sat beside him with Brando coming next and then, lastly, the strikingly beautiful Master Alzora with her long crimson hair. They all awaited the potential Padawan with serious, thoughtful expressions. When the young ones entered, Valeruc was the first to have a word. "Good day to you all. Tell me your favorite line from the code of conduct, and explain to us how it relates to your desire to become a Jedi apprentice." Valeruc said with a wise, calming voice. The council expects for them to take turns with their explanations and in order down the line.
  2. With the upcoming trails just around the corner, Casper found it difficult to get a good night’s sleep. The next day would define his future, his path towards becoming a Jedi Master, and he would need to display his capabilities to achieve the opportunity. Running his clawed fingertips across the stone structure with a gently touch, Casper sat on the temple steps and had his large eyes turned towards the starlit sky. It was a new planet, a new galaxy and so many new possibilities. He was a part of it and given the Black Storm’s embrace, Casper considered himself lucky. How many other Tinnell were there? He hadn’t seen any during the years spent at the temple and astonished by the Neom architecture, it was not uncommon for him to stroll through the city. “Focus…” The feline rubbed his forehead and leaned against the wall. Too many thoughts were penetrating his skull and this would distract him greatly, which in turn could cost him the most important day of his life. “Focus.” He repeated, taking a deep breath and brought his feet to a legged position, wrapping his tail around his legs.

    Which part of the upcoming trail would challenge him the most? The philosophical part or the physical one? He loved philosophy but he wouldn’t deem it a strength, he was good at fighting but more than skill revolved around battle. Another deep breath traveled down his lungs before leaving his lips. Casper would need to wake up in but a few hours and using these to sleep was probably the wisest decision. Ascending to his feet, Casper felt a gentle breeze travelling through his fur and softly caressed the skin below. It was sensation of serenity, a quiet and silent touch by nature which filled the young feline with life. Casper couldn’t help but smile at the thought and his mind traveled to the code of the Jedi, in particular his favourite part. Jedi use their powers to defend and to protect. It was a sentence Casper had held close to heart for a very long time and it meant more to him than one could imagine. Just like the wind embracing him, all life was a moving cycle like that of a warm breeze or crashing wind. Never had he considered life as literally colourful as he did on Neomisia and he wanted to be its shield.
    All life is sacred, and as a Jedi he knew what he would be fighting for, what he would be striving for. Yes, with a gentle embrace this night had indeed managed to calm an otherwise anxious heart. “Thank you.” Casper bowed before heading back into the temple to catch up on some well needed rest.

    Sure as it was, the following morning came quicker than he had expected and the anxious feelings were returning. This time however, Casper’s thoughts returned to night sky and its loving caress before he felt the burden lifting from his heart. The padawns were lead towards the council room to stand before the masters as their eyes silently judged every breath he took. Casper was feeling his heartbeat escalating but focused on keeping calm. The masters would sense his worry and after the years of training he had gone through, he wasn’t going to let this one trail get in the way of his ambitions.

    Behind the feline padawan stood a Kel Dor, Tyr. Never had Casper seen anyone as interested in lore and knowledge as this young man behind him and it was a given fact that Tyr spent many hours in the archives. Casper was the polar opposite, spending the majority of his days physically training. Ironically, Tyr possessed the bigger, bulkier build, though Casper’s slender frame mostly leaned towards his feline heritage. It was well known that Casper couldn’t manage the same amount of force that most of the padawns could, but the force embraced him in a different way. His physical capabilities by far surpassed natural given strength and speed, but against force powers he was struggling. He was still trying to figure out a practical way to dodge and withstand the mystical energies thrown at him.
    Before he knew it, Casper stood before the masters and the question posed at him brought him back to the thoughts he had felt the night before.

    "Good day to you all. Tell me your favourite line from the code of conduct and explain to us why it relates to your desire to become a Jedi apprentice.” The masters spoke.

    “Masters.” Casper bowed respectfully. “When I was but a kitten, I roamed the fields of Naboo alone and afraid. I scavenged what I could to survive and I felt my spirit fade to nothing but a shell of what I once was. Everyday I told myself that I needed to hunt and could not solely focus on stealing, but I never managed the strength.” He paused for a second, watching the council before he continued. “It was an endless loop I could not escape, until Matthew Hare entered my life. I tried to steal from him while the man was eating a loaf of bread. Quietly I snuck towards his backpack and attempted to reach into the contents before I heard his voice.”Casper looked down, a soft smile managing across his lips.

    “‘There is some more bread in the outer pocket.’ Matthew spoke and almost scared me to a faint.” Casper’s smile widened and he kept the story going. “I didn’t trust him at first but after grabbing the bread and running away, his words stuck in my head. He hadn’t attacked me, he hadn’t stopped me. He didn’t see me as a wild animal. Matthew offered me charity and once I quietly returned, hidden in the shadows of the night, I heard his voice once more. He told me that I could sit besides him by the fire to shield myself from the cold.”

    Casper’s eyes returned to meet the masters’ as he came to a conclusion in the story. “I asked him why he helped me and his answer would continue to shape my future. He said ‘You were hungry. Like the fire shields us from the cold, so too must we shield one another from hunger, from pain, from sorrow. You have been here quite a while, haven’t you my friend? Sit besides me and allow the flame’s embrace to warm you this cold night.’ Jedi use their powers to defend and to protect. Like Matthew allowed that flame to protect me from the cold, so will I be the flame that protects others.” Casper finished with another bow before he stepped aside.
  3. Morning, at last, Tyr barely slept that night, not that anyone would able to tell one way or the other with the constant use of his eye-obscuring goggles. He wasn’t anxious per say but it was a big step that he and several others were going to take this day. It was at last that their training was coming to fruition. Today was the first of many defining moments of their careers as Jedi, simply becoming initiated. After that, everything else seemed like it would be a piece of pie, this trail was to just get into Order and if they failed at that, he wasn’t sure if there was another option. There was no need in worrying though; if the Force willed it then it was to happen or not to happen, there was simply nothing that could be done in either instance. Such was the way of life, governed by the Force’s will, though its will was often cloudy and seemingly that of a trickster, in the end, it all served its own purpose in the Whole.

    When at last the shepherd came to rouse the flock, it was an easy transition. He wasn’t nervous, he wasn’t tired, he wasn’t really anything, he was simply ready. At this point, there was nothing to be done, if he was or was not ready, it made no difference. Things would be as they were intended and nothing more. He stood from his bed, adjusting his mask just slightly with his clawed hand, and assumed a place in line, behind the Tinnell, whom he towered over. He was taller than most of the group, save for one, whom he was level with. It was an interesting mix of aliens gathered together, two humans of ranging size, a Tinnell and himself, a Kel Dor, that wasn’t even considering the others within the temple.

    As the line moved along, herded by another member of the temple, he followed behind without a word, letting the word ‘newb’ roll off his back. It was a highly improper term to describe the quartet of trainees but there was no harm in it. Though, he had expected something a bit more polished than that, but, one had to learn when a battle was worth fighting and he had a large one just on the horizon. Following behind the feline alien, they entered the main chamber and their single file line became a neat and orderly row.

    While he waited he did not think of what it was he was going to say, he was simply going to wait his turn and speak, whatever came from his mouth would be truth. This was not a theatrical performance, it did not require hours of memorization for the ‘right’ answer. There were no right answers, only answers and he had enough faith in his ability to verbally form sentences that it would be no issue. Soon enough, the feline finished his line and now, it was time for him.

    Taking a step forward from the line, he bowed slightly before he spoke. His voice was a bit unnaturally deep because of the mask he wore over his mouth and he had no trouble projecting his voice to ears of the masters for the very same reason. Hands clasped in front of him, he spoke.

    “Line 5 of the Jedi Code is my choosing, it reads,

    ‘Jedi seek to improve themselves through knowledge and training,’

    Knowledge is of key importance to everyone, not just the Jedi and never should it be restricted to anyone and should be in forms so all may learn, no matter their education or handicaps. As Jedi, we above all, should be educated and knowledgeable in different subjects and areas. As individuals, if we give bad impressions, we taint the entire view of the Jedi Order and the Jedi Order should be the one shining star that should always be accessible should we be needed, by any who need us. With that said, while knowledge is important, doing is but another form of learning, a very important addition. Training teaches us on another level, it allows us to practice what we have learned, experience it in different ways, hone it, and then, we can use it to aid and educate others. Neither is more important than the other, both must be used in tandem, typically they form a whole picture that one alone would simply not conceive,”

    He bowed again and stepped back in line, letting the other’s take their turns before the masters.
  4. Nomi stood tall, balanced, wrapped in her cloak as the first rays of dawn crept slowly across the floor of the Council chamber, shimmering along the crystalline windows and lighting up the patterns in the walls.

    Jedi serve others rather than ruling over them, for the good of the galaxy…

    The words caromed inside her mind, and each time they came back around they resonated deeper, carrying into her heart, and hatching the ones that touched her lips.

    “I cannot say for sure what darkness does without the interference of light – for without light, we cannot see its composition. But I imagine that it coalesces, and expands, and grows more obscure. It cultivates terrible capabilities. I know our history, and I know that it was darkness which devoured every arm of the galaxy once home to us. I know it destroyed the cradle of impressions we left and skylines we built.”

    She spoke slowly, gathering her thoughts, a small frown touching her brow.

    “I often wonder,” she said, “…what my life would be -- how it would be shaped – without the presence of the Order, pr without the anchor of the Force to keep me grounded. I’m sure it would have continued on with the flow of things and life, but I know not the direction, for I cannot see it. Yet I imagine, with more certainty than anything, this is because it would have been lost in darkness. I can feel it.”

    The sunlight stretched farther into the room, reaching up from over the edge of the world outside, touching the toes of her boots. She bit her lip thoughtfully before continuing.

    “I have come to learn that while darkness devastates and grows, our Order lives – a light in and of itself, simply thriving. I see the Order as some great hand, reaching into that darkness, truly fearless, unrelenting, to lift those who are lost into its light. In darkness, I see what might have been for me, and thousands of others. But in the light, I see my future. What greater purpose than to guard those who are weak, to shed light, even as darkness encloses and hope is crushed, on those who are lost?” Nomi sighed inwardly before looking the masters in the eye, individually. “This is to serve for the good of the galaxy.”

    Nomi bowed and turned, stepping back into line.
  5. The Tinnell was the first to step forward in the line of four, and all eyes of greater authority turned to witness what the exotic, feline creature had to say. From the moment the Tinnell walked forward, Master Valeruc could sense that the young feline had exceptional control over keeping his nerves in check. A personal experience was one of the cleverest ways to validate the answer to his question, according to the wise master's own opinion, and it was a smart choice. When he finished, Valeruc nodded his head in approval and waited for the next potential apprentice to answer his question.

    A Kel Dor was the next to step up and give an answer. His intelligence was sensed by all the Masters at once which made Valeruc look forward to what the well studied alien had to say. To no surprise, the masked alien spoke of how intelligence and training enhanced one another and his knowledge toward the subject was clearly evident. The grey skinned, aquatic alien nodded his head again in approval with a pleased smile. Already, the young potentials were showing impressive promise. He looked down the line to see a pretty human girl who would be the next to provide an answer.... one all too familiar.

    The dark haired brunette, Nomi, was well known around the temple, because she was raised there since a baby. Most of the Jedi helped partially raise her when they could with the help of a temple volunteer aid, but none of the masters tended to her as much as Master Valeda whose motherly instincts came the most naturally. The first thing clear to Valeruc, was Nomi's aura of inner confidence when speaking her answer so freely as if speaking comfortably to a close friend. She made it clear that she understood the purpose of a Jedi and she put her own personal spin on how it benefitted her own clarity as an individual.

    Grand Master Valeruc, once again, approved the girl's answer with a nod of his head. Last, but not least, was a human male with dual streaked red and brown hair. Right off the bat the care in his heart, concealed by his firm countenance, was felt within Master Valeruc's own heart. The young man was merciful and it didn't take him speaking of sparing an offender an act of violence for the masters to sense this attribute within him. Valeruc could tell he was a natural born protector and his self control toward his anger was impressive given his history of torment. After the young man finished, Valeruc nodded his head one last time and smiled at them all in approval. "Everyone answered appropriately and meaningfully." He stated, turning his head to Valeda beside him before continuing, "Master Valeda, you have a question for them as well?"

    "Yes, of course Master. Thank you." The blue skinned and highly assertive looking Twi'lek master replied, as she folded her arms and turned her attention to the four pupils before her with examining eyes. "Good morning kiddos. Tell me, which rule in the Jedi code comes most naturally for you to follow? Also include how you can use that strength to counter the rule that you struggle with. Go ahead with your answers." She said with a stern voice, awaiting whoever would answer first.
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  6. Once the last padawan spoke, a human, the row reached back to Casper as he found himself in front of the masters once more. His large eyes examined the wise monks piercing trough his soul with authority, awaiting his answer. It took him a short moment to truly understand the question but once he had come to grounds with Master Valeda’s trail, Casper offered a humble nod and continued to speak. “The force embraces me in a way that restricts many feats my fellow brothers and sisters within this sanctum are capable of.” The feline began, not breaking eye contact. Once he had answered the first question, things were flowing and his heart was no longer anxious, no longer worried about walking the wrong path. His heart knew what needed to be said and his lips simply acted as messengers of such words. “My inability to levitate a rock, heal wounds and push an assailant to the ground with a wave of my hand brought anger to my heart. I felt weak, worthless and did not for the life of me expect myself where I am today. I fought with anger and felt my blood boil every time my fingers wrapped around the hilt of a training sabre.”

    Casper’s eyes broke contact for a moment, memories of a past he was unsatisfied with surfacing within his mind. “It was then that I realised that while the force refused to leave my body, it was strong within my skin, below the surface. My strikes were quick and powerful, but with my realisation came fear. The dark side is constantly lurking and my anger had opened a door I never again wish to unlock. I had to control my temper and fight with serenity rather than anger, harmony rather than wrath.” Casper looked up once more, now a sense of confidence in his eyes. “The code of Self Discipline is close to my heart and embraces each action. Conquering aggression is a strength within me I have learned to master and no longer do I battle with anger and wrathful intent. Welding a sword is like a dance, flowing water running down a river in harmony with the wind. If all else fails, and a battle lays itself by my feet, I will ignite my weapon with a calm heart and flow through the fight like a gentle breeze.”

    Casper nodded to the masters before continuing to his weakness. “Alas, my weakness is all too obvious, masters. Stubbornness runs through my veins and I cannot accept failure. If I fail, I will try again and if my second attempt falters, there will be a third. Sometimes it can border onto recklessness but my grasp on harmony helps me keep a levelled head and slows boiling anger to a halt once many attempts have been pushed aside due to the difficulty of the task.” The feline looked from one master to the other, meeting their gaze with his own. “Taking a step back, collecting your thoughts and trying again through calculated means will surely bring about success, something I have yet to learn. One day I hope to fully grasp such a concept and put my stubbornness under wraps.” Casper finished and stepped aside, allowing the Kel Dor to approach the wise ones.
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  7. Listening to the others speak, Tyr remained quiet, listening to every word that was spoken after his own, internalizing them and absorbing them. It was interesting to hear how others stood on the matter. Despite that, he didn’t always agree with the other’s answers, not that they were wrong, but he had reason to believe otherwise. The opinion given by Nomi was one that stirred the most inside him. He wasn’t sure why, she had a rather similar viewpoint as himself, perhaps it was simply hearing it from someone else’s mouth that made it sound different. Yes, the Jedi Order was a source of good in the galaxy and they should help whenever and wherever they are needed but…sometimes, even the Jedi overstepped their bounds. As knowledgeable as he was, sometimes his findings stirred him, changing his viewpoints and sometimes contradicting the Jedi’s indoctrinations. As good as the Jedi were, the Jedi were far from the perfect beings they aspired to be and he did not possess perhaps as much faith as one thought he should. Though, he never let on to such things, he kept them quietly to himself. His faith was also partially stirred by the apparent lack of discipline that was revealing itself around him.

    When it was his turn to speak once more, he stepped forward, out of the line and began again. “My strength comes from the ability to think situations through, attempting to find other ways to accomplish the desired goal rather than simply relying on the most obvious. I pride myself in my ability to strategize and to consider as many possibilities as I can before proceeding in a task. My weakness, however, is arrogance. I many times think myself brighter than others, sometimes I am right and sometimes I am wrong. It is a major weakness of mine that I recognize and attempt to remedy,”

    The Kel Dor stepped backwards returning to his place in the line. A downside to being educated was that he did not have a wholehearted belief in things the Jedi told him. Sometimes, they left out key information to keep themselves sounding as pure as possible but facts don’t lie or hide truths. It was the reason why he didn’t always trust Jedi achieves, they sometimes had a tendency to be biased. If he couldn't trust the data the Jedi provided, it obviously led to some distrust in the very Order itself and that was most unnerving.
  8. Nomi felt a small frown form along her brow as she formed an answer.

    “I find,” she said slowly, gathering her thoughts, “that my strength rests in serving for the greater good, as I just said before. Yet the most grounded sense of purpose I see in serving is in protecting and liberating those who are lost. With this, however, comes a struggle." Nomi paused to think. "It is a Jedi’s moral obligation to respect all forms of life, regardless of prejudice or preconception the Jedi holds toward them. I find it difficult to follow this, especially to respect the life of a bad individual, or a foolish one.”

    Nomi shuffled uncomfortably from foot to foot. “But in order to overcome weakness, one must secure their strengths. And in putting my strongest tie to the code above my weakest, I become selfless. I become a better Jedi."
  9. Valeda listened closely when the black cat, humanoid stepped up first again to answer. His openness about his force limitation could've been a revelation to the other potentials, but for her as a master, she could already sense that the force within him was caged in or maybe even stagnant. The tinnell's very presence even felt contained to her as if he was one big soda bottle ready to pop. This was because of his inability to release his potential force energy outwardly from his body, and Valeda wasn't so sure this was healthy. She was sure that a discussion about the topic amongst the masters would arise at a later time, so she ignored her curiosity about it for now and listened on. It was good though, that the cat was able to find a way to use his handicap as an advantage, and that was something that impressed Valeda about him. His weakness reminded her of her own stubbornness she had back when she was Valeruc's apprentice, so she could easily relate. She felt that the rest of what he had to say was spot on regarding to what she was looking for in an answer, and she was satisfied with his reply. "Very good. I like that answer." Valeda praised, waiting for the next.

    When it was the Kel Dor's turn to speak once more, Valeda had an odd feeling about him. There was something with his questioning expression, combined with that feeling she had, that made Master Valeda wonder about his belief in the Revival. The Kel Dor's self proclaimed strength of strategizing and his evident desire to learn, made sense to why he might possibly question certain aspects of the order and for him to try and make sense of every angle. Arrogance was his apparent struggle according to himself, and his seemingly prideful view towards his own intelligence made that weakness more clear to her. Whenever he finished, Valeda leaned back in her seat with her arms still folded. If he was as doubtful as she suspected, then he'd be someone the council would keep a closer eye on. "Good." Is all that she said, and she looked in the direction of her next replier.

    The dual color haired, human male stepped up next instead of Nomi who seemed to still be thinking. His reply made him seem all too predictable to Valeda. He already made it clear that he was a caring and protective person in his first answer. Hearing his confession about humility and overprotective aggression wasn't much news to her. She liked the fact that he had a seemingly compassionate heart, but it also seemed that he was the type to let his emotions get the best of him. Valeda noticed that he didn't say very much in comparison to the first two, but there really wasn't a right or wrong answer - as long as the question was understood and answered appropriately. She expected more from him though. "Good enough. Thank you."

    Nomi gave her answer and Valeda got the notion that she had trouble with the question. The human girl's answer was acceptable, but Valeda felt like Nomi could've revealed a new strength about herself to the council. She had faith in Nomi and wanted to see her open up to the masters as much as she could. This was the day that she may be chosen as an apprentice, and there wasn't another shot at convincing them that she was suitable. Valeda understood the difficulty respecting all life (good or bad) too, but it was a big rule that Nomi would need to come to terms with. "Thank you, Nomi." She said, and she smiled encouragingly at them all. "Thank you all for your answers."

    As soon as Master Valeda finished speaking, the man with reddish brown hair seated next to her spoke eagerly, "Now for the exciting question," Master Brando joked, giving a friendly grin down the line. "You should be aware of the outer storms that prevent expansion, the societal and cultural conflicts that are arising, and other complications that exist on the planet." He glanced down the line again before continuing. "If you were me, a Jedi master today, what would you do to improve life on Neomisia for the citizens? Or, what message do you intend to inspire within their hearts?" He finished, resting his chin on his fist as he awaited a response.
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  10. "If you were me, a Jedi master today, what would you do to improve life on Neomisia for the citizens? Or, what message do you intend to inspire within their hearts?” The question was big, much larger than the other two Casper had answered that morning. Despite this however, he was ready to utter a truthful answer and approached the masters for a third time.

    “There are threats out there.” The feline began, looking at one master to the other. “The dark embrace of the Black Storm has left the old world devastated and in ruins. Desperate robbers, gleeful pirates and greedy bounty hunters roam the universe like ants in a hive, desperately searching for a living.” Casper continued. “This planet Neomisia, a sprawling jewel of life and culture is a beautiful sight indeed but with its late birth comes the burden of primitivity.” Casper placed his hands behind his back as he spoke, raising his head. “If I held the title of Jedi Master, I would teach the citizens of Neomisia wholeness of oneself, discipline over anger and knowledge of their potential enemies. These people have shown us hospitality and are more than capable of living a decent life. There is nothing I can see that we could grant which would help this young child improve its habits. We should act as a guardian, teach Neomisia how to stand on its own two feet but their lives are their own and I cannot see improvement which we are entitled to give, masters.”

    In truth, the Jedi were nothing but guests on Neomisia, paying their rent through protection. There are always things two groups of people can learn from one another, but what could the Jedi offer in terms of making the planet a better place? It honestly seemed like a nearly perfect world already, without the Jedis’ interference. “What message would I inspire in their hearts? Trust in us, the Jedi, and if you seek our wisdom, we will give it to you. Our lightsabers are ignited at the front gates but our hearts are also open for you. Neomisia is our home now, guests or not, and we would learn and teach as much as we possibly can.”

    Working together, the Jedi and the Neomisian people would surely create a bright future together. “As for the races that have come, the answer is rather simple in my opinion. Follow Neomisian law and allow your own culture to flourish within your community. Every part of every culture which clicks well together will eventually combine into something we all share, while parts of culture that are not agreed upon should be confined to ones own home. Everyone will impossibly agree with every piece of every culture and thus, we share what’s globally accepted and celebrate the other parts within our own community.” The feline finished with a final few words. “There will undoubtedly be complications, but as long as people can be mature enough to approach them with logic and sense, it will go well. If they cannot, we are here for support but we cannot force our opinion on the matter, wise it may be.”
  11. Speaking of such matters, the many alien races clashing on this planet as a result of too many species in one place to all have their boundaries respected and other ‘complications’ was hardly exciting or something to be joked of. They were very serious matters, matters that could very well be the end of this planet, another system in the universe to fall, but this time, it won’t take an army or a cataclysmic event, just the lack of elbowroom on this planet. He only wished he could be as seemingly optimistic as those who sat before him.

    When the feline was finished, yet again, he stepped forward, wrists held behind his back. “I would not do anything,” he said with all the confidence in the world and said it quite plainly at that. “It is not our place to do anything here. We have no power here, nor should we assume it, we are part of the problem. We are just another sect taking up room on this shrinking planet. Many times the Jedi have overstepped their bounds, several times to disastrous effects, for not only the parties involved but to ourselves as well. We are not soldiers, we are not politicians, we are but guests on this land. We should only act if we are asked to help. Should two factions come to us and ask for assistance, then we are obligated to arbitrate and help them come to a compromise. Otherwise, it is our duty to stand and watch. It sounds terrible but the Jedi have no business intruding unless violence breaks out, then we are obligated to dissolve it. As soon as the violence has passed, we are to step back. Should we be asked, we should inform, but the people of this planet must work amongst themselves to solve their problems, not depend on us. We should be open always to aid but only if they come to us, otherwise, it is proper that we tend to ourselves. If I were to give a message, it would be to work through your problems, work with your ‘rivals’, come to a solution and respect each other’s boundaries. That is all,” the Kel Dor promptly stepped back in line.

    He knew that his thinking would likely be opposed and that there were several flaws in his way of thinking. Unfortunately, there was no ‘right’ answer. It was simply a matter of realizing that not everyone can be appeased to his or her full wishes, it simply didn’t work that way. As Jedi, they were peacekeepers but until the peace is broken, they have no right to intrude on internal affairs. Simply because two or more groups get into a squabble, doesn’t mean the Jedi should jump in to resolve it. The peoples of this land must learn to deal with their own problems but as soon as the first act of violence is displayed, then they should act, but simply to stop violence. They should take no side and should not bestow punishment; they were not the police. Many expect too much of the Jedi, they expect the Jedi to be the Law and Order but that was simply not their job. Sometimes, the opposite was thought, and many resented the Jedi for butting in where they did not belong. In his mind, his position was the most neutral. It was better than pretending the Jedi were soldiers and leading the Order itself to its death as was done in the past…
  12. Master Brando liked the Tinnel and Kel Dor's answers for the most part, and their intelligence seemed to exceed beyond their years. It really wasn't the council's place nor responsibility to govern or change a planet that wasn't theirs. Their sole responsibilities as Jedi were to protect and to advise when needed, and the "Potentials" understood that. The main point of both potential Padawans was spoken truth and Brando respected that. He agreed with the cultural part in the Tinnel's answer to an extent, but cultural clashes were inevitable. The Neom people were a very culturally based people and they were able to express that freely. However, the outside races would not be ok with being limited their cultural expression to certain places if the Neomisians were free to do so wherever - regardless if the planet belonged to them or not. Asking them to do so would just cause more problems, and it was not the way of the Jedi to side with the denial of rights offered to others. These clashes were best resolved by advising tolerance for one another's beliefs and ways of living. The only other option would be the native's way or the highway, but that wasn't a peaceful option.

    Providing services for the citizens was a quick way for the Jedi to be distracted from their main purpose, because provided services would be wanted and expected regularly by the people. One of the best things for the Jedi to do, to help improve the overall atmosphere of Neomisia and benefit the people, would be to practice and encourage acts of charity. Brando noticed that the Kel Dor was seemingly uptight and may have misunderstood his joke. He meant it in the way that hearing a new question probably wasn't the most exciting compared to the anticipation for their next set of trials. When his question was answered by everyone in the room, Master Brando dropped his arm to rest along the arm of his chair. "I like this set of potentials! Those who easily comprehend and apply learned knowledge are great candidates for apprenticeship." Brando approved with his deep, sly voice as he looked left and right to the masters on each side. He turned to look at Master Alzora who flipped her crimson hair and resisted the urge to roll her emerald green eyes.

    "Which is most important: The crystal, the blade, or the Jedi?" Alzora asked with a honeyed voice. When she spoke, the whole room grew unusually quiet and it was like her presence was the only one that existed in the room now. She expanded upon the question with another, "How does your answer symbolize who you are as an individual?" Her exotic, green eyes observed the potentials in front of her and seemed to see through their very cores. Alzora expected a concise, opinionated answer and she wasn't the type to be easily impressed. She'd find the apprentice tournament to be slightly more amusing.
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  13. What kind of question was that? ‘What is more important, the crystal, the blade, or the Jedi?’ the answer was more than obvious. Without the crystal, there would be no blade, without the blade, well, there would be no blade, but without the Jedi, that was more important. A Jedi was obviously the most important. Whether or not she was asking about the individual Jedi themselves or the entire faction of Jedi, the Jedi was still more important than anything. A Jedi did not need weapons, they didn’t need possessions at all, in fact, it was a cardinal rule of the Jedi. Jedi were never meant to be warriors and the absence of a weapon wouldn’t hinder them, they can still fill their primary role unarmed. Even if forced to, a Jedi was more than capable of unarmed combat. Of all the questions, this one seemed the most unnecessary, but perhaps it wasn’t the question being asked, but the person asking the question. She seemed, well, rather annoyed, if he didn’t know better. She seemed as though she had a bad attitude, most unbecoming of someone in her position. It didn’t take a Jedi to figure that out, he could tell that by his own two eyes.

    “The Jedi,” he stepped forward, “is the most important,” as it were the most obvious thing in the world. “A living being is more important than any inanimate thing. We value our lightsabers as if they were part of us, many times saying that it is ‘our life’ but it’s not. Is a Jedi not still a Jedi without the iconic blade? I would think so. A Jedi without a lightsaber can still do all the things a Jedi is supposed to do. A Jedi is more than capable of defending him or herself without one, and while more difficult, can still defend others without them. Never should an object come before a living being. How does this symbolize me as an individual? I don’t know what you want to hear but, it seems rather plain to me, that any logical person would value another life over an object,”

    To the Kel Dor, this question was like asking, ‘What is 1+1? 2’, there was only one answer and there would be no other considerations. Then, after that, he’d be asked to explain his answer, when there was no other explanation besides, ‘that is the way it is’. When he was done, he stepped back in line, awaiting the next question of this inquisition.
  14. As the Kel Dor spoke, Casper could do little but agree. This was indeed an odd question, one that didn’t seem to belong. Was Master Alzora trying to get something else out of the padawans? There had to be a deeper meaning to this question because the answer was too obvious. “Masters.” The feline nodded once it was his turn to speak. “I must agree with my fellow padawan. A Jedi is an individual even though we swore ourselves to the ideals of the order. While our sabers are an extension of ourselves, it is just like Tyr has said, they are tools. We are more than capable of fighting unarmed if such a time would come.” In fact, Casper had trained extensively in martial arts, much like the Force Warriors of old. “To us, a lightsaber is the same as a blaster to a soldier. It fills a purpose and despite our laws of attachment, we hold our blades dear. At the end of the day however, they are just that, swords.” It felt like he was simply repeating the Kel Dor’s words but if they agreed, they agreed. There was nothing else to it.

    “The crystal is the source of our sabers, just like our hearts is the source of our lives. To answer your question Master, the Jedi is by far the most important. If there is a deeper meaning to this question, I am afraid it surpasses me. I am of a simpler mind, and the mind of the consular surpasses someone such as I and thus, I cannot grant a deeper answer.” Of the categories, Casper would be considered a Jedi Guardian and he would rather offer physical protection than political aid and while he enjoyed philosophical thinking, he was ready to admit that a lot of things passed him by.

    “How does my answer paint me as a person? Well, anyone can wield my lightsaber, albiet to a different extent. It is a weapon, despite what one would like to believe. However, my own prowess is mine and mine alone, something no else can claim and use against me. With or without a weapon, I will stand as a shield against the darkness.” The feline spoke up. “The most important is the Jedi.” He repeated. “To believe that the saber makes the Jedi is a mistake, to believe that the crystal makes the Jedi is a mistake. They are our tools but only a fool trusts his life, or his standing, to a weapon.” Casper was ready to admit that despite his love for swordsmanship, he sometimes actually preferred unarmed combat. It was raw, without restriction and pure. He trusted his life to his body, not a weapon. He fought with his own limbs rather than an artificial creation. That was nothing but the Jedi behind the blade. “I am a guardian, not because of a lightsaber, but because I will be a Jedi and we are shields rather than blades.”
  15. "Just as the crystal brings life and color to the blade, the heart brings life to the Jedi and allows the colorful expression of one's personality." Alzora stated, once the 'Potentials' finished with their answers. She pulled her long, red hair to one shoulder with a single hand and continued, "What is a Jedi without their heart besides an empty zombie?" She resisted the urge to laugh at how literal her question was taken. "In the Crystal Code, the heart represents the crystal of the Jedi. The heart also represents care and, without care, the Jedi wouldn't desire to protect anything." She looked to them each, before continuing, "The force represents the blade of the heart. What would a Jedi be without the force? Just another average being. Any one on the planet could learn combat skills and provide protection for others, but the ability to use the force is the reason that sets the Jedi apart from the rest." She paused a moment to watch their expressions. "One wouldn't even be labeled a Jedi absent the force, so a Jedi wouldn't be very important if they did not exist. A Jedi absent the blade of the heart that drives them to protect against darkness, would be incapable of fulfilling their purpose. How then would they be most important?"

    "Beings-Most beings are more valuable than any object in the literal sense, yes - but that's not the point of the question. The point was to test your knowledge of the Crystal Code on a deeper level of understanding." Master Alzora explained before expanding upon her statements, "A Jedi is mainly a title that is given to those who posses the force along with the heart to defend others. Without a Crystal, the blade would not and could not work. Without a blade, a Jedi would not be able to defend their best against the darkness. Anyone could learn martial arts, but a saber, paired with the force it symbolizes, inevitably grants the upper hand. If a Jedi cannot defend themselves properly against the dark side then they will perish, and how relevant is their importance then?" She paused before expressing her thoughts through spoken word once more, "With that said- that doesn't mean a Jedi is less important than the three choices, and arguably not in a literal sense. After all, the Jedi is the vessel that contains the crystal and wields the blade. Therefore, all three are equal and, when combined, they each make a guardian complete." Alzora finished and looked away as she ran her fingers through her hair.

    Master Valeruc stood from his seat and walked over to the line of Potentials. "You all did well." He said with a breathy voice, and would remember Alzora's not so tasteful responses. He walked the line to the door and the other masters began to talk amongst themselves as they began to leave. As the group exited the council room, the apprentice that first led them there awaited them. Valeruc looked around and then looked to her. "Why must he always be late?" He said with a sigh. The female apprentice shrugged her shoulders and just shook her head.

    "I'm here!" A hooded apprentice exclaimed from across the corridor with the hood bobbing against his jet black hair as he ran. The boy was shorter than most of the others and his hood fell down as he sprinted toward the group revealing an aquatic looking alien teen with large innocent eyes. He almost made it to Grand Master Valeruc, when he tripped over the end of his robe and nearly fell flat on his face. Before his face could make impact with the floor, he used the force to stop his fall and he quickly pushed away from the mystical energy to raise up to his feet in an attempted graceful manner. When he was upright again, he was face to face with Valeruc who blinked at him with a blank expression. "Uhh. H-Hello, I'm Luca." The aquatic alien boy announced to the upcoming Padawans with an embarrassed blush after his not so grand entrance. He rubbed the back of his neck and felt like disappearing, but tried to play it off with an extra big smile. "I'll lead you to your next trial."

    Valeruc nodded his head and turned to the female apprentice, "Thank you for your assistance, Zeva."

    "Never a problem." The half robotic girl said with a respectful smile. "See you newbs around." She teased before walking off.

    "Good luck with your next trial. I'll see you all soon." Valeruc said to the group before stepping back inside the council room and shutting the door behind him.
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  16. The question was being explained for the hopeful padawans and it was starting to make more sense now. Everything fell into place and seemed clear, now quite understandable. Casper had never put much thought into the Crystal Code and could barely recall the philosophy at all. In fact, the Jedi had so many codes and philosophies that it was hard to keep up with them all. The feline stood quiet as Alzora spoke, listening to every word but was more than certain that a lot of what she said would eventually fall behind in his mind. Casper wasn’t one for long winded philosophical codes, and preferred more to the point action, even though philosophy was an interesting subject from time to time.

    The female Master eventually came to a conclusion and the padawns would await the next trail. Casper felt calm, collected and at peace with what was to come. He was mostly looking forward to the combat trail, the place where his capabilities would truly shine. At times he thought about where he actually stood within the order. This feline was heavily battle suited, even though his thin frame would suggest otherwise, and he would rather leave diplomacy to his fellows. How far would this personality take him within the Jedi order? He’d rather fight off raiders than help with supplying food to a village, he’d rather clash swords with the Sith than offer wisdom and knowledge. Casper hadn’t told anyone about this, but the Masters most certainly knew. They could read his heart like an open book and the positive energy surrounding him in combat was clearly visible.

    Like a dancer tapping into her inner self, moving in tune with the music entering her ears and letting go of the surrounding world for a brief moment, that was what it was like. There was no anger, no hatred, no fear, just the battle unfolding before him. It was a scary thought but the more he’d think of it, the more he’d seem like a Sith. What separated him and them would however be his emotions.

    Breaking Casper from his circle of thoughts was a new addition to the group of padawans, an aquatic boy with hair as black as the feline’s fur. He seemed innocent, happy and further events would reveal clumsy. Casper couldn’t help but quietly chuckle at the sight, finding this Luca boy quite interesting. The feline had never seen his race before, something aquatic hailing from the deep oceans, much like the Grand Master. The boy displayed quick reflexes and skill with the force, followed by an expression of embarrassment. “Good morning, Luca.” The padawan offered a gentle and respectful bow. “I am Casper, a pleasure to make your acquaintance.” Luca was going to take them to the next part of the trails and it would hopefully be something else than talking. They had been talking for quite a while and a change of pace would be greatly appreciated.

    As Valeruc closed the door behind him and the padawns stepped out of the council hall, one could only imagine what the masters were discussing. The padawans’ answers no doubt. Casper couldn’t help but wonder what would happen to him if he did not become an apprentice. Where would that leave him? Would he be stuck in the temple his whole life, aimlessly looking through the Jedi archives in search for knowledge he’d never get an opportunity to use? No, that sounded rather extreme, but now that he stood before the trails, he caught himself without a plan B. He really had to give these trails his all and end up on the other side without regretting a thing. The feline followed Luca and the other padawans, bracing himself for what was to come.
  17. The Kel Dor was not amused by the Jedi’s attitude or her answer. First of all, the Jedi Crystal Code, while apparently very important to Alzora, wasn’t always that important to the Order. The Order itself uses it rather inconsistently, so to have not memorized it and had not delivered a satisfactory answer was more than reasonable. Second of all, a person without care would not be able to become a Jedi. Thirdly, did it matter if the Jedi had the Force or not? He didn’t think so. If ‘just another average being’ lived to such a high moral and disciplinary standard, the universe wouldn’t need to have Jedi and while he liked being a Jedi, he thought it better for there to be a galaxy in which everyone could help and take care of themselves without needing a third party to assist. It seemed, at least in his mind, that it was what the Jedi were aspiring too, to help those who could not help themselves so then they could help themselves in the furture. Tyr thought the Jedi before him was stressing too much on the importance of the Jedi. In truth, the Jedi were not that important. Much of the known galaxy had never even been in contact with the Jedi in their entire existence, and he was more than sure those people would not consider the Jedi important. The Jedi have done just as much harm in their tenure as they have good and many times, the Jedi have been completely eradicated and the galaxy still managed to survive the loss. While they were gifted individuals, that could aid the galaxy in its growth, they were hardly as important as the woman before him wished they to be. Should the Jedi disappeared tomorrow, the galaxy would still flourish or not, after all, it was the Will of the Force that determined such things and given that the Force has deemed the Jedi worthy of decimation on several separate events only seemed to prove the fact that the Jedi were not the ‘chosen people’. Nevertheless, he didn’t argue, he had his opinion and he’d let her keep hers, he didn’t imagine debating with Alzora would be fruitful for anyone involved.

    With that out of the way, they waited for the other apprentice to show and finally he did. Unfortunately, he was left wondering if he and his fellow padawan were the last hope for the Jedi Order, so far, the more they went through the trials, Tyr was left wondering how the others passed their trials. Then again, incompetence tended to trickle down the hierarchy and he it was making itself more and more visible as the minutes ticked by.

    Approaching the new arrival, Try gave a short bow and his name then remained quiet, following Luca to their next location to get this circus moving along.
  18. "Hello Casper." Luca said with a kind smile toward the black furred Tinnel. "Hello to you Tyr." Luca also said to the Kel Dor with an interesting mask, and he found it difficult not to stare. He retuned a bow to them both respectfully before leading them outside. Bright morning light stung the eyes of the group of Jedi as they walked out of the dimly lit temple. They exited out of the back entrance and headed toward the shores of Neosa. A glimpse of a mini island with twin volcano's could be seen in the distance across the water as the group approached a long boat docked at the sandy shore. Behind them, the cylindrical structure of Neom Castle towered over the kingdom. The castle was only slightly shorter than the six pyramids that represented Neomisia's six moons, but far more marvelous. Sunlight reflected easily off of the castle's surface of fine marble. Near the top of the castle, a balcony was visible which was cut into a rectangular wall that extended from the castle's cylindrical base. The balcony was one of four that were built all around the castle for the king to conveniently look over the kingdom at any time. At the very top of the castle was a marble pillar which supported the crystal statue of King Lucarion holding his signature spear axe.

    "C'mon on guys!" Luca exclaimed almost too excitedly as he was careful to climb inside the long boat. On board were six Neomisians, three on each side, who held large paddles for rowing. They gladly volunteered to escort the 'Potentials' to their second trial. Most of the Neomisians had different hues of neon colored hair and the majority sported a welcoming smile in unison. When everyone boarded, the Neomisians dipped their paddles in the purplish waters and began to row toward the mini island. On the way, the long boat passed several other boats that transported goods back toward the main island which was a port along the Roenka trade route. It wasn't too long before the boat reached the island and the group stepped off onto the dark tan shore. The Neomisian paddlers stayed on the boat and would not dare step off.

    "Welcome to Uaksua." An old Neomisian paddler with a long muted mane announced. His facial markings were grey in color instead of black which signaled that he was old in age. "Be cautious, for the island was once punished by our great goddess Uesalor. Our people believe it may be cursed." He was referring to how the twin volcanoes once erupted and destroyed most of the island along with any life forms. Most of the island was charred the color of ash and there was no sign of plant life or beings of any sort. Saber crystals were discovered within the volcanos many months back by the council and the volcanos had been seemingly inactive for several years now.

    "It's just a myth." Luca whispered to the closest 'Potential' with a quick smile. He, along with the first set of apprentices, found their crystals with no problem during their trial. Luca led the way to the base of the nearest volcano and stopped to look around. He rubbed the back of his neck a bit nervously and wondered aloud, "Where's the guide?.." The monstrous volcanos stood high above the group and Luca wasn't sure what to do next.

    "It is safe." A male of the Gotal race said as he descended down a trail of the volcano. He had long, untamed brown hair with orange colored eyes along with two curled, goat-like horns atop his head. "Follow." He said as he led the group up the side of the volcano. It was a 45 minute walk to the crater of the volcano and they would then descend nearly 400 feet to the magma chamber. There would be no magma however at the bottom - only volcanic rock and crystal formations. A cage platform raised and lowered by a large cable that was operated by a turn handle was their way of getting down there. The group excluding Luca and the Gotal entered the cage to be lowered down the volcano. "Flip the switch on the cage to alert us to bring you back up." The Gotal informed them before closing the caged door.

    "The Grand Master should be here by the time you find your crystals!" Luca said with an anxious smile. "Be careful." He said again as the strong armed Gotal began to turn the turn handle to lower the Potentials. Several candles and torches lit up the magma chamber below revealing the black stained walls with sparkling crystals embedded within them. There were even a few piles of crystal shards upon the ground and large crystal formations that speared out in all directions down a crouch spaced tunnel that led to another chamber. The air inside had a stench similar to rotten eggs and sulphur. It was warm and it would soon get toasty. Luca waited at the top feeling nervous for them as he remembered how hard it was to ignore his fear when he had to do the trial. Several minutes passed and Luca waited patiently unaware that the volcano beside the one he was on began to smoke at it's crater. He turned to look at the Gotal guide who had been awfully quiet. Luca's eyes enlarged and his heart began to race fast as he spotted the thick smoke beginning to rise from the second volcano. Luca pointed and tried to scream out, but he couldn't as the Gotal man hid a smirk. The guides always inspected the volcanos for safety precautions as usual, but something was wrong. "We have to warn them!" Luca cried, but the guide grabbed his shoulder before he could send an alarm which confused Luca. The 'Potentials' only way up was for Luca or the guide to lift the cage by the cable.

    "This is part of their trial." The Gotal lied with hysterical, cackling laughter.
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  19. Entering a volcano didn’t seem like the safest decision Casper had ever made, dormant or not. Though, it was safe to assume the feline a glutton for danger and adventure, and dying at any moment fulfilled that desire quite well, didn’t it? The warmth was rather uncomfortable however, and his fur didn’t help, trapping the heat against his skin. It wasn’t unbearable, but he’d prefer to get out of there as soon as possible. Though, with the volcano being dormant, the heat should be gone, shouldn’t it? Casper didn’t know the first thing about volcanoes but he only assumed that if the lava was dried up, that the heat would be gone but perhaps he was wrong.

    Various crystals were glowing brightly all around the feline, an enchanting sight reflecting various colours and lights. He couldn’t help but find himself smiling at the wondrous discovery, so many crystals stretching out before him. A distinct pull would quickly grab hold of him and lead him further through the crystal chamber and towards a specific, brightly glowing crystal in the distance. It was as if a whisper within his mind was leading him with gentle and soothing words. Every crystal surrounding him were of equal appearance with varied colours, but only one was meant for him and it spoke louder the closer he got. A bright, white crystal shone with a glimmer that to Casper seemed unlike the others. Pulling him towards it like a pleasant scent, the feline slowly walked past the other padawans until he eventually stood before the heart of his future sabre and reached out to wrap his fingers around its hard surface.

    Once his skin came in contact with the crystal, Casper felt a soft caress traveling through his body as if a cooling touch to the otherwise warm surrounding. It was a fresh breath of air leaving his lungs and having finally come in contact with what was meant for him felt like a relief. He didn’t want to remain in that hot air for long and now that his crystal was found, a few minutes after he had entered the domain, he was ready to leave. However, things were not going to be that easy, as no way out of the volcano was granted. “Odd…” Casper rubbed his chin, looking up. He could see some of the other padawans expressing worry which only grew as no one came to get them out of there. “I’d hope we’re not stuck.” The feline slipped his crystal into his pocket and placed his hands on his hips. The heat was growing ever more intolerable and if they didn’t get out of there soon, the padawans would get a heatstroke. “I hope Luca didn’t go for a swim.” Casper managed a slight chuckle, but the heat was getting to him. He wouldn’t be able to keep his calm and playful attitude going forever with the hot air constantly embracing him. Despite his fur, he wasn’t keen on taking off his clothes just yet.
  20. Exiting the temple, it was a nice change of pace and a welcome moment of fresh air from the musty insides of their home. Though, it truly made no difference to him, without his mask, he would surely suffocate either way. At the very least, the air felt better in the outside than it did inside. It was nice to feel the sun. As much as he wanted to enjoy the weather, they did have other things to do today and he was more than eager to pass his test. It had been their duty to prepare for this day ever since they had gotten here, he just really wanted to make his lightsaber, it was the most iconic thing of the Jedi and to be without one, it felt as if he were only half made in a way. Of course, as a person, he was fine, but as a Jedi, he was partly missing, a part of his identity. They had used training sabers but it wasn't the same, this would be the lightsaber they made, they kept and would hopefully have until they perished.

    Tyr was slightly amused by the tale of the island. Being as much of an intellectual as he was, he took it with a grain of salt but he was interested in the tale from his creative side. He had always enjoyed such tales and superstitions, his people had very rich fantasies. He had grown up with plenty of them and probably could still recite many of them. While he couldn’t stand ignorance and people who were ignorant, he did rather enjoy a good story, even if it were fiction through and through.

    Landing on the island, he followed his fellow students to the location and down they went. One good thing about his mask, it did a good job of filtering out smells. That could be a good thing and a bad thing, it was good in ideal places like this, but should he ever be in a burning building unknowingly, he’d never be able to smell the smoke. The heat was rather uncomfortable but it was just another part of the test and he knew he had to overcome it. Watching the others move about while inside, he decided to take a different approach. Rather than walking aimlessly in an unfamiliar place, in which he could potentially get lost, he sat down, practically where he had been dropped off. There, he folded his legs and cupped his hands together, waiting and listening.

    By the time he opened his eyes again, everyone else had departed but at least when he was prepared to leave, he knew exactly where he needed to go. His crystal had made itself heard, now all he had to do was to get it. Before he left the starting location though, he jabbed a small hole with his right index finger, using the metal claws on his glove, from there, he steadily dragged his claw across the wall, making a light mark. He didn’t know where his crystal would be and he didn’t want to get lost in a volcano, that would surely end his days before they even had a chance to begin.

    After walking for a little while, the calling had stopped so he was sure that he had come to the right spot, but his crystal was not there. Upon closer inspection, there it was, embedded up in the side of the wall, a bright yellow crystal beckoned. The only problem was that, it was buried deep within the wall, he could only see a yellow spot. With nothing but his hands, he really had no choice but to dig at the crystal, slowly unearthing it. When it became more revealed, he used the Force to pry it from the wall then took it in his hand, marveling at its wonder. Meanwhile, it felt rather warm, much warmer than it had before and Tyr took that as his leave. Following his self-made trail, he returned to where the rest of the padawans had gathered once again.

    He was a bit confused as to why they were all just standing around and not getting in the cage. Perhaps they were waiting for everyone else? Was everyone here? It looked like everyone was here, there were so few of them, it was sort of easy to keep them in count. While he was never really one to go against the flow, it was getting mildly uncomfortable and it was worth breaking ranks to get out of this pit. Moving to the cage, he flipped the switch, as instructed and hoped that it would work.
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