Star wars based RP?

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  1. Clone Squad

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  2. Jedi

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  3. Sith

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  4. Jedi & Sith

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  5. Smugglers/ Bounty Hunters

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  6. Other

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  7. Op is a nerd

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  1. HI o/

    I thought i do a interest check on a very command and generic topic
    Star wars!

    But for this RP i would like to offer multiple settings to decide on

    -Clone Squad-

    Anyone ever see the CGI star wars show?
    For me, the clones are the ones that sold that show, all theses look alike developing their own personalities and story made me always feel their deaths were more meaningful than all the other "important" characters...i cry every time

    They were truly unique characters despite being clones of the same guy

    This would be a bonding kind of RP were we all develop our own clone soldier in a somewhat alternative storyline so we can make up our own war zones to fight on rather

    -Jedi or Sith - or both-

    We all know Jedi and sith are awesome, i had toy lightsabers and i'm sure half the people that want to do this rp had toy light sabers when they were younger

    This could either focus on a entire rp around Jedi OR sith players...or we can split the PCs up into sith and jedi and have them confront one another and form rivalries

    Also another point would be that all PCs can be a master and have a apprentice be either a NPC or another PC...or we could all be apprentices under NPC masters...


    - Smugglers -

    Travel the outer rim and get into all sorts of trouble when the RP is about smugglers
    Go to all the vile and darkest planets like Nal hutta to pick up some mysterious cargo, then dodge Imperial blockades trying to not to get blasted to bits

    Would be a complete action based RP were the PCs can all be a crew of Harden smugglers or all have our own separate crew and go on our own adventure

    This could also be a Bounty Hunter type of Rp...were we are ruthless Guns for hire taking on suicide jobs for piles of credits


    If you want to suggest something then feel free to post :D


    Well i hope there are some interested :D
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  2. I'd do either Clone Squad, Smugglers, or a mix of the two?

    I feel like Jedi V Sith is done 80% of the time, and is the main focus of star wars. I feel like it would be cool giving a story to the "other guys". (Dont get me wrong, I love Jedi and Sith roleplays!
  3. Will this suffice.

    Sort've a mix of all options, could even work for the Empire/Federation/Other Governing Body.
    For a price.
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  4. Totally interested in Star Wars Smugglers! Hit me up in my DM :)
  5. i am interested in this rp looks pretty cool
  6. I have a friend who would totally roleplay as a sith hunter
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