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What Ship should we fly around in?

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  1. XS Stock Light Freighter (TOR Ship)

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  2. Dynamic-Class Freighter (Ebon Hawk)

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  3. Firespray-31-Class Patrol And Attack Craft (Slave 1)

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  4. Wayfarer-Class Medium Transport

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  5. Barloz Class Medium Freighter

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    With the upcoming release of Episode 7: The Force Awakens this Christmas (insert nerdy squeal of delight here), I've been in a major Star Wars mood. I've rewatched the films, re-read the collection of Books and Comics based on the property, started watching "The Clone Wars" and "Rebels" for the first time (they're actually not too bad) and, to top it all off, I'm currently waiting for December the 16th to watch "The Star Wars Holiday Special" for the first time (a film that I actually bought with real money. If that shows you how dedicated I am to this franchise, I don't know what will).

    Needless to say, I've been on a kick and I'd like to push that kick into the world of roleplaying.

    I have a few ideas floating around for this, all of which take place 30 years after "Return of the Jedi" (set in a parallel timeline where The Force Awakens never happened or hasn't happened yet).

    The big idea I had involves us being a rag-tag group of misfits who band together, either by choice or by coincidence/beneficial circumstances, in order to save the galaxy from the next big threat. This would be a more linear-based story where we all move as a unit. In terms of Jedi/Sith characters, I would allow 2 of each (two Jedi, two Sith) to be playable. In order to help keep things from getting complicated in the story, I would have the big bad villains that control everything be NPC's (controlled by yours truly), but I will allow a few people to play villain characters such as a Sith Lord, or a bounty hunter hired by the Empire to take down our heroes.

    There's a few more floating around that I haven't really fleshed out too much, but I figured I would post this thread to try and gain some interest. But I'm really pining for this idea to be played through entirely, so that's why it got priority over the others.

    Anyways, I'm looking for about 4-6 dedicated role players who want to work with this plot until it's finished. I know life gets in the way, but I like to think we can accomplish that in a smaller group. The maximum amount of people I'll accept into this RP is 6, but I'll allow each person to have two active characters in case we want to increase the roster.

    Before things get too carried away, I'd just like to say I will be taking the first Jedi role, leaving 3 "Force Weilders" available for you all to fight over (One Jedi, Two Sith).
  2. I wouldn't mind playing the other Jedi, if we could get more people that wouldn't mind playin non Force users..
  3. I wouldn't mind playing a Female Sith and or Bounty Hunter for the Empire.
  4. Wow tons of interest already xD

    Okay sounds good so far! @Shayla, you can be both if you want, assuming you feel you can handle two active characters at the same time?

    And @Camleen, sounds good to me! Would you be a Jedi Master/Apprentice/Etc? I was planning for my guy to be a Jedi Knight with a history involving the Big-Bad of the RP.
  5. Not sure I'd play both... The only way I'd keep to a Sith was if I was a apprentice.. So , if with get a Sith Lord I will for sure be doing that and if not. Well I'd take Bounty Hunter.
  6. I rather like the idea of my character being strong in the Force.. but not so trained. Maybe not even realizing 'what' she is yet.
  7. Hey, how would you all feel if we took a more 'underground/hidden' route to the existence of the Jedi/Sith? Like, after the Emperor was destroyed, Luke decided to use the Second Death Star's destruction as a way to cover up the existence of the Jedi to the Galaxy at large. Although he did create a new Jedi Order, he kept it more so in the shadows for fear that the same events of the Old Republic would occur again.

    So, the Galaxy believes that everyone who knew the ways of the Force are dead, which seems to be working out marvellously (no more Jedi/Sith conflict, leaving the people to live on their own rather than depend on space wizards).

    That way we can include the possibility for more Jedi/Sith characters later down the road, but still keep the movement as an underground type of deal.

  8. Underground is good, but maybe we could take it a step further.
    After the Jedi Purge, Jedi (and Sith, really) were basically forgotten. Palpatine is a dick... and in charge of the galaxy... so he can do a whole smear campaign about Jedi. About how dangerous they really are, how they tried to kill him, and get the galaxy on his side to weed them out. And that's one of the reasons the Jedi (Yoda specifically) go into hiding. So essentially, all Jedi disapear. Either are killed or hiding. And there's only 2 real Sith.. but most people don't even know Vader is a Sith.. they just think of him as a badass, right?

    So by the time our story starts.. the legends of Jedi and Sith are just that... legends. I mean during the original trilogy, the public MIGHT know of just a single Jedi, Luke. But I'd be willing to be 99% of the galaxy don't know him, or know he's a Jedi by now. They know the Rebellion, and that's it.

    Does all that make sense?

    By the by, i like the thought of the underground. As for my character.. I'm undecided where she should be in her training. Very basic? maybe she has a single holocron she's been learning from, and that's it. I need advice on where to start her..
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  9. That sounds good, Camleen. That's pretty much how I imagined the events of the past would go: Luke is more or less undetected within the Galaxy, but thanks to Leia's election as a government official, the locations where he conducts his training are kept secret and those sections of a planet are deemed 'unsafe until further notice'.

    The holocron idea would make sense, perhaps it happens to be one of Yoda's that Luke might have recovered from the Jedi Temple on Coruscant?

    My character will kind of be the group's 'Obi Wan' in terms that he has years of experience with the Force, but he's more inclined to be our 'Han Solo' based on his personality and way of life. Making deals with people is so much easier when you can trick their minds so they'll give you triple your pay :3
  10. I think for my character I will be doing a Sith Apprentice... I have a few idea's on how she fell upon such a path and I'm still working out a few kinks and idea's as to what I want to play her around.
  11. Got here late, but I'm showing interest. Seeing as the Jedi are taken now, I guess I could be a sith agent (or what's left of them) that was raised under the new order that's about to emerge? If we're going with a timeline before force awakens, she could be in debt to Kylo Ren after he saved her life when she was younger, and he taught her his ways. Judging by the lightsaber he wields, lightsabers have become scarce or virtually minimal (as his cross-saber is very erratic/not stable) so she in turn would have a fritzy focusing crystal in hers

    Or she could also be a personal guard and charge to Captain Phasma or something
  12. Well I was thinking that I'll probably change the rule to 4 force "users", as the Sith typically work in Twos (there's an NPC master who's our big bad, so it would make sense to have more Jedi)
  13. Okay that works then! She could be the daughter of human rebel survivors that inspired her to join The Resistance.
  14. Alright, not sure how I'm working on the 'Rebel vs Empire' thing just yet, but I think the New Republic has already been created, so there won't be a rebellion just yet.
  15. I'm in, but I don't want a force "User." I'd rather have a character who is force sensitive (So he gets the whole 'feeling the force' and the 'oh shit' feelings, but he dosn't/isn't trained to use the force like a jedi). And I allready have a character in mind. A merc/outlaw style shipjacker (think Chewwy, breaking in to ships, fixing em, hijacking em ect) who flys a customised Firespray called the Damocles. How he gets involved in this is up for debate. but I was also thinking of giving him a force sword for shits and giggles.
  16. So you want a force sensitive dude who gets a lightsaber later on? As for the ship, I'm not sure about having it just yet because I was planning to have a group ship. I'll do some researching on the ship you wanted, see what's up and if I wanted to change the current idea.
  17. Oh, it's the Slave 1 xD
  18. Slave one is a massivly modified Firespray. but yes, close enough. I could give you a full description of my firespray and no. he wouldn't get a lightsaber, a force blade, they are far older and more practical, and its that or I take a YT-13 for shits and giggles, but a firespray would have enough room for everyone.
  19. Sure, send it my way via PM. I'll see what's up and consider it for my 'primary ship' selection when the OoC goes up.

    The YT-13 is more or less what I was going for, but I have a specific model in mind (and no, it's not the Falcon).

    Oh right xD Forgot force swords even existed! I read about those a while ago, but it totally slipped my mind at the time (thought you meant lightsaber, obviously shown by my comment). Sure, that could work I suppose. I'll have to do some more research on them as well to see if they're 'RP safe', but as of now I don't have an issue.
  20. Alright so I just need to mull over a few small details concerning the plot and our main method of transpiration, but I think the OoC should be finished for this weekend.

    I also have the idea to start off the IC with all of our characters waking up on a seemingly abandoned space station/colony on the middle of space (The Peragus Mining facility, perhaps?) and being forced to work together to not only escape the station, but also to learn more about why they were brought here/how they got to the station.

    Questions/concerns with that starter?
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