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  1. Okay, so I've been DYING to do something big. Not big as in number of players but big as in story. Like a BIG HUGE EPIC star wars story worthy of a movie. I'm making it so you don't really need to know the expanded universe (as the OOC section would cover anything you would absolutely need to know)....

    The basic idea is that back during the events of Knights of the Old Republic, Revan stayed a Sith, and the Star Forge was not destroyed. Revan left space to destroy what remained of the original Sith, and Bastilla left the collapsing Sith Empire and Jedi Order. Now 5000 years later the Jedi order has been re-established and the Sith Empire all but small fragments remain.

    Now the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems are at war, this time the C.I.S. is NOT headed by the sith, instead by a democracy the same as the Republic.

    The idea is this is an AU where the Star Forge from KoTOR is still out there, but long lost and dismantled, there is no chosen one prophecy, The Republic and the CIS are at war without being lead by Jedi or Sith, and The Jedi are in the process of eliminating the last bits of the Dark Side.

    The main characters would meet up (no siths unfortunately for plot complications, however fallen jedi are going to be allowed) as the story progresses to discover one final fragment of the sith who has gone out of control and is benefiting no side. Then the plot thickens, a lot goes down, some things involving the Star Forge becoming operational again, and a new force both threatening to the Jedi, Sith, Republic, and CIS that everyone must work together to defeat in the end.

    The applications available would be Force Sensitive, Smuggler, Bounty Hunter, Soldier, and Politician.

    The plot revolves around the true nature of the Force and peering into light what would have been the prophecy of the chosen one and what the balance of the force truly means for the universe.

    NOTE: The OOC original post will be detailed enough for even new commers to star wars to get in, I'll even have a list of the most common races available to look at. As well as explaining lightsaber combat and the roles of each character class.

    Who's interested?
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