Star Wars: A New Beginning(Savannah-Clause & Thuro 116 Pendragon)

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Rey kicks everyone's butt. The End.

Set in the Star Wars universe(a mix of the EU and MU/CU) after the battle of the Starkiller base, following the endeavors and tales of our favorite heroes and villains... But is there truly so much difference between.

Chewbacca - Thuro
Leia - Sav
Rey - Sav
Kylo Ren/Ben Solo - Thuro
Poe - Sav
R2-D2 - Undetermined
Jacen Solo - Thuro
Jedi OCs - Sav & Thuro
Finn - Thuro
Anakin Solo - Sav
Cyle Catarn - Thuro
Snoke - Sav
Jar Jar - Thuro
BB-8 - Sav​
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