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  1. Hey guys! I'm really, really looking for a group of dedicated Trekkie fans or newbies to role play something within the Abrams-verse of Star Trek. But to start out, I think it'll be best if we start at the Academy and go from there. Let me know in what you think? Do you think it'll be a great idea to do? (Please scroll down to the bottom to learn more of the setting/plot and requirements.)
    Available Divisions:
    Starfleet Command School-
    Starfleet Engineering School-
    Division of Arts & Sciences-
    Division of Health Sciences-
    Starfleet Medical Academy-
    Starfleet Academy Survival Training-
    Available Playable Canon Characters:
    • James Kirk
    • Leonard McCoy
    • Nyota Uhura
    • Spock
    • Hikaru Sulu
    • Pavel Chekov
    • Montgomery Scott
    • Carol Marcus
    NPC Canon Characters:
    • Christopher Pike
    • Spock Prime
    • Alexander Marcus
    • Christine Chapel
    (*First come, first served*)
    Cadet Registration P.A.D.D.
    Name: (Last, Middle, First)
    Appearance: (Pic or Brief Description)
    Personality: (Brief Description)
    Age: (18+)
    Race: (Human, Vulcan, Trill, half-breed, etc.)
    Origin: (Earth, Vulcan, etc.)
    Height: (How tall is your character?)
    Weight: (What is the weight of your character?)
    Hair: (What color and/or style does your character have?)
    Eyes: (What color and/or shape does your character have?)
    Body Build: (Athletic, Willowy, Average, Lanky, etc.)
    Skin Tone: (Pale, Light, Medium, Dark, etc.)
    Sexual Orientation: (Heterosexual, Pansexual, Asexual, Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian, Transgender)
    Marital Status: (Single, Married, Widowed)
    Division: (Command, Engineering, Science, Health, Medical, or Survival Training)
    Duty: (Choose which duty position you'd like to choose from. Remember to choose the appropriate position that correlates to your division of choice. Ex: Communications officer if you choose Engineering as your division of choice.)
    Rank: Cadet (Obviously)
    Family: (List all living or deceased members of your character's family.)
    Background History: (At least three decent-size paragraphs or more.)
    Medical Conditions/History: (Optional)
    Strengths: (A brief description of your character's strengths.)
    Weaknesses: (A brief description of your character's weaknesses.)
    Hobbies: (Optional)
    The setting will take place during the Abrams-verse timeline, starting around the time Kirk enrolls at Starfleet Academy alongside his best friend, Leonard McCoy. You're allowed to play an existing cannon character within the Abrams-verse timeline or an original character, but not both. Unless, we don't get enough people to join, then you're allowed to double [NPCs are allowed as well]. I also might allow some romance between our original characters and canon characters or vice versa (not sure yet.) Another thing, I was thinking... once our characters have completed their time at the Academy, or when I feel it's the right time for our characters to graduate, etc. I'll make a brand new recruiting thread; and there we can begin our 'five year mission' onboard the USS Enterprise.

    Please keep in mind there's no god-modding, Gary/Mary-Sues, texting/short-hand, or any one-liners in this role play. Another thing I would like to mention is please be respectful to one another and myself. I want this to be fun and exciting for everyone! So, please don't be immature. Oh, and I would really, really appreciate it if everyone who participates in this role play be able to post at least a good size paragraph or more [Quality over Quantity]. Also, I'm very laid back when it comes to grammar and spelling, so you don't have to worry about that, just make sure everyone knows what you're saying.
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  2. I am a definite trekkie, and have my own alien race to submit
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  3. Awesome! Feel free to fill out the character sheet at any time. I'll make mine in a little bit. :)
  4. Star Trek rp would be nice though are you dead set on this eh time line theme rp?
  5. Yes, I am. It was either this one or TOS timelime. I picked this timeline because I know not everyone has seen, don't care, or don't like the actual tv shows and/or older films; so this is for all ages. I try to keep an open mind for everyone.
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  6. Cadet Registration P.A.D.D.
    Name: Torvelck Mira Selebes
    Personality: (Brief Description)
    Age: 21
    Race: Quarter Vulcan Three Quarters Luprillis
    Origin: Carrios 4, Surrilos system, Alpha Quadrant
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 144 lbs
    Hair: A long straight slate of pinkish-violet hair that is normally kept messily in braids and bangs. (mostly in the picture above)
    Eyes: An irridecent bluish purple
    Body Build: Of average build for a Luprillis, but a bit on the skinny with minor curves side on human standards
    Skin Tone: Dark, just a hair lighter than a native african american of earth, but holding gentle purplish hues to it
    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
    Marital Status: Single
    Division: Science and Engineering
    Duty: Engineering Design Specialist (builds fancy stuffs using science xP)
    Rank: Cadet
    Family: Tsurock (father Half vulcan half Lubrillis)
    Geniev (mother full Lubrillis)
    20 known of siblings (Luprillis give birth to a croon of 5-7 at a time)
    Background History: Having been birthed the third croon of four in her family, and the runt of that croon to match, Selebes was often the one left out or forgotten about. In a world where you live either in a rolling plains, everlasting swamp, or mystical forest, there was plenty for the young child to do while she was being ignored or pushed aside. Her large family lived in the forest, allowing her opportunities to gather fruits from the treetops and gather flowers in open clearings. She befriended many animals, and for quite a while, she considered them to be her family. It got to such a point that she would stay away from home for days or even weeks on end just to be with them. One day, though, with an infuriated father trampling through the forest to find a seven year old Selebes, the child ran away, finding her way into the swamps to hid, having befriended a couple who couldnt bear children, thus leaving them ostracized and cast out of the main hub of society. Choosing to be the child they never would be able to have, Selebes lived happily for another eleven years until the two died in a planetary visit from the Federation. The humans and other strange species aboard the ship seemed to be nice enough in their own ways, but one phaser was left behind to be gathered up by the plains dwelling Luprillis, starting the planet wide civil war.

    Many died, and the child herself even fought, but there was no way to prevent the leaders of the plains tribes from raiding villages of other tribes, even with Federation aide. Figuring that she could do much more good if she could expound upon Federation technology, the now 20 year old Luprillis was able to convince the now retreating starshipto take her with them back to Federation headquarters so that she could enrole as a cadet. Since then, she has been engrossed in studies of science, as well as pulling a second school enrollment in engineering, as both would be needed to become a developer and designer. She did so this way so that there would be as little time as possible spent sitting around in a classroom and much more time available to her so she could go and help her fellow Luprillians. So far, she has also been considering going into medical, but with so much on her plate already, she has caught herself falling asleep in her later classes on occasion, and thus wont be let to take on any extra classes by the administration.

    Strengths: Survival tactics, Critical thinking, Unbiased decision making (when not involving Luprillians or their planet), climbing, terrain navigation
    Weaknesses: Very emotional on the topic of her home planet, has an injury affecting her left arm and shoulder that may never heal properly, is naturally very sensitive to loud or high pitched noises.
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  7. Approved. Welcome, Cadet!
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  8. If this doesnt get any further attention, I would be more than willing to 1x1 this plot with you
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