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  1. The USS Asahi (pronunciation: Ah-Saw-he), one of the new Vesta-class starships. Like her sister ships, the Asahi is one of the first Federation starships to be equipped with an advanced quantum slipstream drive as well as many other new, experimental technology. However, how advanced the Asahi is, is not the important question. The important question; Is her crew worthy enough to boldly go where no one has gone before?

    Set in the year 2380.




    • [tab=General Information]
    ASDB Research & Development:2370 - 2375
    Construction:2375 - 2380
    Shakedown Cruise:2380
    Maiden Voyage:2380-Pres
    Construction Sites:Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards
    Senior Design Team Members:Mark Rademaker
    Montgomery Scott
    Leah Brahms
    Vesta-class Sisterships:USS Aventine
    USS Caelian
    USS Capitoline
    USS Esquiline
    USS Palatine
    USS Quirinal
    USS Vesta
    USS Viminal

Tactical Systems:8 Type XII Phaser Arrays
2 Mark XII Phaser Cannons
4 Forward Torpedo Launchers
4 Rear Torpedo Launchers
Torpedo Load:Photon Torpedoes
Quantum Torpedoes
Transphasic Torpedoes
Tri-Cobalt Warheads
Hull Composition:Heavy Duranium/Tritanium Alloy
Tetraburnium Ablative Armor
Multi-Layered Shield Output Systems:Regenerative Shielding
Adaptive Metaphasic Shielding
Emergency Structural Integrity Field
Ablative Generator
Automated Repair Systems:Self-Sealing Tripolymer/Duranium Gel
Automatic Regeneration Matrix
Stealth Systems:Interphase Cloaking Device
Internal Systems:
Automated Internal Defense Unit
Emergency Blast Doors

  • 1 Bridge (Sovereign-Class Module)
    Ready Room
    Observation Lounge
    Captain's Quarters
    Senior Officer Quarters
    Subspace Communications Systems
    Escape Pods
    2Officer Quarters
    Tactical Laboratory
    Escape Pods
    3Suites / Guest Rooms / VIP Quarters
    Escape Pods
    Shuttlebay Observation Lounge
    4Officer's Mess
    Crew Quarters
    Lateral Ship's Lounges 1 & 2
    Escape Pods
    Upper Main Shuttlebay - Shuttlebay Observation Deck
    5Upper Gymnasiums 1 - 4
    Transporter Rooms 1 & 2
    Upper Holodecks 1 & 2
    Auxiliary Control
    Crew Quarters
    Upper Computer Core
    Upper Arboretum / Hydroponics / Botanical Bay
    Main Shuttlebay
    6Upper Auxiliary Deflector Dish
    Lower Gymnasiums 1 - 4
    Lower Holodecks 1 & 2
    Arboretum / Hydroponics / Botanical Bay
    Crew Quarters
    Escape Pods
    Computer Labs
    Computer Core
    Main Shuttlebay
    7Lower Auxiliary Deflector Dish
    Holosuites 1 - 4
    Lower Arboretum / Hydroponics / Botanical Bay
    Upper Cargo Bays 1 - 4
    Crew Quarters
    Computer Core
    Lower Main Shuttlebay
    8Upper Holodecks 3 & 4
    Primary Sensor Arrays
    Sensor Maintenance
    Crew Quarters
    Computer Core
    Lower Cargo Bays 1 - 4
    Escape Pods
    Transporter Rooms 7 & 8
    Upper Runabout Bay
    9EVA Airlocks / Docking Ports 1 - 4
    Lower Holodecks 3 & 4
    Crew Quarters
    Computer Core
    Lateral Mess Halls 1 & 2
    Secondary Sensor Arrays
    Sensor Maintenance
    Upper Deuterium Fuel Tanking
    Runabout Bay
    10Transporter Rooms 3 - 6
    Crew Quarters & Civilian Quarters
    Educational Facilities
    Lower Deuterium Fuel Tanking
    Emergency SIF Generator
    Lower Computer Core
    Lower Runabout Bay
    11Upper Forward Lounge
    Stellar Cartography & Science Labs 1 - 20
    Main Sickbay & Medical Labs
    Civilian Quarters
    Auditoriums 1 & 2
    Escape Pods
    Upper Main Engineering
    Tractor Beam Emitter
    12Lower Forward Lounge
    Crew Quarters & Civilian Quarters
    Replicating Center
    Forward Torpedo Bays 1 & 2
    Phaser Cannons 1 & 2
    Escape Pods
    Lower Main Engineering & Dilithium Chamber
    Engineering Labs
    Interphasic Cloaking Device
    13Forward Torpedo Launchers 1 & 2
    Captain's Yacht
    Escape Pods
    14Life Support Systems
    Holographic Systems Control
    Auxiliary Power
    15Atmospheric Reprocessing Systems
    Secondary Sickbay
    16Sympathetic Fermion Transceiver
    Quantum Field Focus Controller
    Chroniton Integrator
    17Deflector Control
    Multidimensional Wave-Function Analysis Module
    Quantum Slipstream Core
    Upper Antimatter Storage Pods
    Aft Torpedo Launchers 1 & 2
    Aft Torpedo Bays 1 & 2
    18Upper Deflector Dish
    Transporter Rooms 9 & 10
    Escape Pods
    Lower Antimatter Storage Pods,
    19Deflector Dish
    Escape Pods
    Antimatter Fill Port & Injector Subsystems,
    20Lower Deflector Dish
    Escape Pods
    Warp Core Ejection Systems
    21Tractor Beam Emitter

  • Bio-Neural Gel Pack Computer System Network:
    Crew Interface Software - LCARS / Holomatrix
    Data Transfer Rate - 25-37 gigaquads/second
    Number of Dedicated Modules - 5000
    Storage Capacity/Module - 1 petaquad
    Transporter Systems:
    10 Transporter Rooms
    12 Cargo Bay Transporters
    10 Emergency Evacuation Transporters
    Warp Propulsion Systems:
    Primary Warp Reactor - 1 M/ARA Mark XII
    Alternative Warp Reactors - Quantum Slipstream Drive
    Normal Cruising Speed - Warp 8
    Cruising Speed Duration - 50+ days
    Max Cruising Speed - Warp 9.99
    Max Cruising Speed Duration - 12+ days
    Fuel (MRI) - Supercritical Cryogenic Deuterium
    Fuel (ARI) - Supercritical Cryogenic Anti Hydrogen
    M/A Reaction Moderating Element (Warp) - Ninth-phase Crystalline Dilithium
    M/A Reaction Moderating Element (QSD) - Second-phase Crystalline Benamite
    Fuel Replenishment - Bussard Scoop / Antimatter Generator
    Hyper-Subspace Communications: The principle is basically the same as with standard subspace communications, the only difference lying in the use of a tachyon beam applied to an artificial (preferably natural) itinerant pulsar to open a microwormhole sufficiently wide enough to transmit subspace messages and information. This new form of communication was developed by Lieutenant Reginald Barclay of the Pathfinder Project in an attempt to contact the USS Voyager that later succeeded and was used to keep lines of communication between Starfleet and Voyager.
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