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The USS Asahi (pronunciation: Ah-Saw-he), one of the new Vesta-class starships. Like her sister ships, the Asahi is one of the first Federation starships to be equipped with an advanced quantum slipstream drive as well as many other new, experimental technology. However, how advanced the Asahi is, is not the important question. The important question; Is her crew worthy enough to boldly go where no one has gone before?

Set in the year 2380.


  • Name: United Star Ship Asahi
    Registry Number: NCC-82705
    Class: Vesta-class
    Ship Category: Multi-mission Explorer
    Ship's Compliment: 950
    Officers & Enlisted: 750
    Civilians/Scientists: 200
    Emergency Capacity: 3500
    Longitude: 672 meters
    Beam: 195 meters
    Height: 88 meters
    Decks: 21
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