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    Plot Summary
    It's been a week since the recapturing of Khan and the Enterprise is once again enlisting new graduated cadets to fill its roster before heading back into space. Ensign Rosalie Pike (MC) (daughter of deceased Captain Christopher Pike) has been assigned as a military weapons specialist, but was unfortunately bumped down as a medical nurse under the command of Chief Medical Officer Dr. McCoy, due to the position already been filled by Carol Marcus.

    Unfortunately, she doesn't make it easy for Bones as she always argues and bickers with him, but he does have to admit--she is one damn good nurse; quick on her feet, very compassionate towards his patients, level-headed, and isn't afraid to stand up to him like most of the other nurses are. And not to mention, she's the most beautiful woman he has ever laid eyes on despite her stubbornness and sharp tongue, but it does make his job more interesting to say the least.

    But that will soon change when the Enterprise somehow finds themselves in the mirror universe of the Terran Empire. There, the crew will have to battle their alto egos before they are permanently trapped in the violent universe forever and be enslaved, and most likely be executed.


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    Played by Mikael Sisko


    Leonard H. "Bones" McCoy, MD
    Age: 32
    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 175lbs
    Rank: Lt. Commander
    Division: Medical
    Department: Chief Medical Officer
    Ship: USS Enterprise

    Played by Vintage Rose

    Rosalie Elizabeth Pike
    Age: 25
    Height: 5'6
    Weight: 120
    Rank: Ensign
    Division: Medical
    Department: Nursing
    Ship: USS Enterprise


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“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Bone exclaimed, looking over the new crewman assignments on the tablet he was just handed, noting the only addition to his sickbay on this rotation was starred ensign R. Pike, a no
ted weapons expert. “She’s a weapons expert Jim! Granted she’ll come in handy if I ever have to do surgery on a Gorn, but until that fated day she’ll be all thumbs,” Bones continued, keeping up pace with Captain Kirk as they moved through the corridor of the enterprise. Bones didn’t know the destination, and frankly it didn’t matter. This was how Jim Kirk operated when he had to deliver news that he knew wasn’t going to be so warmly received. Rush in, drop off an order, and dart off before the ensuing argument could be completely voices. But not this time.

“She’s got a some training in medicine,” Kirk responded, provoking something of a sputtering chuckle from Bones, who had taken the time to review, however briefly, the woman’s Starfleet Academy transcript. Perhaps a year ago he wouldn’t have been able to spot the ‘training’ Kirk was referring to, but time spent with the Captain has made Bones more savy to his ways.

“Two months field medic training hardly qualifies her to operate a sickbay,” Bones spoke in further protest, this time relieved to see that Kirk stopped, turned his attention from the unknown destination to the complaints of his Chief Medical Officer. The relief only lasted a moment; however, as the telling eyes of the captain told Bones, even before Kirk started to speak, that he was about to be told how it was going to be. Sometimes, he hated the military.

“You requested more crew, and out of what we received, she’s the most qualified. So you’ll have to train her, give her the attention she needs to be successful in sickbay. You can’t expect everyone to come in fully trained and meeting your qualifications,” Kirk spoke, almost too diplomatic for Bones’s tastes. Sometimes it was hard to believe this to be the same man he chased around the enterprise a year before with a hypo spray. “Besides, have you looked at her profile,,” Kirk spoke, pulling the padd from the man’s hand, and bringing up Rosalie Pike’s Starfleet record, he tapped her picture on the profile., and turned it back to Bones. “I’ll tell you, I tried hard to find her a position on the bridge, but when I couldn’t…”

And sometimes it wasn’t hard at all to believe this was the same man.

“But Jim…” Bones started, but let it fall short, knowing the argument was moot. What the Captain has said was true, he did need help in sickbay. The encounter with Khan and Admiral Marcus’s dreadnaught was enough to show him just how understaffed his sickbay was, and he had already taken into mind that he’d have to work and train some without the desired medical training and background, but there was a major difference between theory and practice. He knew he’d have to figure it out. He exhaled, settled his back against the corridor’s wall, and looking into the boyish face of his friend and captain.

“Don’t give me that smug look,” Bones started.

“You’ve got to admit, I’m getting pretty good at this Captain thing,” Kirk responded.

“I’m betting Spock had something to do with this,” Bone tested, knowing that if Kirk had one weakness in the situation, it would be Spock. The two were friends, but at heart Kirk strove to be better than his friend, a high compliment, as it means he thinks highly of the Vulcan. “There’s just something too logical about it.”

“Don’t you have somewhere to be,” Kirk proded, but couldn’t hide the grin that passed across his lips.

“Fine fine,” Bones exhaled, looking down at the padd, which still glowed with the ensign’s image. Kirk had been right about this too, she certainly was very attractive. “What airlock do I meet her at?”

An hour passed, Dr. Leonard McCoy had returned to his quarters to freshen up. A new uniform, a fresh shower, and a few shots of whiskey did a lot to calm the good doctor from his earlier excitement. The more he thought about what Kirk had said, the more he understood the assignment. The logic behind it hadn’t actually been that hard to follow, and he noted that his objections weren’t really about her capabilities at all. There was something else, something he couldn’t place his finger on. Something deeper than having the daughter of a former Captain and Admiral of his, but surely it wasn’t simply because she was beautiful. It’s not like he was some 18 year old first year cadet. He was a doctor, a seasoned, established chief of medicine on board the USS Enterprise, and yet he can’t help but notice the way his heart palpitates when the thought of her dossier photo crops into his mind.

I’m not some damned kid, inwardly he kicked himself, thrusting the thought away as he looked himself over in the mirror. He pulled the hem of his tunic taunt, pulling free any wrinkles in the azure fabric, exhaling a pulling himself away from the mirror. I’ve got a damned crush on a portfolio, he further berated himself, as he stepped out of his quarters into the hallway, walking quickly to the nearest turbolift. His thoughts continued, the mental abuse he gave himself continued as he stepped into the turbolift, ordered it down two decks, to the airlock. The new recruits would be arriving soon, and his newest ward amongst them.

And I’m not going to let her make a fool of me. It’s unfounded. Its juvenile. I’m just exhausted, he told himself, as the door to the airlock opened, and he stepped into the room, to see a gathering of new arrivals, and in the center of the room, like a beacon to his thoughts was Captain Kirk, with a large humored grin on his face as though waiting, and at his side, Ensign Pike.

That damn ass was right. I hate when he’s right.

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