Star Trek: Infinity

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    The year is 2384 and the newest Starfleet vessel has just been completed. It's new crew has been sent into the universe to be tried and tested in the hopes that they will establish themselves among the very best in the Federation. They are beginning new lives and sometimes it won't be easy, but no matter what, it will always be an adventure. Their current one-year mission includes everything from diplomatic to military endeavors and everything in between as they prove that this crew is both worthy and ready to be sent to the deepest reaches of the known universe on a longer mission of exploration.

    On Earth, Starfleet Academy continues to churn out the best and the brightest and many of those have their sights on this new ship, eager to become a part of its crew while they can. They come from all corners of the universe with high hopes and grand dreams. The Academy is also searching for new professors to help shape these young minds into what will be the future of Starfleet.

    Where will you fit in?