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[fieldbox= Star Trek: Distant Horizons, #144678, solid, 0, Book Antiqua]I want to start off by telling you all that this roleplay will be focusing on character interaction and story development. Submission of a CS to this roleplay is taken to signify that you have read and understood the following conditions:
  • You will follow and abide by all Roleplayer Guild rules / regulations.
  • You will conduct yourself as an adult. This means that in the event of a conflict, you will abide by the decision of the conflict moderator be it myserlf, or a member of the management team.

And now that that little piece of business is out of the way, let me welcome you to the Interest Check for Stark Trek: Distant Horizons. In this version of the Trek universe, the Federation of Planets is a thing of recent history. In our universe, the Federation of Planets has fallen to the Dominion as a result of the Dominion War. The divergence from cannon occurs during the Episode arch (Favor the Bold / Sacrifice of Angels), when the Prophets prevented a large Dominion fleet from exiting the alpha quadrant side of the wormhole. In our universe, this never occurred. The Dominion Fleet indeed did come through the worm hole, and the tide of war shifted in the Dominion/Cardassian’s favor. Deep Space Nine was destroyed, along with the Defiant in defense of Bajor.

Bajor was the first to fall. The Federation’s Ninth Fleet took heavy losses against the Cardassian/Dominion fleet, and the support to hold the station simply was not there. With a newly fortified hold on the wormhole, the Dominion’s war machine flexed its might, and within six months the Dominion made a run for Sol. For six months the Federation had been pummeled on all fronts, but any significant incursion into their space hadn’t been attempted. Losses continued to mount on the front lines, as the Federation tired time and again to re-take the Bajor Sector and the wormhole.
Then again, Wolf 359 stepped into the history books as the Federation Armada made its stand against the Dominion fleet bound for Sol. The odds were similar to those faced by the Ninth Fleet, a 2 to 1 advantage enjoyed by the Dominion. The battle was costly, and as a result, crippled the Federation of Planet’s ability to further engage the Dominion in any directly offensive way for the remainder of the war. With the Federation fleet destroyed, the Dominion successfully engaged the Sol defense fleet, and took Earth.
The fall of their capital left the Federation fleet disorganized, and the Dominion left them little time to regroup. Within a week, Andoria and Vulcan were both in Dominion hands, effectively collapsing the United Federation of Planets…

This was two years ago.

Today the former territories of the Federation are suppressed under Cardassian boot, under the umbrella of the Dominion. Most citizens are having to adjust to life under the Cardassian caste system, and though some manage to do so quite peacefully, the streets of the major cities have become places of public execution, corporal punishment, poverty. The once golden civilization of the United Federation of Planets, where equality and peace reigned, is replaced by a world in which the shadows belong to the Obsidian Order. Nightmare has become reality, as utopia bends to dystopia.

But still some fight!

Pockets of freedom fighters continue to press on against the Dominion hand that holds them. Much like the Bajorians in their bid for independence against the Cardassian Union, these freedom fighters are isolated groups of refugees: disenfranchised, separated, and often ignorant of each other. They fight, knowing the odds. They fight to bring freedom for their families and friends. They fight to liberate their homeland, in remembrance of a once glorious and powerful Federation… Because they will not be subjugated. Because they have not given up hope.

This roleplay will focus on the resistance based in a particular sector. Depending on interest, the storyline may develop around several different groups.

CS Outline:
(A picture is fine, but please also provide a descriptive paragraph)
Biography: (any prior Fleet experience? Rank?? Their reason for fighting??? Any personal fallout from the Fall of the Federation? (Did someone die? Did they lose a business?? Something else of value. Why are they fighting??) Life prior to the fall? Life afterwards?) **these are ideas, just flesh the character out.

Skills/Training: (If a fleeter, what branch/department where they? How long?)

Personality: (Please keep in mind that this roleplay is set in a very dark time for the Federation. )

Please submit CS via PM to myself for approval -before- posting. [/fieldbox]
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Mikael Sisko

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Michael Laramine Forester
Appearance / Personality/Biography:
Thick, brown hair, Brown eyes. Michael stands 5’7”, weights nearly 160lbs on a muscled, athletic frame. At one point, Capitan Forester had been known for his boyish charms and smiles. He had been consider to be a very outgoing individual who hadn’t met another he couldn’t make friends with. But all that changed with the Dominion war.

During the war he changed from an easy going, fun loving individual to a man who seemed to take the world upon his own shoulders. He had a crew to look out for, lives that he knew rested in the palm of his hand, and it was a responsibility that he didn’t take lightly. The Ishtar was his family, his friends, and as any good captain should, Michael felt the weight of each of their lives resting on his shoulders each and every time the Ishtar engaged the enemy in battle. The responsibility changed him, matured him. He began to smile less often, though more heartfelt when he did. He talked less of idle things, and more of friendships, of family and the things that truly came to matter during that war.

The Ishtar was destroyed in the battle against the Dominion at Wolf 359, and though Michael had been ready to go down with his ship and crew, the transporter beam of the USS Loviatar had pulled him away from that fate, along with only a handful of the Galaxy class starship’s crew. The loss of the Ishtar, of his friends and their families wasn’t something Michael easily learned to live with, and comfort came only at the bottom of a bottle of whiskey in the solitude of his quarters during off hours.

When the Federation fell, it was as though Michael’s universe crumbled along with it. He fell into despair, took to the bottle even harder than before. He would drink away the pain, silence the voices that called to him in the night with alcohol and sweat, or he would drink himself out of existence. At first, he couldn’t handle it.

Then one day a fight broke out between a man wearing a uniform of the now collapsed Starfleet, and the Jem’Hadar peace keepers on Earth. The man was beaten without mercy, his only crime was he wore the uniform of a fallen enemy. Inciting rebellion that charge was uttered, after the peace keepers cleaned his blood from their uniforms. Michael had only watched, judging joining the fray suicide, but in the aftermath, when he was sure the man’s spirit had been loosed from his body, he made that man a promise that steeled his soul. That the Dominion would not conquer.

And in that moment, the war ceased to be over in Michael’s mind…

Skills/Training: (If a fleeter, what branch/department where they? How long?)
Starship Command: 2 years as CO USS Ishtar, Galaxy Class Starship.
Piloting: As an ensign – Lt. Jr Grade, Michael Forester served as a Beta Shift helmsman for the USS Hood. He also piloted shuttle craft for away missions on occasion.
Advanced Hand to Hand (Boxing): A past time, usually how Michael unwinds in holodecks. Can often be found sparing with the computer, or with another member of the resistance / crew. Took Advanced Hand to Hand at the academy.
Hazard Operations: As a junior officer, Michael Forester was assigned to the Hazard Operations team, USS Hood.
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