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  1. Earth Spacedock, Earth, Sol System - Stardate 57659.8 (29th of August 2380)



    (You don't have to board the ship via shuttlecraft. You can use the transporters, board the ship via docking port, or wander around Earth Spacedock. And yes, you can already be onboard the Asahi.)


    Commander Jason Alexander Clearwater gazed out of the shuttle's viewport as it approached what was going to be his home for the next couple of years, the USS Asahi. As the pilot maneuvered the craft around the ship, Jay took in every detail of the ship. The Vesta-class was the newest and most advanced starship class in Starfleet, the ships are also the testbeds for experimental technology, including but not limited to the quantum slipstream drive.

    "Quite a fine looking ship, sir. Wouldn't you agree?" The young Andorian Ensign piloting the shuttle asked with a smile as she took the shuttle into the Asahi's main shuttlebay.

    Jay nodded as they made their final approach, "Indeed she is, Ensign. Indeed she is."

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  2. Lauren had boarded the ship, through the docking port, not along after it had arrived. So far she had not taken the chance to look around at this spectacular vessel. But she looked forward to it. Her first priority was to find her quarters and get settled in. Soon enough her and the rest of the crew would all have to report for active duty. She had little time left. It was Lauren's first time aboard a starship and she was having difficulty finder her way around. The USS Asashi was a Vest-class ship. For Lauren this meant that, despite it being a technological wonder of combined science and engineering, it was annoyingly large. So much so that she had become lost.
  3. Kisar had been here since 0300. If he was perfectly honest, starships were a thing of beauty to him. Likely he would have felt the same in the age of the tall ships on Earth. But the Asahi looks like poetry in metallic form. While he takes the time to greet every officer that comes in, his eyes go back to the Asahi more often than not.

    This is going to be his new home. He takes one more look at the ship, and makes his way down the ramp. Another great adventure is about to begin, and he can't wait to climb inside this amazing machine and make friends with the crew.
  4. [​IMG]

    The turbolift doors opened and Jason couldn't help but to just stare around in awe as he stepped onto the Asahi's bridge for the first time. The forward facing consoles, except the Conn and Ops consoles, were combination of LCARS interfaces and holographic displays which was pretty good idea since not only would the essential bridge crew be facing forward most of the time but it wouldn't be a primary cause of chronic neck pain anymore. As Jay made his way of to the empty Captain's chair, he looked up at the ceiling windows - well, they weren't actual windows, they were actually holograms that simulated the view - which displayed the dull view of Earth Spacedock's inner docking bay roof. Jay then turned his attention to the station on the lower right hand side of the Captain's chair. It was the Executive Officer's station, his station. Gazing down at the Captain's chair right beside him, Jay couldn't help but feel the urge to sit in it. Well, since the captain wasn't on board yet, technically he was in command at the moment and that was a good enough reason for him to sit in the "big" chair.

    Taking a deep breath, Jay slowly sat down. It was comfortable alright but there was also a feeling of command and authority that overcame him as he sat in the chair. Jay, however, frowned as the thought of the Asahi's Commanding Officer, Captain Andromeda C. Valentine. To him, a captain was a heavily experienced and well-respected officer that was usually over five to ten years older than him. But that wasn't the case with Captain Valentine. Not only was she same age as him, there was very little information on the Captain's dossier that could point out on how she might of at least be considered to being assigned to the Asahi as her captain. That was what really bothered Jay, a closeted Captain. It was a bad example of a Commanding Officer for the crew.​
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  5. Kisar makes his way to the bridge after stowing his bags in his quarters. It's extremely unlikely that he's going to be up here, if the crew relies on him for counseling. But still, it's good to be familiar with all parts of a new ship.

    Deep inside his mind, the memories of his first host float to the surface. He loathes that he was ever bonded to such a cowardly, spiteful host. But this time, everything will be better. He knows it.

    As he crosses through the turbolift door, he sees someone seated in one of the command chairs. Best to make the introduction now.

    "Pardon me, sir. Lt. Commander Amanogawa Kisar, reporting for duty!" He stands at attention, waiting for the officer to acknolwedge him.
  6. Snapping out of his train of thought, Jay glanced over at the Trill officer standing at attention. Amanogawa Kisar, ship's counselor and Chief Diplomatic Officer if he remembered correctly. Standing and straightening his uniform jacket, Jay walked over and greeted the other senior officer with a friendly smile. "At ease, Commander Kisar. I may be the First Officer but I'm not the Captain." He chuckled, extending his hand out for a handshake. "Commander Jason Clearwater. Pleased to meet you."

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  7. Kisar reaches over to shake Jason's hand. "The pleasure is mine, Commander. I look forward to serving the crew to the best of my abilities. Formalities aside, perhaps you could give me a list of your favorite foods, so I know what to make when we have sessions together, sir."
  8. "Oh, yea, sure thing." Jay replied with a shrug, sitting back down in the Captain's chair. He then thought for a moment, rubbing the stubble on his chin before raising an eyebrow at Kisar. "Do you know what a pastelito de carne is?" Sure, he could've said Cuban pastry stuffed with meat but that just didn't sound right to him.​
  9. "No, but if you hum a few bars, I can fake it." Kisar smiles. "It sounds like something I could probably make, given time to study the recipes."
  10. "Well, actually," Jay chuckled, trying to come with a close enough translation for the Cuban dish. "If you want a rough translation, it's basically Cuban pastry with beef filling." He then added, "Don't worry. The computer accepts the term 'pastelito de carne'."

  11. [​IMG]

    Arriving late to space dock on the day K'riss is supposed to report for duty is not the best way to make a good impression. She decides that while she's hastily stuffing the haversack containing all her personal effects into a corner of her brand-spanking-new sickbay. When she's done, she straightens her uniform, tugs on the collar of the undershirt, and shucks on a labcoat to do some rounds. Thankfully there's no one in sickbay complaining of anything before they've even set out. But, she makes sure that everything is in working order; even if she has to consult the manual as to the new layout. The Vesta-class ship is larger and more sophisticated than the galaxy-class was, it was only logical to assume that the sickbay would also be larger and more sophisticated. It's a shame K'riss never considered herself very logical to begin with.
    She hasn't even seen her quarters, but she's sure that they'll be the same as the rest of the ship: extravagant, magnificent, astounding. She could go on with the adjectives, but there's more important things to be done. She goes over alpha codes, and accesses crew data and profiles, makes sure that she's well acquainted with the biobeds and everything in the cupboards. Her data PADD gives her some trouble, and she makes a note to ask a passing engineer about it whenever she might see one. Mostly, she mulls about for the better part of an hour pacing and looking like a stranger in her own sickbay.
    It's only after she's handled every piece of equipment, routinely checked every monitor, and has been picking at whatever material the desk in her office is made of; that K'riss finally admits she's nervous. She's got the responsibility of a CMO now, and she's not sure why she decided to take the position. In the instant where her fingernail catches on the small groove she's managed to scratch into the perfect glossy surface of her desk; she breathes out a sigh. She never had much chutzpah.
    "Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt." Spoken under her breath, the quote sounds less like Shakespeare and more of a prayer to her ears. May their voyage be free of peril, and wrought with lack of death. K'riss knows from experience that those words will never come to pass, but there is always hope.

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  12. Lieutenant Commander Mi-Na Lee looked out the window of the shuttlecraft at the USS Asahi. It looked every bit as impressive as she thought it would be, when she first received word of her next assignment. Sure, the Enterprise was the object of almost everyone's eye and the desire of their hearts, but after several years there, she had realized that with the best of the best all in one ship, success was not only expected, but it was as natural as breathing. After a while, the challenges would go away, and the burden of excellence as an expectation would eventually weigh in on a relatively young engineering officer like Mi-Na.

    She smiled. She liked taking the shuttlecraft whenever she could vice transporter, as she liked to ride different kinds of vessels, feeling she could learn from the experiences even for short trips. Things like engine hum, vibrations, and the type of pilot and response from the ship as such, they were all little things that made every trip just a little different from the previous ones.

    And then, the shuttlecraft patiently landed in the hangar bay. The shuttle door slowly opened, as Lee patiently waited for the right time to step off. Come on, anytime now...

    "Thank you Lieutenant Sulu", she said to the pilot, as she stepped off, breathing in her first breath of Asahi air. She looked around, knowing her personal belongings had been brought onboard days earlier, so her first priority was finding her way to the bridge. She made her way to the hangar exit, and looked to make her way to the bridge.
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  13. Kisar hears the doors of the turbolift open behind him, and takes a step to his left to allow another crew member to pass. He offers them a smile and a handshake.
    "Commander, while I could use the replicator for the ingredients, I do prefer to cook things myself. It helps me give it a personal flair."
  14. Jay nodded and smiled. "I see what you mean. If you need me to send you a list of my mother's recipes, I'd be more than happy to." He took a PADD handed to him by an officer and proceeded to look it over.

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  15. Lieutenant Commander Mi-Na Lee looked around in wonder at every detail, every face, and every step from the corridors to the lift while going from the hangar to the bridge. Though she couldn't wait to see Engineering, as its senior officer she knew that protocol dictates that she actually report to the Captain, or the ships commanding officer. She had done this a few times before, in real life, and at the Academy as part of officer training, so she was not too nervous... though it did not stop her heart from beating quite madly, from a combination of her excitement, and that no one ever truly gets over the nervousness of actually reporting to a new ship, a new place of duty.

    The lift doors opened, and she stepped forward.

    "Lieutenant Commander Mi-Na Lee, reporting for duty."
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  16. Jason stopped scrolling through the PADD he was holding and looked up to see the ship's Chief Engineer walk on to the bridge. "Welcome aboard the Asahi, Commander Lee. I take it your transit here went smoothly?" He stood from the Captain's chair, handing the PADD to an ensign.

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  17. "Yes sir, the transition has been perfect so far", Mi-Na replied. Her "transition" consisted of a two week stay in Singapore, enjoying the food and sights, while fitting in some time to read up on her assignment here to the Asahi. Though there was a lot of groundwork before that, those last two weeks were still on her mind, but she was anxious and ready to go here.

    "Am I needed on the bridge, sir?", she asked. "Or shall I report to Engineering, and delegate someone to man our bridge post?"

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  18. "Since we won't be probably be departing Spacedock for a bit, I'd suggest you all familiarize yourselves with the ship. If you need me, I'lll be in sickbay getting my physical." He told them before heading into the turbolift. "Deck 11." He said to the lift which headed to the requested deck.

    Even though he hated physicals he might as well get it out of the way rather than have the Chief Medical Officer constantly remind and nag him to take it.

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  19. "Yes sir", Mi-Na replied. She took note of where the engineering post on the bridge was, seeing that there was no one there right now, and she waited until the Commander left, before she made her way to the lift, and would (patiently) make her way to Engineering. At least there would be some time for her to get familiar with the ship before being responsible for all its running functions in space.
  20. "Commander."

    "Lieutenant." Jay acknowledged the lieutenant exiting sickbay with a nod, stepping aside to let her pass before entering. Like the rest of the ship, the medical facilties were state-of-the-art. From the equipment to the biobeds to the Emergency Medical Hologram, everything modern marvel.


    "Excuse me," He called to a nearby nurse, "where's Dr. Shs- S- Sh'hrash?" He asked, having trouble pronouncing the CMO's surname.

    "She's in her office, Commander. Just go through the head nurse's office, the door would be to your right." She answered with a smile, pointing in the direction of the office.

    "Thank you." Jay replied with a smile before heading to the CMO's office. "Doctor?" He called to the Human-Caitian hybrid who was fixing up her office as he entered the room.

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