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  1. Okay so I had this idea after finally watching "Into Darkness" (I've seen more than just that- I'm a massive ST nerd. o_o) Anyways, a great deal of knowledge of the show/movie/series wouldn't be needed though it'd be nice if you had some understanding about what was going on. I will allow any and all species to join, as long as you give reason for them being a part of the crew.

    Our roleplay will focus around in alternative ending to "Into Darkness" in which Khan was able to destroy the USS Enterprise, but not before recovering his people. He then went deep into Klingon space, and hasn't been heard from since. Of course this has all been deemed classified and most people go on living about their lives. But when terrorist attacks begin destroying colonies, UFP has sent out many of their ships to explore these colonies but always come back empty handed... if they come back. So now they're beginning to get desperate and decide to send a new ship full off rookies called the USS Heartfire. This ship is lead by my Commanding Officer - Razork a Romulan (raised by humans, but still carries xenophobia towards anyone outside of Humans/Romulans.)

    Razork and his team will be diving into the fringes of space to discover what is happening, only to find out that their worse fears have come true.

    Khan is back; and he's stronger than ever.


    Any interest?
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