Star Trek: A New Voyage

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  1. Three friends, born in the 1990's and lived full lives have grown old. NASA was shut down in 2013, taking jobs away from all those who wished to boldly go where no man has gone before. Years pass and NASA reopens again, and announces that the first shuttle in forty one years, the Tesla, is to be launched. Upon one of the friend's dying wish, he requests to see the take off. So the friends steal a bus shuttle from the nursing home their sick friend is at and manage to sneak into NASA (one being very tech savey, they hack into the systems and clear themselves entry). They chose a spot in front, but as the shuttle began to take off, it exploded. Being elderly, the three friends just could not escape in time.

    One would think that that would be the end of their stories, that they would have been killed immediately. But much to their own surprise, they wake up on board the USS Enterprise, young and healthy again. Dumbfounded by very curious, they begin to explore what had happened that day. Previously the Enterprise was stuck in an ion storm and the controls sent it back to 2054. a couple crew members were beamed to the surface quite by accident, as the beam up happened they beamed up the three friends. But the ship still had effects of the ion storm, and the beam warped not just them back to their own time but it regressed any aging signs in the friends.

    With their memories intact, they realize something; all of their loved ones, their children, siblings and friends were all dead. Two hundred years into the future, they themselves have a choice, chance a beam back and die old surrounded by friends and family, or stay in the future.

    They chose to stay. Going through Starfleet after years of training, they finally get their own ship. One a first officer, one a doctor and the last the main engineer. Together, their adventures on the USS Tesla have just began. Together they will discover things, people, creatures...worlds...that they have never dreamt even existed.

    Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Tesla. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.

    So I am looking for two people to pull this off but first I want to know if anybody is interested in this idea? Just hit me up through message or here. questions? ask away! (This would be themed around ToS)​
  2. I wanna say I'm interested, but I have a bad track record on keeping up with rps. That being said though, I am coming up on a spring break, which'll give me a week of school-less bliss and boredom.

    eh...... conflicted :I
  3. Do only what you can tolerate or handle. I'll tell you what, if nobody bites, I'll reserve this for a one on one, deal?
  4. I wouldn't want to stick you in a 1x1 with me, I am notoriously bad with commitment to things. I'll keep my eye on this in the coming week though.
  5. Are you looking for male characters? I am interested and can pull off a male.
  6. Well, I am very interested *smiles*
  7. interested yea, but i haven't seen much of ToS. My grounding is is VOY and DS9
  8. I consider myself a "Trekkie" and found this to be interesting. I would like to see where it goes!
  9. So shall I make a sign up?
  10. if you'll have me from Voyager and Deep Space 9, Absolutely. I have a Star Trek group as well, so whats one more? ^^
  11. It will be a ToS themed rp, but you are most welcome
  12. alright. I just list my main area of familiarity incase I slip up. ^^; I know VOY and DS9 better than I do ToS but I will be going through ToS hopefully soon. (if Netflix has it that is.)
  13. Take your time. You know, it might actually add to the roleplay; three people from 2054 get warped into the 2254; how would you react in the situation? probably pretty clueless. It'd work well
  14. right, or it could work both ways. My char could end up getting stuck in the past, says something like 2454 to 2254 and be all, "What the hell happened and where am I?"

    Though, as it was with Foyagers EMH and the mobile projector, when you have holograms going "IM FREE!!!!!" Too Early, you get advanced borg danger, so.........yeah......hmmmmmmmmmmm.........
  15. He/she/other would be stuck in the past then. The three friends cannot return back to the past, nor could they go back; the ion storm would have wiped out any chance of that happening before the reveal happened.
  16. Right, but from future to past is a little more unfair, as the Temporal prime directive would prevent them from talking about the future, yet they'd know things everyone else wouldn't.
  17. You can have that as your backstory.

    What if your character is actually from the future as a friend, having been lost some time ago to the Enterprise, and he gets taken back to his time period?
  18. That works, because then, not only is the Temporal Prime Directive relevant, but they're not, "Who the hell are you?" XD
  19. They are still going to demand who the hell is beaming aboard. It isn't just an ion storm; there's a sickness aboard that causes dysphoria and out of character behaviour. they are trying to get away from the planet responsible when the three friends beamed aboard.

    it's like somone randomly beaming into your living room; I don't think that that would be very pleasant.

    Your character would have to be human if that is the case.
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