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Star Struck Scandal

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by IceQueen, Jul 5, 2016.

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  1. [​IMG]
    Mei Shitonobe
    23, November 23
    Lives in a studio apartment alone in New York
    Photographer, Parkourer
    Best Friend-Nami Cross
    Has a pet snake and a cat
    Not super up to date on famous people, more interested in photographers and art
    It was another beautiful and slightly cloudy day in New York, the wind snapping against the city. But even that couldn't stop Mei from wearing a pair of high waisted shorts and a crop top, showing off her toned legs and stomach. She usually didn't plan her outfit, unless she was going out on her own. And then her goal was too look as bad ass and as cool as possible. today it was more of a sporty punkish look, with more white than black. Adjusting her choker, Mei walked up to her local corner coffee shop, yanking open the door.

    Giving a smile to the usual barista behind the bar, getting in line. Even though she knew everyone here, she still waited in line out of curtesy, and not getting yelled at. It wasn't long before she had reached the front of the line. She didn't even have to ask for her drink order at this point, she just selected a chocolate scone for the morning and waited for her hot chocolate with a shot of espresso and whipped crème.

    Sitting down at a table in the far corner, Mei waited for her drink to be called, long black fingernails tapping idly against her cheek as she watched the people of New York passing by. She was itching to get back to taking photos of people, but she had so many photos of people in this one corner of the shop it would look the same.
  2. Being a celebrity was hard but being a single male celebrity was even harder left and right more and more famous women were hitting on him and it was starting to really become a pain in the ass and he wished that he could just go back to his normal life beside Mei. But then a few years ago his mother got sick with a fast residing illness and it nearly ended up killing her. He already didn't make enough money even though he was performing concerts and doing shows and he was wondering if he was ever going to be able to help her and then his manager Yokoza came into his life. He was a haughty professional who hated scandals but enjoyed lying about things in order to get his way.

    So now he had this princely image put on him of being the last prince of a foreign country who is eager to marry someone. So here he was back in his hometown dressed like he was some new celebrity, he had managed to sneak away from his manager and managed to slip into the cafe.He noticed Mei sitting by herself at one of the tables waiting for her drink to come and sighed wondering if he should play off his new found fame or no he was just going to act like himself no gimicks, no tricks and no comments from his manager weighing on his mind, he smiled as he walked over to Mei and tapped his finger against her shoulder, slipping into the seat across from her and smiled. '

    He noticed someone had commented on his looks, "He looks like a prince with his pale blonde hair and those eyes, Are those eyes natural with one being green and the other being a light blue. He must be a someone very important." the woman were chatting quite often, even throwing fake flirty looks his way. "Are you alright Mei?" he asked smiling softly.

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  3. Mei was happy being by herself, and waiting for a drink when a tap on her shoulder nearly scared the shit out of her. Jumping slightly, she looked across from her as a handsome and very familiar stranger sat across from her, obstructing the view. It was none other than her old friend, looking very done up and preppy. "I would be just fine if I still had a shot of my good view." She mumbled sarcastically, a soft smile drawing to her features. Adjusting her feet under the table to give him more leg room, she folded her hands across her chest. "What you been up to these days. No doubt putting some beauty products to work, and killing every woman's heart along the way." She said, giving a glance to the women at the other table. She casually shot them the middle finger, while picking up her drink that had just been set down on the table by a very flirty worker. Switching her eyes to the server who was drooling at the man across the table, she hardened it into a glare, sending her on her way back to the counter.

    After a long sip of her drink, Mei set down the cup and licked the bit of cream off her lip. "Next time you want to come and visit though, you might want to pick a more convenient time then when I am in a coffee shop full of people with camera's and wandering eyes. It gets to be annoying at times, especially if I have to kick the shit out of one or two." She added, folding her arms back over the table and scotching her bag closer to herself.
  4. His laugh was warm as he leaned forward resting his head on his hand and paused for a moment wondering if he should explain what had been happening with him, it had almost been 3 years since they had talked with one another and most of things he was supposed to be saying were nothing more then extravagant lies that his managed had wrote for him on a piece of paper that he kept in his back pocket, but in the back of his mind he would give up everything he owned to make his mother well and to also spend sometime with Mei out of the spotlight. ""What you been up to these days. No doubt putting some beauty products to work, and killing every woman's heart along the way." he words were joking but he felt his heart skip a couple beats, she knew him so well even when they were still going to that highschool a couple blocks from the lake. "Next time you want to come and visit though, you might want to pick a more convenient time then when I am in a coffee shop full of people with camera's and wandering eyes. It gets to be annoying at times, especially if I have to kick the shit out of one or two." the words nearly pressed against his heart, did she know what he had beccome or was she joking.

    "I've been busy with concerts and what not. Though all these comments are less then amusing now days, love letters, panties, sexual requests it gets annoying after a while, and these woman who want to have scandals with me, just so there careers can go through the roof." he explained shaking his head for a moment.

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  5. Mei sighed, looking at the man in front of her. Half of her was wondering why the hell he had decided to show his face now, and the other was trying to convince herself that this man wasn't going to be the death of her. He looked, stunning. But that didn't really fit with her whole vibe. She was supposed to be kind of tough, rugged, sassy, artistic and aggressive, but all she could do right now was think she was going to melt like a pad of butter on a hot Sunday. She was suddenly feeling self conscious of her darker outfit and makeup choice, and her hand reached for her choker to busy her hands with something. If she didn't, lord knows what would come from that.

    "As per usual. Always busy." She mumbled, another smile gracing her face. "You should really take a break sometime. Must be exhausting. I mean I'm pretty busy and all I do is take pictures and run." She stated, shrugging at him. "But that's just me. I have my own schedule. So how's life? Probably interesting, besides all the annoying people and snobby parties and scammers." She said, her boots bumping gently against the legs of the table.
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