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    Welcome all to Star Haven Cafe we do hope you stop by for great home made coffee and many of our divine pastries made from only Castalina. Even though this is a small town it it has many events but only has one Cafe where everyone comes and meet new people or old ones maybe make rivals, meet their love, or just find a place to relax at. We just hope you have a great time at Star Haven cafe
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    Marcaline just opened the the Cafe after she had breakfast walking down the street from her house, as she opened the cafe she was preparing things and waiting for her workers to get here and her other partner who manages the shop with her. Hoping that she would be able to finish her book without any over loud people who just want to be making Noise. As she was waiting she decided to make herself a latte and have a nice glazed donuts to hold her up and plus whenever she tried to eat a glazed donuts during work hours either the pastry chiefs or Her partner would always tell her 'No and that they are for the customers' making her sulk back into her office hungry for a glazed donuts.
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    Mai was running out her house as she had forgot that she promised that she would help open up the shop with the manager, As she was running out her house she had toast in her mouth as she was turning corners like they were nothing in a race. She would get stopped by top lights that would tell her she would have to stop but once they said go she ran like she never did before hoping that her Boss wouldn't be angry, plus she had asked for over time so she didn't want to be any more late then she was. As she was able to get through the doors of the café she tripped, quickly getting up she went and clocked in before going to see the Manager who was already sitting drinking a latte and eating two donuts; glazed at that. "I'm sorry I'm late...Aren't those for the Customers." she said panting heavily and points to the donuts. Mai then looked at the clock and sighed heavily seeing that she was on time just not on time to open the place, she fist pumped in victory.
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    Stella groaned as she woke up, she had an early shift and she was working the whole day in cafe. She got up from her bed to get ready. She got her coffee ready timing it to finish as she took a bath. She was combing her beautiful strawberry blonde tresses and finished. Stella looked through the mirror ran through her appearance one last time: her hair was styled in a ponytail with a ribbon, shorts, a t-shirt and a jacket. Once she was sure, her appearance was as perfect as ever, she went to the cafe. It seemed that Marcaline, was still in the middle of preparation by actually eating the food for the customers, conversing with Mai, she gave her signature business smile and proceed to help her, "Let me help you." she spoke as sweetly as ever even though she just picked up the donuts that Marcaline was eating. It was important to have good terms with the one giving your paycheck, after all, by keeping them in check and making sure they actually gain profit and not just eaten by a certain someone.
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  5. ❋Marshall Gilcrest❋, #2F4F4F

    "Indeed they are," Marshall affirmed, a stern but playful smile resting on his lips as he whisked the pastries back to the warmly heated display cases. He had once again seemingly appeared out of nowhere and had integrated perfectly into the beginning bustles of the cafe. Of course in reality he had only arrived just a short few minutes after Mai's arrival. Just in time to see her trip in her hurry in fact, though recover just as quickly as she had fell. He didn't even have the chance to offer his help before Mai was already up and about. With Stella clocked in for the day and already attending to business with Marce, Marshall took the liberty to check the appliances as well as brewing the first batch of coffee.

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  6. Marcaline looked at Stella who had walked in and smiled to her but then was reaching for the Donuts she was getting taken from her 'Hey...I was eating those, I deserve at least those two." she said trying hard to get them back but Mai was getting the the way of that from her ever getting them back, she sighed heavily giving up for the time being as she was thinking of a plan to get one later on. Looking up at them after getting herself together she said, "I need you two to get dressed and prepare the tables and the outside deck tables." Marcaline almost jumped when she saw Marshall and seeing him swiftly take the plate and put them back made her upset.

    James had walking into the Cafe and cloaked in as well before walking to the back seeing Marshall,Stella, and Mai trying to keep the donuts from their manager Marcaline. "I see she tried to eat them again this morning." he said as he laughed slightly as he spoke "Hello." to everyone and then went to get dressed putting his clothes in his locker after putting his butler outfit on, after that he went and helped out with things for the tables.
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  7. Mai didn't even see Marshall and always wondered how he just popped up without being heard, but she did hear James come making her smile for having another help0ing hand with the shop. She then went to go change putting her change of clothes into her locker, after getting changed she came out and helped set up the tables and sweat the floor just incase someone missed some food from yesterday which barley had any food on the floor which meant that they did a good job sweeping before closing. "Stella, do you know where the dust pan is." she asked looking over to stella.
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    She can't help but yawn for what felt like a third time since she got in the cafe. One coffee was never enough for her. "I'm already on it, Marcy." she used the nickname, she often used with Marcaline since she found it so long. "And no, you don't deserve them." she added, "Not so early anyway." she was smiling so sweetly with a sugary sweet tone that it did not seem like an insult at all, which she often did. "Can someone be so kind to whip me some coffee?" she asked. "Stella, do you know where the dust pan is?" Mai asked, making her furrow her eyebrows before yawning again "Isn't it where it always is?" she replied as she fixed the tables.
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  9. Mai looked where it usually was and ran over to Stella, "Someone stole our Dust pan." she said looking around and hoping Stella could help her find where it was or who has it. Seeing James come from come from outside after throwing something away she dragged Stella over to him to question him, this was nothing new as Mai would always try to turn something into detective work. "Admit it, you Stole the Shops Dust pan Marshell Said you did." She laughed lightly but point at him hoping Stella would join in.
  10. Marcaline sighed looking at Mai at her detective work again but she couldn't help but giggle having Mai say Marshall was the sell out. "How are you going to get out of this one today." she said looking over to him sticking out her tongue before she went to work on some paper work in her office. As she got in her office she opened the mini fridge she had placed in her office to hold her snack hunger, She was doing work but also eating danishes and the Latte she was finishing from earlier.

    James looked taken back as she accused him of stealing the dust pan this times, last times it was the coasters for the cups. "I Don't Have it, Marshall i thought you was on my side man." he said looking over to him. "The last time i saw the dust pan is in the back." he said sighing and went to work on the deck tables and he could see people starting to fill up the town.
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    Stolen? What, "Probably misplaced-" she didn't even got to finish as Mai rushed off to drag her to one of her schemes again. "Admit it! You stole the shop's dust pan, Marshall said you did!" Mai went to her detective mode again. Stella face palmed, "How did I end up with these idiots." she muttered under her breath. At the very least, it woke her up by a tiny bit. "Seriously, Mai." she groans "It was probably misplaced by some idiot." she huffs, being a kill joy as usual though James proved her statement was right. " I still need to finish and I still need to change." she crosses her arms. Stella preferred changing when all the preparations were ready at they were almost opening, in last minute as usual.
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  12. Mai pouted to Stella as she was being a kill joy again but she didn't mind because that's Stella and Mai always think Mai is funny even if she don't herself. "Fine...But he knew who took it but I'll let it slide this time." she said as she put up the watching fingers from her eyes to his before she went to the back to go and found the dust pan and came back out to pick up the stuff she had managed to sweep up. Once that was taken care of she was drinking water waiting for the day to start.
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    She couldn't believe her. She rose her eyebrows before rolling her eyes. "If you need me, I'll be changing. I'm sure you'll be fine." she spoke while Mai was still in the middle of doing, whatever she was doing. She sighs, moving to locker room. Stella changed into their uniform, that suited her very nicely. She noticed the coffee was already brewed, probably Marshall from earlier. "The coffee's good as usual." she indirectly complimented and thanked Marshall, since Stella was Stella, and she continued sipping the coffee that she just gotten.
  14. Lochlyn Darose, #1c5d9e Lochlyn slipped into the cafe with little time to spare. Without preamble, he went into the locker room to change into his uniform apron included of course. He wasn't a chef for no reason. As he walked out, still tying his apron behind him, he laughed. Most of his coworkers were already in, but he didn't start flirting with them. Instead, he watched from behind the counter as Marcaline took the glazed donuts for herself, Marshall sneak up behind everyone again, and he grinned at the pseudo-squabble between Stella and Mai. When they dispersed to go put on their uniforms, Lochlyn took one of the premade cupcakes. Dropping sprinkles and icing in the form of a smiley face, he strode over to James as he cleaned the tables and offered it up to him.

    "And here is a cupcake for you." Lochlyn grinned at him. "I'd say it's because you need some sugary sweetness in your life, but I know you're just hiding how sweet you really are."
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    "There's no one sane here." she grumbled, leaning against the counter-top. They weren't officially opened yet since no one changed the sign. Stella raised her eyebrows watching Lochlyn, "Really? If something is going on with you guys, please tell us now before you make it all awkward." she groaned, everyone knew how frivolous he was and she had mighty suspicions he was either gay, bisexual or pan. She still wasn't sure. "I don't know why this cafe is still running.". Majority of the time, most of the staff are sneaking snacks or something. Stella, was also guilty, as guilty as the coffee she's currently drinking but of course she ignored that fact. Marcy, wasn't the best of examples after all.
  16. Lochlyn Darose, #1c5d9e Lochlyn glanced over at Stella with a smirk.

    "C'mon, Stella!" He slung an arm around James's shoulders. "Can't I just be friendly with anyone?"

    Lochlyn's cupcake offering still hadn't been accepted but that didn't matter. He shoved it into James's hands with a melodramatic look that clearly said, "Keep it. For me?" He laughed as he walked over next to the strawberry blonde girl. Grabbing a latte and cookie, he offered the treat to Stella.

    "See?" He gestured at his cookie offering. "I'm being friendly. Cookies are wonderful and so are you." With the amount of food he was offering to his coworkers, he was honestly surprised they wouldn't run out.
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    She just stared at him blankly, a sweet smile ever upon her lips. "Seriously?" she asks him sighing. She needed to bring everyone in a mental hospital one day- hopefully soon. Stella looked at the latte and the cookie, he was offering- noticing her coffee was finished. She threw it at the trash can and crossed her arms, snorting "You can't bribe me." but nevertheless got the cookie and the latte, and started to much on it. She didn't have breakfast besides coffee. She scoffs at his remark "You're as nice as the mold on last week's bread.". Last week, they realized they had bread that was expired and it wasn't very pretty.
  18. Lochlyn Darose, #1c5d9e "If it works, it works," he replied. Lochlyn took a latte and muffin for himself to much on when Stella took hers. He gave an affronted choke when she compared him to mold. Carefully placing his drink on the counter and his muffin next to it, he turned to her with a dramatic hand over his heart.

    "Are you saying I'm ugly and an irritation?" he asked. Exaggerated offense dripped from his words and his lips quirked up. "I think," he gave a haughty sniff, "that I'm a delight." Picking up his breakfast, Lochlyn walked out from behind the counter with a huff. He was going to go be a delight with Marshall or Mai. Someone who appreciated him. Searching for them, he realized that doing that was kind of a lot of work and nobody was even in the cafe yet. Grudgingly walking back to the counter, Lochlyn swiveled on the bar stool in front of Stella.
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    "Come on, You're so slow!!"
    A young boy whined, dragging his older sister by the sleeve. "Yeah...You're like a old woman now that you're eighteen!" Another young boy teased, causing both to laugh. "Hey I'm not that two are too fast, also I'm not old" She retorted with a huff, walking ahead of them. "Well come on!" She smiled. The trio was heading to one of their favorite cafe, that they loved dearly ever since they moved here. Eliza, the older sister of the two young boys, certainly loved the cafe due to the interesting people and the treats.

    A bright smiled came across the boys face, as they reached the cafe. "Don't go-" before Eliza could even finish her sentence the boys dashed into the cafe. "...running into the cafe.." She sighed and entered the cafe behind them, a sweet scent reaching her nose. "How pleasant" She smiled. "Stop day dreaming!" The young one said, tugging onto her sleeve once again. Eliza sighed and looked around the cafe, seeing new faces. The other one was already at a table, smiling at the two. "Alright, alright" She giggled.
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    She looked at him flabbergasted. "It's official, your gay to me." she grumbled. She didn't have any prejudice against them but enjoyed using the term, when people were being impossible-too happy or something around her. "In what way, are you a delight?" she finished biting the last of her cookie. She was so glad, she wasn't drinking while he said that, it would have been spilled others which would mean more work. When Lochlyn walked up to the corner and made himself cozy on the bar stool in front of her, she raised an eyebrow. "Really?
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