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  1. Star crossed lovers, we do what we want to
    some learn the hard way
    we all learn through consequence,
    I say if the futures been drawn out, then nobody's living
    I won't give you up love, so fate can have its way.


    Welcome to the new world, a world that has been taken over by the creatures you hear only in stories. All humans are now either dead or sold as a slave, they are treated like animals.

    Around the time the creatures rose so did a new power. The power of love. Everyone has their one true love, their soulmate or other half, a person who was made to complete them. Well this is all perfect, except for one small find and fall in love with your soulmate is against every rule you have ever been taught. If you break the law there is no mercy, either one or both of you are killed.

    Why is this? Power. Of course its about power. Many many years ago there was a prophecy that two lost souls would connect and together they would create a group that would free the humans so that everyone would live equally and in peace. This would all be fine, but neither the humans or creatures like each other. The humans think that the creatures are monsters, and the creatures think that humans are below them.

    Humans and creatures can be soulmates for each other, it just makes it even more against the laws.


    Vampires can only drink human blood, they don't always kill the human, sometimes they will save them to feed off of again or they might change them. If they decide to change a human then the human becomes the vampires little helper and does the things the vampire doesn't want to.

    Werewolves are real beasts, they don't turn into some pretty wolf, but they turn into huge furry beasts with giant sharp jaws that drip with drool that can kill you if you get biten by one.

    Unlike werewolves shapeshifters fully form into there animal. When they are young they can form into any animal they want, but when they turn 16 their soul connects with its true animal form and they can only change into that animal after.

    Witches aren't your usually blemished, ugly old women, they are usually very beautiful and spiritual. They are gifted with a certain type of power that allows them to cast spells based off of it, and a few of them can see prophecies or can look into the future and past.

    Lost souls(ghosts):
    Ghost are usually mischievous, they usually choose someone's body to take over and walk the earth in another's body. They seek either revenge or an answer that will let them move on after their death.
    (This is based partly off of a series call The Night World)

    1.No marysues or godmoding.
    2. Remember that humans and creatures normally don't get along.
    3.I want long thought full posts. You don't have to write an essay, but just be creative.
    4.There will be romance and violence, but please keep it TV14.
    5.Please post at least once every 3 days. If you can't then just send me a message letting me know.
    6.Have fun!!(:

    Character Sheet-


    Powers:(if you are a vampire or witch you can have up to two powers, if you are a shapeshifter put down your animal. Werewolves don't really have any powers, ghosts have the usual ghost powers.)
    Description:(both picture or written out are fine)


    Slave to which species of creature:(Vampire, werewolf, shapeshifter, witch, ghost)
    Description:(both picture or written out are fine)
  2. Name: Seraphinn Brimm

    Nickname: Sera, Hellcat

    Gender: Female

    Age: 20

    Slave to which species of creature: Werewolf

    Description: Refer to attached picture please :3

    Personality: Sera has yet to be tamed seeing as she is still young. As a human, she was born into a life of slavery, and so her personality is a bit hardened by the life she now lives as a slave. It gives way to why the nickname "Hellcat" was given to her. She is fierce, and still has a spark even though she is a slave.

    Other: She unknowingly has an odd sort of loyalty to her Master. As if, in the deep dark crevices of her heart is a softness that has become fond of the creature.

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  3. Yes thats fine. (:
  4. Still have any room for Werewolves? Rather new here, but this caught my eye.
  5. GundamNewtype, yes there's room for werewolves. (:

    Name: Levi Marshall
    Powers:He has the power of seduction, he can make charms and spells to make girls fall 'in love' with him. He also has a power over shadows, he can move through them and hide himself within them when he needs to.
    Levi is a very handsome man. He has wavy hair that flows to a stop just under his ears. His eyes are a deep brown and he has a medium sized nose that's closer to being on the big side then the small side and he has lips that are thick but not too thick for a guy. His skin is a tanned olive color and besides a few scars on his back and shoulders it is flawless. He stand around 5'10" and he has a thin body with surprisingly nice muscles. He likes to wear plain clothes, usually jeans with a plain black or white shirt.

    Personality:Levi is very mischievous with a dark sense of humor. He is crazy in a fun way, but he doesn't like very many people and at first he can be kind of cold.

    Name:Fayte Nichole Juels(Jewels)
    Slave to which species of creature:shapeshifters
    Fay is very petite and young looking for her age, being a human slave she can't do much for makeup or hair, but she has a sort of natural beauty to her. She starts around 5'2" and she weighs around 100 pounds with nice curves to her body.
    Personality:Fay has very strong and different beliefs about the world. She has a different look on life and the world and she believes that you need to live for the moment so she is kind of a risk taker. She loves animals and nature and would rather spend her day taking pictures of nature then doing anything else, sadly being a slave she doesn't get to do this anymore. She is kind of a mysterious character, but she is also very friendly and passionate. She doesn't like the creatures very much however, they killed all of her family and friends so she believes with all of her heart they are monsters.
    Other:She has a secret 'pet cat'. Its not really hers but she feeds it and pets it and it is becoming more and more friendly towards her.
  6. Name: Matthias Stonepaw
    Nickname: Matt
    Gender: Male
    Age: 65
    Species: Werewolf
    Powers: None
    Description: Matthias is not perfection, but by no means is he low on the totem pole either. Standing at 6'1" with brown hair and striking silver eyes. Unlike other members of his species, Matthias prefers high society, so his body isn't as sculpted as his brethren. His slightly tanned skin is rarely seen outside of a suit, and even though his hair is brown, when he transforms, his fur is a pale grey, and his eyes are brown.

    Personality: Matthias is the product of his upbringing, and he fully embraces it. He is snobby, cruel, and thinks he deserves the world on a silver platter. His arrogance is only matched by his disdain of those who he deems unworthy of his time. Underneath the selfishness an arrogance lies a man who has not yet found what he wants in life.

    Other: Matthias rarely transforms, unless it is to defend himself. The cleanup is too messy afterwards, and it ruins his top of the line suits.
  7. Accepted!(:
  8. Excellent! I wasn't exactly sure if I needed to send it to you, or not. I felt it was lacking something too, but i'll let Matthias develop and fill in the blanks. : )
  9. Okay thats fine! I'll make the actual Roleplay thread tomorrow!
  10. Wooooo! Can't wait. Are we waiting for any more players, or are we good to go?
  11. We can start and anyone who wants to join can just jump in. (:
  12. Well my dear, that work for me. : )
  13. Finished my CS :3
  14. Yumi, accepted!(:
  15. Auuuuugh do you still have room? I'm debating between making a human-vampire slave or a vampire themselves?
  16. Sir Basil, Yea theres still room!(:
  17. Are you going to pair the characters? Or do we start out at a sort of slave market?
  18. You can either start out already sold and working or being sold...I'll give you some more information on the slaves.

    Slaves:Slaves are grouped into different houses depending on who they work for. They can't have anything nice and they have to wear dull grey cloth pants and a shirt. They work and listen to their owners and their owners can treat them however they want. They get about an hour to get some fresh air, but they can't go anywhere unless their master sends them to run arraigns for them. They also interact with other slaves and masters from other species, they just don't specifically work for that species specifically.
  19. Excellent! This should prove to be fun. Now, Yumi, I probably should have asked this sooner, but would your slave character liked to be paired with my werewolf? At least for now?
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