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Background & Info


(By October Knight)

The Mass corporation, Sintronica, are the forerunners in the race to a so called 'perfect Cyborg'. They instantly skyrocketed to gods in the business world with their creation of the port chip. A chip that would break the boundaries between humans and robotics. It was capable of bridging the gap between the functions of the human brain and computers, thus creating the "perfect Cyborg", or so was thought.

The only issue, besides the cost to manufacture which ended up being covered through tax for technologies, was the moral issue. Living brains were needed to create these Cyborgs. Mostly brains of people who died in freak and car accidents were used, old brains were too warn and ones who's owners had died due to sickness were usual damaged in some way. Sintronica was collecting brains at an alarming rate and creating these "Perfect Cyborgs" even faster. They would erase the old owners memories, implant their chip, and sell to the highest bidder. Soon These Cyborgs were in all walks of life. Everything seemed flawless.

Once in a while, however, the connection between the chip and the living brain would malfunction, sending the Cyborgs into a state of homicidal mania. And when Sintronica lost control over their creations they were forced to 'deal with the problem'. They either had the choice to eliminate the threat or suffer the consequences of a murderous Cyborg with their label plastered across it. This is when the Night Owls came in

Night Owls

The Night owls are a privately contracted organization employed by Sintronica. A special team with a special job. They went out and 'neutralized' defected Cyborgs, by any means necessary. Since a huge moral issue came into play, dealing with partially living organisms that many people grow to love, the Night Owls were a more or less secret organization. They are a morals killing squad who's names and faces never reached the main stream media. And in recent years, with more and more of the older Cyborgs malfunctioning, Their work has been busier than ever. A night owls first law is to never disclose their identity, and their second…to understand that a Sintronica cyborg is nothing more than a machine, so killing one is no different than "fixing" a broken computer.

But everyone who personally knew a Sintronica Cyborg knew damn well they were much more than computer life. They lived, thought free thought and breathed. Fluids pumped through their veins, they could sleep, eat and do just about anything else a human could. People in society that were involved with the Sintronica Cyborgs were just as attached to them as they were their family. This is where the moral issues come in. Because like all things powered by computer there is always a chance of malfunction. When Sintronica Cyborgs malfunction, it is usually due to the fact that the link between the human components and the computer components have a conflict. It creates much tension inside the Cyborg, and in almost every case this results in violence and mayhem. Sintronica cannot risk this getting out into the public.

The 'Perfect' Cyborg
(by Trance Kitsune)

Serene Serotonin is among a small group of cyborgs that have been more or less fitted for less peaceful means. They're able to be equipped for defense and offense, with an addition to the port chip, which was a parent program that seemed to overshadow their normal thought process and make them more or less living marionettes for whoever ran the program. The cyborgs' programming were tested, and found to be faulty however, and as it was deemed such, Night Owls were dispatched to destroy the small group before they could become a threat. They lay prone, strapped to vertical beds, their arms in lockers on either side of them, a small wire plugged into a port where their left ear would be, a program keeping an eye on their minds at rest.

Awake, but unaware, they lacked the ability to even raise their heads without being told to. Constant tests were ran, making sure that the parent software was working. When it seemed like there were problems, corrections were made. But the day would come when they had to admit that the problems were bigger than they could handle, and that the promises that they had made for the parent software ended up to be baseless hopes.

The Night Owls were finally dispatched when the parent software finally became so distrusted that it seemed like it would go offline every thirty minutes or more. The cyborgs were slated to be destroyed, even before receiving their first mission or being truly used for the first time. Deemed to be too dangerous, only allowed to sleep for the moment before they were destroyed while Sintronica would keep trying to make cyborgs to tailor their customers' needs, striking blindly in the dark, hoping that the next batch would be more fruitful.


(played by TK)

Name: "Serene Serotonin"/ Molly Devon

Age: 23

Height: 5'6

Weight: 154 lbs (Due to the weight of the mechanized body, her weight is a little increased) (164lbs if the specialized limbs are used)

Build: Trim, lanky

Hair: Grey and Blue

Eyes: Green

Skin: Fair

How did she die: She had a tragic death, and it is a wonder why or how her brain was in tact, She was with her mother and father and a childhood friend, driving just to get some icecream, On the way home, they got hit by a drunk driver, the car swerving and spinning around, then rolled once or twice. By this point, the mother was dead, and the father was on his way out. The boy had gone through the windshield, due to a stroke of luck, Somehow, going through the windshield had been a good thing in this case, Due to the fact that otherwise than a few scrapes, bruises, and one broken arm, he was fine, where as, the family in the car was running out of time, the car was smoking and quickly seemed to catch fire. The girl was almost certain to be dead. Apparently, though her parents weren't salvageable, her brain was more or less in good condition. Meanwhile the boy was taken to a hospital and told that there were no other survivors.

Removable parts: Her arms and legs are removable. Able to be switched out with more modified versions with weapon systems built in.

She has a port on the back of her neck, and where a human's ears would be, also at the base of her spine where her tailbone ends.

Accessible areas: At the back of her neck, there is a part where her skin can be pulled away and reveal a metal door, which can be opened to expose wiring and some knobs, buttons, and a couple ports.

Weapon Systems:
In her specialized arms, she has a pair of guns that fire 10mm ammunition, the muzzle from which they are fired is at an opening in the wrist, razor sharp claws that can extend up to seven inches from each finger, and enhanced strength. In her specialized legs, she has enhanced strength, enhanced ability to absorb the shock from a fall, as well as metal plating in her shins for protection. A less obvious enhancement is a metal elongation of the spine, a razor-sharp segmented tail.

Strengths: Enhanced strength, endurance, defense and offense are heightened due to her mechanical body; Able to replace one limb with another should repairs be needed due to the second set. Software has been applied to her thought process, which helps monitor her current thoughts and tries to keep her focused on what has been commanded of her. Although, it's extremely new in technological advances, so sometimes it works, and sometimes it randomly disconnects.

decreased speed due to weight, Mental capacity is a little strained due to the fact that her biological brain was retrieved as a child, and due to the lack of schooling, is rather immature in some areas, and lacks knowledge in others, easily distracted and highly unstable if distracted from her tasking or if disconnected from her parent software. Her memories before her death have been wiped away, and so, she believes her name is Serene Serotonin, and that all she is, is what she's told to be.

(Played by October)

Name: Cliff Garrison

Age: 23

View attachment 1862

Twin DE .45

carried in angel draw holsters


How he is now: Closed off and detached More or less a loner out for himself and no one else. Uncaring and seemingly living his life without morals; He does whatever it takes to survive without fear of the repercussions of his actions. Relentless, harsh and unwavering. His dedication to Sintronica as a Night Owl is all he really has. His curet personality is basically the result of two things; The death of a loved one and really the only friend he ever had and his training by Sintronica. The combination has left him a cold hearted killer.

How he was:
At a young age, Cliff lost his best friend and the girl (in his 12 year old mind) that he planned to marry. Prior to this he was a warm person and a true friend to those he loved and trusted. He had a great sense of humor and was always willing to help people just for the purpose of being a good person.

Bio: After the Death of his friend (The details of this are shaky in Cliff's mind because he has blocked it out so much over the years) Cliff became a lost soul. He got into trouble and ran away from home. He was raised on the streets and like a stray dog, his intents -and life for that matter -became instinctual and predatory. Living with the scum and vermin of the streets he got involved with low level street gangs, and over time became a killer. He would contract himself out to various organizations to take out hits on people. His skills with weapons and stealth became legend. At the age of 21 he was recruited by Sintronica and employed as a Night Owl. Young men that had no friends or family is what they wanted, and that is exactly what Cliff was.

...and so their journey begins....

<object height="385" width="480">

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Cliff stared out the window of his eighth floor condominium. The city was a beautiful sight at night. Lights danced and flickered below him as a low fog dampened his view. Neon signs advertising various things flashed their advertisements to anyone and everyone. Cars whizzed by as the cogs of a future city, in a future world, worked meticulously into the night. The city was hardwired together, everything from the state spanning subway system to the in air traffic control was programmed to work flawlessly together, and all the while everything was moving at a speed created solely by man. In a way, it was beautiful, amazing and astounding; A computer regulated world, created by man, funded by man, but ran by a mother brain of integrated computer networks.

Androids and cyborgs were another major factor in this future world. They were in all walks of life, from the mundane jobs to the most advanced levels of computer science. They serve are food, check us into flights, walk our dogs, clean our gutters, drive cabs, put out fires, teach classes, fix computers and everything in-between. In some cases the Sintronica created 'perfect cyborgs' serve as our best friends -and sometimes re programmed ones usually found on the black market - serve as much more than friends. At first, many people were scared of such an advanced level of A.I, what if something happened and they malfunctioned? Sintronica answered this question swiftly by saying "Our Cyborgs have a 99.9% safety rating" and behind closed doors they had a back up plan for that 00.1%.

Cliff stepped back from the window, for the moment tired of the non-stop view it produced. He could make out his reflection against the glass as two, piercing, hazel eyes stared back at him. His dark brown hair hung low over his eyes with a rough part in the middle and gave way to strong cheek bones and a cut jaw line. Below his neck was a well defined chest and midsection. Several scars zig zagged across his stomach and a tattoo that read "I-D-W-T' was painted across his chest. Overall, Cliff was a very handsome young man, but the look in his eyes was so hate-filled that no one noticed. He flicked a lighter open and lit the cigarette that had been dangling from his lips for the last fifteen minutes, it seemed that lately Cliff had been a little distracted, distant and more or less detached from everything besides his work as a Night Owl.

Just then the phone rang.

~ R I N G I N G ~

He flipped on the tele-comm switch that would allow him to communicate throughout his condo.

"Yea?" Said Cliff

His contact at Sintroinca spoke on the other end "Cliff. We need you to handle a job for us. Go to 9827, West Silva street. Theres a Factory there. We have another defect, you'll see her." The line went dead as Cliff stood in silence for a moment.

Little did he know, the rest of the night Owls had gotten the same call. Just as Cliff was adjusting his Angel Draw twin holsters and cocking his .45s, the rest of the Night Owls were waiting outside 9827. It seemed that, for whatever reason, Cliff was running a little late. By fate or by chance, as of now, he was the only Night Owl left alive. The rest at this very moment, inside the factory, were being gunned down by Sintronica special service men. It seemed that the Night Owls had worn out their usefulness…..

Cliff exited his condo and headed to the elevator that would take him to the parking garage. He watched the numbers at the top of the door as they counted down from 8 to G. He briefly wondered why, in this day and age, they always left '13' out of the sequence. It seemed foolish to Cliff that in a society built on fact and science they would be so superstitious. He exited the elevator and headed to his car, a black on black Charger SS with tinted windows. It was a nice car supplied to him by Sintronica. He jumped in and put his key in the ignition, firing the car to life. The engine roared and growled into the night, echoing throughout the parking garage. Cliff slammed down on the gas and pulled out onto the street. Since he didn't have his jet-car license, he had to drive the old fashioned way. The GPS on the dash flashed the address and he pulled up t the location, 9827 Silva street.

The factory looked more or less abandoned. Cliff wasn't used to carrying out hits at places like this, but he paid it no mind and got out of his car. He walked around the back, and found a door that led to a hallway. Inside, everything was dead. All the various lights that used to flash, were out. And the many switches and toggles that controlled everything in the factory were cold and lifeless. Cliff got a bad feeling , but continued on. When he got to the main area of the factory, he saw immediately what this place was. It was a Cyborg containment area. Rows and rows of beds were lined up, hundreds of them - maybe thousands. Cliff had lived his life, more or less uncaring, but what he saw next struck a cord of sadness in his heart. In every bed was a cyborg who's brains had been blown out. Their white fluids splattered on the walls and beds and floor. They were all dead. Cliff knew all these Sintronica cyborgs were on a danger list that labeled them 'possibly malfunctioned'. Mixed in with the white fluids were brains, it was an absolute slaughter. It was a massacre of epically inhuman proportions. Everything seemed to be building up to this point for Cliff, as of late he had been questioning the moral issues involving his job and now this….it was almost too much for him to handle.

As it was, Sintronica was waiting for him to come. They knew he would be here, but what they did not count on was him entering through the back door. He had gotten the jump on them, and as he rounded the final corner leading to the last row of beds he saw them before they saw him. Three Sintronica special service men were standing around six bodies that lay in a heap on the floor. Cliff was not surprised to see it was the rest of the Night Owls, dead. And he would have been dead with them.…again by fate or by chance Cliff's life had changed. It was all clear to him now, and as he silently drew his twin 45s he knew exactly what he must do. He fired three shots, with supreme accuracy, landing three head shots before the Sintronica men knew what hit them. The service men fell to the ground as Cliff walked past, spitting on their bodies as he did so. this was it, he was now a wanted man. As soon as Sintronica found out what had happened he would most certainly be hunted until the day he died.

Cliff's mind was racing, in his heart he knew it was either them or himself, and after seeing all the dead Cyborgs he didn't feel bad one bit. Over the years he had been slowly questioning himself and what he did for a living, but this was a breaking point, Cliff VS Sintronica, making a final stand against the corporation that created the 'perfect cyborg'. Out of the corner of his eye he saw something move, he leveled his gun and saw that one of the Cyborgs was left alive. He walked over to the vertical bed where she hung, strapped in across the waist. This one was stripped of her arms while her legs hung underneath a sheet. Cliff, for a moment, froze. All the guilt that had been building up in his body over the years finally broke loose. He stared into the vacant face of the female cyborg and knew he must save her from death. It would not make up for all the evil he had done, but it would mark the beginning of a new life.

Cliff opened the near by cabinets and found her detached arms. He attached one, and then the other to her torso and took a step back.

"Can you speak?" He asked, not knowing if she was even operational "I need to get you out of here." And with that he went to work un-fastening the straps.
[BG="#0000DD"]Processing.... Processing..... Processing.... Please wait.... Processing...

Malfunction.... Malfunction....Parent Software NU 15444 has gone offline....












( [BLINK]Why am I being shut off?[/BLINK])



([BLINK]Where am I?..... Who am I?[/BLINK])


Serene Serotonin woke slowly as the sounds of gunfire erupted around her. Her crystalline-green eyes wandered as her consciousness wandered through a sleepy fog. Her head hung, she looked, only moving her eyes, to her left and to her right, seeing cyborgs on either side of her, white fluid dripping down the walls, in the background of her mind, she had been able to hear their monitors scream out as their bodies died. Meaning messages of their termination had been painted across her thoughts while she slowly looked around more.

The gunfire had stopped, and yet, the faint sound of footsteps echoed nearby. More shots were fired. Then the sound of spitting and of fluids hitting cloth, then more movement, she finally raised her head, her eyes locked onto the man, unsure, but expecting to hear another gunshot...

Which didn't come.

Instead he went to the cabinets on either side of her, finding her arms, then went through the process of attaching them. She was puzzled, but unsure of how to process the events. She was even more perplexed when this man asked if she could speak.

Could she? She tested her arms silently as she thought to herself. Her fingers twitched, then curled into fists before spreading again, her wrists moved slightly, her muscles strained against tight skin. Synthetic muscle and manufactured flesh.

She moved her lips slightly, as the man had done, forming words with no sound, then finally tried.

"I can speak...." She stated quietly

"I need to get you out of here."

He was already working on getting her down. She was still wondering what was going on, she understood what was around her with perfect clarity.... but that was entirely different than this... Why would this man attempt this? Why would he free her?

There was a click and suddenly everything was online and functional again.




([BLINK]That is not good....[/BLINK])



([BLINK]Please malfunction.... please malfunction.... please malfunction....[/BLINK])







Serene looked at the man vacantly, her voice calm as she relayed the next piece of information, "They're sending out more of their men to retrieve me.... if you want to get out of here, the quickest way is the way you ca-AME!" She was interrupted as the last strap has come away ad she fell, rather ungracefully onto the man, then went to the cabinets quickly and retrieved a second set of arms, and another set of legs, placing them into a bag as she then looked down at the man she had fell on. Who had set her free. Then she realized she wasn't wearing pants.... whoever had designed her clothes had to have been some kind of a lecher.

She could already hear the hurried footsteps from a distance, the sounds of boots connecting with concrete floors.

Cliff cursed violently when he realized that this Girl had a tracking chip in her. His initial plan was to just dump her off somewhere, but now he would have to figure out a way to cut that damn thing out of her. Already he was beginning to regret playing the 'good guy', but he was in too deep to worry about that now. Now was time to fight, now was time to escape….

Now was the time to Run like Hell!

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<embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" height="385" width="480"></object>

As the the steady pounding of the Sintronica service men's boots echoed through the air, Cliff grabbed the Cyborg girl by the wrist, not too gently either. After all he wasn't used to treating Cyborgs in a kind way, to say the least. He half dragged her half ran with her to the entrance, with not a moment to spare. A slight sweat had broken out on his forehead and he un-zipped his jacket. 'Damn', thought Cliff. There was no way in hell he could take his own car, they would have to find another way to escape. He looked around and saw nothing, except for a parked Anti gravity jet car. Fucking perfect, he thought sarcastically. He ran up to it, with his jacket now wrapped around his fist, and broke out the window. He unlocked it and threw the Cyborg in, muttering sorry under his breath as he did so. Was it polite to apologize to 'Borgs? Cliff didn't know. What he did know, however, was if they did not get out of her and fast he would have to shoot it out with the service men, something he did not want to do.

Cliff hot wired the car and hit the gas, it took off into the sky like a bat out of hell, nearly taking out A stop sign in the process. He swore again as he came within inches of another flying vehicle. Cliff watched the speedometer as it read 75 then 85 then 105. They were safe, for the moment.

Cliff let out a breath that he seemed to have been holding since the discovery of the chip in the Cyborg, he looked over to her and said.

"Alright, we're gonna have to find somewhere that I can cut that tracking device out of you. Any idea where it might be?"

Cliff spotted the perfect place up ahead. It was a vertical strip mall, one of the ones that towered above the ground with 159 floors of shopping delight. Bullshit, thought Cliff, but just the right place to preform an emergency extraction.


Serene jumped as she heard the man cuss, the rough language and tone was something she hadn't been exposed to before.... in fact.... she wasn't even sure she had experienced anything before she had woken moments earlier. Either way, she was shocked again as he grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her along. They seemed to pause at the entrance, merely for him to unzip his jacket, then it seemed that the man was getting creative as he quickly dragged her to an anti-gravity car, and then broke into it. In the rush of the moment, she found herself propelled into a seat, yelping slightly in reaction.

She watched Cliff as they drove off. For a moment, she felt uncomfortable in the silence.... or... what that what uncomfortable felt like? Why was she feeling like this? Was she intended to feel like this? For a moment, the paused and tried to take inventory of what she actually knew. Her name was Serene Serotonin, her number was 9986, for some reason it was bad for her to be with the people who had created her.... no.... as she thought it through.... they had tried to shut her down....

Why hadn't they just shot her, though?..... Either way... apparently this man saved her.... but to what end? When was the ride going to end? Was he just going to drop her off somewhere and deem it appropriate to leave her before running off? But.... was it a good thing that she was running from her creators like this with him?

She stilled her questions for a moment as something clicked again.

[BG="#0000DD"]([BLINK]Not this again....[/BLINK])










([BLINK]I should be worried that....[/BLINK])


It was in the same moment that Serene jumped out of her inner-mind's cyberspace that she realized that in the same moment she had been working on trying to disconnect the console from her signal, the man who had helped her was now asking her where her tracking device was so he could cut it out of her.

"Oh, here, lemme show yo-......." Serene meant to move to show the man where the tracking device was..... only to run across the fact that although the console had malfunction in the process, she was still unable to move herself. She took comfort in the ability to at least talk.

"It seems that my ability to move has been disconnected for the moment, but I'll be able to walk you through it.... There's a place on the back of my neck, right under my hairline where the skin is able to be pulled away.... from that point, you open a small metal panel and you'll see a couple differently colored wires, and two ports. You're going to have to cut two wires, and behind them, there should be the device, which you'll need to remove and then destroy in the exact manner I tell you. If you should make a mistake in following my instruction, I will cease to live, or a beacon will be set off, letting my creators, as well as police units in the surrounding areas know exactly where we are.... but it is unlikely that you will make a mistake because I will be guiding you through it." Serene smiled peacefully, her attitude still echoing back to the meaning of her name. In the meantime, that had been the most she had spoken since she had awoken.

"My name is Serene Serotonin, NU 9986, by the way, I'd like you to know who I am if things should go badly...... I don't understand it yet, but... I seem to have... picked up a rather... addictively human-like need of being known before I cease to be." She smiled again, with no happiness, yet no sadness either. It was simply there for calming affect.
Cliff nodded in response as he nervously glanced in his rear-view mirror. He knew how vicious the Sintronica men were, he knew they would stop at nothing to find and kill them both. It was imperative that he get that chip out.

"My name is Cliff. I used to be a Night Owl, my job was to kill defective Sintronica Cyborgs." Cliff paused, realizing that he felt he could open up to Serene as she could not judge him, but at the same time he felt that she might be offended by it, did Cyborgs get offered or hurt? For the first time, Cliff realized that for a man who delt with Cyborgs for a living -killed them for a living - he knew nothing about them. This brought sadness to him, in a way that the Ex night owl could not explain. " What i mean is, thats what I was doing when I rescued you. I was supposed to kill you"

"We gotta get that chip out, I think if we use that parking garage up ahead it may jam the signal and give us just enough time."

Cliff jerked the wheel, sending the car into a roll, they got to the parking garage and landed with a THUD. Not a bad landing for a beginner. Cliff hated Jet cars. Absolutely Hated them.

He next drove to a spot in the back, that was covered top and bottom by the many stories of the mall. Solid cement was the best way to jam a signal. After he parked he put the seat back and helped her roll over. Then he searched his pockets for something to cut through the wires with, nothing. Damn. He dug through the back seat of the car and found a little black bag. Inside was a mirror, a small bag of white powder and a razor. Thank god for coke heads. Next peeled the skin back and opened the little meta lapel, exposing the ports and wires.

"Ok, I'm in. What now?"

Cliff had a steady hand, but at the same time his heart was pounding. If he couldn't get it out, they were dead meat. If he killed her, it was all for nothing. He awaited her response.

Serene listened as the man told her about himself.

When he started with telling her about his profession, she mentally cringed slightly. Then when he stated his original intent for why he came, it made sense.... she hadn't been killed yet because he was supposed to kill her, yet he had apparently come later than his comrades.... so was her fate simply a glitch? Was she supposed to be dead? Would she have been dead had he come on time?

But why did it matter to her? Her own conscious was a simple accident.... her parent software was so faulty.... and now... apparently the console wouldn't even touch her because something inside the connection was faulty... Everything just seemed too.... thrown together in her systems with no bother as to what order or reason to put what, where.

He then said something that was relevant to the chip, but Serene was too busy pondering her own mortality.... or lack thereof. They parked.... shit-ily... something in the back of her head told her that she was programed to be able to operate vehicles like this....but she didn't say a word. At this point, she was now uncertain of what to do.... the person who had ended up saving her was supposed to have killed her and although it appeared he had gained a semblance of a moral, she felt slightly edgy.... fear.... this was fear, right? She was afraid, but she didn't really understand why, or of what exactly.

There was a moment when Cliff came close that she felt the fear build up even more, a sick feeling at the pit of her stomach occurred. This too, was questionable. Was she supposed to be able to feel that? That soon ended as he helped roll her over. Cliff seemed to be rummaging for tools for a moment, then he was back with her. She felt his hands at the back of her neck, exposing her access point, then asked her what to do next.

"First" Serene began, "Grope around the edge of the metal rimming, ignore the obvious wires for right now, you're searching for a thicker black wire that is stapled down, It controls my movement, but that's not important right now, follow the wiring to a small box with a small toggle switch. That should turn off my ability to communicate with the console. For now, switch it off." She started off easy on him, then went on to a slightly harder part. "Next, move the blue, yellow, and green wires out of the way, underneath should be the chip... Attached to the chip should be two white wires... you need to cut the one that's connects nearest to the left. Cut it as close to the chip as possible." She paused for a moment.

"Now, there's one yellow wire, I need you to cut it in the middle as evenly as you can..... Then grip the chip firmly and pull it out, it'll come out pretty easily now..." She waited for him to do as instructed.
This situation had turned out to be nothing but trouble, ever since he had cast eyes on the poor, armless cyborg. It was like a cascading chain of events, first running from the Sintroica men and now doing meatball surgery with a razor in the back of a stolen car. Luckily, Cliff was trained as a night owl to stay calm and collected even when things were bad. He shook his head, as if trying to rid himself o the title 'Night Owl'. He had given his life for that damn organization, only to find out that they were going to kill him. Besides staying alive, which was almost always his top priority, he swore revenge on those bastards.

Cliff listened intently to Serene as she talked in that almost lifeless, monotone voice that most Cyborgs had. Even with the most advanced voice replication devices, it was still easy to tell she was nothing more than a machine with a bit of human brains thrown in the mix, but nonetheless, he held tight to every word she said.

First, as instructed, Cliff exposed the wires of her inner workings. Then he switched off the toggle switch. He moved the other wires out of the way, a blue, yellow and green one and saw the chip. The Chip! For a moment he reverted back to his prior life, he almost ripped the damn thing out, but he caught himself. Something stopped him.

"Alright, I'm going to cut the white wires." He slid the blade smoothly across the plastic casing of the wires, then with a little effort, sliced through the steel braiding underneath. So damn far, Cliff was so damn good. He felt a trickle of sweat slowly roll down his cheek, but ignored it and continued on. Her instructions were well worded and flawless, something about that gave Cliff confidence. It's funny in a way; No women in his life had ever had that power, but he felt sure as hell with Serene guiding him.

He made his way to the yellow wire next and cut it as evenly as he could. This was it. Time for gold or coal. He gripped the chip, and unknowingly applied a soft but strong and caring pressure on her shoulder with his other hand.

Cliff pulled out the Chip…….
For a moment, as the chip came free, Serene went limp, eyes closed, body relaxing. After a minute or so of rest her systems seemed to be rebooting, and she took a breath of air, then sighed quietly. "I apologize, I forgot to mention that I have to reboot after the chip is removed....." Along with the apology came the semblance of an actual sheepish smile. Almost human in formation.

"I shall continue with the instructions, yes?" She smiled again. "Surely you didn't think it would end there, did you?" Serene moved her head and tested her ability to move, which had been restored. "I apologize for the awkwardness... but the secondary round involves a different area of ports.... I'd do this part myself, if the nature of it was not... in such an awkward stance...." She looked up at Cliff with an almost hapless expression. She seemed so fragile and helpless for a moment, that it seemed like the bridge between a cyborg and a regular human had been crossed. For a moment, if one ignored the interlocking mechanics of the joint of her arms, arms, and if you ignored the wires in her body, for a moment, she seemed almost.... a little more human.

"The second set of ports that you need is um... at the base of my spine... right above.... ergh... the um.... end of my tail bone...." For a moment, an oddity occurred. it seemed as though that the cyborg was actually embarrassed. She looked up at Cliff then away, a sense of modesty was undoubtedly programmed into her, or was a glitch in the system. "I umm.... need you to actually... um...... Look in the bag I brought with me.... in... the other right arm, near the wrist.... if you... um... cut into it and pull out one of the wires, you can use that as an extension for the white wires and slip the other end into the port.... um... that's under my beltline...." Serene then realized suddenly that it might be misunderstood. "I mean that as no innuendo, I assure you....I.... um... have the capabilities for that activity, but I was not... built for that specific aim.... or... um..." Serene trailed off, grimacing.
Oh Shit, she's dead, thought Cliff.

As Serene's eyes closed, his shot open like Champaign corks. Who was he fooling? He was no damn Cyborg surgeon! This was a complete mess! He was a fool to think he could actually save her. Cliff's life had spiraled out of control in a matter of hours. Not only were the Sintronica agents on his ass , now he had a dead body to dump as well. It looked like his redemption would have to wait until another day.

He shook her slightly, then nearly jumped through the roof of the car when she took in some air.

"Rebooting, right." Said Cliff, taking a deep breath. He had honestly thought she had died.

Cliff stared at Serene aimlessly, the razor blade clutched, forgotten for the moment, in his hand. She was so life like, yet so obviously mechanized. It was like looking at a puppet that some sick twisted bastard brought to life. Cliff had never taken the time to notice the life-like attitudes in Cyborgs, after all, they had individualized thoughts, so each one was completely different.

Serene seemed to be getting embarrassed over certain words she used to describe her body. Cliff almost laughed when she stumbled over the next step in the process.

"Ok, a port above….your Butt?" He asked, trying to make her feel more at ease.

After retrieving the wires from the storage in her arm, he slipped down her underwear, revealing the very tip of her ass crack. However, in his hurry to get that damn chip out he hardly even noticed it. He was focused on the job and nothing else, but had he noticed he would have definitely been a little more than surprised to see just how life like she was.

"Alright, we gotta speed this up or we're gonna be toast." Cliff, with a half naked Cyborg in his car, waited for further instructions.
Serene smiled sheepishly up at Cliff again, had her blood been red, her cheeks would have been on fire as she nodded to Cliff's question. She pulled her underwear further down, giving Cliff a better view of the ports, meanwhile, something seemed to be odd about what she had exposed to the view.... something wasn't entirely right.... then suddenly it was shockingly apparent.

The view of her orifices had been blocked by what appeared to be the beginnings of a metallic, skeletal tail. Within moments, it lengthened a foot and a half, silently swishing from side to side. She looked over her shoulder at Cliff, embarrassed again. Why she had a tail, was a question she never understood the answer to. She hoped that he didn't think she was weirder than she already knew she was.....

"Connect the wires to the port, then put the other of of the wires into the port on the back of my neck, it should short out any connections to Sintronica.... Then, flip the switch on my neck again, I'll be connected to the console after that without risk of being discovered or noticed, it will help you..." Serene smiled slightly, then suddenly grimaced. "Cliff, you should hurry. I do not mean to rush you, but I am almost certain that quite a few units are coming our way, and even though they might not be after you or I, they might still give chase if they notice us.... We have.... five minutes. Rebooting this time will take two minutes. I suggest you get it over with now, then, during the time that I am rebooting, it would be highly suggested that you click the black button on the left of the rear view mirror of this vehicle, it will darken the windows, as well as ducking down in your seat and being very quiet, when I awaken again, I will tell you where they are and which route you should use to escape." Serene smiled encouragingly. "Hurry up and short me out."
She had a tail. A metal one. Cliffs eyes were glued to it. It was unlike anything he had ever seen. What kind of 'Borg was Serene? The tail, metallic and shiny, looked like some sort of weapon, at least Cliff couldn't think of anything else it could be. He wanted to ask her why she was created, what her purpose was? However, there was no time for questions now. It was imperative that they finish up and get the hell out of dodge. Cliff almost laughed out loud at his last line of thought; When was the last time two people were in a car and used ' finish up quick' in the sense that he did?

"I'm almost……done." said Cliff finishing up the last wire insertion. And after closing up all her ports, he was finished. There was no worry about them being tracked anymore. The only problem now was the fact that, at this very moment, a few of the Sintronica agents had found their location just before Serene's tracker went offline.

Cliff drew his .45s, cocking each and cambering a round. He looked to Serene.

"I don't plan to give them a chance to chase us." A shadow cast over his face as his eyes became alive with rage. This was going to be for all the hell Sintronica had put him through. Cliff was a killer, at heart, and kill is just what he planned to do.

Cliff kicked open the door and planted one boot solidly on the ground. What stepped out of the car was no human man, in any sense of the word. He was fearless, a beast, with hell in his eyes and fire in his veins. Like a pittbull protecting its young, Cliff was selfless, caring only about the demise of his enemy. As the Sintronica car approached, Cliff already had both his guns leveled at its front window. He pulled the triggers, first one and then the other. Sending one after another of the hot shells into he car. He smiled like a madman as he pumped lead viciously, until the car window was a mess of shattered glass and the car rolled lazily to a stop.

View attachment 1877

The horn was blaring in a constant *Hoooooooooonk*, the man driving was slumped over the tearing wheel dead, bloody and bullet filled. Cliff approached the vehicle and delivered a head shot to each occupant of the car, just to make sure.

He hopped back into the car with Serene and pulled out from under the parking garage and into the sky.

There was really only one question at this point.

What now?
Serene knocked out for a while as she shorted out for a while, then as she came to, she heard gunshots. She angled herself up and watched Cliff quietly as he pumped round after round after round into the other car. She almost thought that he would just keep going, but he stopped for a moment before she watched him walk up and shoot a few more times. The look on his face scared her. What scared her more was the sound of the horn... However, she smiled at him as he returned and got back into the car. He then pulled out and steered them into the dark, inky sky.

She wondered, briefly, if he was going to pull over at some point and dump her out or something. Then she wondered how long she'd last in that situation...

But what reason would he have to keep her around?

Serene looked over at Cliff as he drove. His anger and rage didn't seem as apparent as it had been moments ago. Serene watched him quietly while thinking more. Her tail was nowhere to be seen, and it was likely that she had withdrawn most of it back into her spine.

"I hope you do not mind me asking, but, how did you end up like this? No offense meant.... but... people aren't normally capable of going with their anger like that. Most people are restrained and do not fight like you do.... What has made you like that?" She asked quietly. Innocently curious as she probed Cliff for answers.

"Why do you seem so angry? Is there something I can do? Would you like me to look up something to make you less angry? Peaceful landscapes? Waterfalls? Porn?" She tilted her head to the side, a cautious smile on her face as she looked over at him. Her questions were innocent and with good intent. People liked peaceful, calm landscapes and waterfalls, right? And most people were still obsessed with porn, Most were desensitized to it by now, besides, it was merely an act that was normal and was either for pleasure or to reproduce, so why were most so skittish of it?

Without a word of answer from Cliff, she already brought up three browsers on the passenger-side computer, logging in the searches. She looked back at him with a smile, proud of herself for being able to get that far. "What would you like me to do?"
Cliff drove away from the Vertical mall feeling a little better for the first time since he had woken up that morning. The heat from the guns were sending a nice warm sensation up his spine, just a little reminder of the two Sintronica agents he had slaughtered only moments ago. To Cliff, killing really put everything else into perspective and if it wasn't obvious by now, he would be a wanted man until the day he died. He suspected that the law would be involved sooner than later.

Cliff listened as Serene spoke. Something about her voice was very calming, very…well, serene. He liked it very much infect, and even more than the tone he liked the words that were coming out. She seemed to be on a mission to please him.

He took her first question into consideration, lighting a cigarette while she spoke. He cracked the window slightly and found that it was cool outside, nice and refreshing.

"Well, honestly, that's a long story. To make it short I'll just say that I was exposed to the viciousness of mankind at a very young age, it made me realized how utterly horribly humans could be as well as how cheap human life could be. My rage, at least when defending my self and my loved ones….." He paused for a moment, thinking over his words "Lets just say it comes in handy to be able to be as rage filled as my enemies." He had left out most of the part where he killed Cyborgs for a living.

Cliff laughed at the mention of porn, not an embarrassed laugh, but a surprised one.

"I think I'll be ok. Maybe we can watch porn later." He said in a joking sarcastic way that he doubt she would pick up on "If you're online there, maybe you could check the GPS and find a place that we could dump this car at. We are going to need to find something else." Cliff realized that he had said we. He wasn't sure if she was gonna be able to survive on her own, out of her element. And honestly Cliff was not going to see her go off and get killed somewhere else after he had just put his life on the line sang her.

"I have a question for you, Serene." Cliff said throwing the half smoked cigg out the window. " What were you created for, I mean did you or do you have a specific job?" He realized 'Borgs were created for a huge variety of reasons, but she seemed different than most he had 'worked with'.

Serene smiled at Cliff for his response to her first question, encouragingly. She then beamed when he had suggested watching porn together later; which meant she had done something right, right? Then, following the next statement, she checked the GPS as he requested and looked for places that would be suitable to what he intended to do.

He had said "we" too... That meant he wasn't going to ditch her at some point, right? That would scare her. What the hell would she do on her own?

"There's a vacant lot a couple miles from here... In one of the less traveled parts of the city.... Since the invention of the Anti-Gravity vehicle, it seems to have been ignored. And the city's got so many sky scrapers..... people rarely actually feel the earth beneath their feet.... This area's actually on ground level.... No one goes there very often at all. I'd think it would be most suitable." Serene reported to Cliff.

And then he asked her why she was created.

Moments seemed to slow down, and she realized that she knew what she was, but it completely contradicted what she'd rather be. She wished that she had been a simpler cyborg, meant for some subservient purpose or even something more demeaning, but... the truth of the matter...

"I'm..... meant for a lot of things.... Clients have recently been asking Sintronica for.... Cyborgs that could defend them if needed... But also...." Serene's face seemed to drop, the smile faded from her lips. He had asked... so he deserved an answer. "I was created to be able to tend to every client's need.... I can defend...... I can go on the offensive.... I was supposed to have a flawless parent software that they planned to make me more or less a puppet to what was demanded of me.... but honestly I think it merely just traps me in my head for a bit... I was created to do anything..... I can kill if asked.... I can cook, clean.... engage in sexual intercourse.... I can access and communicate with the web and run searches in my head when I'm allowed to converse with the console..... I am tailored to be able to drive almost any vehicle.... I can hack into systems.... Honestly, I was created with a small group with the intent to give to clients... but.... I think one or two of us were supposed to be kept by Sintronica so that they could defend themselves...." Serene looked out the window, away from Cliff, her voice had gone to straight monotone.

She sat there for a moment, not talking at all, before she sighed and looked at Cliff. "I do not like what I was created for..... Had I the choice or option, I'd have much preferred something less violent.... Something in my head just doesn't like it... The parent software was actually first created so I wouldn't argue with commands.... I couldn't even kill a mouse..... But.... being forced to..... like I'm merely some tool, is...... inhumane.... I'm not just some machine.... I know I used to be like others..... I used to be human..... so I guess... the parent software was to stop me from questioning my commands and to stop me from arguing with the ethics of what was asked of me." Serene smiled grimly.

"They keep saying "This is the 'new' Perfect Cyborg!" every time they come out with a new batch.... but I think they believed the struck gold with the group they had created... that is.... until they discovered the software would malfunction as much as it did..." She looked up at Cliff, then silently went back to work on the computer, eyes dull, unfeeling. Almost as if Serene had just forfeited her human behavior to slink back into the machinations of a regular machine. Her own creation obviously bothered her.

"Is.... there anything else you'd like me to do?"
Cliff listened to her response, hanging on every wired, in all honesty he was fascinated with Cyborgs. He was amazed at how they worked, at how they thought even with how they premed day to day activities. Some distant part of him realized that what he had been doing almost all his life as a Night Owl would one day be the deciding factor in his judgment. It was murder of the innocent, nothing less. At least killing the Sintronica Agents could be justified, eye for an eye and all that, what goes around comes around. He took comfort in the fact that he had been working for a greater evil, like a puppet with a cruel master. It wasn't his intentions at work, but rather the intention of a higher force. Sintronica was a corporation that was rotten to the core.

"No, I think that is good for now.Good job." Said Cliff, letting her know he was pleased with her work.

"I'm sure you've figured it out by now, but I am a wanted man, and I will be as long as i remain here. I must give you the choice, now that I have saved you, to go your own way. Sticking with me will mean we must live like vagrants, never stopping and always sleeping with our boots on and one eye open." He briefly wondered if Serene slept " I would rather we work together for the time being, but if you are frightened of what your life will become with me I will understand." Cliff Sighed, realizing that he was offering the only friend he had in the world a chance to flee. He only hopped she could remain dedicated to him, at least for the short term.

Cliff awaited her response.

Serene looked at Cliff, mulling over the ideas in her head. She took a breath, then shook her head, smiling. " I have no clue how I would survive on my own..... It would not be smart to leave your side. I hope I do not become a burden to you." She thought for a moment, then continued. "Also, I sleep, but.... not like you do... if I want to sleep, I have to have it commanded of me..... As you can imagine, with all my capabilities, my own freedoms weren't factored in..." Serene smiled slightly, then looked out the window for a moment.


"This place is a wreck..... you'd figure since the world is so digitized, and with how little it costs now to rework buildings like these, that it wouldn't be like this.... And people still live here, which is a shame.... it must be so scary.... The vacant lot's up ahead...." Serene stated quietly, looking up at Cliff before going back to the computer for a moment, typing quietly when she suddenly looked up.

"There's a car following us, keep steady, please, and go straight." Serene smiled grimly before climbing into the back seats, looking out the window before there was a bone-wrenching sound. One of her hands was bent entirely back against her forearm, her skin broken as the metal muzzle of a gun protruded from her wrist, her other hand clasped her wrist and she took a deep breath before starting to shoot through the back window, and into the other car.

"Cliff, I would advise you to now turn the car and try to loose them, they appear to be getting ready to return fire." Serene stated calmly as the sound cracked through the temporary silence again, now both of her hands bent back, muzzles among the wreckage of her manufactured skin. As she stated, gunshots started going off.

"Drive, Cliff!"
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Following? What the hell was it now, was it possible that Cliff had not taken the proper evasive measures? As he questioned himself he also looked in his rearview, trying to see who it was, but on the dark street it was impossible. He sped up slightly, continuing straight. When he shot a glance at Serene he noticed that her body was more than just a human replica, it was also a weapon. And it appeared that things were about to get crazy as a gun of some sort protruded from Serene's arm.

Cliff considered himself an offensive driver while driving in everyday, normal circumstances, but when he was being chased and had bullets being shot at him , as well as bullets being shot out of his back window, he took it a step further. Cliff was a madman, possessed with rage. Adrenalin pumped through his veins and his mouth went dry. He jammed his foot on the gas peddle like he was trying to kill it. His knuckles had gone white and his face was contorted in concentration. He whipped a sharp left, then a right, but the vehicle was still close behind. Serene seemed un-phased by his reckless driving as he gunned the engine at hit speeds well over 100 miles per hour.

"Alright Serene, I'm going to take this next turn and try to tail whip the car down that alley, hold on!"

Cliff timed it just right and pulled the E brake, sending the car into a violent tailspin that would hopefully put them in a 180 degree position. The hoover car jerked to the right as the smell of forced transmission gears and smoke filled the air. That's when Cliff lost control. The world spun around at a seemingly impossible rate. Everything went dark for a moment, then was lit back up again, over and over and over. Finally, it was as if the earth disappeared as the car flew recklessly through the air.

It was the strangest sensation, feeling the car as it flew, totally airborne and out of control, off a small embankment. Cliff thought for sure he was a dead man, and his Cyborg friend would be torn to nothing more than a pile of gears and circuits.

When the car finally made contact with the earth again all the windows shattered out and the sound of metal being torn and twisted could be heard. Cliff let out a long breath because he knew he was alive. And all he could see was the world turned upside-down.


Serene held steady to the backseat as Cliff drove, but nothing prepared her for the car to go out of control as it did. Everything was spinning, she didn't have a seat belt on, so she ended up ricocheting off of the seats and walls then they were flipping.... She tried to make sure that she wasn't hurt too badly, but on the last flip, her head cracked hard against one of the backseat windows.

A sudden flash and the scenery changed. She was in a car, still, upside down.... She smelled smoke..... there was fear lurking somewhere inside her, coiling in her stomach. Blood, red as it comes, running down her skin.... through the cracked and broken windshield, she saw a small form. For some reason, she felt herself getting choked up...

Suddenly she was back.... her head hurt as she reached up to touch the broken synthetic skin. White fluid coated her fingers. She didn't know what she was supposed to expect from that odd daydream... Was this another problem in her programing? Was she going to have to ask Cliff to take her to a shop so she could get worked out?

She then broke out the rest of the window next to her, and knowing that there was no possible way that a man like Cliff could be taken out by a simple car crash, she pulled herself out of the window. They would be needing a new car, and preferably, something Cliff could actually DRIVE.

She climbed up the embankment, having no trouble moving, though her body ached slightly, she found herself with many choices of cars to choose from. She went with something she hoped Cliff would be pleased with, and quickly and efficiently broke into it and then managed to hack into its system before slowly driving it down the embankment.


Serene then went to Cliff's side and unceremoniously unbuckled him from his seat, then dragged him out of the car before picking him up and carrying him to the car she retrieved for him. She then waited for him to come to his senses as she laid him out on the driver's seat.

"Cliff? Please come to your senses....I have gotten you a new car and everything seems to be in working order..... I think we lost those.... men..." Serene stopped as she looked back, hearing something close by. She pulled her hands back again, her guns out and ready and her more-or-less tail ripped free of her panties. As she got ready, the car that had been following them pulled up slowly, riddled with bullet holes. She looked back at Cliff for a moment, then raced towards the car, not wanting Cliff to have to get involved again for now.

Her tail whipped out as she went past the car, then again as she came back around. As she got back to Cliff's side a crack came from the car, then smoke began to pour from it, people emptying out of the smokey vehicle as she got down on one knee and proceeded to shoot with accuracy, downing each man. She waited a moment, then watched as the car became engulfed in fire. She then went to each man, her tail whipping out and decapitating each one.

She then walked back towards Cliff, the spray of blood from the bodies coated her skin and her tail dripped with blood, meanwhile, due to the fact that her tail had ripped free of her undergarments, they nearly dangled as they held onto her hips. She then shut the driver's side door before getting into the passenger seat and shutting her door. She looked at the dashboard for a moment, then looked up at Cliff, smiling.

"Did I do good?" She asked innocently.
Just like living in those fuzzy moments before right before sleep, Cliff was in a state of semi-consciousness. Although he was not aware of actually wrecking the car, he was aware of the fact that this whole situation reminded him of something. Something in the distant past, was it real? Or just the result of conking his head against the steering wheel? He wasn't sure, but as he watched Serene as she attempted to drag him from the wreck he was well aware that he had most definitely been here before. Well, not here, but in this same situation. It was like looking at a memory through a pair of cracked glasses; A hazy memory seen through a pair of cracked glasses.

The next thing Cliff knew, he was laying on his back. The feeling of hard, cold concrete under his body as he stared up at Serene. She was asking him to please come to his senses. He shook it off and managed a weak smile when she said that she had gotten another car. Nice.

"Ok, let me just get up then." Cliff stood, stumbled once then steadied himself. The next thing he saw made him smile, not a smile of joy, but one of malice and sin. He watched as Serene shot each of their pursuers, then, with her tail extended in a sort of blade, decapitate each one. It was very methodical the way she dispatched them. Cliff couldn't help but feel a slight bit of attraction to her, as a killer and a beautiful women.


Cliff laughed at his choice of words.

….She was a….Cyborg.

"Did I do good?" She asked innocently.

"Yes." said Cliff admiringly as he reached out and stroked her on the back of the head softly in approval, finally brings hand to her ear and running it lightly over the top and bringing the tip of his finger to rest at the entrance of the port. "You did great, good job."

Cliff was growing more and more fond of Serene. Her exactness, her thoroughness her beauty. In the back of his mind, as he ran his eyes down her near naked body, he wanted to get her some more "covering" clothes…..Cliff had to, just HAD to, laugh at this.

He looked over the car she had procured. It was nice, and would be perfect for getting them away from here. Cliff was confident about this now, after all he had never liked driving hoover-cars.

Cliff jumped in the driver seat, this time putting on his seat belt. He slammed it into gear and sunk his foot on the gas peddle. The car practically jumped to life, as the horse power kicked in sending it screeching across the concrete in a black cloud of smoke. He hit second gear and almost immediately was shifting to third, feeling the dual carburetor opening up letting in a the extra flow of gas as he and Serene were kicked back into their seats. It was a hell of a ride.

"Nice choice, Serene" Said cliff, grinning as he watched the speedometer sail into the 90mph plus range.

Cliff was struck with a sudden inspiration as he turned to Serene.

"Serene, can you bring up a map of the city. I want to find the nearest entrance to the Sub district.

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The Sub District

View attachment 1919

A mass underground complex that spans the entire city. It nearly doubles the size of the ground and sky levels combined.

View attachment 1920

Among other things, it is generally used for its shopping and massive underground transit system called "SLTS", Sub Level Transit system. The sub level is known for attracting less than desirable people because its laws differ from that of the ground and sky levels. For one, almost everything is legal if you have the money or power, second, it is patrolled by the "Mask", a team of gas mask wearing semi-cop semi-criminal officers that work for the city, but rule by their own law.

View attachment 1921

Along with shopping and the Sub transit, there is housing for people who actually want to live there…usually people escaping the law in one form or another. This is the very reason Cliff decided to enter this area.​