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      BackgroundA Star Child cannot die.

      From the moment they are born, they understand the infinite possibilities of the world, and know every aspects of their past lives. From the moment they reach the end of their life, they are simply reborn as a Phoenix would rise from the ashes.

      They live, they breathe, and they feel a heartbeat. They grow, learn and age, they require oxygen, nourishment, sleep and they can dream. Yet they cannot die.

      They feel the same as others. They feel joy and sorrow, they laugh and they cry, they fall in love and mourn heartbreak. Yet they cannot die.

      They possess an innate magical talent for divination, predicting all possible outcomes of the world. They see all potential futures, glimpse images across great distances, and know the fate of all those around them. But they cannot die.

      Star Children are often revered as diviners, wise men, and spiritual leaders. They possess the unique power to foresee all potential futures. However, they cannot see their own fate, nor that of any other Star Child.
      Because of their unique heritage, Star Children can originate from any race as a half breed. However, no one knows how they first came to be, nor why they are able to continually be reborn.

      Star Children have become a rare sight in recent days, and many have begun to fear that their absence is an ill omen of misfortune to come.

      You are one of the Star Children. And you’ve just foreseen your own death.

      The northern kingdom, ruled by an Elven Queen and Dragonkin King – Fina and Spectre. They are rarely involved in conflict, and prefer to mediate in attempts to keep the peace between the other lands. It is not uncommon for half demons to be born among the people, as the kingdom lies dangerously close to the Shadowlands, for which they are ostracized and unwelcome among the native denizens.

      The south-eastern kingdom is primarily inhabited by Humans, and rarely welcoming to other races. They believe in keeping bloodlines pure, and half-breeds are regarded as impure and bring shame to their families; they are often killed or banished. It’s northern border touches the edges of the Shadowlands, and patrols are frequent in order to keep demons from crossing over. It is a land which has mastered bronze and glass working, and utilizes steam power.

      The most accepting of other cultures, Balveria lies in the direct center of the continent, the only kingdom whose borders touch every other. As such, it often becomes the battlegrounds for conflict between the kingdoms. Despite its bloody history, it still keeps its borders open to every race, including those half-breeds fleeing for their lives. Its ruling family and most common denizens are elves.

      A dangerous and bloody country, constantly in flux and disorder since its last ruling family was assassinated by a Balvarian infiltrator – however, this allegation was unable to be proven. Since, many have attempted to claim titles in an attempt to consolidate power and reunite the kingdom. Much of the kingdom is covered in scorching desert, and inhabited by many nomad and gypsy tribes.

      Character SheetName:
      (star children will always be half-breeds; your choice what the 'mortal' heritage is)
      Kingdom of Origin:
      (good or evil?)
      Personality: (min. 5 lines)
      Appearance: (min. 3 lines)
      Background/Backstory: (min. 5 lines)

      • No Godmode or power play.
      • Limit: 1 Character.
      • Posts must be a minimum of 5 sentences.
      • Don't double post.
      • I expect a post-secondary level of literacy, spelling, grammar and punctuation.
      • Please respect your fellow Roleplayers.
      • Real Life > Roleplay; that being said, please attempt to be active every day.
    • Star Children1. Synren as Astraea
      2. Batty as Faerha Eijura
      3. LibratheScales as William Aisling
      4. Cybermoon as Amaranthe "Ama" Valor

    Name: Astraea
    Gender: Female
    Age: 23
    Race: Star Child (Elf)
    Nation: Avaliar
    Occupation: Wise woman to the royal family

    Astraea is a compassionate and empathetic individual, who would stop to aid anyone who needed it; her greatest strength and flaw, as she can be naïve in who she chooses to help. As she is still young, she’s often naïve about the state of affairs in the world – yet in contrast, very wise in regards to the possible futures and course of actions she believes that her Queen should take. She has always been optimistic, bubbly and care-free. She is easily excitable, but calm and collected when necessary. She is always ready to give an opinion, but only when it is asked for. She is independent and resilient, able to rely on herself yet knowing when she needs the aid of others.

    Astraea has a plain sort of beauty that often goes unnoticed in a crowd. She is 5’6” and 100 lbs. She has a petite frame and soft features. Her skin is a soft ivory. She has bright blue, deep set eyes and full, pink lips. She has a small nose and pale blonde hair, almost white in appearance, that flows down her torso. She wears a fitted bodice and loose, flowing skirts in soft shades of off-white that are easy to move around in. She rarely wears adornments or accessories of any kind, feeling they are 'too flashy' and vain. Her boots are expensive leather but well-worn, seeing a lot of use over the years.

    Originally born of noble Elven heritage, Astraea has spent most of her life in the Avaliar capital city. After living multiple lifetimes, she became a Wise Woman, directly serving the royal court. Each lifetime, she is reborn and maintains her duties. She is well respected among the community, and her opinions are always respected and taken into account when making important decisions that affect the entire kingdom. The present ruling Queen regards her not only as good counsel, but as a friend.
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    Faerha Eijura• Gender •
    • Age •
    • Race •
    • Kingdom of Origin •
    • Personality •
    Faerha is quiet, holding her tongue unless she feels she has something valuable to offer those around her, though when alone she can be found seemingly talking in circles to herself. She is gentle and will offer help to others when she can, though she is far more partial to nature than the peoples of the world. Over the years she has found the self-destructive tendencies of the nations to be tiresome, but this does not deter her completely from them. Through her many life times, she has seen enough good in the peoples to hold some hope in them. She could never bring herself to harm another, even if it meant saving a life, or many. She is hesitant to harm most beings, though is willing to exclusively for sustenance, though she would never harm another sapient being.
    • Appearance •
    Crimson hair falls just past her shoulders, and a dark cloak shrouds her figure. She removes it almost exclusively to bathe, underneath which exist countless scars from a very bumpy rebirth, as she was held captive by some rather unsavoury people. She stands at a meagre 5', despite her Elven heritage, though she does not think much of it. The hood over her cloak goes down over her eyes, which if you were to pull it back, you would find pure white orbs staring back at you, as she is blind. She moves gracefully, as she has spent much of her many lives in the wilderness.
    • Background/Backstory •
    Not long after her current life began, she was captured by a group of bandits, and kept as a slave. As she grew, her duties became less and less desirable, as did the punishments for "failure". Around her twentieth year, the bandits were annihilated by a man seeking revenge for what they had done to his family, and inadvertently saved her. He was unaware of this, of course, as she used his commotion to make her escape. She heard that his heroics were commemorated in a nearby village.

    After all that excitement, she went back to her usual solitary life, occasionally visiting populated areas if she saw something important.
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  2. Mind if I use some of your history as mine? I'd like to connect the characters in some way, such as my char (who is evil) being one of the bandits, who survived
  3. Name: William Aisling
    Gender: Male
    Age: 8
    Race: Partially dragon (Tell me if this isn't alright, I can always change it :P)
    Kingdom of Origin: Avaliar
    Personality: William is a very shy boy. One could even say he is so skittish, his own shadow would make him leap out of his skin. Although his nervous stature, he is a very kind person. He is very soft spoken, though he can speak up if something sounds, or is wrong, being a pacifist. He's more of a follower, rather than a leader, as his appearance points to. He usually uses the saying "Make like a sheep and follow the herd" to describe himself. He is a very formal boy, being the one to bow to his superiors and call everyone Mister or Miss.
    William, hilariously, looks similar to a sheep. He has the horns, the fluffy white hair, and the cute doe eyes of one. He is quite short, standing at barely 4 feet tall. He is a very light boy, his physical appearance showing him to be a scrawny weakling. He dresses in formal attire, every inch of him neat and dirt free. He normally carries a knife in one of his pockets if his other methods don't work. The boy has wings; they aren't too big, only extending three feet from his body on either sides, bearing the appearance of a dove's.

    His current life actually began quite nicely; he was born in a nice house, having emerged from an egg... Though it took him three days to actually feel ready to hatch properly. His mother had thought he was a decorative egg, until it had began to tremble and crack. Nonetheless, she took him in with open arms. He grew rather fast, but his physical age had stunted at 5 years old by the time he was 2. Apparently, the species of dragon he was born as aged physically along with how strong they were, and he wasn't a very strong one for the moment. Even so, he was taught proper ettique, ironically his mother was an ex-executioner, though she knew the rules of morality. When he was about 7 years old, their home was attacked, and his mother was killed in the process. He was hidden, however, but came out during a silent period to see his fallen mother. A funeral was held the next week, and in her will all of her belongings and such were given to him. He was her only bit of family or friend left, and she trusted he would take care of everything. The boy, still heartbroken over her death, even to this day, managed to find some job as a messanger, and with the money she had given him, along with the secluded living quarters, he was able to manage his own life, though by himself.
  4. That's perfectly fine. I'm really leaving the choice open. People simply need to have a humanoid form of sorts.
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  5. Of course, just checking ^^
  6. [​IMG]

    Name: Amaranthe "Ama" Valor
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Race: Witch (tell me if you wish for me to change it.)
    Kingdom of Origin: Alexandria
    Ama is a kind girl that prefers to help others. Having not known what real love is, she tries to find out what real love and family are like. When angered, she is not above beating someone up, usually with her fists instead of using her gift. Deep down, as most halfbreed children of Alexandria feel inside, Ama feels a deep hatred for her family who had casted her out when they realised she was not truly human. Other than her anger and deep hate for her lands, Ama does try to help other out when she can.
    Appearance: Long blonde hair that is held up in two pigtails, cascading down her back in waves. She is usually seen wearing clothes she had made herself and her long ratted out cloak.
    As she is a halfbreed, Ama was forced out of her home at age 6 by her biological parents for bringing shame on her family. Having nowhere else to go, she began to wander around, stealing food whenever she could. Other halfbreeds taught her the necessary things she needed to survive on her own. One such halfbreed taught her how to panhandle with her gift as a way to make a bit of money when and if she wanted to make a better living. Taking the advice, Ama started up her own little fortune telling business on a street corner, giving readings to any passer by for a small sum.
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  7. Name: Iyvanna Kaia Goldstar "Ivy, Vanna"
    Age: 38 years old
    Kingdom of Origin: Tanria
    Personality: Ivy is a childish person who seems to have all the energy in the world. Though many believe she's naive, innocent and doesn't understand the world, Iyvanna knows when serious moments appear; though it seems like she doesn't care. Ivy is usually always found around her twin brother Theo; the one person who truly understands her. Extremely sarcastic, hard headed and unpredictable; Ivyanna is a difficult person to understand. Getting inside her head is nearly impossible, especially when there is always a mysterious air around her. If someone is in trouble and its within her power to help, Ivy doesn't mind doing what she can but she refuses to put her life on the line in a situation that's obviously above her pay grade as a Star Child. Not that they get paid. Ever.
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Ivyanna likes to consider herself semi-attractive, seeing as how she doesn't like to use make-up. With long straight raven black hair that goes past her back, the dark hair seems to enhance her gray eyes
    With parents who didn't care for their childre, Ivyanna has learned to pack away her pain and depressing emotions. As a child Ivy use to be extremely scared of everything, worried that her parents would never love her so it wasn't surprising when she tried her best at everything. School, friends, a sweet personality, obedience, etc. Nothing worked, they still seemed to have their backs towards her. When she was feeling insecure, depressed or scared Ivy would hide herself in the dark; the darkness couldn't scare her even more if she was already surrounded by it. As Ivy grew older she realized that their family matters also effected Theo and that their past had been far worse then this; which caused Ivy's major personality change.

    Name: Theo Noam Goldstar
    Age: 38 years old
    Kingdom of Origin: Tanria
    Personality: Cold, distant and usually extremely blunt most people keep their distance from him. Ivy has told him many times that he has absolutely no empathy for others but Theo has yet to change; knowing that he'll be fine as long as Ivy is with him. Theo might seem like he doesn't care about a lot of things but he's overprotective of his sister and just like Ivy, Theo is hard to read. Almost impossible to tell what he'll do in certain situations but if you get to know him you'll know he's willing to go through anything for his sister.
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Born and raised within a broken family, the only one Theo ever really had by his side is his twin sister; Ivyanna. With a mother that's constantly on the road for business trips and father that has yet to acknowledge that he even has kids, Theo took care of his little sister (by 1 minute) and made sure she had everything she needed. Yes, he tends to spoil Ivy but he can't help but fawn over his sister. Theo remembers, like other Star Children, his past and refuses to allow his sister to be hurt like she had in her past. Though sometimes, Theo himself tends to forget that he to has a past. One that has turned him into the cold-stone man he is today.​
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  8. Question: What are the species within Tanria? I'm not sure what to make them.
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  9. @Karma200 The rules had stated that only one character per person, but because they're twins I will allow it -- as long as you confirm you've read the rest of the rules. Thanks.
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  10. I had read the rules last night and started my cs then, I had forgotten about the one character rule and made a guy because... well, this rp is full of females xD and yes, I've reread the rules. Just incase I missed something
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