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Greetings Babbins! ⊙◇⊙

Today we bring you a minor update and just some cool facts and things!

Our "Star" forums are where you get to write sexual content safely!

Iwaku is all about the freedom of expressing yourself through writing. That means writing anything, including all the sexy stuff you want. (With the one exception of no pedophilic content). That means if you want to write about two wolves using a bird to have wolfsex, you are welcome to go for it!

To do this safely and respectfully we have TWO age-locked areas of roleplay specifically for sexual content.

The Red Star Area for adults 18 and over.

The Blue Star Area for teens 17 and under.

What?! You allow teenagers to write sex scenes?!

YES. But we do this safely for both our adult members and our teen members within the limits of the law. A common misconception is that teenagers are children (they are not). Teenagers are the age where people start learning about and exploring their sexuality, and it's important that there are places they can do this in a safe way.

On Iwaku we require all members to put their real age on their account (it can be hidden) so that you can have access to your correct star area. This way adult members do not have to be afraid that they are roleplaying with someone under 18. And our teen members can safely write smutty content without someone inappropriately older doing anything sketchy.

This is strictly enforced. Those caught knowingly roleplaying outside of their age group are immediately banned. This includes banning members who knew people were breaking this rule and did not report it.

As an optional BONUS amount of security we have a Verified Age Form where you can send in a photo I.D. and we can mark your account displaying that your age has been verified as true.

But isn't even writing about teenagers having sex considered childporn?!

NO. This is common mis-information you'll see on many roleplay sites that either did not do proper research OR because it's easier to say it's illegal than it is to moderate for content. Again, teenagers are not children. Teenagers in real life are learning about and exploring their sexuality. They are depicted in media like television, movies, books, and more in sex scenes. In cases like visual media, they do it in a safe way: like not using actual teenage actors. Iwaku follows this example by locking age-groups so you are only writing sex scenes with people you are legal with.

If you want to learn more about the legalities of EROTIC ROLEPLAY AND SMUT please READ THIS GUIDE! It gives a full breakdown of the issue!

IMPORTANT: We are always on the lookout for people who try to skirt around our no childporn rule by writing "teenagers" or adults in ways that fetishize them like little children. Iwaku trains it's staff on how to recognize predators through language and behavior - we do not play around with this. We don't only ban people, we report potential predators to authorities. If you ever see a request thread or roleplay post that feels like it is fetishizing a character like it's a child - please report it ASAP. Even if it's turns out to be nothing, it's always better to report just in case!

Okay, but I don't like to write or even see sexual content.

In your preferences you can ignore and hide star content forums - AND NOW OUR HIDE ALL STAR CONTENT SETTING IS BACK! It is located in your account details and you can turn it on and off as you please. It runs on an automatic cron-job so give it up to an hour to update your setting.

*** Note, that this setting cannot hide images in posts and cannot account for a member's individual opinions on what counts as NSFW. That includes rp banners for our non-star areas that might be on the risque side. In this case, just block that individual image with your browser.

Finally, don't forget to fill out your profile with your roleplay preferences! AND READ PEOPLE'S PROFILES!

We have a whole bunch of really cool questions you can fill out on your profile so you can let potential writing partners what you're into or are NOT into! We encourage everyone to use this and to help promote a community of respect and consent! <3