Standing like Broken Statues

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    Standing like Broken Statues
    From the day you met the chemistry was strong, blazing a path of love where ever you went. But what happens when your love is put to the test? Will you be okay leaving each other’s side? Or stand together like broken statues?

    A retreat located deep in the woods will now be called home for one month. You and your significant other will vacation there with six of your closest friends, each couple having their own cabin. However, the woods have a way of bringing out the worst in people. Will your relationship survive the lies, cheating, and pain that Camp Amour will reveal?

    So this will follow eight friends, four couples, on their way to discovering themselves and their partners. Yes, this is a romance and slice of life roleplay, but not contain sexual scenes (those are fade to black or PMs). The four couples will go threw many trials such as cheating scandals, lies being revealed, jealousy, pain, so no there can no be innocent goody-goodies. Sorry not sorry. All couples are between the ages of 20-30, each having a unique story to them that means the world to the couple, but will they forget about it when the bombs begin to fall? Besides the four couples, there will be a brother and sister that run the retreat and they will also help cause some drama!
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  2. I'm intrigued
  3. I will be in for it! Female please!
  4. I'm in... Female please!!
  5. I feel like there's a lot of females but I want a female ._. but idk if I want a male either
  6. I will be making a OOC & Sign-up shortly!
  7. There are two females so far. I am making a male
  8. Autumn what should I do? D: I'M SO CONFLICTED! Lmao
  9. Do a stud!
  10. OMG I DIDN'T EVEN THINK ABOUT THAT! But I can't she'd have to be a lesbian
  11. And???????? we will just have three guys and five girls, one relationship can be lesbian, just invite someone that wouldn't mind playing your love interest, who's interested in this, and wouldn't mind playing a lesbian or bi-sexual girl.
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  12. I love you for this. It's happening
  13. Can I go ahead and reserve a female? I prefer a straight relationship but I'm not opposed to having a lesbian relationship if you can't find anyone
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