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So this is semi based on the movie "stand by me" with some plot twists. This version will be basically a group of boys 12-14 years old all come from bad homes ex. Parents who beat them, over-bearing parents and so on and so forth. So the boys get together and decide enough is enough and they run away heading into a large forest on the edge of the small will you stand by me?

No OOC drama, powerplay, god modding excetra.
I'm hopping it doesn't come to this but if there is any smut it is fade to black only, nudity and dirty jokes/sexual references are fine, but no smut.

Gender: (male only, just put it in there for the heck of it)
Age: (12-14)
Appearance: (can be description or picture, if picture please realistic)
Personality: (just 3-5 traits)
Bio: (about a paragraph also include the reason they are running away)
Supplies: (what they brought with them)

My Character
Name: Xavier
Gender: male
Age: 12
Appearance: tall for his age with short brown hair and brown eyes.
Personality: kind, overprotective, affectionate, innocent
Bio: Xavier's parents always ignored him and went out drinking always leaving him home alone. His parents were never vey affectionate towards him so he tries to get the affection he should get from his parents from other people...wether they like it or not. Xavier finally got tired of being ignored so he decided to go with his friends I to the unknown.
Supplies: one extra outfit, some canned foods, some fruit, a can opener, a journel and some pencils and erasers.
Other: he has a cross necklace he never takes off.
Name: August Baylen

Gender: male

Age: 14


Personality: very brave, protective, spirited, wild

Bio: August was raised an only child and was beaten severely when he has young. At the age of 11 he left home to live with his Aunt and Uncle only to be treated just as bad verbally as he was physically. He decided to leave all together and just seek adventure and a life for himself.

Supplies: a backpack full of extra clothes, some canned foods, (a little whiskey that's hidden), cigarettes, his two knives and some extra sneakers.

Other: August tends to have a colorful word choice though he tries to keep it PG, sometimes he can't help it though.
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