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  1. This RP will be slightly based off of the old movie "stand by me" if you have seen it great, if not no big deal. The main plot (will stray away from the movie, which is why this is not in the random section) will 4-6 boys (12-15) decide to run away from home dealing with various problems at home.

    The setting will be the small rural town of Maywood, which is in the middle of no where, most people never leave the town and stay there their entire lives. The boy tired of their home lives decide to leave home together in search of finding a better life somewhere else, will the boys get away from Maywood or will they turn back, what is all up to you!

    Character Sheet
    Gender: (males only, but I figured I would put it in anyways)
    Gear they are bringing:
    Reason for leaving home:

    One character per person, first come first served, also for the season they are leaving home, one per person. For example in the movie one of the boys is abused, another comes from a family with a bad name for themselves, in other words I don't want more than one of each reason for leaving.

    1. Abused/neglected at home
    2. On the run from the police
    3. Secretly gay and scared to tell parents
    4. Can't live up to parents potential....taken by me

    My character
    Name: Xavier McIntosh
    Age: 14
    Gender: male
    Sexuality straight
    Personality: Xavier is a strange one, he is very affectionate, but is shy about his body. He will often hug his friends wether they like it or not, but he is terrified of undressing in front of people.
    Appearance: Brown hair and eyes, 5ft. Some would call him handsome.
    Gear: backpack, pack of matches, a flash light (he forgot the batteries...oops), an apple, orange, banana a water bottle, and an extra pair of boxers.
    Reason for leaving home: Xavier could never live up to the extremely high standards his parents had for him, finally he couldn't taken it anymore and decided to leave Maywood with his friends in the hopes of finding something better......

    Yeah I suck at CS's
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  2. ME~!!! I WILL JOIN~!!!
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  3. Name:
    Birch Bartram
    Ambitious; in what way, Birch doesn't quite know. He just knows that he needs to do something and be the best he can be. Mysterious; he has a tendency to be vague and off-putting to both protective himself and, when upset, add on to his passive-aggressive-ness. Highly eccentric; you never know the next phrase or invention or thought to come out of him.
    ---can't quite find a face yet, but like a young Marcel Carter.
    Gear they are bringing:
    Clothes. That's about it.
    Reason for leaving home:
    Birch is just tainted by this town. He'll never make a life here, and that's what he's desperate to do- after all, what is a life if not wonderful and fulfilled?
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  4. ....kinda feel bad about this, but I just edited the age limit and then saw this I changed it to 12-15, so we could kinda have that beginning of puberty awkwardness, boys becoming men, their bodies changing and all that stuff, and with no adults to explain to them what is going on I figured we could have some funny explanations to things that happen to boys during puberty....sorry I tend to ramble....
  5. No prob! I can easily change Birch to 15.
  6. :: Name ::
    "Who are you?"
    Cecil Rhineheart

    :: Age ::
    "What is it to you?"

    :: Gender ::
    "Can't you see?"

    :: Sexuality ::
    "What the fuck are you even asking?"

    :: Personality ::
    A bit of a sharp mouthed child, Cecil isn't the most kindest boy in the word always snapping at those around him and always trying to avoid doing anything that will cause trouble. A fast runner, Cecil makes his way around most places by parkour. Although despite his sharp tongue he has has a soft message underneath, a lot more knowledgeable than most his age, Cecil isn't your normal fourteen year old.

    :: Gear they are bringing ::
    "What I do is nothing to do with you."
    ~ Earphones ~
    ~ MP3 player which has AA battery ~
    ~ HUGE pack of AA batteries ~
    ~ A couple of changes of clothes ~
    ~ A bit of money (($1 000)) that he found ~

    :: Reason for leaving home ::
    "Fuck these assholes."
    LEt's just say that the memories that have been created here should be left there. No more need for adults or parents and older figures.

    ((I can stop him swearing~ If you want~))
  7. spot reserved​
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  8. We will start either tomorrow or Thursday, I would like one or twoote people to join.
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  9. Anyone there?
  10. Me~ I am here~

    When are we starting this~? Are we waiting for someone else to join~?
  11. We have to wait until @Poetic_Justic3 get's his CS done, and I would like at least one more person before we start
  12. This sounds awesome! I'll start up a CS and have it done in an hour or so!

    EDIT: Here it is! If there's anything that needs changing, let me know.

    Name: Paul Stephanides

    Age: 15

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: Hasn't quite come to terms with this part of himself yet.

    Personality: Paul is, if nothing else, a gathering storm of repressed anger. Known throughout town for his volatile behavior and hair-trigger rage, he has spent the last ten months in a juvenile correctional facility-- a fact that has embarrassed his father, a priest at one of the town's churches, to no end.


    Gaunt and sinewy. He came home with a shorn scalp and barely-healed cuts on his face. He mostly wears tight, ill-fitting clothing that he's had for years, since he doesn't like buying new things.

    Gear: Greek worry beads, an empty wallet, a stolen swiss army knife, cheap burner phone

    Reason for leaving home: After a particularly terrible fight with his father, Paul decided that he'd rather be anywhere else but home.
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  13. He has a very handsome face but it is cute at the same but strangely beautiful..... And now i sound so creepy.......... =///////="
  14. Ha ha. That's kind of what I was going for actually! Took a long time to find a good image for him. :p
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  15. yup just have been busy of late
  16. Haha~ He has got such a soft but really mean look.... I can't actually explain how many different things I see in this character~!! *laughs*
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