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    Xavier stood at the edge of the woods waiting for his friends to join him. Today was the day they would leave Maywood and their awful families and go into the wilderness in search of something better. They decided to follow the railroad tracks in hopes of maybe catching a train and riding the rails for a bit. Nevertheless Xavier was excited to finally get away from his family but also to go on this adventure with his friends. Turning around he looked for his friends who would be accompanying him I to the unknown...
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  2. Cecil brought the bag up further on his shoulder and sighed softly, he had managed to leave Earth's physical representation of hell. Thank god I managed to get out.... Making sure that no one was following him he placed his ear buds in and crossed the road and then making his way to the edge of the woods, he spotted Xavier standing there waiting. Taking out one of his ear buds and slowing down to a jog as he came up to him Cecil ran his fingers through his messy brown hair and looked at him with his tired hazel eyes.
  3. Xavier saw Cecil coming towards him and couldn't help but grin. He was glad one of his friends was here. Once Cecil was with in hugging distance Xavier gave him a big hug. "I'm glad you came Cecil," he said as he hugged the boy. Sometimes his friends didn't mind the hugs and sometimes they didn't like the hugs, how Cecil would react to this one was a mystery.

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  4. Not hugging him back but just standing there Cecil rolled his eyes. He is always such a huger..... Not that he hated it but Cecil wasn't one to openly hug someone else.
    "Yeah yeah. Where are the others?"
    Making his way out of the hug Cecil placed the bag down against a tree and sat down leaning against the tree. I am not going to stand up waiting for the others. Sighing he looked up at Xavier and looked at him wondering if he was going to come and sit down beside him or continue standing.
  5. Xavier wasn't. Surprised when Cecil didn't hug him back, he would have honestly been surprised if the boy had hugged him back, his friends rarely did. Sitting down next to his friend he said, "I'm not sure, hopefully they show up soon so we can get going....otherwise we will have to leave without them." Xavier didn't want to leave any of his friends behind knowing that their home lives sucked just as much as his.
  6. Flicking through his playlist everyone who knew him, knew that it was hard to really get him to talk and when they did it was rather hard to keep the conversation going most of the time. Sitting in silence for a little while Cecil looked out wondering if no one else would really come. He didn't really mind that if it was just Xavier and himself but now all that food he had packed would have to be eaten a lot faster than he had planned. Why did I even bring food for them. Idiot. You shouldn't have done that. they can fucking defend for themselves. Sighing softly he ran his fingers through his cafe brown hair and looked up at Xavier.
    "...... Sit down you are making me tired just looking at you."
  7. Xavier was watching for his other friends when Cecil told h to sit down. He then sat next to his friend hoping the others would show up soon. Cecil wasn't very good at keeping a conversation and Xavier was in the mood to talk. Trying to think of a way to make conversation he asked, "so what'd you bring with you?" In turn Xavier pulled out the things he had brought and put them in a pile, a flashlight, pack of matches, five apples, five bananas and his extra pair of boxers.
  8. "...... stuff...... My music player...... my spare batteries......."
    Thinking for a second he forgot what else he had brought and went through his bag not tipping it out though not showing the contents to Xavier who was sitting beside him.
    "........ Money.... Food........ Clothes........"
    Rummaging a little more Cecil then zipped it up and shrugged a little meaning that he hadn't found anything else and he had forgotten what else he had taken. Looking over at the matches and the flashlight he groaned internally.
    "I should have brought some matches..........."
  9. Hearing his friend's compliant he said, "that's okay we can share, we're all in this together man." Flashing him a quick smile he put the things he had brought back into his back. Xavier could tell Cecil wasn't in the mood to talk so he de used to wait for the other guys to show up so they could leave.
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