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  1. Have any of you ever been stalked or harassed by someone? How did you deal with it?

    I haven't been stalked or harassed personally but my grandmother has and it terrified me and my mom to the point where we moved in with her to make sure she was safe.

    I really dislike how law enforcement can't do anything about stalking until physical injury or death happens but seeing as how a lot of people lie about those things, I can sadly see why.
  2. Stalking no. Harassment? Fucking big time!

    My kids were assaulted. My car was damaged. And what was done? Absolutely nothing at all. Why? Because my husband and I kept to ourselves. We didn't kiss ass, and we certainly didn't go out of our way to please everyone else.

    I've complained about my former neighbors in the past, but I've never really explained how it all started. The first incident happened when my middle daughter hit one of the neighbor's kids. I punished her like I would if she'd hit anyone, and that should have been the end of it. It wasn't. Apparently the neighbor didn't like the fact that I sent my daughter to her room and kept her inside for a week. That punishment wasn't good enough. What did she want me to do? She wanted me to let her daughter beat the shit out of mine......Yes, you read that right. She wanted me to let her daughter assault mine. I wanted to tell the psycho bitch to fuck off, but I politely told her it wasn't going to happen and stuck to my punishment.

    The next incident happened with my son and their son. They were playing football and my son's team was winning. Their son tried to punch my son in the face and my son pushed him before he could hit him. The kid admitted to his parents that he was trying to punch my son, but they demanded I punish my son anyway to which I not so politely told them to go fuck themselves and that I wasn't going to punish my son for defending himself.

    From there it went from trying to keep our kids from playing with each other, to their kids doing whatever they could to make my kids miserable. They were stabbed in the arm with a piece of glass, hit upside the head with a stick, had things thrown in their faces, and this is just by the kids. The adults would call my kids whores and bitches, called my son a faggot, and screamed at them constantly like they were the scum of the Earth. Eventually when we complained to the rental office, the harassment shifted to the entire family. My truck was keyed up, as was my husband's car, his work truck tires were slashed, and the assholes directly next to us went around spreading rumors that my husband beat me.

    We dealt with it for six months, and it was absolute hell. The police couldn't do anything to the kids because they were all under 7 years old, and both families would lie and say that my kids were doing something first. My kids were old enough to be charged, and even though they didn't do anything, the families lied and said they did. The police wouldn't do anything about our complaints, because if they did, they would have to charge my children with what they were accused of doing. I have never had to get a protection order in my life, but within six months I had three of them....
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  3. (Sorry about that, damn computer)

    Anyway, I am currently dealing with someone harassing me. She used to be a very good friend but turned into an ass and I've since been unable to get her to leave me alone. She's sent people after me, messaged me late at night trying to bitch me out for something I didn't do and something I won't do, and has told everyone that I'm this awful person. In reality, I'm just a guy that just wants to be left the hell alone, she's started messing with my other friends.

    So I am in the process of getting a restraining order. I have to move because she's become that much of a pain, but this is mild compared to other stories I've heard.
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  4. I don't know if the two times I guy randomly walked up to me on the street and started to follow me while trying to get me to talk to them counts, so I won't get into those stories.

    In fact, I don't even know if this counts as harassment, but here I go: Life brought this guy and me together, after a few years we were best friends. He eventually asked me out, and I gave it a try for a week until I accepted I didn't feel the slightest hint of attraction towards him. We kept being friends, and some time after he got in a relationship with another girl. Shortly after, the girl got jealous and made him cut contact with me. I was upset, but got over it. Some years after, this guy started calling at my home's telephone, accusing me of stalking and spreading rumours about his girlfriend, threatening to come beat me up, and call the police on me. He called constantly for hours. Then never heard of him again. It was terrifying.
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  5. I was sexually assaulted and then harassed by one of my so-called friends in the eighth grade. That was fun. He would call my house several times a day, begging for me to 'take him back.' Then he would send me e-mails and IMs telling me to kill myself and how I was too ugly for anyone to ever want to touch me. I didn't have enough self esteem to do anything about this. I thought I deserved it. I never told my parents.

    These days I'm enough of a hermit - both online and off - that I don't think I'd ever need to worry about that happening again.
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  6. Yep. Been stalked before. Been harassed before. Not that anybody's really cared though.

    I was stalked in high school by a woman who tried to make me love her. Harassed me too. Sent me hundreds of texts threatening her suicide. Threatened to accuse me of raping her to ruin my life if I wouldn't go out with her. I've talked about her before on these forums. Funny part is, I can't even remember her name now. I remember her face, but not her name. I've moved on.

    At this point, I only respond to stalkers, and only to the level of isolating my interactions with them so they won't find anything critical about my whereabouts. I couldn't give a fuck about harassment anymore. I've received so much of it over the years that my only response to it is simply not to respond. Spam my inbox, spam my e-mail, spam my mailbox, scream at me. Tell me how I deserve to die a thousand different ways, tell me I'm cold hearted, tell me how I deserve to get raped, tell me how I'm some "evil nazi racist white supremacist misogynistic crab fucker" (no really, that one is real), I don't give a fuck anymore. I just don't. Give me your worst, it can't be worse than what my own mother did to me.
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  7. Used to be called Walker the Stalker in High School. All because I was crushing on a girl who had similar interests as me, who began dating a guy who had absolutely nothing in common with her just because he asked and she didn't want to be mean and say no. I was sad, told my friends why, one friend mentions it to another, gets around, etc etc. Last time I ever hesitated asking someone out that's for sure.

    Just talking to her between classes we shared was enough to have her new friends call the sro on me.

    First heartbreak worst heartbreak.

    Also been stalked by a really gay guy from Australia in Wow. I thought he was just being super friendly since we shared a lot of interests. Then he drops the question of asking if we can date. I was married.

    What (no) fun it was purging his taint from social circles. He made ten new characters and more than a few accounts to keep trying to slander me. Most guildies were kinda just.. "Dude it's a game, we're here to make friends not find a father figure/gay romance."

    Edit: I did date that girl for a little while after she broke up with her first. It was well over two years they'd been dating and I waited well past the "rebound time". Lasted all of a month before I broke up with her because she wasn't the dream an aching heart made her out to be. Her friends still occasionally insult me over over Facebook before I quit some months back. Her and I are still at least on friendly terms.
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  8. Yes. >:/ There was this guy that was always trying to convince me to date him, no matter how many times I told him I wasn't interested. He'd call me every day and bother me at school, and it was annoying but not scary - until my friend (being the kind of girl who always made really bad choices) invited him over to her house and then showed him where I live. Then he started showing up at my house every other day. The scariest point was when he said something like "Hey, what were you up to last night? I drove by your apartment at 3am and saw your light was still on." At that point I made sure to avoid him in every possible way. x____x Blocked number, wouldn't answer the door, made sure my parents knew I did NOT want to see or talk to that guy EVER. I remember hiding behind my Dad at the grocery store one time a year or so later when I just happened to see him. D:

    For awhile I also had a bully who would stalk me around the neighborhood to kick my ass. >:/ But that ended when my mom called the cops.

    I've had some other incidents too, but all of those have been on the internet. I have full and complete control over who is allowed to talk to me on the internet, so all they really accomplish is annoying me for five minutes while I block/ban them and whatever new info they obtained to try and get around my last block. c___c Once they realize they can't touch me, they tend to give up really quick.

    I have a very low tolerance for anyone that makes me uncomfortable. ._. I WILL shut that shit down real quick by any means necessary, whether that means blocking or in extreme scenarios calling the cops. Luckily, because I don't allow crappy people to stay in my life for long, it's really rare for things to escalate to the point of stalking or harassment. O_O
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  9. I didn't experience it too hard, but my group of friends was being stalked and harassed on The people responsible made a tumblr for it and posted kinky RP logs and kept saying how gross we were, and one impersonated another friend to smear their reputation, all to get at one of our friends who didn't even use the site that much anymore.

    I ended up dragging my friends over here kicking and screaming because I knew if that happened over here, the staff wouldn't just tell us to deal with it or report posts as they happened and then not even delete the posts that occured on itself.

    I ended up bringing over 11 people from that site from my group of friends there and helping re-establish our group RP over here where we can all feel safe.
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  10. Both, but I'll keep to the stalking stories.

    1) Ninth grade, a kid who lived on my street and who had gone to school with me for years started to stare at me in the class we stared. To the point that I clearly noticed. The first few times I went home, I figured he was just walking the same way, cause you know we lived on the same street? The day I realized he was stalking me was when I stopped at my sister bus stop. Testing to see if he was actually following me or not. Of course he waited at a distance for me to keep walking home, despite the wait for my sisters bus being nearly ten minutes. When she showed up, we walked home together and once again he followed. That night I told my mother and she went down the street. The boy never looked at me again, but I think that's solely because his parents were scary as fuck.

    2) I believe I was just short of twenty years old. Started working at my current job, McDonald. This one guy became a regular, and you know? I was nice, because that's my job. I'd chat with him as he waited for his food, say hello if I saw him. He took that the wrong way >>. Would show up each night in hopes just to see me. Awkwardly laughed it off, until one night I got off just as he was getting his food. Tried to make my way out quickly but he spotted me. Knew my name because name tags are such wonderful yet horrible things. Being the nice person I am, I stopped and let him talk to me, before I tried to leave again. He stopped me just outside the door and tried to get my number. I had to refuse him over and over again, that for one I had a boyfriend as you guys may know him, and B I don't take customers numbers. Even if they just want to be 'friends' as he claimed it. One of the managers noticed that I was still t here as she was living, talking to this guy and being awkward as hell. So she waited, the guy got the hint and let me finally leave, and we rounded back into the store to tell the other managers to wait out for him. The manager then walked me home, and then Rain walked me home the next few nights. I think the manager finally scared him off @_@
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  11. My father is very abusive and still continues to harass me and my family. I live with my mother and sister and we constantly get letters, phone calls, and text messages. My father is bipolar and so some are as simple as "hi girls, how are you doing?" while most of them include messages including that he wished we were never born, that he wished we were dead, that he needed money from us, that were were rotten, that he was taking up to court. He very rarely physically abused us but I actually find it harder to deal with... when we moved out, at least I could escape that physical abuse. He still continues to harass and belittle us. Always threatening to take us to court. When I was younger and he was more angry I actually feared that he would come to my house and shoot it up... now I realize he's too much of a coward, but I am still fearful of him. My counselor (I suffer from anxiety and probably an amount of PTSD) suggested I get a restraining order but I just hope it'll all stop when I graduate university and he won't have to pay child support and we won't be taking money out of our education account (he hates not having control, especially of money).
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