Stalking A New Site? Yessirree!



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:moose: <<<--It's a moose.
:cookie: <<<--That's a yummy cookie.
Skittles <<<-- That's the new member(ME!)

I have no idea what to put here. xD Isn't that typical? Go to a new site, stalk it for awhile, then realize you have no idea what to do? Well, at least for me it is.

I like cookies, writing, and creativity. :D If we didn't have imaginations, where would we be today? Pfft, in a dumpster, that's where. Or, ya know, at least in a boring world. I love talking to peeps. They amuse me, especially if they play along when I go all kooky. ^.^

Anyways... Hi. :)
Welcome to the site.

I see you like cookies. I also like cookies.

These are delicious looking cookies. Like little sandwiches of awesome.

Hope you enjoy your time here, and if you have any questions feel free to ask. The staff is very helpful.
Cookies are awesome. ^.^ What is your favorite kind of cookie?

At the last site I Was at, the staff was immature, dictator-like, and wouldn't even consider any ideas the members put in. I look forwards to having a nice staff. ^.^
If we didn't have imagination, we wouldn't even be living in dumpster

anyway, welcome. I'm the resident mad scientist, if you need help ask.
Baha, what kind of experiments do you do? O___o

True, true. It's be... Blank in this world.
The staff here is not immature and dictator-like at ALL

*hides the mountain of plushies he was using as a throne*
<.< >.> <.<

Welcome to the site, the people with the special colored names are staff, ask us anything we'll try our best to help. If you ever have a PROBLEM with anything, feel free to send us a PM and we'll take a look at it.

Now, I gotta go before the rest of the staff show up...if they see me, they'll expect me to show up in every welcome thread and I don't WANT any more wooooork!

Myrn AWAY! *dodges out the door again*
Yay to non-dictatorship! :D
((The immature part might have been because almost every admin and staff member was under sixteen. >.>

So far, notta. ^.^
Welcome to the Iwaku Frantic, My name is Shadow Ike as you can see but please call me Ike. If you Have any questions please contact me, I may or may not be around to answer them.
*Sets fire to Myrn's plushie throne*

It was Vay. Honest.

Welcome to the site, new person.
The staff here is not dictator like? O.o ...

*hides his 'via la revolution' signs*


Greetings and salutations Skitzafrantic! 'velcome to Iwaku! As said, if you have any problems, comments, or questions feel free to ask the staff or one o' the other members. They (for the most part) should be 'appy and willing to assist you.

Other than that, take gander 'round 'n enjoy your stay here!

*Offers Skitzafrantic a present*
Baha, I feel like I should do a star-trek greeting, Woodrat. XD

Riiiight, non-dictatorship at all. :P

Hola, U.G. ^.^
*sits idly roasting marshmellows on myrn's flaming plushiethrone*

Hello again Skits. Good to see you. As you can see I'm not the only madman about but crazy makes the most entertaining best company amiright?


*offers skits a quiet swamp*
Yes, siree. XD

OMIGOLDFISH, a mellowmarsh! *Nom, nom, nom* :D
Not all the staff is dictator-like, so have no fear. ^__~

I love cookies too! White chocolate macadamia nut is my fave! Such delicious deliciousness. *___* Anyway... Enjoy your time here. There's plenty to do! Lots of roleplays, lots of games, lots of good discussions. Check out the Writing and Creativity section as well! There are writing challenges, and you can showcase any writing or art you have.

<3 PM me if you need anything.
Hahaha! You have been deceived and fell upon our trap! >:D For we are the meanest most terrible people and use our minions for our own nefarious self pleasures!

And uh.. Welcome! (But not really welcome, because we're evil, I swear. >>;)
Hello and welcome to Iwaku! I apologize for being so late to the party. :(
I'm Kitti and it's a pleasure to meet you. I see you've already filled out the roleplay resume - good job!
I hope that you enjoy your time here, but if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.
Baha, yeah, a throne of plushies, is evil. :P
If I do have any questions, I will definitely just kinda scream, and someone will notice. :D

White macadamia nut is delicious if cooked right!
what type of experiments do I perform?


usually involving turning people into neko-jin or plushies.