Сталкеры Внимания!

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  1. This... is actually pretty interesting...
  2. me too gibs. me too.
  3. Where on earth did they get those tanks?
  4. "And that’s all just a few yards away from the disaster site, the place where there is still a high dose of radiation in the soil."


    . . .Whut?
  5. Yeah, it's pretty old.

    Still awesome though.
  6. that looks like a badass airsoft game
  7. Diana, that is NOT a TANK...

    The BTR-60 is more like THE ULTIMATE SUV.

    Eight by eight drive, amphibious, and more than capable of ferrying sixteen fully equipped grunts as uncomfortably as possible.
  8. So.... cool..... seriously...
  9. Quite so. Though I can see how that might be kinda fun...
  10. Looks like a tank to me! D: Is big and can run me over!
  11. I'm gonna get my military nerd on and tell you that's a BMP, it's an amphibious vehicle that's used to shoot everything and everyone and carry people to shoot everything and everyone.

    Think of it as a tank's little brother with more choice of ammunition besides BIG BULLET, TINY BULLET.
  12. *Beats Darkness with a T-72 Ural.*


    The BMP is a MOBILE TREAD, read MOBILE TREAD, vehicle.

  13. WHOA! Calm down, Major Madness!

    *Puts Darky in witness protection*

    It's not a tank, we get it.

  14. lulz i only saw the upper part of the picture lulzzz

    n how did u grab a bike lolz

    inb4 another post like that.
  15. *Continues beating Darkness with the Ural tank.*
  16. REDIRECT TO ORIGINAL TOPIC: So.... do they glow in the dark now?

    .... Is is it only recently that the feathers on their tails have been molting?