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  1. Bree has everything going right in her life! Great grades, Awesome friends and a guy who may become a little more than friends. But then she meets a new kid and being the nice person she is she is nice and friendly to him. Then suddenly this guy gets creepy....~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -Quick Character Info- Name: Bree May White, Age: 17, Height: 5'6'' Personality: Outgoing, Smart, Honest, Loyal, Sweet, Kind, Caring, Goofy. She normally always has a smile on her face and loves trying to get people to laugh, esecially people who have had a rough day., Looks: (Picture below)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bree hopped into her car and grinned at her mother, "See you later mom!" she stepped on the gas pedal and drove to her best friends house, she always picked her up for school. As Bree drove she turned up the radio and sang along to the music. Everyone knew how beautiful her voice was, they all loved it. Bree parked in front of her friends house and honked.

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  2. ((Hope I can be that guy :) ))

    Name: Gregory Weston
    Age: 17 (18th birthday happens in the rp if that's alright with you)
    Height: 6'2"
    Personality: Very shy, keeps to himself, doesn't talk to much and lately when he's actually talking he seems to be talking to himself.
    Reason why he's suddenly becoming so weird: The "voice in his head" recently turned out to be an invisible entity that has mystical, psychological, and spiritual powers. Gregory, how ever is still getting used to it. He's the only one who can see, hear, and feel the entity. Gregory is capable of so much more, because of this new found ability, he just doesn't know it yet.
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  3. Accepted! :3
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  4. Greg woke up startled. He had another one of those dreams. He'd always wake up scared out of his mind, but he would never remember the dream. But thanks to his new friend, the entity, he's been having a lot of these weird dreams. Greg was pretty sure that this entity had some kind of crush on him, but he didn't exactly know if it was a male or female yet. "Good morning my love!" a voice echoed in his head.
    "Yes hi. This is like the 8th night you've given me that weird dream. Just tell me what happened! I can never remember."
    "That's confidential babe," the entity echoed once more.
    "Don't F-ing call me that!" he yelled. As he yelled his brand new smart TV that he had recently put in his room shattered. Greg's left eye twitched.
    "You need to remember even though I have a mind of my own, you still control me... be careful. I'll fix that for" Greg grumbled as a gust of wind seemed to fly over the smart TV and with in seconds it seemed as if time had reversed himself and the TV was fixed. "Amazing right? You'll be able to do a lot of that when you turn 18. You're abilities are very limited until then."
    "Then I'm thankful it's two days from now...listen I have to get dressed...I don't want you doing what you did...last time..." he shivered at the thought. "But before I do. I have a question."
    "Ask away"
    "How come I can't know you're name, you're gender, or what you look like until my 18th birthday?"
    "....I'll tell you on your 18th birthday sweety."
    "Seriously!? Ugh!...don't say ANYTHING while I'm changing..." Greg began to strip out of the pair of boxers he usually sleeps in before immediately slipping on a new pair and some black skinny jeans along with it. He then slipped on his usual grey hoodie. He was thankful he'd taken a shower the night before. It would've been a disturbing shower for him. He smiled as he pulled his backpack on. "Was that so hard?" he asked the entity.
    "I would do so much to that body of yours..."

    Greg walked down the stairs of his big house. He was quite satisfied that he was born into a rich life style with a rich family. And the best part was that these were the rich parents that actually cared about him. He was an only child. "Alright Dad I'm off to school!" "Alright're mom's still sleeping which is surprising, that's why I'm cooking don't want any?"
    "Naw I'm good Dad thanks. I'll walk to school today. But it'd be awesome if you or mom could pick me up. I get tired of those bullies on my way home. Trust me...the last 9 days I've been able to take care of them, but they just don't quit."
    "Alright son. Get good grades and...what not haha,"
    "Will do Dad!" Greg walked out of the house locking the door behind him. He walked normally down his side walk when he felt him floating. "What the hell!?"
    "We're flying to school!"
    Greg covered his eyes as he literally was in the clouds with in a few seconds. "It's so cold!" Greg yelled.

    Once Greg arrived at the school. He flew right into a bush as he tried to land.
    "Yeah you definitely need flying lessons..."
    "Ya think!?" he yelled. As Greg got up to brush himself he noticed the amount of people staring at him. He hoped they didn't see him soaring through the air a few seconds ago. He looked at a few faces before taking his leave as quickly as possible. He walked into the school building from the back way. He was surprised his entity hadn't said anything yet. He thought about his friend. He'd forgotten his entity can read his mind.
    "Oh so you're thinking about that b**** again. SHE'S NOT STEALING YOU FROM ME!"
    Shut up! he thought to himself so only the entity could hear. Listen I really like her okay? But there's this other guy that she likes...she told me. So there's probably not a chance I'll be with her. So stop complaining. Greg could hear the entity mumbling in his head. He chuckled a little.

  5. ((Lol I will just play my characters best friend XD. Could you play the guy that she likes?))
    -Quick Character Info-
    Name: Chance Ray Robinson
    Age: 17
    Height: 5'2''
    Looks: (Look at picture below)
    Chance ran out the door and yelled, "I'm coming, I'm coming!" She stopped for a moment and smiled at Bree. "Geez... You are so impatient." Chance stuck her tongue out at Bree and Bree giggled, "I only honked once!"
    Chance went to protest but then decided not to, she knew Bree was right. She smiled and went into the passenger seat. It didnt take long for them to get to school. Once she parked she turned off the car and got out, the sun shining against her face, making her deep blue eyes look even more radiant. She closed her eyes for a moment and breathed in the fresh air, the sun making her long beautiful blond hair shine. She opened her eyes when she heard Chance shutting the passenger door shut. She turned her head to look at her childhood friend. She smiled at her, "Ready?" Bree asked. Chance nodded and grabbed her backpack, swinging it over her shoulder. The headed towards the school together.

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