Stalingrad, 1942

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  1. On June 22, 1941, the Nazi ruler Adolf Hitler launched operation Barbarossa, invading the Soviet Union. The Soviets were caught off guard, and quickly fell to the well trained, battle hardened German soldiers. The Wehrmacht blitzed their way through line after line of soviet defense, until before long they arrived at the gates of Moscow, the very heart of the USSR.
    Hitler, deciding that the lives of German soldiers was worth much more than taking the well defended capital, moved south to attack Stalingrad, the city named after the great Soviet leader, Stalin. This would cut supply lines to the rest of the USSR, and leave Moscow to be dealt with later. Once Hitler's intentions became clear, Stalin sent word to the city of Stalingrad, already under massive air raid from the Luftwaffe, that anybody strong enough to hold a rifle would defend the city at any cost.


    Alya hurried through the streets as rain fell on the ruined, deserted city of Stalingrad. She had a makeshift pouch slung over her shoulder, filled with food that would keep her alive for the next few days as she hid. Not looking where she was going, she bumped into the leg of someone, falling back onto her bottom. "Ooph." she grunted as she hit the floor, adjusting the helmet on her head that was obviously too large for her. "Sorry."
  2. Nikolai walked through the streets his rifle lazily resting in his hands across his chest, he had a bit of barley in his mouth and chewed on it, his overcoat was dusty but kept him warm. He had kept his uncles ushanka and had strapped Nazi helmets on his shoulders for the look of one who kills. He was walking through the town and a girl bumped into his leg falling to the ground, he looked down and saw a little girl with a pouch and a soviet tank operators helmet on. He smiled and knelt down offering a hand to the little girl.

    "It will be okay little one, the Nazi's will not take our home, we will fight them off." He said helping her stand up and brushing off some dirt.

    "A child such as you should be in hiding or with their parents" Nikolai said sternly as he pushed himself off his knees and stood. He dusted off his knees and stood towering over the child.
  3. Alya straightened the pack on her back, and shifted the helmet back so she could look up at the man. "I have no parents." she told him. "They were killed at the start of the war."
  4. Nikolai grimaced and looked down at the child, he felt bad for her but had no means of helping her other than giving her some protection until she was out of the city. A thought to help her crossed his mind for an instant, he thought about giving her his .35 but realized that would be foolish and extremely dangerous considering she didnt look like she could even lift it much less aim it. He looked down at her and flashed a reassuring smile.

    "Listen little one," Nikolai said, "I will watch over you until I find someone to toss you off too, but until then I will keep you safe. However I can, thought it is likely I will require you to do as I say. That or you can run around while the Nazi's shoot at us."
  5. Alya looked at the man, not sure whether to trust him. Before she could make up her mind, gunshots rung out from around the corner of the street they were on, a small firefight had begun between Soviet and Nazi soldiers. Alya looked up at him wide eyed before tightening the bag on her back and running to hide in a nearby building.
  6. Yuri sat, crouched in a corner of an abandoned building shivering. What am I going to do? he thought to himself as he rubbed his hands together to try to generate some heat. The call for a charge had gone down the line, but it was hopeless. He doubted the red army could take that Nazi position with all the people in the motherland. But complain all he could it wouldn't matter. He was a deserter now. One of those few who survived the assault, and the friendly fire to the retreating troops. He was alone, completely. He didn't even care when the sounds of gunfire broke out not far away. He was about to lay down and try for some sleep when he heard the sound of approaching footfalls. He looked around nervously. If a soldier from either side found him here he'd be shot on sight. "Who's there!?" he called out.
  7. Nikolai stared down at the little girl, but their conversation was interrupted by the sound of gun fire and the patter of bullets striking the ground around him. He dropped to a knee and rolled to a nearby pile of rubble, he saw that the little girl had run and hid behind a building. Nikolai raised his rifle over the edge of the ruble and watched down the scope where the shots had come from, he saw several Nazi troops at the edge of the street. He moved left a bit and put his crosshairs on ones head, the man continued popping in and out of cover around the corner. Nikolai waited and when the man popped his head out a sharp crack rung out and then the metallic ping of bullet striking through helmet as the mans blood was splattered along the corner of the wall. Nikolai let out a laugh and found his next target hiding behind a demolished car, he fired, the mans chest exploded in a fountain of blood. He looked down his scope and spotted two more behind cover and one moving with what looked like a machine gun, MG42, Nikolai hastily shot at the man taking off his left arm at the elbow. He pulled back the slide on his rifle and fired again taking the mans head off, he collapsed the MG42 under his body. Nikolai watched as one of the Nazi's who had been taking cover rushed over to the corpse and tried to pull the MG42 from under it. Nikolai squeezed the trigger, a bullet tore through the man's left temple and blood spattered on the dirty snow from his right temple. Nikolai sat behind cover waiting for the last man to come out, he sat there for 10 minutes simply staring down his scope, waiting for the man to peek out. He thought about the little girl and shouted out to her.

    "Girl!" Nikolai said his eyes still on his scope, "Are you injured?"
  8. Olesya had successfully snuck out of her home, She knew the consequence's and dangers of leaving the well hidden home during the war but was to curious to care. she carried a bag full of berries and rabbits she had killed. The street was not a safe place to be walking about, so she ran from building to building. To keep herself hidden well from the Nazi soldiers she had pulled her beanie down lower and lifter her hood. 'Father spoke of them killing the women slowly sometimes not at all, Just to torture and rape them.' Pulling out the Heavy hand gun her mother gave her she made sure it was loaded and continued to walk through the abandoned building. She could hear the fire of guns and screams of agony not far from where she was. Suddenly a voice called out asking a question, it doesn't seem to be of the enemy language it also sounded male. Aiming the gun ahead of her Olesya slowed her pace of walking and took short quiet breaths. 'I've never killed a man before...only animals or objects.' cautiously she entered the room the voice came from and the sight of a man cowering in a corner caught her eyes. She pointed the gun at him and cleared her throat. "What side do you fight for?!" trying best to cover her Russian accent.