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  1. (Well the zombie apocalypse happened. It's been ten years and factions have formed and towns have sprung up. There are profits to be made for those brave enough to journey the long distances between towns with goods. Even a small bag can bring a good profit.)
    Elder walked down the sidewalk of the ruined town, heading for New Hope. His rifle hung from it's sling, bobbing slightly as he walked. He checked the messenger bag yet again, making sure everything was there. He needed this to go down smoothly, and not having everything wasn't going to help that.
    He pulled his old Luger out and checked it again, then looked around. Nothing, no zombies, no raiders, this was going too well.
  2. Reese shot her crossbow. This time, she wasn't killing dead ones, she was just getting her food. It was weird how events can change a person, before the whole disaster, she used to be a vegetarian. And there she was, killing a sweet little innocent rabbit without hesitation. She skinned it and started a fire, using one of her last matches. She sighed, she was surely needing to learn how to start one with sticks and stones. Reese hurried to cook the rabbit, because she didn't want to call the attention of anyone with the smoke, even though she was sure that at least one zombie would interrupt her quiet meal.
  3. Ryder had settled down next to a river to clean up quickly. He was part of the usmc force recon before the government collapsed. Now he was a survivor.

    He took of his back pack and tactical vest. He he the removed his holster from his leg and leaned his rifle against a rock. Finally he removed his bowie hat and boots. Then he dove into the river.
  4. Elder continued walking down the worn side walk, looking around at the ruined buildings and vehicles. His eyes rested for a moment on a truck he had used a few months back before it broke down here. During his distraction a zombie stumbled out of an alley and walked towards him.
    Elder leaned into the cab and pulled the glove box open. Nothing, must have been looted while he was gone. The zombie grabbed him as he turned around, and immediately went to bite him.
    Elder pushed it off of him and grabbed his rifle. With a swift shot he put the beast down. He spotted more come out of alleys and start towards him. "Oh fuck this." He says, then turns to run.
    He looks over his shoulder to see one of them break from the group and run after him.
  5. Ryder had heard the gunshot and swam back to shore. He began gearing up to move. After strapping his pistol to his leg and putting on the tactical vest. He grabbed his bag and rifle and began to run, knowing full well that the gunshot will rile up and zombies in the area. He went to turn left down the street and saw someone running from zombies. He took aim down the scope of his rifle he let a round rip over the persons shoulder dropping the zombie running after him.
  6. "Jesus Christ in a flaming hand basket!" He yelled as the shot flew over his shoulder and he saw what in his perspective was a man either trying to kill him or help him. He went with the latter, and kept running. The zombies, relentless as ever, continued shambling towards them.
    "Lets get the fuck out of here!" Elder yelled to the man.
  7. She heard a shot, and tried to ignore it. Someone was surely in troubles, but she couldn't go around helping people, because that the best way to get killed. So she just kept eating her food, trying to think about something else. A second shot was made, and she found impossible to ignore it. Mainly because she could also hear some screamings, and it seemed that they were going in her direction. She left the dead rabbit on the floor and run, trying to locate the whole noise source in order to get away quicker.
    She didn't take long to find it. As soon as she saw the street, she could see a man running from a group of zombis, running towards her. It shocked her a little, but she immeaditly started to imitate that man, there were too many to confront.
  8. Ryder turned and began sprinting that's when he saw a girl. He caught up to her. "Keep running." He yelled.
  9. There was someone else that she didn't spot before running from the horde. She chuckled a little, of course she would keep running, but she still apreciated the worry. A zombie came in the way in front of them, and she quicky handled it shooting with her crossbow. Great, another arrow she was not getting back.
  10. Ryder grabbed the arrow as he passed the zombie. "Don't worry I got it." He continued to run hoping that they would be out of the city soon.
  11. She turned around for a moment to see what he meant and saw him with her arrow. "Thanks". She got deeper into the town, and saw a van parked next to a not really tall roof, so she climbed in there without much effort. The zombies, in the other hand, wouldn't be able to do it, or they would take a long time. "Over here!" shouted, expecting the two living humans to get there safe.
  12. Elder followed suit and got on top of the roof. "Thanks for the save back there." He said while he checked the bag again. Noting that everything was still there he paced a little. "So what's the plan?"
  13. Ryder was the last to make his way on to the roof. He handed the arrow to the girl. He then checked his gear, making sure he had all his gear. "We need to get out of this town and we definitely need to get off this roof."
  14. She took the arrow and smiled at him, thanking him. She saved it and took a moment to watch at the zombies, desperately piling up trying to get on the roof. "We are definetly not going down that way" stated, even if it was obvious, and started walking to the other edge. "We should jump while they are focused in there."
  15. Elder followed her, figuring it was his best bet. "Knew I shouldn't have gone this route, nothing but bad luck on this road."
  16. "We are still alive, so it wasn't that bad after all." answered in a quiet voice, she didn't want to call the attention of their persecutors. She jumped down and looked around. She then told them with signs to follow her, in silence.
  17. Ryder jumped down after with his pistol drawn knowing his rifle was no good for close quarters. He gave a hand signal for the last person to jump down.
  18. Elder jumped and pulled his pistol out. He followed the other two, keeping behind them covered.
  19. She waited for them and ran, leaving the town and entering into the woods. She stoped at a reasonable distance, where those zombies will never find them.
    "I think we are good now. I'm Reese BTW."
  20. "They call me Elder." He said, holstering his pistol. He pulled out a compass and turned. "Thanks for the save, but I gotta get this package to New Hope."
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