Stakes and Silver Bullets

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  1. Many years ago, a war was made against the two species, vampire and werewolves. Neither got along and the war still takes place. Some linger between the two sides, outcasts, nobody's, mixed. Chose your side and destiny..

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  2. She walked through the forest, her fingers raking through her short black hair as her icy blue eyes lazily, yet skillfully, moved from side to side as she kept alert. Her unusually long and sharp canine teeth, other than her cold blue eyes, were one of the things that was most famous throughout the werewolf community. Her pale skin made her look white as snow as she weaves between the trees, occasionally stepping into the rays of the moonlight. Her appearance as a human was young, 19 or 20, and as a wolf she was fairly young with fur black as night, eyes as icy and blue that it often made others uncomfortable to meet her gaze, and canine teeth so long and sharp that they poked out slightly under her upper lips.

    Her tattoos she wore going up her arms, down her spine and around her waste showed symbols of her tribe, though the tribe itself was destroyed. She was the last surviving of her werewolf tribe and now just traveled, keeping off other strange werewolf territory. She was on a quest, she wished to know who wiped out her tribe yet she held no grudge against the vampires nor the werewolves. She was one of the outcasts who chose neither side in the long standing war against vampires and werewolves.

    As she walked, her gaze travels to a nearby cave. She walked towards it, growing tired from her long journey. She heard there was an elder werewolf in a nearby town that may know what happened to her tribe. As she approaches the entrance, she pauses. The wind had shifted directions and she could smell a nearby werewolf tribe as well as a vampire clan, and she thought she may have wandered too close to there boarders.
  3. Raven stands on the edge of the cliff that overhangs her territory. Her pure red eyes glowing sharply as she stares at the surroundings below her. Pure black strands of hair cascade pass her shoulders, stopping at her waist. Her teeth clench as she focuses, her pupils dilating at the urge that took over her body. She bites her lip and blinks viciously.

    She jumps off the edge and lands on the ground that was at least ten metres below her, just moment before. She takes many steps before stopping abruptly and staring at the ground. The border between the two sides. She stares at the other territory and looks for werewolves but she doesn't once pass the line. Staying still, frozen rigidly.
  4. The girl tilts her head from side to side, listening to both sides. She catches the sound of twigs snapping from the side belonging to the werewolves, catching the sent of someone guarding the boarder. Her eyes simply flick to the side, watching the tribe boarder. Her footsteps towards the cave were silent, making herself go unnoticed. She knew she would eventually be caught by members of either the clan or the tribe, but she couldn't care less. For now, her main focus was being able to get some rest.

    Once in the cave, she sat near the entrance in a way that allowed her to see both boarders clearly, yet she stayed hidden enough that she wouldn't be seen unless they approaches the cave. Her gaze travels to a cliff on the werewolf side a ways away.

    After staying awake for a moment she eventually laid down, curling up slightly and shutting her eyes and falling asleep. Even in her sleep, her ears stayed alert and sensitive so she could awake if an intruder came near her.
  5. Raven stares across the border. She covens home was not as close to the border she was at but she knew they could hear her well. She looks around more, glancing every now and then at the werewolves territory, that was inches from. She hadn't heard anything but a shuffle and she had become more alert. Staring at the small cave that she couldn't even see in.

    She steps an inch closer, crossing the border onto their turf. She licks her lip and sighs. She was nervous to say the least, she didn't like the idea of being caught out so easily.
  6. Her nose twitches, catching sent of a stranger. Tiredly, her blue eyes blink open. She didn't move, since he didn't want to alert the stranger of we presence. Instead, her glowing blue eyes watching the stranger.

    Slowly, she stood up her movements being silent. She made her way to the shadows of the cave, her eyes narrowing at the stranger as she sniffs the air again to identify what territory the stranger came from to figure out it's race.

    As she neared the entrance, the wind suddenly switched directions, her scent moving towards the stranger this time. Quickly, she moved deeper into the cave hopping the person didn't catch her scent.
  7. Raven's head is thrown to the direction of the cave as the scent hits her nostrils. Her teeth ache, extending her fangs. Her whole body had become alert at the scent. It was a werewolve. She growls a deep throaty growl, stepping a little bit closer. Her pale face froze, her eyes glowing the usual bright red
  8. The young werewolf tilted her head to the side as she weighed her options: she could fight, she could surrender, or she could ease the vampire best she could. She decided the final option would have the least violent outcome, stepping out of the shadows and into the moonlight a she gave a slight smile, though her icy eyes stayed locked on the other.

    "Hello there. No need to feel the need to growl, I'm not threat." She gave a smirk, revealing her own set if long sharp teeth. "I'm not part of that tribe. Though, I am curious, what are you doing in there territory." She made herself appear as friendly as she possibly could, since natural she was rather anti-social for a pack animal.

    She extends her hand to the other to offer a hand shake. "In case your wondering, I'm one of the neutrals on the long-standing fued between the clans and the tribes." She spoke, referring to the vampire clans and the werewolf tribes. "May I ask what side you are on?"
  9. Raven stares the the extended hand, her face grimacing. Not making any other movements, showing that she was not about to take the her hand and shake it, "My father is the head of the Dyphar Clan, I'm a vampire. But you already knew that I'm a vampire, like I know you're a werewolf. Being neutral means nothing, it's what you are that matters girl." She sneers, showing her fangs more.
  10. The vampires comment made the werewolf chuckle and grin. "Only race that matters? How stupid! What if a vampire grew up raised by werewolves? Or vice versa?" She smirks at the vampire. "You shouldn't judge a persons race in a war, but rather where there loyalties lie."

    Her hand retreats into her pocket as her cold blue eyes watche the vampire. "And a word of advice, you should carelessly toss your fathers title around like that. Labeling yourself as the child of someone so important makes you a target for your enemy. They could capture you and hold you for ransom." As she spoke, her voice has a slightly amused tone to it as she found it funny how the girl reacted.
  11. Raven rolls her eyes, "And you shouldn't provoke a vampire. And I can easily defend my self against an attack." She says baring her fangs. She turns away from the girl, "And if a werewolf grew up with a vampire family it vice versa, maybe their opinions would be much more open." She mutters still not facing the call.
  12. The werewolf smirked, walking towards the tribes area. "So, if you for mind since my blood determines everything about the rest of me, I should probably inform the other werewolves that a vampire is crossing into there territory." She stood inside the werewolf tribes land, watching the vampire. "I mean, obviously your up to no good. And since according to you, I'm only werewolf trash, I may as well help the side more accepting to me and my views. Don't you think?" Her words bitter, her icy eyes narrowing at the vampire. "Besides, as long as I stand I will not let any harm come to anyone I see."
  13. Raven scoffs, "what should I care? Tell them! It's a war, there are no rules. Werewolves killed my sister of course I think if you as scum." She growls, turning her head to see the girl, her hair wipping round, hitting her shoulders lightly,
  14. Ivory watched the two at tension. She was holding her breath, careful not be noticed and waiting for a fight to start. The tension was radiating from the two, filling her senses and making her dizzy. Hopefully the two wouldn't notice her.

    Who was this wolf and why was she not belonging to a tribe. Should I take her to Muskeegon, the tribe leader...?. Ivory's ears strained at the familiar voice. Why was Raven so close to wolf territory. A small growl formed at the back of her throat, but knowing better, Ivory swallowed the bitterness.
  15. She smirked at the girl, her own lips pulling back in a sneer. "Yet you don't take into account how many werewolf sisters your people have killed? How many children will grow up without mothers or fathers to feed and care for them because f your petty war?" She growls at the vampire. "Maybe you should take others lives into account before you act on pure instinct. Avenging your sisters death will do nothing. It will only cause more hurt."

    She turns, walking into the werewolf tribe lands, following the scent of others. As far as she was concerned, the only thing she wished to do was watch over the tribe for the night. She only had a desire to stop as much bloodshed as she could. Lifting her head, she sniffed a nearby wolf, her blue eyes darting from side to side to find it.
  16. Ivory stepped out of the shadows. Her tanned skin shadowed well, but her blonde(almost white) hair and white-ink tattoos glimmering in the moonlight. Now face-to-face with this opposite wolf, Ivory realized this she-wolf was much taller than her, but appeared the same age. Her green eyes flicked, gingerly eyeing the girl.

    "Greetings, to a fellow wolf." Ivory dipped her head in courtesy towards her companion and lifted herself back up, their eyes meeting. "I see you have met the Dyphar clan princess." Ivory said with slight disgust ebbing her tone. "My name is Ivory, a proud member of the Red Moon Tribe.. Tell me, new-comer, what brings you this way..?"
  17. She gave a small smile at the others manners, dipping her head in return to hers. "Just a traveler seeking shelter. I heard of an old wolf nearby who may have know what destroyed my tribe." She spoke lightly with kindness, her icy blue eyes watching the other with more warmth then the usual coldness that was in her eyes. "Though I suppose since you know of the vampire on your land you would see to it she wouldn't harm your people."

    As she smiles warmly, she held out he hand for a more human formal greeting. "My name is Isis, last proud member of the Shadow Ice Tribe. It is a pleasure to meet you Ivory." She spoke politely, making herself appear that she truly meant no harm or disrespect for trespassing into this wolfs territory.
  18. "Welcome, Isis." Ivory smiled and held her hand out towards the other girl. "I'm terribly sorry to hear about your tribe." Ivory glanced over at Raven and growled slightly. "Though, I must apologize, my tribe doesn't have much contact with opposite tribes.. You could ask my tribe leader, though. Muskeegon isn't hostile towards other wolves of other tribes. We're all kin in a sense, as he always says."

    Ivory stepped past Isis and towards Raven. "As for you, I suggest you leave before trouble starts. I promise to leave this secret, so long as other members don't pick up your scent." After this, Ivory stepped forth and made her way towards camp. "Are you coming, Isis?"
  19. Raven rolled her eyes, "Sure, sure." She mutters quietly, stepping back into her own side. She brings a hand through her hair and smirks, "It's a war, someone's eventually going to get hurt." She says to Ivory, annoyed that the girl wanted to keep peace.
  20. Ivory's inner wolf begged for her to turn around and snap at Raven, but Ivory knew that this was in no way a solution. Just as she did to Isis, Ivory dipped her head. "Raven, dear member of Dyphar.. I must ask you to leave without any harsh comments. I'm keeping peace because enough blood has been spilt over such a silly matter. I hope one day our clans and tribes can make a truce. If not, it'd be such a shame. I see great advantage in our sides working together." Ivory smiled slightly at Raven and stepped back, further away from her. "Though, I have no place as Tribe Healer to make truces and such statements. So, leave in peace tonight and remember this act of kindness next time you rip a throat from one of my fellow Red Moon tribe-mates."
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