Stake Land

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  1. -Based off the movie Stake Land-

    Vampires. They roam the land, no one knows how they've come to be, where they originated, or what their true purpose is, but they're here and they're multiplying. Though, they're savage beasts, acting like feral, blood thirsty animals that consume all they can - the only way a human can convert is to be left half dead, though the form of their conversion is unknown and won't be studied.

    Life as humans knew it has spiraled out of control, people now live in tight knit societies, not allowing others in without proof that they can defend themselves - that's why they carry around the fangs of those they've killed, as proof. Though even then, there's no true sign that they are yours, you must make your name known to survive.

    Due to this time in crises, people rely on family, on friends and neighbors, on their religion, on what they believe. Though some take it too far, a group called Nyth. They are quite infamous, you never see their faces as they wear metal masks, walking in what appears to be burlap with black crosses painted on them. They have a mass expanse of territory and aren't friendly to those who pass through it.

    However, they hate one particular man the most, he is the one known to kill vampires the most. He goes by Mister, no one knows his name, no one's asked him. Though he travels alone, people see him with a young man, roughly five to seven years younger than himself, traveling around. No one knows where it is they're going, they just aim to go somewhere, where it's safe. Along the way they meet friends, enemies, and near death encounters almost every other minute.

    This will contain
    - Gore, blood, horror.
    - Age difference, roughly between five or seven years.
    - A little bit of BDSM, S&M, light bondage, etc.
    - Non-consensual acts.
    - Male x male.
    - Kidnappings and abandonment.
    - Traveling and adventure.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.