STAG Union!

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Do you have a super powered child that is out of control, and you just don't know what to do with them? Well worry no further! Here at STAG union we will take your child and brake them of their bad habitats. Not only do we brake your child of their bad habitats, but we also give them a good education. Your child will stay here a STAG union for 4 years (9-12), and sleep in the dorms we have on the campus. Yes, here at STAG union we house both boys and girls. (Both sleep in different dorms, of course.) Now some of you are asking "how will they contain my super powered child?" Well I'll tell you, here at STAG we have invented a collar that turns off your child's power, as long as they wear the collar, and if they try to take it off then they we be greeted with 50,000 volts of electricity. Now another question you may be asking is how much is STAG? Well STAG is just $200 a year!

This RP idea came to me when I was watching a movie. This will be an RP about a group of kids form a team and try to break out of STAG, but they do end up failing multiple times. (Please do go easy on me...This is my first RP that I will be running. With that said, I will need a COGM.)
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