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What color group would you like the STAFF to have?

Poll closed May 3, 2016.
  1. Brown

  2. Purple

  3. Yellow

  4. Red

  5. Blues with Hints of Green

  6. Bluey Blues

  7. Rosey Pinks

  8. Mauvey Pinks

  9. Redish Oranges

  10. Creamsicle Oranges

  11. True Greens

  12. Olive Greens

  13. Teal Greens

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. YAY! What wonderful members you are, you gave the Volunteers a lovely color that looks fantastic with our already voted colors. :D #FF6347 was a good choice.

    And now you get to have even MORE fun and vote for the Staff Members color range.

    You should know the drill by now. Pick the color group you want our Staff to have. Then depending on what good options that color has, you'll either get a second vote on color range OR go straight to the hex color vote!

    You've got three days. :D

    For reference again, here are the colors that have already been decided!

    Newbies Color
    Members Color
    Donators Color
    Community Volunteers Color
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  2. The current CV color, I find it pleasing, thank you!

    However, Dianaaaaaa! Why, oh why, did you put 'Yellow' back among the options?!
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  3. Because CVs didn't end up with a yellow! >:3 You ended up with a peachy-pink-orangey color. So yellow is still a viable voting choice.

    Personally, I think a Redish Orange would be a good choice for staff. 8D Or any shade of Brown or Red.
  4. I think the staff should get red . . . so @Diana has to pick another new color and she lets us vote on her color.
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  5. I think if CV's have this colour Staff should be in the same boat >>
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  6. As much as I would like to keep some kind of purple, red or reddish orange would be cool too.
  7. Reeeed. It would fit ma name soooo good.
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  8. But true yellow wasn't even a choice for the cv's. Why would it be for staff?
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  9. How about brown or yellow? ;D
  10. Because Diana wants to make us suffer.
  11. Fixed.
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  12. Doubling down on pink, you monsters.
  13. I chose both pinks. Everyone should make our staff pink. Maybe then, @Grumpy wouldn't be so grumpy.
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  14. I'll fucking despise every last one of you no matter the pretty colours you dress me in.
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  15. You're splitting the vote again! >:C

    Any ways I vote Red, so they can be the site's Red Shirts.
  16. I bet the differ (open)


    See? You already look a lot friendlier and less grumpy. ^^

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  18. < really , really, really, dislikes Pink
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  20. I will happily take any other color!
    *pouts at Gwazi*
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