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We Iwaku Admins are now on the prowl for potential new staffers! With the sad retirement of Fel, and the potential need to add numbers to the team, we are currently looking over applications and considering staffers to hire in the next upcoming seasons. Depending on how quickly the site grows over the next two months we may be opening up an additional five positions.

To view our requirements for staff and send in an application CLICK HERE!

We accept ALL applications and let them remain in the system to be looked over each and every time we're hunting for potentials. There is no guarantee that all members will be hired, but everyone has a fair chance as long as they are active contributing members to the community and have a good reputation on the site.

Please remember that being on Iwaku Staff is a job and you ARE required to spend time and work! If you have a lot of real life obligations, like school, work, etc, make sure you have the extra time to spend helping Iwaku before you apply.

We look forward to seeing your applications! :D
Not open for further replies.