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  1. Hey there, all! Desaecula here, rockin' the MS paint and hopeing my new program will show up int eh mail this week!

    I started this project with the Staff awhile back, and considerign how excellent a response i Recieved, i figured i would now share it with EVERYONE!

    The following personalized avatar images were selected byt eh staff, most of the details chosen by them, and rendered with my unique taste in dynamic, yet subtle and relaxed poses.

    SOME images are of those no longer in the staff.. but still equally awesome.

    FEARLESS LEADER DIANA.. and Her hammer of doom.

    FEARSOME VAY... and apocalyptic shizz.

    ZEN... and The swords of schmexy deadliness!


    GRUMPY... carry a little stick AND A BIG FREAGING VULTURE!!!! (yaa cthulu)

    LAYNE... foxy, artsy and... the face.BEWARE the grin...mischief MISCHIEF!


    KITTY... Wings and cloak and Katana... definetely a mix of rennaissance meets Eastern culture.

    ASMODEUS. Keeper of Ancient TOmes. And a SERIOUSLy serious look. is it true what they don't wear beneath the kilt?

    this is just the first set, stay tuned for more updates, COMING SOON!
  2. Revision.PNG
    REVISION..Steampunk princess with a mysterious smile.

    ILIANA. UNstaffified, but not forgotten! FEEL THE BURN!

    The OCTOBER KNIGHT! Fear him.. if you dare. Zombies beware!

    DESAECULA. Me. Techno-Mage and swordbearer. nuff said.

    stay tuned, and all Likes, and such are appreciated. ^_^

  3. *grates newbies on his abs*
  4. > w< THESE ARE SO AWESOME. You have SUCH talent. :D I am just... WAAAH.<3<3<3
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.