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  1. So @Red Velvet @Alan and I started talking about this for some randomass reason and we ended up making a list. What if @Staff were part of the Game of Thrones cast? Who would they play? This is what WE came up with:

    Rory - Varys
    Diana - Grandma Tyrell
    Vay - Tywin Lannister
    Dawn - Tyrion Lannister
    Alan - Rob Stark
    Ai - Ygritte
    Fatalrendezvous - Catelyn Stark
    Falcon - Missandei
    redblood - Yara Greyjoy
    Minibit - Margaery Tyrell
    Cammy - Brienne of Tarth
    Malkuthe - Loras Tyrell
    Esthalia - The Red Woman
    Grumpy - Stannis Baratheon
    Lstorm - Jaime Lannister
    jared555 - The Iron Bank of Braavos
    Melon - Sansa Stark

    Agree? Disagree? Who would YOU play? Who would your friends play? Tell us in the comments! :D
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  2. I don't follow any form of GoT but I google image'd my character and she's cute so I'm happy n_n
  3. Also had to google the character as I haven't seen much of the show.
    Missandei still being alive makes me happy :)
  4. I don't follow GoT either, but from the little I've read of Catelyn Stark, I approve.
  5. [​IMG]
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  6. Khaleesi <3
  7. Is mine actually a loan shark?
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  8. Even though I'm no longer on staff, I'd be that one dude with the bigness and the fucked up face that likes chicken
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  9. Hound bby
  10. Yeah, what that guy said.
  12. Asha > Yara you uncultured swines! >:[ The show people are dumb dumbs who thought they'd confuse her name with Osha so they changed it. Meanwhile, they kept the sixty variations of Robert intact. >.>

    As for who's who, I don't know most of you enough to say one way or another.
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  14. Nah, you're, more like one of the Stark Guards at the red wedding.
  15. I want to say Ned Stark... But Ned Stark has a giant tendency to go for the chopping block.
    And seeing how I've never been banned or suspended from anything I'm pretty clearly skilled at avoiding said chopping block.

    Then again, if this is Iwaku based I should probably be looking at exploit's like a revolution and starting a church...
    Now who do we know that's like that?


    High Sparrow.
    I'm DEFINITELY High Sparrow. :3
  16. The Iron Bank controls *everything*. Money makes the world go 'round, and the world of Game of Thrones is no exception. :D
  17. BOTH. :D
    Hold the most power! :D
    o_______o yes.
  18. I don't know what you're talking about because you suck and so does that show.
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  19. I'm saying you're a guard that dies easily. And you're the one who "sucks".
  20. Rory is lacking proper opposition. Make me staff and I shall be the Littlefinger to his Spider, and there shall be proper balance among the staff. 8D
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