Staff Application Form and Expectations!

  • So many newbies lately! Here is a very important PSA about one of our most vital content policies! Read it even if you are an ancient member!
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Several members are asking about being on staff again, so I thought I would do an update of Iwaku's Official Staff Standards. Now all applicants will know what your Administration expects. :D Staff Reviews are done on a regular basis. There is the monthly Community Review where we tell current staff members what needs to be worked on, and then the Seasonal Review where we re-evaluate everyone's jobs on staff and hire new staff members when necessary.

ALL potential staff applicants are discussed by your Three Admins. It doesn't matter if you are a newbie or an oldie, we judge all applicants based on your current Iwaku Activity at the time of a Review. EVERYONE has a potential chance to be a staff member. But applying does not guarantee a spot on staff.

However: You must be an ACTIVE MEMBER before becoming a staff member. We do not like having lurkers on staff! You cannot apply to be a staff member and then say "Once I'm staff I will do..." You must already be doing those things. We expect staff members to be some of the most active members of Iwaku. It's your JOB!

The OFFICIAL Active Staff Standard Posted in the Staff Forum:
This is the -actual- staff standard currently posted in the Staff Forum that we expect all staffers to adhere by.

Staff Evaluations are done every season. Administration reviews your activity and participation across Iwaku as a whole. To keep our staff team working as effectively as possible, we adjust and rotate staff members based on your most recent contributions in the community. To avoid those "I don't know what to do." comments, this is the OFFICIAL Active Staff Standard. All of these tasks take in to consideration a Staffer's real life obligations, and are not hard to accomplish within a few quick moments online. If you still can't find the time to do these things on a regular basis (or don't even LIKE to do them) then it's time to step down so we can find people who can.

Be involved in one or more roleplays.
This is a roleplay forum, we should all be having fun roleplaying. Our top priority of Iwaku IS the roleplays. If our own staff members aren't even playing in Iwaku roleplays, how bad does that make us look? The only exception we make for this, is if a staff is busily involved in a project and is making regular contributions to it. Regular and active contributions. If you don't have time to keep up with a roleplay, you could still make roleplay contributions through the Roleplay Talk by posting commentaries and tutorials.

Post 1 to 5 new topics a week in ANY forum.
If we have 15 staff members and each one posted 1 topic a week, that's 15 new topics where members could post an interact in. Coming up with topics is NOT that hard, and we have the Topic Brainstorming thread for swapping topic ideas and storing extra ones for posting later. It doesn't matter if no one replies to your topics, you're still making the effort.

Posting a submission/post to YOUR area or project once a week.
We all have our assigned "job". If you are the Arts mod, you would post a topic or resource in the Arts forum. If you are a Newsletter staffer, you would submit an article or write up your content for the week. If you have multi jobs, you've do something related to that task. IT NEEDS TO BE A VISIBLE CONTRIBUTION. "I'm working on it" replies don't fly. You can post content in the Staff forum to store it and edit, to show you're actually doing a project. On busy weeks you can easily make a frivolous contribution, while on weeks you have more time you can post stronger content.

Be a role model to the community.
Your public behavior reflects the staff team and Iwaku as a whole. All staff members need to be courteous to newbies and respectful to members. (Even the ones we hate.) Drama dragged out in public also looks bad for staff members. If you cannot handle your personal problems, you can't be expected to handle Iwaku's community problems. We don't expect Staffers to be on perfect behavior all the time, but we do expect you remember your responsibilities.

That's it. THAT'S IT. Four very simple and easy things that all staffies can be doing right now. If you can't even do THIS, you're too busy to be on Staff. Each time we do a staff review, these are the things we look for. If you're posting in your roleplays (or roleplay areas). If you are starting new topics. If you are contributing to your job or project. Weekly.

What Admins Look At When Considering Applications

A: Do we NEED new staff members?
We only hire new staff members when we actually need them. Otherwise, we have too many people trying to do the same jobs. This is when old staff members retire or when the community grows and we need the extra help.

B: Does this applicant do something that the other staffers are not doing?
There is no reason to hire multiple people to do the exact same jobs. We like every staff member to have their own projects and unique jobs, so that they feel like they are contributing and aren't stepping on each other's toes.

C: Does this applicant have a good reputation?
We like to hire people that members feel like they can talk and relate to. That means no one that has frequent drama, emoness, or gets in to a lot of squabbles. Staff members also have to be able to work with other people as they're expected to give their opinions and input on all Community Issues and projects.

D. Does this applicant participate across the community.
Again, we don't want lurkers on staff. Applicants need to be roleplaying, posting, interacting with members all the time. A staff members job is to help Iwaku grow and flourish. That cannot be done if you aren't participating in the actual community.

These expectations are not too high, however, we do strictly enforce the activity standards for staff members! This is why we insist that you should already be doing these things as a regular member before becoming a staff member. If you're already doing it without having an Admin down your throat, then you're a perfect candidate for staff. :D We DO take in to consideration all vacations and staff member's need for away time.

If you would like to apply as a potential future staff member:
THERE IS NOW A FORM FOR APPLICATIONS [RIGHT HERE]. (If you've already applied for staff before, please do it again with the new form if you are still interested!) You will be added to the potentials list, and each time we do a staff review your application will be considered. We keep ALL interested parties on the applicants list, so even if you are not chosen for staff right away, you still have the potential to be one in the future as long as you are an active member.

If you're looking for a job-spot that isn't already fulfilled by other staffers, here's a quick list!

- WRITING & ART: This area is grossly neglected and at risk of being removed. It needs members that enjoy reading & reviewing content. Many members are feeling ignored in this section.

- COUNSELING: The area is not super active, but we like to have sponsor staffers that are willing to be counselors and shoulders to rant to. Someone listed as a counselor has to have great communication skills.

- ROLEPLAYING: We can never have enough roleplay support. We like staffers with a wide range of interests to help participate and aid in successful roleplays! This includes Iwaku World where we need people to act as plot guiders and GMs.

- BLOGGING: Our blogging area is not a big focus, however we always need someone to keep an eye on new posts and participate through comments, etc where necessary.

...And of course we are always welcome to NEW ideas and projects. :D Many things you do not have to even be a staff member to do. So we readily encourage members to create and start community projects! Again, people that are already involved in the community are much more likely to be hired on staff.

If you have any questions, you can post them here or in the Feedback forum to be answered by the Admins.
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