Stacisaur roars for onexone



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Guess. What.
. . .
. . . . .
. . .. . . . .. . . . . . . .

But wouldn't it just be wonderful if that was all I had to say and wasted your time just now? 8D
<3 love you too. xD
I am in a couple rps at the moment.. Yet, I feel they aren't too much for me yet. I feel I can handle one or two more onexone's to add upon my tower of loverly players and comrades.

I don't know what kind of onexone I crave at the moment.. I would like to bounce ideas off another on what they desire, and then develop something we can have fun with and play out.
I'm not really searching for smut, persay. I'd like an actual story that would just be fun to write and write and write and write. Until my fingers fall off into a lion's mouth underneath my desk, you see. c:
I'm feeling I think..something with romance, because I ADORE romance.. but also with perhaps...something sci-fi-like..or horror-esque, because I'm a horror junkie. I need help, I really do.<3
I would probably like to play a female. Though, depending on what we come up with, I might wanna be a man. AND PLAY IT LIKE A MAN. -determined angry face.- D:<

and you shall receive a poke on the nose. And or a cookie.
Whatever you might prefer.~
Cockie please!!!

I don't mind RPing anything with you, but you seen I have a style different from yours, I write less, you should write books, you got some talent there!
If you don't mind my short posts you can count on me!
xD Tis not a bad thing, Mr. Hades Sir Man Sir.
I don't mean to write a lot at times. I just like being descriptive. And words make me happy.~
The more the merrier. >:3 Any ideas youre feeling at this exact moment in time and space?
-Gives a giant head sized cookie.-
Hmm, I haven't tried romance, or horror before but I'd like to, to tell you the truth. However, I like my smut, so I wonder if we'll run into some problems there, but I'm sure I can control myself. I can write anything from short posts to moderately long posts, so if you want, I can roleplay with you. Contact me via pm, yeah?
Done and done.
-scurries off to pm.-
I am a bit stressed with work, so anything that will lighten my head of burden, I like to play something with mystical powers...
Mythical powers.........
Do explain more Hades. >:3
All that went in my head was MAGICAL GIRL RP. xD