.-. Stacisaur ATTACK.

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  1. c: Hello.
    I wouldn't attack anyone.. >.>; Only with snuggles, cuddles, and or biting wars.. o.o;
    Idk what to say at the moment.. I am a tad brain dead...
    Just.. talk to me.. I shall talk back.. c: mrawrr.
  2. Ahhh a candy assassin! Glad to have you.

    Well then, a good place to get started is filling out a Roleplay Resume. This will help other people learn your RP preferences and such. After that feel free to check out the general discussion section. This is a good place to get rid of your 'New member' status, and get to know the other people here at Iwaku. Also, check out the Sign-up section and see some of the awesome games that are still accepting characters!

    Hope you enjoy your time here and if you have any questions feel free to ask.
  3. n.n Thank you very much for the help.<3 I appreciate it immensely. :3
  4. Your thread title made me laugh. XD I thought I would find a dinosaur!

    Welcome to Iwaku!
  5. o.o But.. I..am...a dinosaur.. >_>
    n_n Thank you for the welcome.<3
  6. -Salutes.-
    Yessir. Thank you Sir.
    . . >:3
  7. Hallo! M'name's Lucille, and welcome to the site, madamoiselle dinosaur!

    Please don't assassinate my poor Jolly Rogers... or, at least, leave the watermelon-flavored ones. ;_;
  8. Hello and welcome to Iwaku!
    I'm Kitti, it's good to meet you.
    October has already given you lots of lovely tips and I hope that you're getting fairly accustomed to the site!
    If you have any questions, please do ask~
  9. You seem cute. You wouldn't happen to be a magical girl already would you???? * Innocent stare.*
  10. o_o; Time to catch up.~
    ahem. *-*;

    Thank you. n-n Hello hello to you as well, Miss.
    And.. I shall spare the watermelon flavored ones for you..at the very least.. >_>..because...the...rest have already been demolished by my lovely digestive system.
    . . .

    Glad to know more are there for help when/if I need it. n.n thank you!! You are all very kind here. I feel it shall be a nice home for myself. mrawr.. c:

    -blinks at.-
    . . .
    -shoots rainbows out of an index finger.-
  11. We met, Hey. Vay, kroot, global mod...

    *kicks back placing his armored boots on the table.. but its okay they're on a coaster*

    Any questions I'm your man.
  12. Noted. .-.
    -Stares at and plops down onto a beanbag chair.-
    - w- I clicked on your siggy webbie link. And spent probably three hours of yesterday looking through the comics. I adore them.
  13. XKCD Does rock. I'm a regular reader... that random button will be the death on be yet.
  14. So far, the one on Gone With The Wind wins it for me.<3 I was laughing for such a long time.