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  1. Since the last stable boy had quitted, Taria's dragon, Vida, wasn't getting as much attention as she needed. Taria was incredibly unhappy about this, her dragon deserved only the best and she wasn't getting it. Fortunately for her there was someone new coming today to take care of the stables and Vida, she just hoped it was someone good at their job.

    It was a hot day and she was just finishing a short flight, she had a lot to do that day, her father was taking her to help him run a few errands, but she still wanted to let Vida stretch her wings and she wouldn't let anyone else ride her. She came into the ground close to the stables and walked the rest of the way. When she walked in she saw a girl that was, no doubt, the new stable girl.

    "Hey, I'm Lady Taria" She said formally. "And this is Vida, take good care of her. What's your name?"
  2. Eae looks up at Lady Taria and curtsies "I-i am Eae Jones, your new stable girl." She said nervously.

    Eae straightens her back and looks her dead in the eyes to try and hide her nervousness.
  3. "Hellos Eae. Nown, I'm sure my parents have told you the general rules of this place, but you haven't heard mine, you are dealing with one of the most important things in my life, Vida, so I expect you to be good at your job. Do what I tell you to do when it comes to my dragon, treat her with the respect and kindness she deserves and don't let any harm come to her. If you do this we should get along just fine, but if anything happens to her and I get the impresion that you didn't do everything in your power to prevent it I'll make your life a living hell." She was being intimidating on porpouse, she wanted this girl to know she wasn't fooling around. After she finished her little speach she loosened up. "Now, please take Vida to her living space, it's the one with her name on it." She turned arround to face the dragon, gave her neck a small hug and left.
  4. Eae stands there for awhile in shock before looking at Vida and smiles, "hello there, I'll be your new care taker." Smiling kindly at the dragon Eae goes to lead Vida over to her living space.
  5. After the errand she had to run with her father Taria came back to the stable, she had only been gone for a couple of hours and she wanted to take advantage of her free time to talk with Eae in order to make sure that she was competent.

    She walked into Vida's living space and saw Eae there. "Hello" She said.
  6. Eae looks at her and curtsy to her then smiles "hello, I have just finished cleaning Vida." Eae says with confidence, proud to have not messed that up.
  7. Taria walked closer to Vida and checked that Eae had done good job "Well done" she said seriusly, this girl might have done a good job so far but she still hadn't ganed her trust.
  8. Eae smiles proudly, feeling much better at the compliment. "What would you have me do now?" Eae asks her since she finished cleaning and feedingVida.
  9. "I would like to talk to you, as I'm sure you'd notice, I care a lot about my dragon and I'm very picky about her caretakers, so I would like to get to get to know you better, see if I aprove of you."
  10. Eae nods at her "okay, I understand and I will do my best to make to become someone you approve of." Eae says with determination
  11. "Ok, let's start easy. How old are you and how long have you been taking care of dragons?" asked Taria.
  12. Eae nods and answers "well I'm 22 years old and I have been taking care of dragons since I was little."
  13. "Ok, I want to test what you know about dragons, you'vebeen with Vida all day, what can you tell me about her? Her species, how old is she, everything youncan tell."
  14. Eae thinks for a moment and says with confidence, "well there are different types of dragons, but Vida seems more royal like. She carries her head high in all she does and she is more calm, if I had to guess she is in early adulthood."
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