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  1. Sean stared at his next target, he had his hand stuffed into his pocket, holding onto his gun.
    Right now he was in a bar, drinking as much as he could handle so he wouldn't be very drunk.

    Sean was an averaged sized male, he had a nice chest so he wasn't as bulky as some guys. He had light brown hair with bright green eyes, everyone who looked at him thought that he was a model. He was cocky, arrogant and found everything amusing, hell if he died tonight, he'd die smirking. The police officer had been standing next to the bartender, most likely flirting or talking about stuff. Obviously no one had recognized him, since it was dark in the bar and most people were dancing or drunk out of their minds. Which made everything so much better for him, he was sure that the Officer would be a nice thing to play with while he could.
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  2. Eli chuckled at a joke the bartender had made. He had just gotten off of a fourteen hour shift only thirty minutes ago. He really needed this, the relaxation. There was a new killer on the loose and the precinct was a mess. They had tips flooding in that usually led to no where. There was little to no physical evidence and nothing in the way of forensics. They were at a standstill and it sucked.
    Eli downed another shot, laughing drunkenly. He would need a cab most definitely. He payed his tab before standing. He made his way across the bar and stood outside in the cool light air. A breeze rolled past and Eli sighed. It felt nice against his skin, warm from all of the alcohol.
  3. Sean watched as the male walked out, quickly standing up and following him. He poked the males back "Hey, sir. You seem pretty drunk. Would you like a ride home?" He asks, an eyebrow raised. He made sure that he had his hoody up so that no one could see his face, especially the Officer. If the mal became sober while he was playing with him, he'd be screwed. "My car is actually right around the corner so you wouldn't have to walk as much. By the way, what's your name?" He stands beside the Officer, holding onto the males arm softly. He didn't want to provoke him because then his plan would be ruined, and that wouldn't work very well with him.
  4. Eli swayed as he stared at the stranger in the good. He blinked slowly as he listened to the man but not really hearing him. Eli was completely plastered as a drunken smile lit his tanned face. "You're hitting on me?" He chuckled stumbling slightly. "I don't do hookups." He slurred holding up a finger and squinting. "No. Nope. No siree. Not me!" He wiggled his finger before cracking up.
  5. Sean sighs quietly, wrapping an arm around the males shoulders. He quickly starts walking him to his car "No, I am not hitting on you. I'm taking you to your house." He states once they reach his car.
    He quickly makes the male sit down while he got into the drivers seat. He drives slowly "You are pretty cute, so I can see why you'd think someone would be hitting on you." He shrugs, looking straight ahead at the road.
  6. Eli stumbled along. He wasn't really sure what the man said but he heard 'your home' and heard enough. The next thing he knew, Eli was strapped into the passenger seat and looking around dazed. "Don't mess with me kiddo. I'm a cop." He slurred squinting once more. Eli chuckled and lay his head on the drivers shoulder. "You totally have this mysterious guy thing going. It's hot."
  7. Sean smirks and he shrugs "You're a cop, eh?" He chuckles softly, removing the males head from his shoulder "Why thank you, I try my hardest. Now, where do you live? Because I don't want to be driving around all night." He stops at a red light, glancing at the cop. "By the way, you never actually told me your name. I mean, I've never been here before so I don't know anyone here." He lies easily, grinning.
    "Oh also, last question, do you like men?" He asks curiously.
  8. "Yeah. It's such a drag. We have this case and there's no leads!" Eli groaned as he leaned against the window. He sighed in pleasure as the cool glass met his heated skin.
    "Eighty-fourth and Chestnut." Eli mumbled, head lolling to the left as he smiled at the driver. "Well I don't know your name either. It's Eli." He stated. "Hm? Perhaps."
  9. "What's your case if you don't mind me asking?" Sean starts to drive again, going down a few blocks. A couple of minutes later they reach Eli's house, he gets out and opens Eli's door, helping the man out. "My name is Sean. It's nice to officially meet you, Eli."
    He leads the male inside of his house and locks the door behind him. It was time to get his plan into action so he quickly helped Eli take off his coat along with his belt that held his gun and taser, with those off of him it'd make everything much easier.
    He grabs Eli's arm and pulls him into the males room "We need to get you changed, so just close your eyes and relax. I won't do anything to you I swear." He mumbles, lying once again.
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  10. "Well, I guess just a little bit won't hurt." Eli was sobering up, but only by a little. His speech was less slurred and he could think straighter but he was still very impulsive at the moment.
    "It the Brookeside killer. No forensics. No witnesses. No living victims. There's barely any physical evidence and we're running is circles." Eli explained giving away a little too much by accident. He quickly forgot seeing his home. Eli hadn't even know Sean followed him in until he felt the extra pair of hands on. His belt. "Well, well, well." Eli chuckled as Sean dragged him to his bedroom. "Woah slow down. I'll last all night." Eli smirked.
  11. Sean rolls his eyes "Are you sure about that?" He raises an eyebrow, chuckling quietly. He slipped Eli's shirt off, throwing it in the hamper next to them before pulling the males pants down, making him step out of them "Well, I'd gladly help you find the killer." He smirks, pushing Eli onto the bed and he quickly pulled out the Handcuffs that were in the males pants and putting them around his wrists.
    He straddles Eli and leans down "Now, if you promise not to yell at me. Then I'll tell you who and where he is exactly. Because I know everything about him." He whispers, grinning as he sat back up.
  12. Eli's fogged mind was working hard to process his situation. He blinked as the man he had been unknowingly chasing at work was standing in front of him, undressing him. He fell back on to the bed with a soft 'oomf', looking up at Sean. His breath hitched as his wrists were cuffed to the bed. His mind couldn't help but wonder where this was going. He had a very attractive man on top of him and Eli suddenly became very distracted. "Oh yeah? And how would you know know so much?"
  13. Sean smirks and he shrugs "Oh, I don't know. I just do. Now, will you be good?" He asks, staring down into Eli's eyes. He wasn't going to actually have sex with the man, maybe tease him a little bit, but that was about all he was going to do. He scoots back a little bit, leaning down and licking one of the males perky nipples, grinning. "You have to promise that you'll be good. Or else I won't tell you anything and I'll leave instantly." He chuckles, grinding his hips against the males slowly.
  14. Eli groaned softly. He wondered who this man was. How did he, a cop, coincidentally get a hookup with a man that somehow knew about the person he was looking for? As Sean ran his tongue over his nipples Eli suddenly didn't care, moaning as the man on top of him ground into him. Eli moaned, his nipples being the most sensitive part of him, arching slightly into Sean's mouth, thrusting up into him.
  15. Sean smirks and he continues to lick Eli's rather soft yet perky nipples, a couple of seconds later he sits up straight. "Well.." He paused, leaning down again, grinning "I'm him" He whispers into the males ear, chuckling as he got off of him, standing up.
    "Have a nice night~" He coed, walking out of his room. He then leaves the house, getting into his car and driving away. He wasn't exactly sure if Eli would remember, but he wouldn't care. It's not like the man could actually do anything without any real evidence. The only thing that he left on him was Saliva, but once they tracked him down he would have already left the state.
  16. Eli's eyes fell closed as he fell into Sean's touch. God this man was talented. He was hard, moaning as his tongue swirled over his chest.
    "W-Wait what?" Eli mumbled dazed. He struggled to get out of his handcuffs as Sean got up, leaving him horny and confused on his bed. After a few seconds, Eli stopped struggling and watched Sean. What the hell just happened.
    The shock of finding the killer had left him mostly sober now. Eli looked up at the cuffs and frowned. 'Stupid bondage kink.' He thought angrily as he shimmied around his bed. He always had an extra key under his pillow. He lifted it with his mouth, arching up and unlocking it with the key in his mouth, turning it with his tongue. Years of practice taught him that one.
    Eli shot out of bed and looked at the window to see where Sean had gone. "Shit." He growled grabbing his phone. He quickly called his captain. "The killer is named Sean. He's about six foot, light brown hair, green eyes. He confessed to me. Don't ask me the circumstances just find him." He hung up and quickly got redressed. He was going to find this asshole. Not only had he left him very sexually frustrated but he also had Eli working endless hours and he was going to catch him.
  17. Sean quickly drove back home and he packed his stuff up, oh this was going to be fun. He smirked, leaving some of his things behind so they can investigate as he runs to his car, getting in and driving to the border of the town. He stops at the side of the rode and gets out, grabbing his bags he quickly runs into the forest, finding his fathers old shack.
    He walks inside and throws his things onto the ground, plopping down onto the couch. The shack didn't have any electricity so he laid there in the dark, thinking about Eli. That man was gorgeous, but he was a cop. So that's a huge NO.
    If he ever got caught, then his plans go down the drain. He was planning on getting revenge on the people who killed his family and friends, also he does this just because. It's not fun, but the people he targets always have secrets hidden within them.
  18. Eli was dressed and on his way to the precinct. They had a few men with the same description and name pulled up on the board. Eli stood in front of it searching for the correct face.
    He was in the center. Eli unpinned it and went to his partner Marylyn. "This is him. This Sean." He stated. She was easily able to find the car registered to him thanks, again, to Eli's description. They out out a bolo (sp?) on it. Forty minutes later they had a call in. A car matching that description was spotted by the forest. Marylyn and Eli were there within twenty minutes. Sean was long gone. "Shit!"
  19. Sean stayed in the shack for three days before having to go and get some food, he knew they'd find him. But then again, Sean was wanted everywhere. he knew the city inside and out, if he had to go through the sewers he would.
    He walked to the convenient store and bought some small snacks, flirting with the clerk. "You know, you should come back to my place with me. I mean, I'm all alone and would like some company." He states, looking into the girls eyes. He wasn't into girls but they were fun to play with as long as they didn't get all clingy and stuff. "No, I have a boyfriend. Also.. Why do you look familiar?" She looks at him intently, before registering who he was. She quickly called the cops but he was already out the door.
    "Yup, she wouldn't have been the best." He mumbles, quickly running into an alley.
  20. Eli had been at home, pacing back and forth thinking. He grumbled to himself. Three days and no trace of him. "Bastard didn't even get me off and now I have to hunt his ass down." Yes, Eli was still mad Sean had left him completely deprived of the sex he very much wanted. He picked up as he heard it ring.
    "What." He growled on edge.
    "He's been spotted. Convenience store. Five minutes ago." Instantly Eli was up and on his way. He appeared at the store and took the store clerks account. Even after all of the other units left, Eli stayed. "He couldn't have gotten far." He muttered to himself. 'He would stay hidden where he felt safe and unseen.' Eli looked aroun and spotted a dark alleyway. He pulled out his gun, holding it securely at his side as he stepped into the alley.
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