St. Taiyō's Academy for Girls.

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  1. Welcome to St. Taiyō's Academy for Girls.

    An all girls academy that is specially designed to train young girls into becoming ladies, training them to become the perfect heir to their family name. St. Taiyō's Academy for Girls is a school designed for the wealthy. With perfectly selected teachers and hand picked, highly trained butlers to wait hand and foot on the ladies, they have all the necessary needs to train in comfort with the reassurance that they will be PERFECT when graduation day comes.

    (Currently enrolling girls and Butlers yes you can be more than one character!)

    (The butlers aren't assigned to one single student. The walk around helping all the ladies that just happen to need assistant. )

    ~The head-master cleared her throat before letting her voice expand over the intercom. "GET READY BUTLERS! IT'S YOUR TIME! BE OUT FRONT BY THE GATES AT 6 SHARP TO GO OVER THIS YEARS RULES AND REGULATIONS AND TO GREET THE LADIES OF COURSE! No dissapointment this year gentleman! Look alive!"~










    Position: (Student/butler)

    Families company:

    Students- Year:

    Butlers- Rank: (Rank 4 - Rank 2, 4 being the lowest and 2 being the highest)

    Butlers: (years of being a butler)



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  2. Name: Ieshya (Eye-sh-ya)
    Age: 13
    Gender: female
    Position: Student
    Families company: Ieshya's parents own the TV show Free Your Inner Game. It is a game show on a variety of subjects.
    Students- Year: First
    Personality: Everything you should be on camera. Ieshya says what she wants, when she wants. She's very matter of fact and outgoing. Maybe a bit too much outgoing.
    Bio: Born into a family of nobody but her parents, Ieshya saw a boring life ahead. At three, she showed exceptional talents in all subjects; talking full-on sentences and reciting lyrics of songs, periods of History, and mathematical skills. By five, she had a scholarship to a boarding school. At seven, her parents were paying for the school, since this is when the TV show went on air.


    Ieshya looked at the room that could not possibly be hers anymore. For the money they had, the house was small, but luxurious. A two storey building with a bridge leading over a river into Ieshya's room, in it's own separate building altogether, the house was not just a house, but a home.

    She knew her parents would be waiting expectantly in the limo. She didn't want to go, to earn the show, she wanted to sing. That was all.

    Still, she got in the limo. "Now, Miss Reagan, off we go!" her dad smiled.
  3. Name: Victoria Lindholm
    Age 17
    Gender female
    Role student
    Family's company her father is the owner of a large oil company.
    Student year 3rd
    Personality Victoria is calm and collected like her father but more down to earth. She is exceptionally smart holding a 4.0 GPA as long as she could remember.

    Victoria was in her room making sure she looked presentable for her father before she was shipped out. After putting a black ribbon in her hair, she took one final look in the mirror. "Perfect." She got up and walked out her room. Outside her door were 2 of the guards that her dad had hired to protect the property. One of them spoke "lady Lindholm. Your father is waiting by the car. Please follow us." She followed the guards out of the manor and to the driveway. That's where her father was waiting for. It was one of the rare occasions in which she got to see her dad. She ran over to him and hugged him. "Its good to see you daddy." He hugged her back. "Victoria I'm sorry I've been gone, but I'm here to see you leave and I will be there when you graduate. Now then my daughter are you ready to go." She looked at him. "Yes father." He chuckled a bit. "Than off you go. Have fun at school." He walked off as she got into the SUV.
  4. I'm redoing mine because I honestly like playing males way better. >>)

    Name: Haru

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Position: Butler

    Families company: N/A

    Rank: Rank 2

    Years of being a butler: 5 years

    Personality: Haru is very flirtacious. He loves his job, mostly because he loves being around the ladies.

    Bio: Haru didn't grow up wealthy, he actually grew up rather poor. because his father was a butler, that was how he got into the butler career. he likes the pay and he needed the money after both parents past. He never attends school the whole week of his parents death anniversary. past his ego of being outgoing, hyperactive and flirtacious, he actually wants to find someone to settle down with and he is also very silent, hiding many emotions he keeps bottled in.

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Name: Eru

    Age: 20

    Gender: Male

    Position: Butler

    Rank: Rank 3

    Years at being a Butler: 5 years

    Personality: He is very flirtatious and kind. He gives out compliments to see the girls smile and when he wasn't something, he isn't one to quit.

    Bio: Eru is really wealthy, one of a couple butlers that are rich. His family despises his choices in serving others when they strongly believe that he should be the one who is having people serve him but Eru doesn't care. He likes what he does and because of this, it has separated him from his father. He lives with his mother who has come to terms with his choices and accepts him as he is. Even though he graduated with Haru and Kumo, he goofed off way too much, slept with the ladies and had never caught up to being rank 2.

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Name: Kumo

    Age: 20

    Gender: Male

    Position: butler

    Butlers- Rank: Rank 2

    Years of being a butler: 5 years

    Personality: He is silent. He doesn't flirt with the woman and only does what he is told.

    Bio: Kumo doesn't really like the butler job but the men in his family have served under the ST Taiyo's Academy for a really long time. With his elder brother being the principals butler, a lot is expected of him. The scar on his eye, shows what happens if he were to ever disobey his father again. So now he is a good boy and is to follow in his brothers foot steps and become a Rank 1 butler just like him, as much a he would rather be singing

    Appearance: [​IMG]


    [BCOLOR=#ff9900]Haru pushed his blonde hair away from his pink, glossy colored eyes. A smirk on his face as the dress shoes he wore tapped against the tiled floor of the school halls.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#ff9900]He wore the required uniform for the male, black slacks, black dress shoes, a white button up, a black jacket, and a brown vest.He had the white button up, unbuttoned down to where the middle of his chest was. The black jacket that was suppose to be closed, as well as the vest, were both open so that the little part of his chest was visible to all who happened to stare if they pleased. His long blonde hair was combed nicely and jsut the way he liked, his skinw as flawless and his posture was better than ever as he turned down another hall, taking the white gloves from his jacket pocket. he slipped them on as he made his way to the front of the school to line up with the rest of the butlers that would gather there when school started.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#99ccff]Emu was already outside when Haru arrived. He stretched his arms up high and groaned before putting them down at his sides, standing within the group of guys that had also already gathered before Haru. He wore with required uniform as well, assuring that it was perfect for ladies that will be attending this year at the Academy. He had to look his best cause his goal was to perfect his job in hopes of being booted up to Rank 2 along with his old classmates. He smirked as he turned to look to the school, Haru stepped out with the usual, 'cool guy', attitude. he smirked and stepped up, the other butlers watching him. "Look who decided to wake up finally" [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#ff9900]"Good to see you too Nemu" haru teased, refusing to look his way, knowing the wrong name would old get him mad. and he had an ugly face when he was mad.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#99ccff]"Fuckin bitc-" Emu growled stepping up but only to be stopped by Kumo, who had pushed his way between the two. "S'cuse you" Emu snapped. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#333333]The two were acting childish like always. Kumo rolled his eyes and before the principal arrived, he knew that she wasn't going to tolerate any of their behavior so to avoid the dramatic yelling she often did, and the evil stare from his brother, he looked to Emu with a cold hard glare. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#333333]Kumo was dressed like all the others, nicely fit and his long white hair pulled back in a low rubber band that tied his hair together and allowed it to hang down his backside. A few smaller strands decorated his nice, perfectly structured face, by hanging along side his face or above his glossy pink eyes. The pink eyes of his that could stare into anyone's soul. He looked at the butler behind Emu who had tugged Emu's arm. [/BCOLOR]

    "Come on Emu, leave it"The other butler whispered

    [BCOLOR=#333333]Kumo nodded to Emu and jerked his head forward,motioning Emu to get back in line. It was always Emu and Haru that had caused the tension and the drama between all the butlers and because he was the principals brother, if anything were to go down, he'd be blamed for not stopping it because that's what his brother would have done. That's good butlership. It irritated Kumo but he wasn't about to question his fathers ways again.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#99ccff]Emu growled and shot a death stare at haru who smirked and got back in line. Emu followed the butler who tugged on his arm and after Kumo went to stand in line, so did he, watching as the principal and Kumo's brother walk from the school. The butlers that were scattered rushed to stand in place. The pathway leading from the gates, to the double doored entrance to the school, was decorated with fine, well picked, and handsome butlers or the females gaze as they entered the school. Every butler, including Emu, Kumo, and Haru, stood with their hands behind the back, heads up, and eyes forward.[/BCOLOR]

    The principal smiled at the clock struck 7, time for the students to come. She took a deep breath in. "gentlemen! It's time!" She smiled, clapping her hands then returning back into the school after watching the butlers bow to her in sync.
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  5. Name: Rebecca Simpson

    Age: Seventeen

    Gender: Female

    Position: Student

    Families company: Her father owns a number of different companies, from restaurant chains to hospitals. Though, in reality her father is a famous mob boss.

    Students- Year: 3rd

    Personality: Playful and childlike, she tends to look at things from a open minded perspective. She tends to talk a lot, and is very outgoing.

    Bio: Rebecca was raised as an only child, but was constantly out-shined by her parents. Most people were careful around her, not wanting to incur her fathers wrath. Everyone expected her to be extremely talented and intelligent, but she kept that hidden. Though she knows how to play 6 different instruments, speak 8 languages, and is advanced in school, not many people know that of her. Instead, people know her as the silly daughter of a well known mob boss.


    ~~Opening Post~~

    Rebecca was sitting at her breakfast table, a large smile on her face. Her father walked into the room, distractedly staring at his phone. "Hello, daddy!" She called cheerfully, and he grunted in reply. "I'm going to that new school today. I'm sure it will be so much fun." She continued, ignoring his disinterest. She let out a small sigh, realizing he probably hadn't even heard her. Though he usually dotted on his only daughter, he was quite distracted with a feud that was going on at the moment. It was time for her to go, and she was already dressed in the black and white school uniform, it reached down to her knees, fitting snugly to her small frame. Her red hair was braided, cascading down her back. A few strands poked out, covering her forehead. She stood up, no longer hungry, and headed for the limo that sat outside. Her favorite driver, Bradly, stood outside the limo door, holding it open for her.

    He was quite handsome, with shoulder length black hair he kept in a pony tail, and a strong angular face. He was quite muscular for a limo driver, and also doubled as her bodyguard. She flashed him a shy smile, having held a crush on him for many years. "Hello, Bradly." She said, giving him a small wave as she made her way into the limo seat. He closed the door behind her, then made his way to the drivers side, starting the car and beginning to drive to the school. "Hello, Rebecca Ma'am." He said, flashing her a charming smile. She felt butterflies flutter in her stomach, and quickly averted her gaze. They sat in silence until they finally made it to the school, and he parked, making his way out of the car to once again open the door for her. "You're bags are in the back, I'll get them. It seems we are a bit early, so we will wait here until it is time to go." He told her, face stern. "Yessum! We shall just wait here. Alas, there is nothing else to do. Except stare into one another's eyes as we say our goodbyes!" She sighed dramatically, placing the back of her hand against her head and pretending to swoon. He laughed, though it was obvious he attempted to hold it back. She glanced at the watch on her wrist, noticing it was now seven. That was the time they were supposed to arrive. "Go ahead, ma'am. I'll be right behind you." She began to walk to the school, eyes wide as she took in the sight in front of her.
  6. Victoria had just arrived to the school. It was breath taking as she saw all the handsome butlers. She turned around and looked at the 2 body guards. "Please take my bags to my room. I'll be up there shortly." She turned back around and started walking up the pathways. She looked at all butlers but one caught her eye. He had a scar on his eye.
  7. [BCOLOR=#333333]~KUMO~[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#333333]After the first few rolled in, their job was to assist in any way they could. Kumo noticed the female who had been looking at him and he had fully indended to start his day with her. He had approached her, the heals to his dress shoes clacked against the pavement as he walked to her, closing the gap between them. Upon approaching her. He took his right hand and placed it on his chest with his left still behind his back, he bent at the waistline, preforming a perfect bow with his long white hair slipping to his left shoulder gracefully as he preformed the action. Upon standing his hair fell back down behind him and he looked down to her with his brightly colored pink eyes. "Ma'am" He said, with a voice soft and deep. "Let me be the first to welcome you to St. Taiyo's Academy for Girls" [/BCOLOR]
  8. Victoria turned around and looked at the butler as he bowed. She did a curtsie and then went back to standing straight up. "Thank you, kind sir." She extended her hand out to the butler. "I'm Victoria Lindholm."
  9. As Rebecca neared the school entrance, she saw a few of the girls were already here, and one seemed to be talking to an older looking man with long hair and a scar. The girl was quite beautiful, with flowing white hair that curled around her face, and beautifully haunting eyes. The man must be one of the butlers she heard this school had. She contemplated if she should walk over to the girl and introduce herself, but thought better of it. She didn't want to interrupt. Even though the people here were well off like here, even the rich seemed to be afraid once they heard her last name and connected it to her father. She glanced around, noticing there were other handsome butlers around. It was as if the place was only full of beautiful people, and she couldn't fight a small bit of unease.

    She heard footsteps behind her, and her head turned toward the sound. It was Bradly, looking stern and unbending as he walked in her direction. He carried four large suitcases behind him, and her purse was slung over his shoulder. Though the purse would make most look feminine, somehow Bradly was able to look more intimidating. She shot him a smile as he came up beside her. "Look at all the beautiful people." She said, gesturing to the men and women around them. "Oh, believe me, I am looking." He commented, and she rolled her eyes. She fought off a small flare of jealousy, knowing that he only saw her as a little sister. "Let's continue." She commanded with a wave of her hand, and he nodded, noticing her change in mood and choosing not to say anything. As they gained closer to the school, she couldn't fight a wave of anxiety. She doubted she'd make friends, but she hoped that wouldn't be the case. She passed a handsome man with blue hair, unabashedly staring. "Holy shit." She murmured, and Bradly glanced over. "What about him?" "I want his hair. I could put it in so many styles." Bradly flicked her on the back of the head. "Behave, little missus."
  10. Ieshya found the school and..."Dad why the hell are you sending me to a school with butlers?!" but before she knew he father had rolled off. She sighed quietly, and began to walk into school alone, she didn't want some guy chasing after her. She wanted friends, not servants. "This is a new low..."

    Her suitcase was one that was smaller than expected, but she had an expensive looking backpack full of her entertainment. She loved the backpack because she chose what was in it.
  11. [BCOLOR=#333333]~KUMO~[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#333333]he nodded his head and took her hand within his giving it a soft shake before dropping his hand back down by his side. "If you need anything please come find one of us. If this is your first year I welcome you" he looked at her for just a moment more before he bowed a good bye and turned away from her respectfully walking into the school with the crowd of butlers and students . He walked through the school, not bothering to talk to anyone until a lady had asked for help, which some did every now and then. The girls who had already attended was not afraid to ask for help like the new ones were. He ended up assisting with some in finding their lockers, assisting them to carry their things to the class room, that stuff.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#99ccff]Emu walked over to the small, child like girl who had someone beside her, assisting her with her things. He had his hands folded in front of him as he approached the two, stopping them in their tracks, he bent forward to properly greet them. his long blue hair hanging down along the sides of his face. he stood back up with one of his 'to die for' smiles he looked to the female. "Your quite adorable miss." He said with a smirk, looking to what he assumed to be the butler. "We assure you that the butlers here at St. Taiyo Academy are professionally trained. I assure you she will be treated like the princess that she is, even if I have[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#99ccff] to stay by her side the whole time". He looked from the man then back to the girl. "If you need anything, please don't hesitate to come find me and I'll personally see that your needs are taken care of" he leaned down to her head and pressed his soft lips against her cheek, the smell of his cologne filling the air around her. It's smell being just the perfect amount, not overflowing but just the little bit to where she could smell its scent. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#ff9900]The entrance ceremony was over and he sighed with relief. He took his buttons to his white collared shirt down, opening it up to where his chest was visible. he unbuttoned his vest so more of his chest was viable past it and the white collared shirt. he ran his fingers through his long blonde hair and looked around for his first victim but he had noticed the already formed crowd of girls that had been standing a way away from him, drool practically coming from their mouths. He had guess they watched him undress his formal attire. he waved to them and the squeal from them gave him that confirmation. he looked to the girl with the pissed off face that stood by the gates. He walked up to her and smiled bowing to her before taking her hand and pressing his lips against it, kissing it gently. He stood with a smile, he looked down to her. "M'lady, such a Sexy lady should not be looking like that. Smile, It will warm my heart to see such beauty[/BCOLOR]
  12. Rebecca was in the middle of conversing with Bradly, when the man with blue hair walked up to them, giving a small bow. Her steps faltered, and her eyes were caught on his hair. She really wished she could do something with that hair. Not that is wasn't beautiful already, but hair that beautiful deserved to be styled again and again. When he smiled, her attention quickly switched. He was actually quite handsome, though she hadn't noticed his looks before. When he complimented her, her lips curled in a smile. "Thank you." She replied. He looked over at Bradly, and continued to speak. Realizing he probably thought Bradly a butler like him, she waved her hand about, attempting to interrupt him. "You've got it all wrong. He's not my butler. He's my bodyguard. I'm Rebecca Simpson, daughter of Leo Simpson. You know, the guy who-" she cut off, and cleared her throat, looking slightly uneasy. "owns all those different companies" Her fathers cover up jobs made her quite uncomfortable.

    It felt weird, always saying one thing and meaning another. People knew what she meant as soon as she said his name anyway. To her, it'd make no difference if she said famous mob boss. They knew it and so did she. When he pressed his lips against her cheek, she felt her eyes widen. That's the closest a man had ever come to her face. Most were afraid to even approach her. Her cheeks flushed a deep red and she detected the scent of his cologne. It was quite intoxicating, in a good way. Bradly finally spoke up, grabbing the man's shoulder in a soft grip and moving him at a farther distance. His voice was cold as he spoke, already in body guard mode. He got paid quite a lot just to make sure no one approached her. "Keep your hands to yourself, sir." He said. Rebecca let out a small sigh, and he glanced at her from the corner of his eyes. She was quite disappointed, but this was the way of her life. Her first time being flirted with, and Bradly had to go and ruin it. "Sorry." She murmured, rolling her eyes. "Bradly, he was just doing his job. I saw him greeting another woman this way a few minutes ago. I saw other butlers doing the same as well. It's just being courteous." She explained. "Well, curtsy can come at a distance." He said in a curt tone, eyeing the man with a suspicious gaze.
  13. [BCOLOR=#99ccff]~EMU~[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#99ccff]"I know exactly who you are miss." It was the butlers job to know everything about every student coming intot he academy, knowing her fathers position, he wouldn't let that affect how he worked and he if was to pay for doing his job then so be it. He looked to the man who had stepped up in an attempt to act tough, nothing new to Emu. It happened every year on the first day so that was one thing he was use to. he nodded with a sincere smile"Understandable enough, If I was guarding a pretty lady such as yourself I would be just as protective as well. I would want you all to myself" He smiled to her. He looked to the buter then back to her "Just get use to the idea of him not being around you at school after today." He looked away from her then to the man."Outside help isn't allowed on school campus after the first day. That's why the butlers are here. We are trained in the art of Kung fu, Aikido, Judo, Jujitsu, Keno, and Sumo" He smiled. "She's well protected, I assure you"[/BCOLOR]
  14. Ieshya rolled her eyes when he kissed her. She didn't want a boyfriend. She didn't want a personal butler. She just wanted...a normal life. Still, she smiled, "My name's Ieshya." Otherwise, she didn't really need this. Just a dorm. This bag was heavy. She knew what her parents would be doing right now: celebrating that their daughter(who they probably didn't want since they push her to all these terribly boring boarding schools) was at yet another.
  15. Rebecca was dumbfounded. He knew who she was, yet he still looked at her without fear, and flirted without hesitation. She couldn't hide the shocked expression that covered her face, though she quickly schooled her expression. At his next compliment, she couldn't keep the flush from returning to her cheeks. "You are too kind, sir." She said, her teeth sinking into her bottom lip in an age old nervous gesture. She wondered if everyone at the school would be this kind. Maybe this year would be better than she had thought. Though, she didn't want to get her hopes up. Bradly frowned at the man's next words. "I understand, I was told so ahead of time. I'm just here to get her settled in." Rebecca let out a small gasp before he had even finished his sentence.

    "Wait, what? No one told me. So I'm going to be surrounded by strangers?" She stared at the floor. This was bad. She was going to be alone, surrounded by unknown people. Just because this man had been nice to her didn't mean others would. She was always with Bradly, he was her only friend. Her eyes swam with turmoil. Taking a deep breath, she looked up, catching Bradly's worried gaze. She was a Simpson, therefore she was strong. She could overcome any obstacle, and her daddy had always taught her that showing weakness was one thing you never did. "You okay?" Bradly asked, his voice soft. She plastered on a playful smile. "Of course I'm fine. Simpsons never back down." She winked. He chuckled. "I know that, tater tot." He said, tugging playfully at her crimson braided ponytail.
  16. Victoria made her way to her room where the 2 bodyguards were waiting. They came to the position of attention as she stepped into the room. "Ma'am we've took the liberty of unpacking your bags and preparing your back pack." She nodded and then sat down."you two are dismissed. Head back to the manor." They left without question. After sitting there for about 5 minutes, she decided she was going to find the butler from before. She got up and walked out her room and into the crowded hallways. She turned the corner and ran into the butler she was looking for.
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  17. [​IMG] (Just click on the image and click new tab)

    Name: Dora
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Position: Student
    Families company: A chain of book stores, a kid's television network, and multiple other companies mostly about children.
    Students- Year: Third
    Personality: Quiet, Studious, Shy, Smart, Caring, Introverted, Solitary (to new people). She loves childish things, like My Little Pony, and other things.
    Bio: Dora was born and left at an orphanage. A few years later, a rich couple had come to the orphanage looking for a child to love, since the wife could not give birth herself. Their eyes had landed upon this child huddled protectively in a corner, scared as if there was a monster there to devour her. They walked over and asked her name. "Um, I'm Dora." She squeezed a soft pink pony with hot pink hair tight as she spoke. The woman bent down and asked her, "Do you like My Little Pony?". She replied yes excitedly, and further opened up to the couple. They adopted her and she has lived with them since she was eight years old. A few years later, they adopted another child from the same orphanage since Dora had wanted a little sibling.
    Appearance: Short black hair (like dora the explorer), and dark green eyes (pic above)

    Name: Esmeralda (just call her Esme)
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Position: Student
    Families company: A chain of book stores, a kid's television network, and multiple other companies mostly about children.
    Students- Year: First
    Personality:Vivacious, Outgoing, Wild, Crazy, Weird, Friendly, Caring, Positive, Random, Spontaneous
    Bio: Two years after Dora had been adopted, they returned with Dora to the same orphanage. Dora walked around exploring to see how it had changed. It had been expanded to fit more kids, and she went to visit her old room. She found a girl that looked just like her on her old bed. She had longer black hair that was shifted to the side and brighter eyes of the same color. The girl on the bed noticed her and skipped up to her. "Hey, who are you? Are you new?" She smiled at Dora, and Dora smiled back. She liked this girl and her kindness. Dora pulled her hand and the girl went along with her new friend gladly. "Ooh, an adventure!" The girl smiled and started skipping to keep up. They reached Dora's parents and they looked at the new girl. They adopted her, but not without another unexpected addition. The girl was named Esmeralda, but she refused to leave without this other girl. This other girl had long silvery hair and the same green eyes. She was quiet and emotionless, but she let Esmeralda pull her towards them. They looked at Dora to see if she was okay with two other siblings instead of just one. She nodded happily, and the three of them became very close.
    Appearance: Long black hair, but a bit lighter than Dora's, and bright spring green eyes

    Name: Aria
    Gender: Female
    Position: Student
    Families company:A chain of book stores, a kid's television network, and multiple other companies mostly about children.
    Students- Year: Fourth
    Personality: Grumpy, Sarcastic, Rude, Solitary, Independent, Easily Irritated, Protective, Loyal, (caring and kind towards her sisters)
    Bio: Her Bio is pretty much the same as Esme's, however, know that her and Esme are sisters by blood. They ran away from their parents because they were constantly mistreated. They told others, but were not believed, so they chose to leave. She considers Dora to also be her sister since they all look alike. They are all inseparable.
    Appearance: Long flat silvery hair and the same bright green eyes as Esmeralda

    Attached Files:

  18. Beginning Post:

    "Come on guys! I really really really want to get there already!" Esme was jumping up and down excitedly.

    "I'm ready to go too. But aren't we really late?" Dora said quietly.

    "Ugh. Of course we're already late. So there is no point in rushing." Aria said grumpily, tapping her foot on the ground impatiently. She put in her earbuds and listened to her music.

    A black limo came up to the curb where they were waiting with their luggage. The door opened and their parents were waiting inside. "Sorry kids, they were some technical difficulties last minute. But we're here now, so let's get this show on the road." Their father said.They all climbed in and they set off towards the school. They got there and Esme opened up the door, sprung out, and did a spin.

    "It's so pretty! I'm gonna go look around! Bye!" She ran off into the distance.

    Aria face palmed herself. "There aren't even any butlers outside anymore. We are really late. And now she's gonna get lost." She grabbed her luggage and walked towards where their rooms were.

    Dora slid out after giving their parents hugs and she said bye kindly. "I need to catch up." She began running towards Aria who was already at their room.
  19. [BCOLOR=#99ccff]EMU[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#99ccff]He chuckled and nodded in the ladies direction. She was obviously nervous about the whole thing and he didn't blame her, most girls were. "No worries miss. We are here to assure that you will be comfortable at all costs" He winked and bowed to them politely, his long blue hair falling in front of his face until he stood tall before them once more. He noticed their closeness from the moment he had spoken with them. They acted as if they were brother and sister more than a body guard and his boss. He had seen a relationship similar but none to this extent. It warmed him somewhat. He cleared his throat and nodded slightly "Well then, I will allow you this time to get settled and say your goodbyes miss. "He nodded his head to the body guard. "Sir." He said in a farewell before continuing on his way to the other females that might have been in need of assistance[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#ff9900]"Pretty indeed, I have yet to hear of a name such as that." He studied her form. The bag she was carrying obviously had a lot of weight in it. He looked from the bag to her with a slight smirk. She wasn't like the others he had met, most would have probably had that dreamy look in their eyes but she had the look of annoyance as if she hated his company. He chuckled lightly at the observation "Why do I get the feeling that you aren't too frond of me, Ma'am" He chuckled softly. He looked to her bag again "Allow me to help you with that. If you want I could carry it to your dorm."[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#333333]KUMO [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#333333]Kumo bowed to the ladies who stood in front of the schools library. He stood and turned from them, just finish assisting them with finding it. He pulled up his wrist to look at the watch and he sighed. Oh how he wanted this day to end. He looked up and the halls were now pretty much empty because everyone was getting settled in and readying themselves for the first day of school. He put his hand back down by his side and nodded in respect to the couple of stragglers that still happened to be walking through the halls, finding their way to the destination of which they were headed. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#333333]Upon walking further into the school, he blinked at the sight of the two ladies, one of which seemed to be running and the other was catching up. He watched them turn down the hall toward the girls dorm and he smirked. Looking further down the hall of which they turned another girl was coming out from the girls rooms. It was the girl from before. It didn't take long for her to reach him and he was still standing there. "All set?" He asked her[/BCOLOR]
  20. "Please don't call me that. It makes me sound like my aunt or something," Ieshya didn't like Ma'am. Her name was the only thing she was ever called (except from her annoying big cousin called her Ishee, but that's another story) and she wasn't going to start changing it now. Still, someone to carry the bag would be nice. "Thanks. But where the hell is my dorm?!"