St. Petersburg; Mental Facilities for the Under Aged

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    People thought of mental facilities like an old looking building where crazy people lurked in the shadows, waiting for you to turn their backs on them so they could snatch you up and eat you, while you were still alive. To Shanna it was far from that; it was a place full of people that didn’t choose to be born with the emotional problems that they had to deal with for the rest of their lives. These people symbolized the help that her mother and father needed but never got. They resembled her contribution to society, God and of course herself. She didn’t want other children to suffer the consequences of having unstable parents and much else wanted children, teens or young adults to grow up to be mentally unstable human beings. If she could help, then she would do it.

    Today was Shanna Oakley’s fist day on the job and she was so scared that she had to bring an extra pair of handkerchiefs to keep her melting forehead dry. “Okay Shanna don’t be so nervous. If you need ANYTHING just feel free to call. In that drawer you will find my number and if your patient gets ‘violent’ you just press the red button in your desk phone.” Wait, VIOLENT?! Shanna’s eyes widened but Mrs. Phelps –the sweet retiring doctor that was helping her get settled- laughed and pressed a chubby hand to one of her shoulders. Squeezing it lightly. “But don’t worry because it won’t happen. This girl is a sweet heart and the only thing that you have to do is see her twice a week and write up if she’s making any progress. She’s been here since she was ten years old and the progress that you will see will be minimal. Now it is important that you understand that okay? She has severe retardation and will never get better. We give her to new doctors because it is a way to toughen you up and to get ease you into more severe cases. There’s the files and any time now Alyss will be brought in! I’m going to give you some space so you can relax and read the file. Okay? You will do great.” The woman looked at Shanna for a few seconds with a warm smile and Shanna silently nodded, giving the woman another reassuring smile that was far from truthful. “Thank you so much Mrs. Phelps.” The woman accepted her words and walked out of Shanna’s almost plain office.

    Silence seemed too had walked in the moment the door closed because Shanna’s ears buzzed with that annoying ‘silence sound’ that seemed to crawl inside her ear and made her loudly sigh to create at least some disturbance. Luckily the air conditioner kicked in and saved her form becoming another patient. “Well… I guess I should read this…” Shanna told herself and looked at the cardboard file that had been placed over her desk. The name ‘Alyss Hart’ was already labeled so that saved her a bit of time. She reached in very slowly and pulled the cream colored file towards herself, hopped onto her desk and with a deep breath opened it.

    Name: Alyss Hart.
    Patient number: 5874
    Room: 874
    Age: 17
    Disorders: IQ bellow the normal age. Lack of emotional/ mental progression. Lack of motor progression. Speech predicament.
    Last Notes: Friday, August 10 2012; No progress what so ever. The patient only responds to infantile things. She often asks for candy and to go out and play. There was no response as of pointing out her physical growth. Emotional blockage continues severely because of the emotional trauma received. C/E negative. B/S negative.
    Key Notes: She seems to have a particular liking towards infantile games and TV shows between the ages of 2-5. Alyss thinks her parents are in the hospital and when pointed out that they died she turns depressive and suicidal but forgets the next day.
  2. “It’s okies, Wally. The new doctor nots gonna hurt you.” whispered a small woman to a stuffed koala bear, squeezing it to her chest. She was curled up in the corner of the room, on her bed corner. She was watching, waiting for the people to come in. she didn’t understand why she got switched around so many times. Every time she felt like she was becoming friends with her doctor, they’d force her to get a new one. She would get comfortable, she’d relax, and the next day she’d have someone new.

    She closed her dark green eyes, yawning quietly. She wanted to take a nap, but they were coming. They always came at this time, around the time she wanted to nap. She sighed, looking up as one of the nurses came and she got up, following them. She didn’t talk though, not to this nurse. He was mean. He grabbed her wrist, forcing her 5’0 frame to go a bit faster. She whimpered and sped up a little bit, trying not to fall as she kept her grip on her bear with the other hand.

    She was slight in weight, having refused most things they gave her to eat. She hated the vegetables and the grown up foods. She wanted grilled cheese, PB&Js, fresh fruits, pudding. Kid foods. She didn’t like the chicken, she didn’t like the salads, she didn’t like any of that. She also liked lollipops. A few of the doctors had tried to bribe her with them and she didn’t understand why. She was four, they couldn’t change that with candy.

    She sighed, looking down and causing some strands of her blonde hair to fall in her face. It was on the long side and was loosely curled, but was now in a braid down her back. The nurses that were females often did this to keep it from getting too tangled. She flipped out any time someone tried to cut it too much. The one time someone had done it without her knowing, she had been upset for weeks, sobbing and sobbing all the time until she was worn out.

    She gave a tiny sigh, looking as they approached the office of the new doctor. The nurse knocked and opened the door, giving her as nudge inside. She went in, lips in a pout as she looked at the new doctor. “Are you gonna be means to me too?”
  3. Shanna was fascinated by this. In her private life –since her professional life was barely starting- she had never seen a case as rare as this one. Of course she had read of things like this in the college textbooks but they never specified it would be in that way. It was like if Alyss was frozen in time, but mentally. The new doctor kept reading with delight and utter wonder and even sat on the chair behind the counter as if the girl’s file were a magnificent book. Shanna got so comfortable that she leaned back and pushed her seat towards the back wall, leaving space so that she could lift her legs and rest them over the dark wood desk. Her onyx eyes making image of what this girl would look like. Shanna imagined Alyss as a tall, sickly looking, disoriented eyed 17 year old that did nothing but ask for candy and games. She didn’t imagine a smile on her face or that she would be the slightest bit happy, who would in an institution like this? Sure, the hospital was well cleaned and had very cheerful and vivid colors for those who suffered depression. Nurses made sure the patients went to their appointments, played, got involved in activities, drank their meds and etcetera; like a mother would do. It was until the door opened that Shanna’s nervousness washed over her again. “Damn…” She softly muttered as she scrambled on her feet. Shanna quickly stood up and with the whole shimmying and shaking, almost knocked over her fake plastic lemon tree.

    Uhm… I-I don’t th-think so. C’come in…” Shanna stuttered not really knowing what to think or even what to answer. Did doctors treat Alyss wrongly? Did nurses treat her badly? Or was this just something that she said to get doctors to feel sorry for her? But Shanna was a doctor now and if she had made it this far it meant that she was cut out to do this. Taking another small breath made her gain the enough confidence to offer the girl a warmer smile. “My name is Doctor Oakley but you can call me Shanna if you want. They told me a little about you Alyss and they specifically said that you liked candy. I’m sorry I didn’t bring any with me today but I promise you than on the next session I’ll bring you some.” She apologized in between smiles, taking a few steps towards Alyss but leaving more than enough distance in between the two. Shanna leaned against her desk and pressed a hand over it to support her five foots and six inches. “Please take a sit. I see you brought a friend with you, what’s its name?” She said with wonder, motioning towards the two matching chairs in the room. Shana was as nervous as a virgin on her wedding night and had no idea if she was talking to her in the correct or appropriate tone.

    The first thing she noticed was that her assumptions where not that wrong. Yes Alyss looked like a teenager but she didn’t look her age. The girl looked frail and her whole look resembled an old doll. Big and beautiful green yes with long but stringy blonde hair, Alyss limbs looked very skinny and she could see that the girl wasn’t taken out to the sun very often because of the ashen look on her skin; probably wasn’t receiving enough nutrients to nourish her developing body either. “Do you have a nickname that you like for me to refer to you as? You know so you can feel comfortable. I know your old doctor, Doctor Phelps, had been with you for a long time and she’s really fond of you. She’s going to miss you very much too.
  4. Alyss seemed to really like her answer, a large grin overtaking her face now. Despite what people may have thought when hearing her issues, smiles were never lacking upon her face as long as she was around someone who wasn’t going to be mean to her. It just took a second of meanness to make the smile disappear and a frown to take its place. She held Wally a little bit tighter. “I like your name. It’s pwetty.” She moved over to take a seat, curling up in the chair and then setting Wally down in the chair beside of her.

    “I likes lollipops the best. Doctor Phelps always hads lollipops for me buts before her the other doctor didn’t haves them. A lot of thems didn’t. They weren’t goods doctors.” She let a frown take over her face for a moment, sad that her favorite doctor out of them all had been taken away. “Whens are you gonna leave? They always makes my doctors go aways after I starts to likes them.”

    She paused, biting her lower lip tightly. She then recalled that she hadn’t answered her answer and gave a tiny giggle. “His names is Wally! He’s a koala bear and and annnnnnd he’s my bestest fwiend in the whole wide world.” She moved to grab him, squeezing him tightly once again with a big smile. “My momma and daddy got him for me. They’re gonna be real proud of how clean I kept him when they gets done with their doctors.”

    With a small sigh, Alyss twisted herself to look at the doctor. “I don’t got a nickname. Everyone justs calls me Alyss. Do you have a nickname?" It was times like these that made her stand out just a bit more. Once you got her talking, it was difficult to get her to shut up again. Unless you did something mean.
  5. Shanna started identifying the disorders that were in the chart. The lack of a vast vocabulary for her age was definitely there and of course the cerebral trauma that made her see herself as a much younger girl. In between smiles or giggles, Shanna listened carefully to the things that Alyss said. To the things she liked, to the way she seemed to have a very fond relation with her stuffed animal which gave her something else to write ‘Imaginary companion’. That was typical behavior for someone who was four years old.

    Alyss first question took her by surprise and Shanna just widened her eyes and opened her mouth to answer, but then came another comment and she just smiled and let her talk freely. The doctor wiggled herself a bit more towards the center of her desk, letting her legs hang down so she could be most comfortable and could talk to Alyss feeling good, so that Alyss could feel good talking to her too. If that made any sense. Whatever, it was the number one thing she was told and that she always wished her psychologists did with her; feel comfortable and secure.

    Well…” Shanna started but waited to see if Alyss had concluded, apparently she had so the doctor continued. Running a hand through her slightly curled black hair. “Well I don’t think I’m leaving anytime soon… I’m sorry that doctors didn’t treat you right in the past. Its crazy for us here sometimes too. So crazy that some of our patients need to be our doctors!” Shanna giggled and crossed her legs, resting her hands over her knees as if she were going to tell a story. “But I assure you we will have fun here and I’m going to try as hard as I can to help you out. Okay? Good!

    I’m sure your parents woul--will be proud Alyss, he’s very handsome indeed. Hello there Wally I hope you also have fun with us here. I need your total cooperation too.” Then the older woman talked to the object then looked back at Alyss and nodded, leaning over and gripping on to the edge of her desk. “I have nicknames! My brother calls me Tom-Tom because I used to stutter when till I was about your age” By age she meant seventeen. “And we used to call him Tom, so I stuttered and called him Tom-Tom and that’s my nickname. My girlfriend calls me Shay and my closes friends so you can call me Shay too. I know we’re gonna be good friends.” Shanna said offering the girl a wider smile.

    Now Alyss I have a very important assignment for you. I want you to bring two drawings. You can do them with paint, crayons, pencils, markers or whatever way you want. In one of them I want you to describe what you think you do right now and what you want to do someday, like when you’re a grown up? It can be whatever your little heart desires. Yes? For example.” The doctor straightened up and clapped her hands, looking at the door as if it were the door to her mind and she were taking a peek inside her broad imagination. “Right now I’m getting to know you and learning how to be the best doctor EVER! But when I grow up I want to have grandbabies running around my very expensive beach house.” Shanna’s toes tingled with excitement at the thought of that and her eyes focused on her future for a few seconds before she snapped out of it and looked back at her patient with an apologetic smile. “Can you do that for me? For the few minutes that we have left, I want you to talk to me about yourself. Ask me questions and let go of any anxieties or worries that you might have. Also, tell me what you would want to learn, or do, or anything else you want.
  6. Alyss scrunched her nose up and shook her head, a pout taking over her lips. “Nuh-uh! I don’t wanna has an assignment! Everyone always gives me those and thens they get real disappointed wif what I wanna do or what I drawed and then they hates me and I don’t wanna do the assignment.” She reached over and plucked Wally out of the other chair, clutching him defensively. She had only paid attention to what half the doctor had said, having a short attention span and all.

    “You gots a girlfriend?” She said, suddenly eager in that. She didn’t have a comment about any of the other words the doctor had said, but she had a fascination with the way adults liked each other. That’s what happened in fairy tales! The people were in love and then they would get married and those sorts of stories always made her feel the best. Life was supposed to be happy endings in her opinion.

    “Is she pwetty? I bets she is. I bets she has really pwetty hair and eyes and I bets she’s a princess ‘cause you’re a princess and I bets you guys are gonna get married and then the stork is gonna bring you babies and then you cans move to your beach house and thens the stork can bring babies for your babies.” She smiled cheerfully, enjoying the scenario that had just played in her mind of the doctor. She didn’t even understand that they couldn’t get married in most places, that princesses were only real in other countries, and that the stork didn’t actually bring children. There were many things she just simply didn’t understand, despite what people tried to teach her. They had tried to help her develop, but she refused to listen. She told them her parents would just teach them to her when they were done with their doctor visit.

    She suddenly stood up, walking around the office for a few moments. She had problems sitting still for too long in places other than her room. It didn’t help being confined to the asylum because things were always the same all the time. She had a very distant memory of being outside and playing and she longed to be out in the sunshine again, but that wasn’t allowed. This asylum didn’t have an outside area for its patients. She sat down again after a few moments, focusing her attention once more on the doctor, not saying anything about future life plans or anything.
  7. Alyss sudden attitude slapped Shanna in the face and made her realize that dealing with this girl was going to be harder than with a real four year old. Shanna had no idea what to do or say anymore really, she became silent and just let her be. She didn’t answer her questions knowing that the girl would probably just keep on talking so she preferred to have her whole, or well most of her attention. The doctor also had things to add to the chart that weren’t there before. ADD or apparent ADD because the girl paid no mind to what she had said before. She would definitely run some studies to see if Alyss ignored her on purpose or if she just had trouble paying attention at anything for too long. But then Alyss stood up and walked out. That frightened her somewhat.

    W-wh-what a-a-a-a-re you d—doing?!” Shanna stuttered nervously and rapidly uncrossed her legs as if to leap after the girl but Alyss seemed to inoffensively just walk out and around. Shanna hopped off the desk and stood at the doorway observing her first patient. There were strong male nurses outside and they all just watched the girl walk around without paying much mind into it. Alyss was even walking around in circles “Does she always do this?” She asked one of the nurses who nodded and crossed his arms, spreading his legs and leaning against a wall “Yup. Poor girl’s brain is fried. She can’t stay still for more than a few minutes.” Shanna was offended by the nurse’s terms but couldn’t say anything because Alyss was approaching them. The girl walked right back in and sat down with her stuffed animal.

    Shay didn’t close the door again; she just shoved her hands into the pockets of her white robe and in silence walked her way back to her chair. How was she going to do this? How was she going to get into this girl’s mind? “You don’t need to do the assignment then. How about … Do you want me to tell you a story?” She had NO idea if this would work but as a child, she loved to hear and make up stories and by the way Alyss had expressed herself earlier, she thought that if she made the story interesting enough maybe she could get her attention.

    Arizona –my girlfriend- really is a princess, a magical one too! She helps sick kids not be sick anymore but it isn’t always easy because there’s a big troll called Boss who makes it impossible for her to use her magic on those poor children… And yesterday one of the kids called Carlos was about to be eaten alive by a giant troll that lived inside his skin! When all of the sudden Arizona picked her magic wand and started chanting a spell, but you will never guess what happened…” Shanna looked down, faking disappointment.
  8. She immediately sat up straight, loving stories as much as she loved candy. She often begged the nurses to tell her stories, even having a few favorites that she knew by heart like Little Red Riding Hood. Often at night, she would beg and beg and refuse to go to bed until someone told her at least one story. She didn’t care if she had heard them before, though she loved new stories.

    She focused all of her attention on her, biting her lip eagerly. She clung to every word told until Shanna paused. “No! Has to defeat the troll! You can’t tells me a story if it has a bad ending!” She cried out, eyes widening a bit more than their normal big size. She looked like she was about to throw a tantrum if Shanna didn’t finish the story, lips now forming into a pout.

    She was clutching Wally a bit tighter, and if he hadn’t been built sturdy then it probably would have had the stuffing squeeze out of it.
  9. Jackpot! Shanna had found the way to calm and probably bribe the girl into telling her more about herself. Of course she needed to learn how to use this wisely and use it to help the girl instead of using it to treat Alyss as a science experiment. Shay’s broad black eyes lifted with the same sadden expression but in a matter of seconds she sprang up from her chair and said “Carlos sprang up from the crystal bed where he had been sleeping and tried to make a run for it. It wasn’t Carlos though. It was the troll inside his body that had taken control of his body!” Shanna was probably as excited as Alyss was supposed to be. She imagined a brown haired boy running around with white eyes while her girlfriend ran after him, waving an apparent wand that knocked things over and made holes around the hospital. “Arizona ran after him down the hall until they reached a dead end. Carlos locked eyes with Magical Princess Arizona and she said ‘Get out of Carlos you evil troll!’ But the Troll inside Carlos just laughed and said ‘You will never catch us alive!’ Then he ran towards Arizona, knocking her over and running into a room. Arizona fell down and scrapped her arm but she didn’t care, she kept crawling with her wand at hand and just kept trying to shoot him with her magic. When she looked into the room, Carlos was about to jump out the window when all of the sudden a white dove bumped against the boy and scared him enough for him to fall back inside. That was when Arizona waved her wand at him and shot a sparkly pink magic bullet that finally got him. Carlos coughed and flopped around. “ Shay started wobbling and flopping her arms around exaggeratedly. Closing her eyes and pumping her chest as if she were having a seizure then suddenly stopped and redirected her gaze to the confused seventeen year old. “ Then when he stopped and opened his eyes… He was cured and the Troll NEVER came back…

    Truth was, that Carlos was a real boy with skin cancer. Arizona had treated him and didn’t sleep at their apartment for a few days because she stayed at the hospital, looking for new treatments and a way to save the charismatic boy. Finally she found a good treatment for him and it seemed to have been working until he came back to the hospital unconscious. The cancer had spread to a few of his organs including his brain; Carlos never got the chance to beat that Troll again.
  10. Alyss was pleased with the story, eyes big and bright. “I wanna meets Pwincess Arizona!” She declared with a nod, bouncing up and down in her seat. “Cans I? Pleeeeeeeeeeease?” She had relaxed against the seat, no longer clutching her koala like she had been when she thought the story was going to end wrongly. She yawned slightly and curled up a bit more in the chair. “Wills you tell me another ones the next time we sees each other? Maybe you can get momma and daddy down here and they can hears the story too. Maybe they cans meet Arizona!”

    She bit her lip, glancing into the hall before looking at her again. “Cans you bring me a peach?” She asked quietly, biting her lower lip. “A fresh one!” Fruit, a weakness. She loved it more than anything, but the asylum had the same fruit every day. A fruit medley that had a lot of sugar in it.
  11. She was more than surprised that this ACTUALLY worked! Alyss spoke to her and even added a little something about a way to get her to eat healthier food. Shanna was still shocked at the fact that something as simple as telling her a story could accomplish so much in so little. The woman dropped back on her chair and again allowed the mental child to speak freely, but once she noticed that Alyss was tired and could pretty much fall asleep on her chair, she stood up once more and very slowly made her way back to Alyss. Going as far as standing besides the chair where the girl was sitting at but not too close in case she also had problems with physical contacts. Shay didn’t want to undo any progress! “Well for now I can show you a picture of her. I will surely tell her to meet your parents, but I need their names so that we could look them up. Do you remember their names Alyss?” She was probably pushing the girl too much for one day so she just asked for names so she could look up her parents and see how they died and when. Just so she could really get into the root of this problem. Of course it was some sort of mental block but why? How? Who?

    While she waited a reply from Alyss, Shanna pulled out her cell phone from the back pockets of her tight jeans and searched in her pictures. In a few seconds she had found a cute picture of them that made her smile widely. She had taken that picture in winter while they were bored waiting outside some fancy restaurant that they didn’t even enjoy. After they got out of the restaurant they were STILL hungry so they drove to the nearest rib shack and pigged out on ribs, coleslaw and corn bread. All and all, Shanna always had fun when Arizona was around. “Here we are.” Shanna turned the phone towards Alyss to give her a better look of them. She was at the right taking the picture while Arizona stood beside her with big blue eyes and a gorgeous smile. “I’m going to see if she can come to one of my sessions so you can meet her someday. She also makes a great peach cobbler… maybe I’ll get her to make one of you.” Shay shrugged like if it was nothing but to her, the interest Alyss had for her meant ALLOT. “Are you tired dear? Our session is almost over… do you want me to get the nurse to take you to your room? I’m gonna do that. It was very fun to meet you Ally, I will see you in two more days. Okay?
  12. Alyss bit het lower lip, trying to remember her parents’ names .She heard people say them before, but mostly she just called them momma and daddy. “Oh! Maria and Ivan.” She replied with a smile. “They’re here too. Seeing doctors like me.” Of course, that was far from the case and the actual events were far more tragic. It had happened around the time that she was four, even though she hadn’t arrived there until she was ten. Her and her parents had been enjoying a nice evening at home, her father was a lawyer and her mom was a teacher. They’d been eating dinner, when two men broke in, angry at her daddy for sending their friend to jail. Ivan had fought, and one man had held him down while one of the men violently raped Maria. Then they slayed her right before his eyes.

    They then killed him, slashing his neck. Alyss had been watching with big eyes, crying for them to stop. They didn’t want to kill her, no, but what if she led them back to the two of them? So they stabbed at her as well, right through the chest and she had a scar to prove it. But, somehow, she had lived. The events had left her scarred physically and mentally. She had completely shut down. Then, after the funeral she had been placed in the system and when someone had finally adopted her, they realized how messed up she was in the head. They had immediately sent her there at the first realization and hadn’t come back for her since.

    “She’s gorgeous!”
    She replied with a smile, lightly touching the screen of the phone. She then got up, nodding. “I wanna go to bed. Me and Wally are really really tiiiired.” She moved for the door, waiting for a nurse to escort her back to her room.
  13. Bye Alyss and Wally.” Shanna waved them off with a smile and saw as a male nurse sort of shove Alyss forward. She didn’t see him doing it maliciously but she didn’t like the lack of care that he presented towards the girl. Shay was most definitely going to ask who was he and how long had he been working there. After the girl left, Shanna started taking notes and ordered some physical exams as well. In her private notes she wrote…
    Shanna spoke to Mrs. Phelps and she seemed as excited as she was, telling Shana to keep up the good work and revising every note and prescript that she had done; it was all flawless. The retiring doctor approved of all of that and also made sure Shanna remembered that the progress that the girl would be making was minimal, no matter how much anyone tried. Shanna failed to agree on that but she just smiled and nodded to Mrs. Phelps knowing that the old woman just didn’t want her to be disappointed if change failed to be seen. That night, Shay looked for information on the girl’s family and wrote all about it. She even managed to make a few calls and get graphic pictures of the crime scene. Shanna had NEVER seen so much blood… The pictures were of a half naked woman lying over a table with dull glassy green eyes focused on another corpse. A tied up man who’s blonde head hung low and blood just smeared on to his lap. There were also pictures of Alyss clothes and the weapon that they used to take two lives and attempt to take a third. Shanna cried, and cried, and cried some more while she read the detailed police reports that Alyss had carefully described. She also saw pictures that the girl drew afterwards and even found out that she had been adopted in her earlier years. The couple discontinued the adoption process though, and Shanna had an idea why.

    In the following two days Shanna dedicated them to buying mentally stimulating children’s book, telling Arizona all about Alyss and unsurprisingly Arizona made some fresh peach cobbler for Shanna to take to Alyss. You can imagine that the sleeping that Shanna did was no more than two or three hours per day; strong black coffee was better for Shanna than any energy drink! Arizona also wanted to get to know this girl and felt so much for Alyss that she actually bought her a coloring book with all kinds of princesses pictures, some play-dough and a big set of crayons. Arizona was a pediatric oncologist so she knew about sad stories and death… but for some reason she felt as strongly for this seventeen year old stranger as Shanna did.

    For their next session Shanna had brought not only some fresh peaches but some apple wedges with fat free caramel sauce, an orange, a pear and some grapes. She also brought the girl the cobbler, some lollypops PLUS everything else that Arizona had gotten her. “I think I went overboard. It’s only a fifty minute session. She won’t eat all this! Well, if she doesn’t Wally will.” She told herself with a laugh while she arranged the different items on her office drawers, leaving the fruit over the counter to keep them fresh and incase Alyss didn’t want anything, not forgetting about them either.
  14. Alyss had been fairly good the days following her appointment. She still refused to eat most of the food given to her and she still talked like a kid, but she hadn’t thrown a tantrum when the nurses took her for her bath time. She had worked hard during those days, drawing out Arizona and Shanna carefully in princess gowns. She had a nurse help her label them, though the writing and names were hard to read.

    And after she had done that, she had drawn what Shanna had asked. How she saw herself now and how she’d seen herself in the future. She was content with it and had them stacked up, ready to take them and Wally to her session. She had on a jacket today, but that was the only difference in her appearance.

    She was excited to see the new lady again. She liked her more than the last one. She was nicer! She told her stories! She looked up when her nurse came and she grinned, getting up and grabbing her things before going after him. He knocked, like last time, and then let her in. “I DREWED YOU STUFF!” She squealed as she entered, holding the pictures up eagerly with a big grin.

    Princesses.png Now and Later.png
  15. Shanna was reading and revising a book of one of her latest interest ‘childhood traumas and their consequences’, when all of the sudden there was a knock on the door and the blonde frail girl barged in. Alyss enthusiasm was contagious and forgetting about her very interesting book, Shanna pressed her palms to her desk creating a small slapping sound and sprang herself up. Her dark eyes widening with surprise because she didn’t expect the girl to do the assignments at all! Telling her a story apparently opened up a wider door that what the doctor had imagined and was obviously the key to getting Alyss into really opening up. “You did?! Wow I’m so proud of you Alyss! And I’m sure Princess Arizona will be very happy to know that you did your assignment. C’mon in and take a seat, I have a few surprises for you.” Shanna eagerly approached the girl but still apprehensive of making more than necessary contact with Alyss, she simply took the sheets of drawn paper from her hands and took a few steps back to her desk; she hopped on it and observed them with curiosity. Lifting her dark eyes only once to smile at Alyss “I also brought you some fresh peaches. I think you’re really gonna like them since they are sooo sweet! Arizona didn’t use much sugar to make you her famous supper magic peach cob--- UPS! I said too much.” Shay did the motion over her hand as if she were zipping it and locking the right corner of her lips. Then she looked back down at the pictures with a little mischievous smile, knowing that it would spark the girl’s curiosity.

    Shay had always been good with kids. Especially because she had to take care of her youngest brother at a very young age. In fact, she was going to be a K-6 teacher and enrolled in college to study so, but when she really got into the part of psychology and what not, her love and the intrigue of helping people with mental difficulties was more evident. The first picture… well… was a little hard to understand at first to the point that she was tempted to ask. But once Shanna saw what she thought was ‘Anison’ and an ‘A’ at the end she understood that it meant ‘Arizona’. Looking closer to the first word she could decipher her name and was relieved that she didn’t have to ask the girl what it meant. “Wow Alyss I didn’t know you were so good at drawing. I love this very, very much and I’m sure Arizona will love it too. I’m gonna take this home so I can frame it and bring it back so everyone can see your artistic skills. Good job!” She praised the girl and moved on to the next drawings. Those were a tad obvious to decipher. Shay’s smile faded a bit when she looked the frown on ‘Alyss’ face in one of the pictures. She was in a white box, obviously feeling trapped inside when outside it was so beautiful. Another thing she noticed was that unlike the following drawing, she was only with Wally and that meant she had no one else. The following one made a slight smile return to her lips when she saw the girl happy with who Shanna knew where Alyss parents. Then again her smile failed remembering the pictures where a blonde set of hair that hung low and motionless, in shame and pain. The green dull eyes that just begged for help yet carried so much love even after those horrid men had taken the life out of them.

    Water puddle in Shanna’s eyes but she just rapidly blinked her eyes in hopes of making them dissipate. “So Alyss, help yourself to some fruit there and tell me about this pictures.” Shanna placed them over the desk and moved them so they were facing the girl, hopped off afterwards and walked back to her chair where she sat and pulled herself back to the desk so she could jot. “I’m going to take some notes so I don’t forget, okay? I’m a little old and I tend to forget stuff.” Shay apologized kindly.
  16. Alyss squealed in delight, moving to pick up one of the peaches and bite into it as soon as she was given permission. The juice from it dripped down her chin, but she didn’t care. She just wanted to enjoy the treat. The peach was gone within seconds and she reached for the other, moving to go sit down infront of the desk. “The firsts ones is you and Arizona ‘cause you guys are pwincesses. And the seconds one is I’m here and then when mommy and daddy get done with their doctor I’ll be outside in the sunshine and mommy and daddy will be there and we’ll all be really happy together. I forgotted to draw Wally in the second picture though. Don’t tells him.”

    She bit into the second peach, a noise of enjoyment leaving her lips. She’d never been so happy in her stay there, not even when she was given candy from her old doctors.
    “I wanna know more ‘bout the magical peach..cobbler? Yea! i wanna knows more about that. Why’s it magicals? What’d she do to it?” She asked, sitting up eagerly and looking at her with big eyes. The second peach was finished by then, and she placed it into the trash before rubbing at her face with the sleeve of her jacket.wn at the grou

    “Oh! Did you find momma and daddy? Did you sees if they could come visits yet? I..I wanna see them ‘cause it’s been a real long time I thinks they miss me..” She mumbled, looking down at the ground.