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  1. STORY

    Welcome to St. Nazareth Academy! Long ago, the world was at war and St. Nazareth was originally built as a military school to train male students for war. Nowadays, it still trains students but St. Nazareth is a co-ed boarding school built for all sorts of things. Its similar to a vocational school but its not quite a vocational school. Its a private school made for only the best and the most beautiful people attend there. There are some people who attend because of a scholarship but they aren't like the really rich students. There are very few who get a scholarship from this school and most people, even the smartest, can't get in. The school has to want you, you can't want the school. It doesn't work like that.
    Oh and did I mention there are demons of all kinds attending this school. It has both humans and demons who come to this school but the humans don't know about the demons attending this school. They don't even know about the existence of demons and if someone accidentally finds out about the school.... their memory is erased by the headmaster's right hand man and adopted son(will be creating both).
    This school has stables behind it but not only that, it has mythology classes, computer classes that don't teach you about word or anything like that. They teach you about c++, javascript, html5, and a bunch of other computer languages. They teach students how to code and even create video games. They also have horseback riding, magic, training, German, Japanese, French, Spanish, Italian, Latin, and Dutch. They also have gen ed subjects. Oh and depending on the language you learn, you can visit the country. If you learn Dutch, you get to visit the Netherlands. If you learn German, you can visit Germany. Japanese, Japan. Spanish, Spain. French, France. They also have other trips like visiting England for a week or visiting Africa. They enjoy giving the students lot to do.


    1. Be nice to each other; get along out of character
    2. Limit of 5 characters per character
    3. No God modding; don't control other peoples characters
    4. No perfect characters
    5. You can make your posts as long as you want
    6. No one liners
    7. Relationships can happen between characters but anything sexual should happen between characters and only if your over 18; underage members should just black out.
    8. Keep the different talents organized
    9. Be as creative as you want with your characters! There is no limit.


    Species: What kind of demon are you? You can be any from a simple vampire to a ferocious hellhound but they must have a human form.

    History: Optional; we can uncover your background through role play if you would prefer

    Talents: There are some students that do get in for being reach isntead of for an actual talent.

    Relationships: anyone they like, hate, crushes, friends, enemies, frenemies, lovers, etc.
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  2. I might join this~
  3. Cool
  4. Just to note~

    your rules....

    2. Limit of 5 characters per person/RPer
    7. Relationships can happen between characters but anything sexual should happen between characters (in PMs) and only if your over 18; underage members should just black out.

    Just so that you knew~ ^^
  5. What do you mean...
  6. Lol characters can't have characters. Each person rping can have 5 Characters and you can't have sex things in thread unless it's libertine / liberteen x3 it must go to pms. Anywho I'll join!
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  7. Azumari basically explained it~

    And.... When did the like buttons/options change!?!?! *stares at the "bucket of rainbows" button and the "you need a hug" button* .............................. <3
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  8. What's that creepy one at the end o.O
  9. I know. Im just saying just in case because if anything happens, its all on me.
  10. I might be interested in joining up.

    Question: Are demons restricted to typical demon tropes, or can they pretty much be anything supernatural?
    Asking because you said that a demon could be a vampire or hellhound and I got a little confused. -_-;
  11. The hug one....
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  12. Any supernatural. I didnt know how to really put it.
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  13. Okey-dokey. Thanks for clarifying!
  14. [​IMG]

    Beckett "Beck" Graves
    Quiet at first, Beck is known for being a huge flirt with both genders. He will take the time to observe others and a situation before acting, but it's not always a very long time. He's been known to be very self-centered. Beck isn't one to settle down and many girls have warned newcomers not to get involved with him if they're looking for something serious. He can easily spend the night with someone and forget them later, even if it took him months to get them in bed. Despite his habits, he hasn't been outwardly called a whore. Well, not yet.
    To be revealed during the course of the RP
    Personable, Flexible, Determined, Great at music
    Impulsive, Intrusive, Gluttonous, Barely able to keep his true nature hidden
    Being caught for what he is, Commitment, Small enclosed spaces
    Flirting, Gossiping, Spending extra time in the computer classroom, Sleeping in the buff
    Beck is an exceptional singer with a voice that seems to draw others in.
    To be determined
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  15. What Humans See:

    True Form

    Name: Alpine Night
    Age: 17
    Sex: Male
    Grade: 11th
    Species: Alp (Nightmare Demon)
    Sexuality: Homosexual
    Personality: Alp, at first, may seem cold and away from the world. He doesn't talk much and has a tendency to lash out at people who try to befriend him due to the fact that getting close to him means acquiring nightmares. While it may seem all and good fun to pick on the quiet guy, it'll start getting severe once you begin dreaming about several gruesome deaths, each your own. He tends to be shy and socially awkward despite his strong appearance which tends to keep people at bay anyways.
    Once he warms up to somebody, he won't seem as cold and will begin treating you kindly and protecting you. Yet, relationships like this don't tend to last long since people realize that he gives nightmares to anyone close to him. Because of this, he tends to be jaded. If someone does get close to him, he'll seem to have mixed feelings about you, pulling you close one second and pushing you away the next.
    History: Alp is a bit of an odd case, he used to be an angel, but fell when God realized that he had committed the deadly sin of Wrath. After wandering Earth for a few years, he came across a high ranked demon who required help. After being helped, the demon gave Alpine an offer, start a new life as a demon. He is usually looked down upon, being a fallen angel and yet, still among the demon ranks. After taking his position as a Nightmare Demon, he earned the nickname: 'The Angel of Two Faces." Which he accepted and tends to call himself from time to time since it fits his personality.
    16 years after becoming a demon, he stumbled across a school which would teach him human ways and allow him to blend in.
    +Strong Willed
    -Cold With New People
    ~ Being Cold
    ~ Heights
    ~ Being Killed
    ~ Betrayal
    =Staring Into Space
    =Chewing on His Pencil
    =Leaning back and Falling out of Chairs
    =Letting out Small Groans when Bored
    Alp's enemies tend to hear freaky noises when they are around him along with seeing things out of the corner of their eye.
    Alp's friends tend to hear soft ambiance and possibly soothing music.
    Sometimes people feel that Alpine is familiar, as if they've seen him before. Yet, they never have.
    (People think these are tricks of their minds and Alp can't control it. It just happens.)
    Alp can scare people off by looking at them... He usually does this when he wants to be left alone.
    Alp is a wonderful writer and tends to have great ideas to contribute.
    No relationships as of yet.​
  16. [​IMG]
    Goes by Scar

    Elemental Demon

    Scar is sarcastic, down to earth, and a "go with the flow" kind of guy. He tends to keep to himself and is rather quiet but he's really fun to be around. He's confident in his abilities as an elemental. He's a master of all the elements, even the minor ones. He doesn't seem to have a lot of friends but a lot of people don't understand him so he's happy to not have a lot of friends. He prefers being a lone wolf.
    Reveal through role play... maybe

    -Kind of an asshole

    Relationships:He doesn't deal with relationships. Its too much drama. He's not really close to anyone
  17. Accepted
  18. Yah
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