St. Lucy's Asylum (Huntress & Munchkin)

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St. Lucy's Asylum
for the Mentally Ill





Lucy's Asylum for the Mentally Ill is an old mansion and estate turned into a home and hospital for the mentally insane. It's set in a gorgeous location in the mountains, so the patients are exposed to fresh air and nature. While there is a hospitalized section of the estate, the place where the patients are kept and live are kept as natural and homey as possible. Instead of cells or hospital rooms, the patients are kept in bedrooms.

However, underneath this mansion, and through extensive governmental funding, a research facility has been built. Here, they study and research the conditions the patients have, and even special abilities that some have acquired, or that others were born with. This research facility is also government funded, and these doctors spend more time and effort on gathering results than the health of the patience, while above in the living quarters, the nurses and some of the doctors care about the health of the patients. The researching doctors have more authority than the others. This creates an inevitable tension between the patients, doctors, and research specialists.

Our story begins with the arrival of a new patient, Ruth-Anne, who has been in and out of institutions throughout her life. Her last institution was having trouble taking care of her, believing that their facilities were not properly suitable to take care of her. Upon hearing about St. Lucy's Asylum, her legal guardians, which is now the state, have decided to send her there in order to cure her to the point of living independently.
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