St. Lillian's Girls Academy (Closed. Nevermind)

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  1. ((I don't normally do this kind of thing, but my plans for some features would have pushed the envelope, so I thought it'd be better off as liberteen.))​

    St. Lillian's Academy for Girls is known as a prestigious all-girls boarding school, with many buildings, clubs, scholarships, classes, and extracurricular activities. It is the size of a small town, although the main buildings, where classes are held, are mid-sized, as much of the space is taken by the four dorm buildings, the dining hall, and the sports field. There are scholarships for nearly everything, from intelligence, to arts, to sports, and many more. Clubs and activities are also in a plentiful amount, along with electives, often connected to the scholarships. Originally a small school, St. Lillian's has grown tremendously, thanks to the help of students and benefactors.

    It features a large indoor public bath (which is, assuredly, only there for the girls to relax and bond in friendship) and private rooms for the richer students (complete with connected bathrooms).

    Uniforms are required while classes are in session.

    Year 1/Grade 9: Daisy House – Colors: White and Yellow – Ages: 14-15
    Year 2/Grade 10: Carnation House – Colors: Pink and White – Ages: 15-16
    Year 3/Grade 11: Rose House – Colors: Red and Black – Ages: 16-17
    Year 4/Grade 12: Lily House – Colors: White and Black – Ages: 17-18

    Example Uniform (For reference) (the skirt/tie colors depend on the house [these were originally Rose House's colors])

    • No outright rape (dubcon and unwanted skinship are fine, though)
    • Standard Iwaku guidelines.
    • No hardcore kink
    • Have as many characters as you can keep up with
    • Please only join if you're going to post








    {Dominant/Submissive/Varies} (Delete the rest)

    (The following are optional)




    My Character

    Name: Chie Paget

    Age: 14

    Year: 1

    Sexuality: Homosexual

    Personality: A rather quiet girl, although by no means shy. She tends to be lazy, and is fond of anime, games, and girls.


    Fetishes: Exhibitionism, Cosplay

    Club: Anime Club

  2. sounds interesting ill get some of my friends to joi
  3. Hay I'm cheeses friend (really his only friend that's actually a girl)
    I was wondering if I need to make a new picture or if I can use an old o e
  4. Thank you guys!

    Any picture is fine, really.
  5. In which case I'll go with one of my best!
  6. Name: Christina Amagi





    Personality: Shy, Friendly, Likes more dominant girls, has a suppressed perv side


    Fetishes: Cosplay, Roleplay, More public locations, Light BDSM

    History: Has had an alright life. pretty normal however her parents are big on "normalcy" in regards to sex. so part of her suppressed and just waiting for sweet release.

    Club:Gymnast and Drama
  7. Accepted
  8. Name: Naomi Jared

    Age: 14

    Year: 1st

    Sexuality: Bicurious

    Appearance: (the one with curly hair)

    Personality:on the outside a bit of a bookworm but bubbly and silly once you get to know her.


    Fetishes: Cosplay, light BSDM, medical

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