St. Joseph's Mental Hospital

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It had just turned to Autumn, and St Joseph's had had their first death. Justine McCloud was a young girl who suffered from crippling Fregoli Delusion, was found dead in her room. When the patients began asking about Justine, the 'Doctors' just said that she had committed suicide. Her death was to become a catalyst for the patients to rebel against the facility, desperate for their freedom.

Not many people believed that she killed herself. Justine's face was bruised up according to the one patient who had seen.

That was a problem with the staff here. They assumed that because each patient struggled with disorders, they thought they could use them easily. They thought they were stupid.

Well, they were wrong.


Brown leaves moved past the window Cary was staring out of. Nobody was in the main room currently, so Cary felt completely empty. The nurse who gave him his meds hadn't been around recently, so he had been mirroring a lot of the doctors. Which meant when they got irritated, so did he.

He felt pain on his face, so we went to hold his cheek as he watched the leaves. Last night, Cary was placed in a room with one of the violent criminals from the prison in downtown. Of course he mirrored his violent attitude. But, this time, calling him names got him into a fight. Cary continued to be violent until he went to sleep, loosing the personality.

He had no memory of it either. He could if he had his meds...

When he heard the door open, Cary turned around, his sub conscious preparing to mirror whoever it was.

Parker's face was twitching more than ever. In fact, his entire body was shaking. The Doctor's had injected him with god knows what and it was still effecting him. He felt terrified and ill. He wanted to go home and sniff all the coke he could then go to sleep forever. What he needed currently was a meal or a hug.

He was shuffling down a long corridor, trying to navigate his way away from the doctor's lab they just injected him in. They used to pretend it was medication, but Parker gets paranoid and screamed a lot, the doctors gave up pretending to be kind. They just hold him down until he stops moving, then they do whatever they need to. It was a nightmare.

As he cried, Parker staggered across the hall, pressed up against the wall as his legs went limp. He wanted to scream for help, but his voice would just make him more embarrassed. His anxiety got that crippling.

The drug took over his lower half, and his shaking legs collapsed on him. Parker sat on the floor in tears, hoping somebody would come and help him.​
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