St. Illumi’s Sleep Away Camp for Young Mages

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    Spring slid easily into summer, leaving behind gentle warmth for heat and humidity on the banks of Lake Oberon. Magically maintained grounds with soft trimmed grass, abundant plantlife and tall shade trees formed an idyllic scene, broken only by the various cabins that had been built in a way that they seemed to be less additions and more a part of the land. The cabin roofs were covered in seeds that had fallen from some of the larger hardwoods that day, but otherwise things seemed almost perfect as the June sun rose and climbed the sky.
    But as the day progressed, the quiet sounds of nature were overtaken by the voices of gathering young men and women, most of whom didn’t wish to be where they were. The distant lake was far from civilization, away from cities and farmland and cared for by a board of trustees or something like that. But the cam itself was reputable enough and had, in the past, shown great results in turning dysfunctional youth into functioning members of magical society. And so here they were, the angry, the clumsy, the lonely, the cynical, and the mischief makers. St. Illumi’s Sleep Away Camp welcomed them all. And as they arrived, they were directed to gather in a clearing near the lake where sunlight dappled the ground and tiny insects in rainbow hues buzzed around curiously.

    Seyana had been left in charge of this meeting, and though she was a trained bard, nothing had prepared her for the group before her. Misfits was putting it lightly. Only a few looked ready to listen, fewer still looked happy to be there. Still, it was her job to welcome them and to get them to their cabins. She took a breath.

    “Welcome to St. Illumi’s! I hope you all had a pleasant journey. I’m Seyana and I’ll be teaching some of the classes here as well as watching over the girls’ cabin. It pleases me to see so many people here, young men and women ready to take the next step into adulthood. With grace and tenacity, you will find your way and the staff here are going to help you. For the next two and a half months, you will make new friends, learn new skills, and master those you have. You will create, run, jump, and celebrate. I promise this will be a fun time if you allow it to be!

    “Behind me is the beautiful Lake Oberon. We have docks for fishing and designated areas for swimming. Please don’t go beyond the floating lanterns. To my right, you can see the first aid house as well as the dining hall. We have four daily meals here and you may purchase additional snacks but please don’t take any food into the cabins.

    “Speaking of cabins, the boys’ cabin can be found just past the fishing docks you can see on this side of the lake. The girls’ cabin is up the path behind you and around the bent maple tree. We’ll have your cabin leaders take you there the first time, but they are easy enough to find. Cabins are to be kept clean and beds made at all times when you are not asleep.

    “We have many classes for you to participate in during the day, free time for the two hours before supper, and different activities each evening. Weekends are free time and optional classes as well as time to wash laundry. We will be having three big events during your time here: The Midsummer Firefly Festival is an all night festival we celebrate here and the one time during your stay that staying up all night will be encouraged. The Summer Ball is a formal dance at the Northern Clearing. Finally, Departure’s Eve is a small party to congratulate you on progress throughout the summer and to reminisce about the times you’ve had. But that’s a long way off.

    “To my left are the rest of the Camp Counselors. You’ll meet them all in due time but I must introduce you all to Dominic, who will be watching out for the boys.

    “For now, remember the rules that were in the scrolls sent to your parents or guardians, and try to get settled in. Schedules are on the big bulletin boards outside your cabins. Today, just take time to relax and get to know your cabin mates. We meet at seven in the morning for breakfast and we will be starting with a first aid and survival class at nine, so be ready! Alright! Girls, please follow me and I will take you to your cabin.”
  2. The short line of camp counselors smiled out over their new charges and smell of sweet summer grass and the sound of cicadas buzzed in the quietness behind Seyana. Dominic managed to remember to step up when the woman spoke his name, the man was wearing light summer robes in dark navy that marked him as a Wizard, though the artfully spiraled atop his head hair didn't hurt either.

    "As Miss Seyana said today is a day for relaxing and getting to know one another! That doesn't mean that the boys can be in the girl's cabin though or the other way around. Boys, stay out of the girl's cabin. Girls, stay out of the boy's cabin." He broke the speech with a smile and tilted his head at the campers. "Boys, if you'll follow me to your cabin. Remember, we're all here for you but if you need anything urgent it's me who you'll come to see." The Wizard looked back over his shoulders in mid stride as he started walking away. "Come along!"

    Bran had had a horrible morning. Make that week. He had argued with Brier on the entire trip. He had begged and pleaded and nearly cried at her to not leave him. Then insult on top of insult, she took his horse with her. No horses allowed at camp. At least not his horse. She. Took. His. Horse. Bran was beside himself.

    The bookish and dorky looking wizard was hilarious though. With those robes on even in te summer heat! Bran was sure the man was probably sweating like a pig. And the hair! That hair. M'gods. Hilarious. Bran sniggered to himself quietly, grabbing his bags from the ground where he had dropped them and looked around himself to the other boys.

    "I guess we should follow him before he trips on his robes."
  3. Gevan shook his head miserably, wearing a disgusted scowl on his face as he listened to the introductory speech from their counselors. Bran wasn't the only one having a bad day. Gevan had fought Mr. and Mrs. Rinkiss' servants tooth and nail, even going so far as to begin preparations for a burst of flame before his parents had squelched him. Shortly after that, he was carried out of the manse by a small contingent of little purple robed people squealing without dignity and placed in the back of a buggy, which his parents had reluctantly locked from the outside with instructions to the little servant driving the buggy not to let him out until someone was there to escort him to the camp. He was trapped.

    He bitterly trudged along with the other boys behind Dominic, muttering to himself and glancing about. Only two hours of free time. Two! That didn't leave him very much time to discover escape routes or make preparations. He cursed his luck silently, and hefted the bags on his shoulders into a more comfortable position. He was wary about making eye contact. You never knew when someone might be able to read your mind... they could always be listening.
  4. Sige had been unhappy to leave his island home with his sister, Sedna, but after the house had almost burned down their father, a single parent, needed time and space to rebuild and in the meantime Sedna's alchemical accident had wound them both up here. He spent the entire welcoming speech on the edge of the boys' group fussing over the 14 year old hag. It might be unusual to see a half elf dhampir and a had went to each other, stranger still to see them with superficially similar features when their racial differences were taken into account though with Sige's goggles over his eyes against the daylight it was harder to tell.

    "I don't care what the counselors saw if you need me you come fins me." he told his sister and then raised his hand in a sign and speaking the words of power that made a near invisible chest peice form out of nothing around Sedna. It wasn't anything special, a beginner's spell but enough to protect her from minor scrapes. "See you tomorrow."

    Then he was moving off with the boys' group as they departed for their cabin with nothing on his back bus an old adventurer's pack held together with string and dilapidated hand-me-down clothes. Still he had a good feeling that they'd at least be safe here, and their dad would have time to cool down...
  5. How exciting! Caerulea thought as she made her way towards the bent maple that landmarked the cabin. She stopped to consider the tree for a moment as the other girls trudged by. Perhaps it had been warped by some errant spell in the past. She couldn't imagine what other process could shape it quite like that.

    Among the other girls she had been nervous at first. Her father had gone on and on about how it was important for her to 'socialize' with her wizardly peers instead of common non-magical sorts. Of course that was after an autumn and winter and most of a spring cooped up in the lab. Right now, all Caerulea could think was how she was going to LIVE in that lake on the weekends! Besides, everyone liked water!

    Running a nervous hand through her sandy-red hair (her favorite wig by far), she spared a few smiles for her peers. Whether they trudged or bounded, all of them would be staying together for the whole summer. She'd best work to make the best impression that a girl who looked like a frog could. Inwardly, she considered all the intellectually stimulating conversations she would have with all her new friends and how, when she went home, she would be bursting with new ideas to try in the lab.

    ... and maybe she thought about what the boys would look like at the lake.

    ... in their swimsuits...

    ... maybe.
  6. Well Dominic looked like a total doofus, if not completely and easily manipulated. And Seyana... Too much pep in your puffed wheat cereal, lady. Too. Much.

    Glancing around at the other campers, Sedna stifled the ridiculous urge to groan and whine. Factoring in the amount of campers plus the number of expressions that lacked utter loathing for the situation, Sedna deduced that it would be nigh impossible to avoid socializing with these morons and she could already imagine just how painfully tedious and awkward any and all conversations would be.

    This was surely punishment for her carelessness with that accursed spell. Alchemy circles were tricky things to draw correctly, you know, especially when there were blueberry jam smudges on the tome's copy. Where the heck had those unsightly marks come from anyway?! Certainly not a result of her supposed 'carelessness' because she knew better than to have food or drink close to where she was crafting. One slip up could turn her tuna salad sandwich into something of a more poisonous manner.

    It was at that precise moment that she stubbed her toe on a lifted tree root (and nearly fell on her face) that Sedna realized how far her thoughts had deviated from the current matter. What was done was done. No sense in dwelling on past mistakes, only past triumphs. She did not like admitting that she'd made a mistake, because famous Alchemists and heroes alike did not make mistakes. Nevertheless, as much as it hurt her pride, she had indeed fumbled the ball with that spell. It would not happen again.

    Finally able to put her sour feelings about her embarrassment behind her, Sedna lifted a hand to pass it through the spell her brother had cast upon her. What was this? Some kind of strange, ineffective chastity belt? What exactly did Sige think she would get herself into in just one day? Actually... Now that she thought of it, she often got herself into trouble in the jungle - but that was only because those animals were so foreign to her unlike the creatures of the sea.

    With a little sigh, Sedna flicked her long black hair over her shoulder and readjusted the strap belonging to her adventuring pack, complete with portable Alchemy kit. She couldn't wait to break it open and use the local flora and fauna in some fresh from the oven recipes of destruction.
  7. Shanet listened to the entire speech with a happy smile on her face. She’d been reluctant to come here, but after the morning she’d had, time away from the Master was much appreciated. She’d just come to the conclusion that she wouldn’t have to haul around all of his things during her stay, only her own. The rest of the campers didn’t seem quite as happy to be here as she was, so she made a mental note to do her best to cheer them up and be a friend to them.

    The pathway to the cabin was so full of life! There a tiny snake slithered just off in the grass. And here a flock of birds passed overhead. She’d never seen so much wildlife and the redhead kept looking back and forth, trying to see everything at once. As they came around the bend, she stopped short. The cabin was not what she had expected. It looked like something a fairy would live in!

    Nestled into the roots of the biggest, squattest tree she’d ever seen, it was a tallish one story that seemed to curve to follow the embrace of the roots. There were three steps up to a porch that had benches of roughly hewn and deeply stained wood. Some vine that looked like morning glory climbed up the rails of the porch, though the flowers were tight shut. The most out of place thing was a bulletin board that had scrolls attached to it right next to the door. Suddenly eager to see their classes, she raced up the stairs to the board.

    Monday, Wednesday, Friday first month:
    7 am: Breakfast
    9 am: First Aid
    10:30 am: Basics of Crafting
    12 pm: Music and Magic
    1 pm: Lunch
    2 pm: Nature Hike and Nature Magic
    3 pm: Found Alchemy
    4 pm: Free Time
    6 pm: Supper
    7:30 pm: Evening activities by the lake

    Tuesday and Thursday first month:
    7 am: Breakfast
    9 am: Enchanting
    11 am: Elemental Mastery
    1 pm: Lunch
    2 pm: Magical Combat
    3 pm: Swim Class
    4 pm: Free Time
    6 pm: Supper
    7:30 pm: Evening activities by the lake

    Happily turning to face the closest people to her, she chirped,

    “Isn’t this going to be the most wonderful time ever?! Aren’t you looking forward to it all?” She grinned brightly at the girl with the black hair, then at the other redhead before doing a bit of a double take. A frog? Well! That was certainly different. But! It took all sorts!

    “I’m Shanet!”
  8. As always, Lévle was being annoying by flying around and zipping close by people's ears, then flying far away so they could not catch him, then making all sorts of fancy tricks in the air. Although he was not very excited about this summer camp for new mages, he decided to enjoy this trip for its worth, which in turn meant much dancing, flying around and meeting new faces. Then, he heard about the two-hour free time limit. His heart sunk deeper than it should have been plausible as he knew that there was not much fun which could fit into so little time. For a second, he found himself wishing to be back at home, to continue having fun with his friends, but he knew that there was no way back. His parents have already decided to disown him if he did not return with proper knowledge of magic, so going back would mean that he would likely end up working in the lowest of low jobs.

    Because he really did not want that, Lévle knew that he had to survive this camp somehow, and maybe, just maybe, pick up some skill with his magic instead of dancing... But given this summer camp's fame, he thought that students were probably forced to learn the hard way before he cleared the image from his head. That was just silly. Chain whi- Was that a dhampir? Lévle's eyes widened in surprise as he subconsciously followed the being he had never seen before, not even noticing that he was stalking him for a few seconds. Scolding himself mentally for the unintentionally creepy behaviour, Lévle decided that he simply had to talk to a dhampir, so without further ado, he flew in front of his face and started hovering there.

    "Hi," he said with a friendly wave and a wide, cheerful smile. "My name's Lévle Nian!" he said, introducing himself with a small, mid-air backflip that showed off his wings and his clothes. He was currently wearing one of his finest outfits, a shirt and a pair of trousers with a black base, but they were richly decorated by small, wing-like flowers of different colours. Between the flowers were rainbow-coloured vines which branched into many directions, splitting, running and forming small beads of flowers across the cloth. On his chest, though, the patterns intertwined in one large, diamond blue, snow drop-like flower that seemed to give Lévle an air of serenity. He definitely looked fancy for a human, but even for a pixie, his clothes were richly decorated.
  9. One minute Sige had been approaching the boy's cabin and the next he had a huge insect in his face. He remembered insects that size from the island and remembered them on an open fire, a poor meal but no poorer than anything else to his cursed pallet. But then the bug started talking and stayed still long enough to be seen clearly and took on a very human shape.

    Sige stopped and moved both hands to raise his goggles and squinted into the painfully bright daylight to get a better look at a pixie before lowering them back in place. The darkened lenses took away much of the splendor of Lévle's outfit but the work looked absurdly intricate even for such small hands.

    "Hello." he said finally looking past the pixie towards the cabin. "I am Sige, son of Perry." he said eyes returning to the small figure before him, he had never seen a pixie before... maybe Sedna could use it...
  10. Just past the fishing docks with a gorgeous view of the mostly calm lake was the boy's cabin. It seemed to be one story with a broad front porch that trained ivy was growing over and atop of. It shared a few similarities with the girl's cabin in it's richly stained wood. Instead of being nestled at the base of a huge old tree, the cabin was shaded by three of the giants in a loose semi-circle.

    Dominic was standing on the front porch and watching the ragtag group approach. He knew that the cabin looked passably nice. He had only worked for a solid month with the other counselors to make it so! In fact they had worked on the entire camp... He beamed at the boys and opened the door and went inside.

    Bran stopped on the front porch of the cabin. He had seen a little window at the top. Round and stained glass. Did that mean it had an upper story after all? The boy stroked his chin thoughtfully and then abandoned his 'peers' for the inside. After all, the cabin was more interesting.

    Though... Some of his peers were interesting to look at, only time would prove if they were actually interesting. Bran passed by the rows of beds and found what he was looking for. Stairs! There was an upper story of some sort and Bran was going to be the first up come hell or high water!

    "Hey! We've got an upstairs! Come check this out!" Bran yelled back at the other boys, not caring which of them took him up on his invitation for exploration into the lofts of the cabin. He clamored up the stairs and stuck his head just above the floor to stare at the place.

    Pillows! Pillows and rugs and flags everywhere! And a bookshelf! A little tiny table. Some place for them to be sociable, he was certain.
  11. Caerulea regarded the heavyset redhead with a smile. "So excited. My father told me that this would be the place where I really got to know other magic folks. The classes seem pretty cool too!"

    After a moment's thought on what to do now, the moment filled with somewhat awkward silence, she remembered what Meshas had told her before leaving.
    "Now remember my lil' tadpole," she groaned inwardly with the thought of him using that nickname from when she'd been just a little girl, "Magical folks are people just like you and me. They're just like all those non-magical folks too. The only difference is that... well... everyone is different. We're all the same because we're all different. Just be open with these people and learn to pick the kinds of people you want to be friends with. I know you'll do great."

    The whole speech passed through her mind in an instant. With another nervous run-through of her hair and a suppressed sigh of understanding at her father's caring words, she plucked herself up and made her decision. She looked around at the other girls near her. She had to start somewhere.

    "Hi, by the way. I'm Caerulea. What are your names?"
  12. This was awful. So very awful! Feline followed the other girls towards the ladies cabin as instructed. Tugging a trunk behind her atop a set of wobbly wheels that clearly had never been on any other surface than paved street or smooth marble. There was nothing to be seen but trees and dirt and landscape! Feline felt out of place in her fine silk gown and cloak. Grimacing as she tried to avoid particularly dusty parts of the path or getting briars stuck in her skirts. And the lake...! Oh goodness, she would flat out refuse to go any where near that lake. Feline had not been in a deep body of water in her entire life. She could not swim, and she wouldn't dare try!

    The only thing part that seemed even remotely interesting was being able to see the plant life up close and personal. Wild greens in the forest. Even from her she could name the types of flora she saw. Well educated from the books Feline managed to cram in to her trunk along with her personal bits and baubles.

    "Feline Valencia." she responded softly to the question of everyone's names. There was no reason to be rude. After all, it was none of these girl's fault that she was shipped off to this dreadful dirty place. In fact, Feline looked perplexed and interested in the strange frog girl. "What a peculiar little miss you are! Did you come straight from the lake?"
  13. Caerulea giggled at the question. It was never anything insulting to her when her froggyness was brought up... unless it was some remark about her hair... and she was ready for such things. Her father had explained... at great and excruciating length... everything about her origins, and so she'd come up with a variety of quips and jokes for the subject. In fact... it might just be the easiest thing to talk about aside from bugs and mushrooms.

    "Naw, but I sure plan to spend a lot of time there," she said with an even broader smile, "I came from my parents, just like everyone else I suspect. My father says I'm a chip off the old back."

    She chuckled quietly at her own private little joke.
  14. Gevan perked up immediately at the mentioning of an "upstairs." His room in his parents' manse had been upstairs, but more importantly... upstairs usually had access to the roof, and even if it didn't there was the window. It could turn out to be a perfect location to continue his... experimentation. He edged past the other boys to follow Bran up the stairs and called behind him in a wavering voice, "I-I want a bed upstairs! I call dibs!"

    He stumbled up the stairs awkwardly behind Bran, unintentionally slipping his foot off the last step and fumbling sideways into the floor of the loft chest-first. He barely avoided knocking the other boy down as well. He whined piteously for a moment and coughed, but appeared to shake it off quickly as his attention was robbed by view of the vaulted space the they had entered. His heart sank a little upon seeing that the loft lacked a ladder, but rose almost immediately upon seeing the sun shining through the windows at either end of the loft.

    Good. Good. A window will serve. You will use that. The voice had come from behind him. He whirled around to glance about with wild eyes, but the only thing he saw were his bags which had fallen with him onto the loft, and Bran.
  15. At least he had managed to get most out of the way before the ungainly boy had ran up the stairs after him saying something about a bedroom. Bedroom? In a summer camp like this? Hah! Bran reached down and grabbed the poor boy- Gevan and helped him up with a look that spoke wonders about just what sort of life the boy was used to- with a raised brow. "No beds up here. Are you alright there.... uhm. I'm Bran, by the way. And you are?"

    Bran stared as the boy whirled around suddenly and for no explainable reason. That... That was a little bit concerning to the young sorcerer. "It looks like a little library. I guess to keep us from overly socializing with the girls, right...?" He rolled his eyes and shook his head with an air of exasperation at stupid grownups. It wasn't like that would be enough to distract a cabin full of boys. Even ones who played with magic. "Nothing too interesting on the shelves either, I expect. They don't want us to light things on fire."
  16. That voice wasn't anything like the one he had just heard. For one, it wasn't so... evil-ly. For two, it didn't have vibrating bass that the other had. Even still, Gevan blinked slowly at Bran as though working through the thought process with care. His mouth worked soundlessly for a brief second before his voice came back, stuttering as it was.

    "G-G-Gevan. I'm... I'm Gevan. Did you...?" Gevan squinted at Bran consideringly, again working his mouth wordlessly for a second before he managed to shut it and simply nodded quickly. "No, no... no... of course not, no." Gevan's gaze was wandering again, passing over the bookcases, comfy looking armchairs, lamps... and a very large yak head mounted on a plaque in the middle. He stared at the yak a little longer than he should have.

    "Surely... surely there must be something of use in here." He turned back to Bran, and almost stopped himself from glancing at the window and wincing. "I-I mean, look at all that ... writing!"

    His nervous laugh was so forced it could have been patented and sold worldwide.
  17. Seeing the frog lass and the other girl getting along, she turned to Sedna and reached out, taking the other by the arms and practically bouncing up and down with excitement. Her face was beaming and that long red hair was getting everywhere with the slightly stirring breeze.

    "I can't wait til we're all good friends!" She attempted to tug the dark haired girl into the cabin, eager to have new companions and know where she would sleep. She only dropped the other's hands when she realized she needed her own for carrying her luggage. "Do you think the beds are arranged in pairs or..." She was still babbling and bubbling and obviously waiting for Sedna to chime in with an answer and follow her into the cabin proper. "... I bet we have better beds than back home. Of course, simple living arrangements lead to self discipline and harmony with one's surroundings." It was clear she was quoting something. "Don't you agree?"
  18. As the cabin came into view, Sedna was left with a feeling of uncertainty pooling in her gut. This was so very different than her island home and she was just a little surprised with herself for feeling homesick already. Where was the damp, salty air? Where were the white sands and jagged cliffs that dropped away into thick ocean surf? Where were the bogs and swamps and the stuffy humidity of the jungle? These trees were dry and rooted deep in soil and rocks. They did not have vines nor did they harbor poisonous vipers. This place smelled of leaves and earth but it lacked the harsh pluck of a muddy game trail cutting through sweet, long bladed grass and ferns. She highly doubted that walking barefoot here would result in an insufferable burning itch from a tarantula's leg hairs - a means of tracking down prey - or that she would get a whiff of an approaching typhoon. This sea of green would have been unsettling if not for the lake.

    And while she cast her pointed stare at the cabin as if it were somehow wholly responsible for everything annoying her at that very moment, she caught sight of the scrolls and in turn the scrolls caught her interest. The young Changeling girl shuffled closer to read over a redhead's shoulder and a little flutter of excitement caught her off guard when she spotted "Alchemy" on that list of classes; swimming class was just an added bonus.

    Oh good. Apparently that botched spell hadn't affected her luck.

    Sedna's happy little moment came to a crashing halt when that girl in front of her turned around and spoke to her. Asked her a question even. "...Sure," she replied, her facial expression far too close to utter disinterest to make that lie seem even the slightest bit believable. Oh wonderful, now the hyperactive redhead was blurting out her own name like she was all but three years old and hellbent on repeating the only thing she knew how to say and-- Oh hell no, she did NOT just touch Sedna...

    The one blue eye squinted, the green one twitching just a little as this Shanet moron proceeded to put her touchy-feely stupid grabby hands on that which was off limits to all and Sedna had to struggle to remember her father's advice. "You shouldn't punch people's faces so much. No wonder you don't have any friends." Wise words from a wise world traveler. Clearly this advice was sound and thus Sedna should immediately punch all the faces her fragile, weak teenage girl wrist and fist could stand to assault. She wouldn't want to make friends and soil her record of alienating everyone but her brother.

    While the Changeling's mind had wandered off again, Shanet Moron was still babbling and dragging her along. Apparently some of these people had second names that followed the first one and Moron was now Shanet's. Nevertheless, not even all of the heels-digging-into-dirt in the world could stop this blockhead on her mission to annoy the living hell out aspiring, highly talented young Alchemists.

    This misdeed could not go unpunished. Boundaries needed to be set.

    So Sedna dropped her pack on the floor of the cabin and promptly drew the hunting knife from its holster strapped to her hip. The sharp metal of the blade which the Changeling kept so sharp and spotless seemed depressingly dull in the dim lighting of the cabin but that didn't change the fact that it was still very capable of gutting this chick in under three seconds flat. "I don't care about anything you just prattled on about but if you ever touch me again, I will be thanking you for your generous donation of blood and skin to my studies. Unlike you, I do not want to be here and I have no intention of becoming your friend. Friends are just a part of pitiful relationships for the insecure."

    Okay, so maybe she was still a little bitter about being forced off the island and into this cruddy camp and that bitterness was making her all claws and teeth right now. Besides, Shanet was damn lucky Sige's spell hadn't activated from that physical contact.
  19. Quick commotion. From the other side of that girl... Felicia? Feline? not important right now... a knife! Those two girls were going to fight and one had just drawn a knife!

    "Woah! Woah!" she cried, almost a squeaky-croak really. Her mind raced for something to say. She shot her hands up, palms out in a 'calm down' sort of way.

    "Come on, we just got here. Combat practice isn't even until Tuesday!" she blurted. She thought perhaps she could do something, weave a flow of air around the edge of the blade so it couldn't cut perhaps? But could she even be fast enough?
  20. "Nice to meet you!" said Lévle, as he took in the features of Sige, especially when he removed his glasses. The dhampir certainly looked interesting, unlike anything he had ever seen, with his strange-coloured skin, small fangs and mixed face. Noting all of his features, the pixie nevertheless continued hovering in front of Sige's face, not even realising that he was in his way. "Just do not step on me and we will be good friends, okay?" asked Lévle half-jokingly, knowing that his small size made him really hard to notice. He really had no idea why his parents would assign him to a camp with human-sized beings when there were so many ways he could get injured here! Then again, he supposed that the camp counsellors would make sure that he was safe at all times not to mention that he liked flying, so the only thing he had to fear from were mosquito nets and overly scaredy people.

    "Oh but we should be moving," realised Lévle as he saw the others enter the house. "We should meet the others anyway," he said, actually looking forward to meeting the other campers. He was always about meeting new people, so he flew away from Sige for the moment, his rather large luggage unbalancing him for a few seconds before he righted himself in the air. Flying through the door of the boys' room, Lévle took it in with his eyes. He had to admit that even though it was fairly spartan an environment, the beds looked comfortable and it had a certain atmosphere to it... But unfortunately, it was build with human-sized occupants in mind. Frowning at the lack of a small bed, Lévle started flying around to look for a spot that he could somehow make into a bed. He really did not want to use his magic to shrink anything, because that way lied catastrophe.

    However, his search was interrupted by Bran and Gevan talking. Looking forward to meeting new people, Lévle flew up the stairs. Much to his delight, he found two people there, a half-elf and an admittedly paranoid-looking human whose nervous laughter was faker than a stage magician. But for Lévle, it was all the same. They were new people he could meet, new people he could talk to and new people he could be friends with.

    "Oh hello," he said, zipping through both Bran's and Gevan's line of sight to catch their attention before stopping in between their faces. "It is nice to meet you! My name is Lévle Aniel," he said, introducing himself with a small bow, his colourful clothes' patterns shifting as he moved, then he spotted the shelves for the books and the small pillows. Perfect! If he used a little bit of material from the pillows, he could set himself a bed on the top of the shelf, where there were no books, not to mention that he would likely not be disturbed. The only problem with that, though was that he would not be with the others when he went to sleep, so despite it being a good idea, he decided against it. There had to be another way of finding a good place to sleep.
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