St. Illumi’s Sleep Away Camp for Young Mages

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  1. So, your parents are tired of you, there aren’t enough chores to keep you out of your siblings’ hair and you blew up the stable. Again. That magic sword prophecy thing they keep telling you is yours alone doesn’t really kick in for another few years and your teacher’s beard has proven to be highly flammable. The frogs are loose, the harp won’t sing, and alchemy summer school refused to even think of letting you in. There’s only one solution that will satisfy the adults in your life and doesn’t involve you being turned into a dormouse until school starts again.

    Summer camp.

    Welcome to St. Illumi's Sleep Away Camp for Young Mages. This lakeside camp has everything a teenage wizard, bard, mage, or sorcerer could want. Sturdy and fireproof cabins, combat practice fields, obstacle courses, and classes like broom enchanting, polymorphing, and potion brewing are only part of the fun. There are also sing-alongs, ghost stories, and time to hike and swim in Lake Oberon. Just steer clear of the enchanted forest. Who knows what lurks in the trees...

    Join your wonderful crew of trained camp counselors for a summer of fun, learning, and friendship! Sign up today!

    Disclaimer: St. Illumi’s Sleep Away Camp for Young Mages and employees of St. Illumi’s Sleep Away Camp for Young Mages are not legally or ethically responsible for loss of limb, life, transition to animal form, werewolf bites, poison, skin color change, curses, gender swaps, loss to the enchanted forest, capture by dragon, ogre, or sheep herder, bug bites, destruction or loss of property, spontaneous epic quests or any dangerous or life threatening situation not here listed.

    OOC Info:
    GMs: Tribs and Revi
    Style: Lighthearted High Fantasy
    Premise: You play a troubled young mage, sorcerer, witch, bard, or other magic user. You’ve done something or wound up in a circumstance where the adults in your life need some time without you, so they’ve sent you to summer camp. This is going to be a player driven game with some fun plots mixed in. Enjoy!
  2. Rules and Guidelines:

    1) This is a lighthearted high fantasy game.
    2) No insanely strong powers. Your character should still be learning.
    3) You are playing a character who is being dumped at camp for the summer for some reason. Keep that in mind when making your character.
    4) No teleportation or instant death powers.
    5) Only one camper and one counselor a person to start. (And counselors must be preapproved by the GMs)
    6) Overly destructive campers will be dealt with by counselors.
    7) Use common RP etiquette: No godmodding, metagaming, etc.
  3. Camper Bio

    Camper Bio:
    Appearance: (pic or description)
    Age: (14-17 or equivalent)
    Gear: (Must fit in two medium packs not including bedroll and pillow)
    Embarrassing Secret:
    Social Niche: (optional) (The Sweetie, The Optimist, The Jock, etc.)

    Counselor Bio
    If you wish to play a counselor, please talk to Tribs or Revi before filling this section out.

    Counselor Bio:
    Counselor Name:
    Appearance: (pic or description)
    Age: (19-25 or equivalent)
    Teaching: (What classes, workshops, or activities will they head?)
    Gear: (Must fit in three medium packs not including bedroll and pillow. Camp supplies are separate)
    Social Niche: (optional)
  4. Camper Bio

    Name: Shanet Cooper

    Appearance: Slightly heavyset and tall with broad shoulders, Shanet is somewhat awkward in her movements. Her long red hair hangs as straight as straw to midback and brown eyes are set in a heavily freckled round face. She is often seen smiling. Long fingers are tipped by painted nails and she often dyes the skin of arms and back in deep brown or black patterns of ink. Shanet usually wears tans, creams, browns and blacks, though that may be because she cannot afford much in the way of bright, fancy clothes.

    Species: Human

    Age: 17

    History: Shanet Cooper, born on a late summer’s day to Mary and Donovan Cooper, cried very little. She was generally a happy child, and her family did their best to give her what luxuries they could. These were few, but it didn’t matter to the imaginative Shanet.

    She often had many imaginary friends to play with and would wile away the day in the alley next to her family’s shop. Truth be told, she had real friends as well but much preferred the company of her unseen ones. When she was seven and still playing such games, her parents became concerned and asked her what it was she saw. When she told them about the dust devils and how they played hide and seek with her, her family trusted her words as truth and sought out a cleric. It was soon revealed that Shanet was a natural golomancer. She had other talents as well, but these were not nearly as easily developed.

    By the time Shanet was nine, she was apprenticed to the town’s master wizard Lorek, a grouchy old man who had little time for children and their games and less time for niceties. He often travelled out of town and left Shanet to fend for herself. Because of this, Shanet became a decent cook and housekeeper, though she stopped performing the housekeeping duties when her Master returned to a “cleaned” house and grew very angry that he couldn’t find anything at all and that some mold he’d been cultivating was completely missing.

    When Shanet was fourteen, she was seeing more of other human friends and was once again bubbly and happy. Most of these friends were other wizards but two, a set of twin brothers, often snuck about and acted like thieves. Still, they were handsome and not completely poor and all of Shanet’s friends liked them, so she went along with it. When it was suggested that she show an interest in the edler, Rowan, she did. They talked for quite some time, holding hands, arguing, and flirting. But not much came of it until Shanet was sixteen and the duststorm hit the town.

    Hearing a voice outside, followed by much coughing, Shanet made her way out, shielding her face and creating dust golems to clear the air. She found Rowan outside and brought him into her room. It was there she very nearly had her first kiss, but was interrupted by her Master, who chased Rowan back out into the duststorm with a fireplace broom. Mortified and upset, Shanet slammed her door, refusing to come out the rest of the night.

    It was a week later that her Master announced he would be going to a gathering of mages for a few weeks and would have to find a place for her during that time. Her parents were off conducting a sale but had impressed upon Lorek that their daughter was not to be left on her own this time, especially with young men lurking about. And so it was that Shanet found herself swiftly placed upon a cart with her luggage and sent to camp.

    Training: Golomancy, elemental magic, general cantrips, cooking

    Talents: Golomancy, earth magic

    Flaws: Uncontrolled water magic, hyperactivity, daydreams, somewhat softer on the inside than she actually projects herself. She also sometimes follows the crowd without really meaning to, getting into trouble.

    Gear: Two changes of everyday clothes in homespun cloth and cream and brown colors, pair of well worn black leather ankle boots, underclothes, set of faded yellow robes, bead necklace, wand, cauldron, spellbooks, sweet snacks, a small carved wooden ball (for focus), a small stone ball full of water (for aid with water spells especially), magical powders and supplies, quill, ink, scrolls, a corset and a somewhat too short blue dress and matching sandals for festivals.

    Embarrassing Secret: Never been kissed

    Attitude: Cheerful, optimistic, and happy, she really likes to make others happy.

    Social Niche: The Optimist

    Counselor Bio:

    Counselor Name: Seyana Dalia

    Appearance: This medium height, blond, blue eyed woman appears to be a human of otherworldly beauty at first. However, closer inspection reveals slightly pointed ears and a mild silver cast to her skin. Freckles of golden brown adorn pale skin. Her face is delicate and heart shaped, and she has a birthmark under one eye that appears like a slightly smudged solar emblem. Seyana's hip length hair is normally worn pinned to her head in several intricate braids. She dresses in varying outfits. She is almost never without her tambourine, a hand drum with golden orange dyed skin and cherry wood for the frame, along with several warm colored metal jingles depending from it and many tiny chips of amber and colored glass to catch the light. The skin has a solar motif painted upon it. Seyana appears to be about 24 in human years.

    Species: Fae-lineage human

    Age: Equivalent to a human in her early to mid twenties.

    History: Seyana was born to a human mother named Carmine and half sidhe father named Sennin. She grew up hearing stories of her grandmother’s good works from her grandfather, a cleric by the name of Sven. Though her father tried to dissuade her from following in the path of an ancestor she’d never known, fate had other plans. Marked from birth with a solar symbol, Seyana found herself drawn to the Sun Goddess, whom her grandfather and grandmother had served. Her musical skill was great and lended itself to healing abilities. Seyana took up the path of bard and hospitaller, travelling the world in her adventures. A kind, gentle soul with a strong will and a loud speaking voice, she was interesting to many people. Sometimes this was a good thing, sometimes not so good. Seyana has known many sorrows and much happiness in her short life. Her saddest moment was when her grandfather passed away. It was then that she decided she needed to truly dedicate herself to her path. But, as usual, fate had other plans. An old debt was called in and Seyana found herself standing beside a lake, waiting for troubled youngsters to arrive at something akin to a camp...

    Training: Seyana is trained in music and some medicine, as well as in the power of mythic symbols. She is a hospitaller and bard by trade.

    Talents: Musical magic, musical healing, perfect pitch.

    Flaws: Seyana tends to get excited, passionate, and loud about subjects. She is very willful and this sometimes gets her in trouble she is unwilling to back down from.

    Teaching: Musical magic, The Power of Myth, First Aid

    Gear: Hospitaller’s outfit, simple robes, three pairs of trousers, three tunics, underclothes, travel belt with random small magical supplies, wand, bedroll, leather straps for her hair, tambourine, sunset colored leather kneehigh boots with flame embellishments, sweet roots for chewing, medicinal herbs, emergency kit, journal, musical scrolls, soap, perfume, a dress for festivals, a shawl, stage make up, a book of myths and legends, copy of her goddess's holy text bound in golden orange leather, necklace with the holy symbol of the Sun Goddess carved from wood, longsword, whip.

    Attitude: Loud, willful, kind, and very protective of anyone put in her care.

    Social Niche: The Vocal Protector
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  5. Also. Hiiiii I'm your co-GM. :D

    Camper Bio:
    Name: Bran Hickory
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Having lost his baby fat, Bran is now a willowy youth with a quick smile. He has green eyes and short (but growing!) white hair. His fair peachy skin tans readily in the summer and pales out in the winter. He wears long sleeves and gloves to hide his badly scarred hands, arms, chest, and stomach where an explosion scorched him. Bran's ears aren't as long as a true elf's but they aren't as stubby as a normal half-elf's either.
    Species: Half-elf
    Age: 16 (with his birthday happening while at camp)
    History: Bran was raised by his mercenary Mother in a small town until he was eleven. A tragic attack wrecked his town and his Mother was killed, she was then taken control of by a necromancer. Bran's sorcery awoke then and he was forced to slay his own Mother. After that Bran was taken in and moved around between an assortment of friends who had slayed the necromancer with him. Bran is wearing a little thin and they decided he should be with others his own age... and out of their hair.
    Training: Bran is mostly training himself with trial and error when the Court Sorcerer tires of the impish boy giving him orange spots or green hair and lighting things on fire.
    Talents: Celestial Sorcery. Healing. Eating all the cookies. Pouting until he gets his way. Driving his caretakers mental with his daredevil actions and bad spell casting.
    Flaws: Dealing with his Mother's death and the lack of a strong parental role model in his life with her gone. Bran's sense of humor is often misunderstood. He finds himself acting and lashing out against the adults. Unable to deal with his emotions, he's boiling pot of magical power that doesn't always do what he wants it to.
    Gear: A diary, an assortment of clothes including several different pairs of gloves. Bran keeps his Mother's sword with him, wrapped up and in one pack. A bag of brightly colored pebbles and an assortment of shiny trinkets from his caretakers.
    Embarrassing Secret: Brightly colored tiny boxes that remind him of the boxes that exploded his home town makes him very frightened, his hands shake and he quickly moves away from them. Bran doesn't much like any boxes anymore and it makes him feel stupid that he can't get over it.
    Attitude: Bran is still a good kid when he's not emotional and either manically happy or depressive. He's impish and kindhearted and loving and loyal to those he likes. He strives not to be touchy-feely because it makes him feel very awkward. He's self conscious about his scarring and his white hair. He hates the dead and necromancers and he's skiddish around small boxes.
    Social Niche: The Imp.

    Counselor Bio:
    Counselor Name: Dominic Stormhawk
    Appearance: A tall and slender young man with faded long wheat blond hair that he wears up, Dominic looks a little tired around his eyes but he's usually smiling for his students. The Mage wears classic wizard robes most of the time but isn't above leaving the heavy robes off and playing catch the enchanted cake with his campers.
    Picture (open)

    Species: Human
    Age: 23
    History: Dominic's magical talents caused mass destruction as a young teenager, getting him sent to a very protective group of Wizards where Dominic is trained within an inch of his existence. Dominic recently repaid a debt to the family that was most hurt by his out of control magic and is now free from his own guilt and sufficiently trained to be let out of the Wizard's Tower where he was forced to stay.
    Training: Wizardly training from the time he was thirteen to the time he was twenty.
    Talents: Calligraphy. Enchanting things. Runes. Reading spell books very very fast.
    Flaws: Easily embarrassed. Collects trashy novels.
    Teaching: Calligraphy and Runic enchanting and leather working.
    Gear: Spellbooks. Magical tattooing kit. His own grimoire. Trashy novels. Clothes. Wizard's staff.
    Attitude: Friendly and open. Easily amused. Especially by the campers.
    Social Niche: The Bookworm.
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  6. Camper Bio

    Name: Sige
    Picture (open)


    Sige has grown a bit over the past few years and like any teenage has been changed by the onset of puberty. The unnatural grace of the unearthly beauty of the Dhampir kind has taken rook and although hidden the baggy hand-me-downs from his father he has an almost statuesque physique.

    Species: Dhampir (half half-elf, half vampire.)
    Age: 17

    Sige’s father and mother were adventurers, traveling the world in search of wealth and adventure. Many knew their names as good travelers and many a child was names after them. But their own child, when they fell deeply in love was cursed. One of the undead vampires who they had angered in their travels heard of Sithil’s pregnancy and attacked them in the dead of night and Sithril was turned by the creature and stolen.

    Perry heartbroken caught up to her months later and saw the monster she had become and the sickly babe, tainted with the curse of undeath but still alive attacked her and even though he held her at his mercy could not kill her. Instead he took their son and fled to the island to hide and gave up his adventuring ways to raise his son. And later had a daughter.

    Training: Self taught and natural talent.
    Talents: Concentrating under stressful circumstances. Improvising equipment. Sanguine sorcery (drinking blood heals but doesn't nourish). Being able to see in the dark and elven-like hearing.
    Flaws: Dazzled by daylight (the goggles help), all food that isn't blood is tasteless and unsatisfying, low constitution, not very good at talking to people: they all look delicious, secretly hopes to one day find his mother even knowing he might have to kill her. Healing magic hurts him.
    Gear: Assorted old and baggy clothes, string always useful), walking staff, dark goggles, small dagger.
    Embarrassing Secret: Sige has the strong compulsion to bite almost everyone he meets. He can sense the blood in their veins and like and addict wants a little taste, then a little bit more.
    Attitude: Generally jovial and easygoing, except when Sedna is involved, then it's all about keeping her safe.
    Social Niche: Overprotective big brother.
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  7. Camper Bio
    Unnaturally beautiful, even for a young teen. Slender in build. Pale skin. Her hair is like staring into a bottle of ink - thick concrete black but blue where the light favors most. It's long, down to the middle of her back, and has a few thin braids here and there with colorful small seashells, beads, and feathers woven in. Recently she favors a blue flower adornment. Her hair is usually left long; only when she's mixing potions does she tie it back. Her feet are callused from walking the shorelines barefoot. Her fingers have already begun to jut into points, her nails similar to claws. Her varying eye color is evidence of her race - one blue, one green. She's just a little bit shorter than average height for her age.
    (half human, half sea witch hag)
    A Sea Hag for a mother, a Human for a father. Sedna's father, Perry, was tricked by the hag into a short lived love affair. By the time her father became aware of this trickery, Sedna had already been born. Nevertheless, the man's pride was at stake, so he slaughtered the hag for her crime and stole the child back to his home where he already had a son, Sige, waiting. It didn't take long for it to become evident that Sedna was far from normal, thanks to her appearance and her strange affection for science, most of which she learns from her father in near daily lessons. Often though, she would 'borrow' her father's tomes and scurry off to a cave deep in the island forest to practice mixing and creating dangerous things (without her father's approval) instead of the mundane smokesticks and tindertwigs that serve as part of the family income.
    Now whether it was because her father wanted her to experience life outside of the island or whether it was the fact that her most recent experiment with alchemy blew a hole in the side of the house and nearly burnt it down... Either way, she'd been forced to pack for a summer at a camp. At least her brother would be there to save her from the most disgusting notion of having to actually make friends.
    Beginner's Alchemy
    (magicking explosives and poisons, concocting strange potions)
    Swimming level: professional.
    Eyesight: optimal even in the dark.
    Intellect: too much for her own good.
    Laughing like an evil villain.
    Making people uncomfortable.
    Likes blowing things up and is reckless with her powers.
    Doesn't care much for the safety of others.
    Kind of a mad scientist type.
    Alchemy kit, books, stuffed "teddy bear", clothes.
    In that order.
    Embarrassing Secret
    Has a stuffed tentacle plushie named Cutethulhu.
    No one must ever know or she will rain fire and death upon all.
    Selfish. Distant. Vindictive. An almost perverse obsession with poisons and explosives. Withdrawn, pessimistic, mistrusting, snarky.
    Social Niche
    The Self-Absorbed Crazy
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  8. One slightly mischevious, magical accident prone pixie coming up later today.

    EDIT: Primary stuff done, working on other things.

    Name: Lévle Nian

    Appearance: Standing only a little taller than five inches, Lévle is your typical, average-sized pixie with tanned skin, thin, lithe frame and large, colourful butterfly wings. His wings are coloured deep purple and look like this, save for the fact that the central wing has a large, grey eye pattern in the middle. He is usually seen wearing colourful, but practical clothes decorated by rich plant motifs or animal motifs. It should be noted that he rarely wears shoes as he prefers flying to walking.

    Lévle has long, blonde hair which he keeps in a tightly bound ponytail that reaches to his shoulder blades, complimented by his clear, green eyes which are slightly larger than the norm. His face is a bit longer than usual and his features are soft, giving him a slightly feminine appearance. However, he is still quite clearly a man and he has yet to be mistaken for a woman.

    Species: Pixie

    Age: 16

    History: Born in the pixie village of Elnav, Lévle’s early years were filled with the games, dances and the playful mischief of pixies and he loved every second of it. From an early age, he demonstrated a remarkable ability to hide in plain sight or sneak around unnoticed, even to other pixies, which made him a great prankster when he was young. He also enjoyed dancing with others and if there was a dance in the village, one would most definitely see Lévle there. All in all, his life went quite smoothly until he accidentally casted a spell when he was seven and accidentally turned an old book into candy.

    While most of the village’s folks were amused at the strange prank, his parents thought that it would be a good idea to school him in magic, so they gathered their money and sent Lévle to study in one of the more well-known magic academies. Unfortunately for them, though, Lévle was much more interested in the local dancing events than studying, not to mention that the town he went to was quite famous for its beautiful clothes. Taking an interest in the exceptionally well-crafted clothing, the young boy started to learn sewing instead of managing spells.

    By his second year in the academy, it was clear that he was not making progress with his studies, so his parents eventually got fed up with that and called him back to give him an earful. However, the scolding bounced off Lévle’s thick hide as if it was nothing and he effortlessly joined the dance circles of his hometown again even as he continued to practice his sewing. This lasted until he almost set the village elder’s wings on fire when he attempted to make a small fire with his magic, upon which the village elder sent him to study to the most famous pixie academy in the land.

    Naturally, Lévle did everything but that. He used the money that the village elder and his parents gave him so that he could take part in dances or practice his sewing. He studied as little as plausible, staying in the academy just barely until one of the professors got tired of his antics and sent him home. Upon arriving, he found a welcoming family, who thought that he had finally learned how to control his magic, because he neglected to tell them that his studies were not going well. Therefore, when he accidentally froze the village healer’s tongue to a rock, it was not taken well and he was issued an ultimatum: Either he would learn how to control his powers over the summer or he would be disinherited from the family.

    Training: Lévle has learned all the traditional dances of his people and because he flies so much, he can execute some rather complex manoeuvres. He has also received education in nearly all schools of magic, so theoretically, he can cast the basic spells of every magic type.

    Talents: He is extremely good at sneaking around without being noticed and hiding when there is seemingly no place for him to hide. He has a natural aptitude for wind magic as well, meaning that his wind spells succeed more often and are more powerful than his other ones.

    Flaws: While Lévle has the potential to become an excellent mage, he is absolutely unable to control his spells save for a select few. Most of the time, he either ends up miscasting them or doing something which has nothing to do with the spell he supposedly casted. He also has a bad habit of hovering right in front of people’s faces and obscuring their vision when talking to them. Additionally, he often comes across as overly pushy when he is trying to meet new people, not to mention that he often fails to understand the concept of personal space or boundaries.

    Gear: A pixie-sized bag full of his clothes, pixie-sized medical supplies, a wing warmer for cold days, pixie-sized dancing clothes, a tome of magic, a pixie-palm-sized magical crystal.

    Embarrassing Secret: The fancy clothes he is wearing? He was the one who made them.

    Attitude: Friendly, cheerful and playful, Lévle is a person who would be easy to get along with if he did not spend every second of his time hovering in front of one’s face. He likes to meet new people and he always wants to know more about them, but he is also quite willing to share about himself. He can discuss most topics, though some not at great length, and he does not seem to be bothered by anything. He would never intentionally hurt anyone and he is quick to apologise when he does something wrong.

    Social Niche: The Social Butterfly
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  9. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.

    Name: Farran and Griselda Fortingall


    Species: Human

    Age: 16

    History: In the Grey Forest, there is a little town called Ashvale where death and undeath have become part of daily life. The inhabitants of Ashvale refused to evacuate when the dead began to rise and take the wood from the living, and they have become the last bastion of humanity in the forest. Instead of yielding to the undead hordes, they studied them, and the role of the Town Necromancer became a vital position of authority.

    This town of Ashvale is where Farran and Grizzie were born, and the siblings were chosen as the next apprentices to the Ashvale necromancer's post in part because of the superstition surrounding twins and in part because of their natural aptitude for and interest in magic. Their father was a town guard, and their mother- the mayor's daughter- died giving birth to them, and so they spent much of their youth taking care of the house and running supplies and messages to and from the guardsmen, even after their apprenticeship began.

    One day when the twins were out gathering firewood, they strayed a little too far into the shadows of the trees. A band of skeletons took them by surprise, and as they fled back towards town, Griselda slipped and fell into one of the deep ditches dug by the townsfolk to deter the undead. Her neck snapped instantly on impact. Farran, in a moment of grief and panic, did the unthinkable: he attempted resurrection on his freshly-killed sister. Unfortunately, in his inexperience with such powerful magic, it went awry. The best he could muster was to summon her spirit, and he could not manage to bind it back inside her body. Precious time was being lost as he had to focus all of his energy on keeping her soul from fading back into the underworld, and so he finally- with her help- allowed her to partially possess him.

    For the past month the twins have been stuck sharing a body, and have been hiding it for fear that their transgression will be punished and they'll be separated again. "Farran's" odd behavior did not go unnoticed, but was attributed to his sister's death. Their mentor suggested that Farran be sent to St. Illumi's for the summer to have some time away and to get through his mourning period, but little do they know that Grizzie is along for the ride!

    They'd better hope their counselors don't find out what they've done. Meanwhile, they have to get used to being brother and sister and sharing Farran's body while teenage hormones are raging...

    Training: Farran and Grizzie spent six years of apprenticeship in the arts of death magic and divination.

    Farran - Casting bones, speaking with the dead, reading advanced texts and memorizing information, cooking.

    Grizzie - Turning undead, haruspicy, physical dexterity and speed, sewing and crafts.

    Farran - Afraid to take risks. Secretly a bit too dependent. Has difficulty saying no, and tends to overwork himself or overindulge others. Doubts himself and over-thinks. Avoids emotional conflict.

    Grizzie - Her attention span is negligible unless it's something that catches her interest, and then she's like a dog with a bone. Can be pushy and thoughtless, unintentionally bruising feelings. Impulsive and reckless. Drawn to the forbidden.


    Embarrassing Secret: Is having accidentally wound up with one of them dead and both of them sharing a body embarrassing enough for you?

    Attitude: Farran is a somewhat shy but friendly young man with a voracious thirst for knowledge. Despite his fondness for books and typically solitary pursuits, he's the more down-to-earth and rational of the twins, rarely given to flights of fancy or spacing out. He's got a strong sense of responsibility and often helps others first before considering his own needs. While he's not the sort to put himself out there to meet people, he's a good and loyal friend and is always excited to find someone with whom to discuss common interests.

    Grizzie is the wild child, the more impulsive and forceful half. She always races headlong into everything she does, and she's a born thrill-seeker. She and Farran both share a natural burning curiosity, but Grizzie prefers to learn through firsthand experience rather than by studying them first. She's never afraid to approach people, and can come on a bit strong or pushy at times, but she doesn't always realize. She has a bit of a wicked streak, and sometimes people get dragged along into crazy hijinks when she's around. Once an idea is planted in her head, it's impossible to make her give it up.

    Social Niche: The Bookworm and The Hurricane
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  10. *runs cackling in to the night as she grabs her character out of the basket*

    Name: ~Lady~ Feline Valencia

    Appearance: Long honey-toned brown hair, light blue eyes. Fair skin and well defined curves. Even while out in the wilderness, seems to favor completely impractical clothing simply because it's more "proper" to wear.

    Species: Human

    Age: 16

    History: Born to a family of privilege, Feline's life has been carefree and enjoyable. The family business is located in one of the great cities, so there has never been any shortage of customers. Learning the craft seemed to come perfectly natural to her after a long family history of potion masters. As a young woman, Feline has become quite the admired beauty - too admired! A "charming" mister lured her in to a secret, exciting romance. Lucky for her parents, they discovered the relationship before the man whisked their daughter away for an elopement. They decided Summer Camp was the perfect place to keep her well away from the city for awhile.

    Training: Family Business is in potion making, so well trained since youth.

    Talents: Potions and plants. She has a natural talent for her trade and well educated.

    Flaws: Dirty things, wicked things, heavy things, naughty things. Absolutely cannot handle or express her anger like a normal human being.

    Gear: A few books on local plant life, lots and lots of fancy stationary and pens. Some articles of clothing way too nice to be at camp, and pretty pretty jewels.

    Embarrassing Secret: Feline is still writing love letters to her "beloved" despite the fact she is forbidden to speak to him.

    Attitude: A gentle and reserved little lady. Feline does not raise her voice, shout, scream, or show her temper. She has very strong opinions on what is right and wrong. What is correct and incorrect. Polite and rude. She feels very uncomfortable and out of place away from the polite society she is used to, but tries very hard to make the best of it. Often Feline might come across as a snob, without meaning to. She fears trying most new things, especially if they look dirty, dangerous, or just too impossible for her to do. Feline is also a meddler, and feels she is an excellent problem solver for others. She is also a hopeless, senseless romantic!

    Social Niche: The Gentle Lady, The Conservative Prude!
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  11. Camper Bio

    Name: Gevan Rinkiss

    Appearance: 6'1", gaunt, pale complexion, lanky. Tousled reddish-brown hair that doesn't seem to ever be in order. His green eyes are usually shifty, sunken from what appears to be a lack of sleep. His clothes are the only part about him that looks normal. His usual outfit is a brown suede jacket and a collared dark shirt with red stitching, along with comfortable dark brown slacks and a pair of black walking boots.

    Species: Human (?)

    Age: 17

    History: While the Rinkiss family has long prided itself on its magical ability and even taken pleasure in it, Gevan is more or less a blacksheep in the latter regard. Since about the age of ten, after a conjuration spell gone awry that involved a frog and some grape jelly, he has been completely convinced that the "magical training" he was being put through was actually some sort of perverse torture. He still lacks none of the natural knack for magic that his relatives possess.

    It came to a head the day he was supposed to take an entrance exam for the next year of sorcery school. He adamantly (and very angstily) protested against his parents, who could only look on with the sort of heartbreak only found in the sires of a sick child. Gevan had kicked and screamed as the midget-sized purple robed servants that roamed his parents' manse had stripped him out of his normal outfit. "NO! NO, YOU CAN'T MAKE ME!" And yet they did. Determined little hooded beings with yellow dots for eyes approached him with the robe and wizard hat in hand, preparing to dress their young master for his big day...

    Gevan had become a complete fit of teenage angst after the incident, even going so far as to put a smouldering hole in the closet of his room. His parents finally decided that they had had enough and that they needed a break, so they've sent him to summer camp... with hopes that it will improve his mood.

    Training: Gevan has been trained in a impressively wide array of elemental evocation arts, as well as dabbling in alteration.

    Talents: Silent spell casting, which is both a boon and a hinderance at current. He's also a very powerful caster for his age, when he's able to pull it off correctly.

    Flaws: If Gevan decides not to vocally construct the components of a spell while he's nervous, there's a high chance he'll botch the preparations which tends to have varied results. On the flip side, he stutters when he's nervous anyway so vocal construction also tends to be random.

    Gear: Spare clothing, a large leatherbound tome with a locking mechanism and belt-chain, vials of various stimulant potions and caffeine, matches

    Embarrassing Secret: Has been attempting to learn flying spells... unsuccessfully.

    Attitude: Gevan is skittish by nature, as though he's always being caught in the midst of doing something he's not supposed to... especially when he's not doing anything wrong at all. He's prone to panic attacks in most of the situations that make him uncomfortable, which usually end in him hyperventilating or stuttering. The only people he seems capable of standing up to are his parents, or anyone else in an authority position that tries to make him do something he doesn't want to.

    Social Niche: The Escape Artist / Psychotic
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  12. Of course Vanya!

    Aaaaand now ladies and gentlemen, the signups are closed!

    If me or Revi have approached you in chat and elsewhere, you're still invited!

    Everyone else! Characters, please! Let's get this ball rollin' rollin' rollin'! :D
  13. Okay, so Vay, Dawn, Diana, you guys are approved. Vanya, your character is really close to one that we already okayed, so it is suggested that you look into another concept. We are leaning more toward light hearted high fantasy and not so much Japanese inspired myth. The rest of the characters are really rather European centered. We're sort of going for silly fun.
  14. Ah, I could have sworn there wasn't...I'll change Mara here quick. She was European inspired, Garth Nix's book Sabriel is as European as they come lol.
  15. Name: Cynthia "Cinder" Stormhallowed

    Appearance: Her wavy, tangle-prone, dark brown hair is kept barely tamed by a ponytail. Cinder's body is well-toned and not at all curvy with olive-toned skin that tans and never burns. Her face sports rounded cheeks and a large smile. Various scars speckle her legs and arms from an active childhood.

    Age: 15

    History: Born on a large ranch right outside a bustling town, Cynthia was provided many opportunities to explore both urban and wild environments in her youth. Her magic first manifested at the age of 12 when she fell out of a tree right in front of a group of other children. The burst of wind slowed the fall. Although she couldn't repeat the feat right away, she used the event to her advantage to become the leader of the small band of kids. They had many wonderful (and somewhat dangerous) adventures. Her magic would only manifest in dangerous situations, so she kept seeking them out. Once, when confronted with a bear, a stream of fire shot from her palm, leading to her nickname.

    Cinder, as she started calling herself, managed to keep the magic from her mother and father for the whole summer until one of the other kids blabbed to his parents about the wind incident when they demanded to know why he kept coming home with so many scrapes and bruises. She was scooped up and sent to an academy in the city.

    She played nice for a couple of years, fascinated by the new world of magic opening up for her. Eventually, though, she went stir-crazy. After going home for the summer and impressing her peers with all sorts of new tricks that she could now control, she started sneaking out at every opportunity. She already knew how to sneak out of the dorms from many a night exploring the campus, but getting off the property proved much more difficult.

    It took some trial and error, and the teachers definitely noticed the change in behavior. Her classmates noticed it too. Once again, she was leading people on adventures. At first, they would simply wander around the city, causing minor mayhem with magic. After the weather warmed up that spring, she led them out to the farms. They were not as used to navigating the terrain, however, and one of them got hurt - a broken leg. Her parents, in conjunction with the headmasters of the academy, decided to send her to summer camp to keep her out of trouble.

    Training: Three years at an academy for magic. Beyond the basic cantrips, Cinder only has control over fire magic. She can also brute-force some wind magic.

    Talents: A natural proclivity for fire magic, Cinder is headed towards a life as a pyromancer. She has a good sense of direction and knowledge of the wilderness. Sometimes good at sneaking around. She is also quite fit.

    Flaws: Not a lot of focus on her studies means she has a trivial knowledge of magic outside of fire and wind. She cannot sit still for very long. Afraid of deep water.

    Gear: Not much beyond some sets of clothing and sanitation supplies.

    Embarrassing Secret: She cannot swim!

    Attitude: Very confident and playful. She rebels against authority something fierce. She is very clear about who she likes and a bit of a bully towards those she doesn't.

    Social Niche: The Tomboy/The Fearless Adventurer
  16. We're still waiting on two late entries to start their sheets. Vanya, need your redone sheet, Lstorm, need you to finish your sheet. If you need to sum up your equipment, you can do stuff like "bathing supplies" or whatever. As soon as we have all sheets finished, we will begin!
  17. Camper Bio:

    Name: Sefarina Vanryan

    Show Spoiler
    Small and slight with mousy brown hair and chestnut colored eyes behind large wire-frame glasses. Small for her age, sweet and innocent.

    Species: Human

    Age: 15

    History: The daughter of a politician from the small mountain town of Foxrun, Sefarina has always looked up to her father and been in awe of his ability to speak and command a crowd. The day he was elected mayor was the second happiest of her young life, only overshadowed by the day she discovered that she was a witch. In the mountain area where she was born, the gift for magic was an honor and those few with the talent for it were carefully trained in order to nurture their abilities.

    She and eleven other girls were chosen from other towns in the region and sent into the valley where a wizened witch took in such talented young ladies and taught them the basics they would need to know in order to become the valuable assets their towns expected them to become. Sefarina dove into these lessons with quiet enthusiasm, her nose always buried in some book or other about spell theory and execution or potion ingredient identification. She learned with the same group of girls for two and a half years and made many lasting friendships and connections. She was well liked and charismatic despite seeming to be quiet and reserved.

    As winter turned to spring and the young ladies became more confident in their powers, Sefarina and her friends longed to delve into the more exciting areas of spellcasting. The old witch instead told them firmly that in their towns where they would work as healers and seers they would have no need of such things. She locked away the more advanced spellbooks so as not to tempt them into mischief, letting them know that if they were talented and chose to venture out there were magical academies where they could continue their educations.

    Unsatisfied with this and wanting to get something of a head start on her higher learning, Sefarina gathered the girls she knew would be most likely to share her point of view. During several clandestine nighttime gatherings she rallied them passionately and they formed a plan. It was not enough to simple sneak the books out of hiding; Sefarina planned an all-out coup.

    When it was discovered what had happened at the little magical boarding school in the mountains, the girls had already been at their unsanctioned advanced lessons for several weeks. They were forced back to their respective towns and Sefarina was sent to St. Illumi's both as a punishment and as a way to hopefully sate her need for higher-level magics.

    Training: Basic spellcraft and casting, healing magics, basic potions

    Talents: Wind/Air magic, arcane research and knowledge, public speaking

    Flaws: Overly ambitious, not as well taught as some others but unwilling to admit it

    Gear: Books, changes of clothes, spare glasses, ink, quills, and parchment, books, small spellcasting implements, toiletries.

    Embarrassing Secret: If a boy expresses interest in her she loses her ability to speak for a while!

    Attitude: Sweet, demure, bookish, charismatic. However, she can also be manipulative and slightly egotistical.

    Social Niche: Closet Megalomaniac
  18. Okay, so we will be starting tomorrow at the very latest, so finish any last minute details!
  19. Name: Caerulea


    Species: Magically hybridized frog-human

    Age: 16

    History: Caerulea was created in a magical laboratory by Menshas, a somewhat loopy circle-magus (a specific form of conjuror), once accidentally subjected his frog familiar, Nips, to an insane experiment involving teleportation, transmutation, cloning, and several flagons of strong ale. He had postulated, while inebriated, that he might be able to duplicate a being, modify it, and send it to any point he could name. This, he reckoned, would let him create new creatures that would serve his wishes, and leave his servants relatively untouched. Two intricate circles were drawn, one for each subject to be clone-fused, and a scrying bowl arranged between them to house the image that the new being would be teleported to. However, Nips decided that the bowl would be excellent for a quick dip. Menshas also decided to run the first test on himself (who else would be more loyal?). The wolverine in the other circle broke loose and ran from the room, bumping the scrying bowl, and just as the spell Nips leapt into the second circle and Menchas's scrying target was shifted.

    It was thanks to this that, next day, Menshas discovered an odd lump growing on his back. Nips was fine, to his relief, but it appeared as though the experiment had been a failure. Worse than this, somehow his notes had been soaked and his drunkenness-induced remembrances were fragmented at best. Upon examination of the lump, however, he realized that it contained a egg! Beset by sudden, foreign, unexplainable, and odd paternal pangs for the lump, he allowed it to grow into a fully formed child that seemed the mix of Nips and himself! How it had become female when both were males, he had no idea, but it showed to him that his spell had not been a failure after all!

    The next several years, Menshas raised Caerulea like a daughter and apprentice, nurturing her mind and encouraging her to experiment. Unfortunately, he realized that she had very little in the way of social experience and made great efforts to socialize her. Luckily, Caerulea's exhuberance let her quickly learn to get along with other children. Still, even this didn't help her engage with her peers, only with the commoners who saw her as interesting and exotic.

    When Menshas heard about St. Illumi's sleep-away camp for young mages, he knew immediately that this was the perfect opportunity for Caerulea to meet and befriend other magical-types.

    Training: circle-magus Lab Assistant, gardening, ingredient hunting, occasional minor abjuration and necromancy

    Talents: Swimming, Fungomancy, Nature magic (animals more than plants), Breath-holding, and Air magic (hidden talent)

    Flaws: TERRIBLE at transmutation magic (couldn't even turn ingredients into a cooked meal), No affinity for water magic, hairless and sensitive about it, dehydrates easy, enjoys the occasional insect and is sensitive about it.

    Gear: Caerulea has several sets of clothes, a few wigs, swimsuits, and her basic toiletries. She also has a few of her favorite books on nature topics as well as her apprentice spellbook/diary that she has kept for many years.

    Embarrassing Secret: Secretly wishes for a prince to find her. She believes this to be far too "girly" for her.

    Attitude: Openminded and enthusiastic

    Social Niche: Nerd/athlete hybrid
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